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Here is the first edition of the Circle Software On-Line Newsletter. Continue to look for upcoming editions the last Friday of each month. Our newsletter contains useful information to make your job of working web applications more productive. In this issue you’ll find:

  • A demo of our newest shopping cart software.


    This shopping cart is completely JavaScript based. It can post to the server when the client has completed everything the wish to order.

    It does not use cookies, it uses a hidden frame. Also, if your client needs to use frames a simple second of code is all that needs to be added to the left or top frame. One restriction is that one frame ki\eeping the data needs to be called "cart", which of course can be changed.

    COMING NEXT MONTH: How make a JavaScript based database.


    The Circle Software online newsletter is written by Phil Karras. Copyright 2003, Circle Software, Inc. All rights reserved.


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