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Enter the text you want changed into the text field, either one long line or multiple lines. (I've had lines longer than 10,000 characters!) Select a delimiter, the default delimiter is a comma space (, ) combination between each item, such as a group of email addresses. Then click the operation you want to perform   lower       UPPER       Sort       duplicates       lower, sort, de-dupe  

Note: Remove   duplicates   also sorts, and   All 3   converts to lower case, sorts, & de-dupes the string.   To build a new string with a different delimiter, click on a delimiter and click   Build  . Build only works after a sort or de-dupe operation. REMEMBER: to select the delimiter your data uses BEFORE doing a sort, or de-dupe, and then pick the delimiter wanted to do a build.
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(I've used this to weed-out duplicate email addresses when the duplicates are because of various versions of the same address with different letters in different cases.)

Error Messages:

undefined in the input text box indicates that you forgot to do a sort or de-dupe operation before you tried to re-build the string with a diffferent delimiter.