Phil Karras
Circle Software was formed in 1983 just after I picked up an IBM clone computer and started writing software for it. I was also running the Chameleon User's Group at the time and had a need for DOS based utility programs which even extended to a crude ASCII based database.

I've written programs for personal use and for large scale distribution and am presently a consultant both through Circle Software and through Syntek Systems Corporation. [Syntek Site]

This site came about because of the generosity of Michael Moncur and our work together. This site will have various JavaScript programs that I have worked on to demonstrate various features of JavaScript and problems that people from Michael's site: [JavaScript Workshop] ask and I think are interesting enough and cause me to develop a demonstration program.

If you find a missing help example just send me an email and let me know that it is missing and I'll get it up ASAP.

At present the major demonstration programs are:
[Data Passing] for passing data between frames, between parent/child files, and between parent/child/frame files.
[ReadFile] A JavaScript DataBase program
[Jpole Prgm] An Antenna Engineering program.
[Time Left] & [Time Right] A couple of simple time display programs from one of Michael's books
[CLICK & EVENT] Various events like click and roll-overs.
I've also included links to some other sites I work on [ElderSong Site], [Bulk E-mail System] a Perl based database program.

The ReadFile demo now opens and shows part of the database page just opened. Once you close that alert it then continues to load the JS-HELPS.TXT database which has the description of every JavaScript help file I've written. I believe I've now uploaded all of these help files into the help directory. To run any of them use the form: "help/filename". NOTE: there is no need to type the extension if it is: .htm   As an example here's how we would run help213.htm, enter:
into the URL space and click on either the or the buttons.

More examples will no doubt follow.

Last, here's a link to my Perl test site located on hypermart: [My CGI Perl Test Site]

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