help98.htm? Look, rollovers are not that hard to understand. While I have not looked at the menu.js file you're talking about I have implemented a number of different ones using the same function I gave in the other thread. I have my power output program change three images at one roll-over so using multiple images in multiple places is NOT difficult. I suggest the problem is that you're using the same "name" for every roll-over image or location or something "dumb" like that. This happens often (to me too) when we cut and past code from one section to another. All of a sudden only ONE image works correctly, or were getting the same image everywhere, of one function works but when we add a new function neither works correctly. You need to 1. find the places where the images go 2. find the name(s) used for these images (are they all using the same name?) 3. find the variable image name(s) for these images (Are all the variables only one variable?) things like that. If I have time Monday I'll look at his menu, but use the above to try & find the problem, I'll bet it's something like that. I've downloaded this js file info my js directory. It is completely undocumented.