Test an example: (Cut & paste the full name.)


input: In JS use: prompt(): title = prompt("Enter a page title.");
see: book\list5-7.htm

find & replace in a string, see: help220.htm




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To get back to the root directory from any place use: ~/

This is much easier than figuring out how many levels there are
to get back to the root & using the correct number of "../"


How to create and handle a guestbook

has a good guestbook written in PERL, just follow the directions and set
the variables - zachariah


help with questionnaire

I recommend their version of formmail (nms FormMail) or TFMail - zachariah



How to enter code in the JSworkshop site: [code] & [/code]
[quote] & [/quote]


code &/or question sites:



Check out my web site (http://cs.yrex.com) listed below and look for:





(printer friendly versions too)


JavaScript "printing" to the screen is done with: document.write("text");


To read the URL, read URL, get URL: get data from the URL

var Here = document.URL;  // Our present URL?data location?data
var a1 = Here.split("?"); // Get the data to the right of ? in a1[1]


This works for IE, NS, and Mozilla:
var tmp = document.location.search; // gets JUST the data from ? on

ONLY the URL (in IE) is returned not anything from the ? on, no data!
(Is this ALWAYS or only on my computer for pages on my computer?)


Changing or adding JavaScript to an already finished page:


Internal styles, style sheet:


HTML to PHP the "Hixus HTML Converter" is here: http://hixus.com

So I was hopping someone would have the time or know of a script
that does this converts PHP to HTML.


modulo = Data % mod;


window.onload = function () { keylistener(); }

// ----------------------
// Trap the Enter-key
// ----------------------
function keylistener () {
   var e = window.event;

   if (e.KeyCode == 13) { // enter key pressed
       e.keyCode=0; e.cancelBubble=true;
       // do ****


POSTing data can be done to my test page:

Or you can use method='GET' to send the data to your same page to see how the data looks on the URL. should do just that. (You can include: action='help277.htm' which holds the name of your page, but it's not really needed in this case.) * W3C World Wide Web Consortium: http://www.w3.org http://www.w3schools.com/ - Has tutorials on numerous web languages. http://www.w3schools.com/xhtml/xhtml_intro.asp , Tells what xhtml is in detail * innerHTML - reading text from another file pulling text from another file http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=4966 * see help281.htm: Using an array of checkboxes. document.MyForm1.cb1.length; document.MyForm1.cb1[#].checked; For changing size of array check out: splice() * submit() most common error: Ah yes, the ol' "submit" trap! The problem is that you named your submit button "submit" which is also a method and so the method can't have another method called submit. Very confusing because many times authors call the submit button "Submit" which to you & me is the same, [b]BUT[/b] to JavaScript it is not. So, rename your submit button to "Submit" or "SendMe" whatever, & replace the use of its name "submit" with its new name & all should be well in JavaScript land. Example: [code] uses: document.forms[0].Submit.value = 'submit'; document.forms[0].submit(); & works fine, while: ----------------------------- uses: document.forms[0].submit.value = 'submit'; document.forms[0].submit(); and forms[0].submit(); causes an error because Forms.submit() refers to the submit button which is NOT a method. JS gets confused, are you talking about my submit() method or the Forms[0].submit "submit" button??? Do you see the problem? [/code] * To get the page's URL or location use: var tmp = ""+document.location; // to convert it to a string To find a value use: var Vars = tmp.split('='); // To split on '=' alert(Vars[1]); // Display element 1 etc. * Search a string, match a string, sub string: substring: finding it use: mystring.indexOf("xxx") == -1; // not found in PHP like C, use strstr: strstr PHP strings: PHP String Functions Getting, extracting a substring: string.substring(i, j); * http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=1325 How to change the color of Scroll Bar From sohnee: body { scrollbar-3dlight-color: #FFFFFF; scrollbar-arrow-color: #000099; scrollbar-base-color: #CCCCCC; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #000099; scrollbar-face-color: #9966FF; scrollbar-highlight-color: #9999FF; scrollbar-shadow-color: #000099; scrollbar-track-color: #FFFFFF; } * how to run a command stored in a string ? [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=1063[/url] pyro recommends: "JavaScript, The Definitive Guide" by David Flanagan use: eval(String); * Hints: On Debuggin Multiple JS include files Problem: An error is given on line 16, but in your HTML file you have multiple js files being called in, something like: [code] Index [/code] If there is no telling which file the error is in try this trick: In your files: a.js - move all lines down by one (add a blank line at the top) b.js - add two blank lines c.js - add three blank lines d.js - add four blank lines Now you should get an error on line 17, 18, 19, or 20 for files a, b, c, and d.js while if the error remains on line 16 it probably means that the error is in the HTML file, unless you've missed a file. * The visibility property is different in IE and NS - IE - visibility: visable/hidden NS - visibility: show/hide Later browsers: display: block/none * DOM Central: http://devedge.netscape.com/central/dom/ CFormCentral: http://devedge.netscape.com/toolbox/examples/2003/CFormData/ * File exists: How do I check if an image file exists? http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=756 * Form submits no matter what: This question has been asked many times before, please do a search and if you still need help let us know. The most common error is that one forgets to use the [b]return[/b] in the onSubmit call: [b]onSubmit="[color=blue]return[/color] CheckData();"[/b] Then make sure your CheckData function returns true or false so it can in turn be returned to the to be acted on. * sohnee: the operating system will look for a file called 'autorun.inf' and run whatever that file points to - For example... autorun.inf code: [autorun] open=filename.exe I have never tried opening another file type - but you could try open=index.html - - - Vixen This is what i managed to get my CD to run (with): [autorun] open=ShellExe.exe index.htm * http://forums.webdeveloper.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15062 Just playing around and made the following script that thought might be usful for some people. Never seen it used before so I though I'd post it here. Basically it writes a link saying Set this site as your homepage to the page unless of course the site already is the users homepage in which case it won't ask them to set it as the homepage. Very nifty idea to keep your users happy from getting asked the same things over and over again. * head - My base code now, uses history.go to return to original page print.htm - Auto print of a blank page & auto return to original page Cookies are now in little txt files in the Windows, winnt, etc DIR someplace just do a search on the server name like: hypermart to find all hypermart cookies. Styles: fontWeight - see help136.htm [Close Me], id='CloseMe' My JavaScript Web Site: http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=147 located at: http://cs.yrex.com/index.htm //_Just_a_long_line_used_to_help_extend_the_size_of_the_code_window-123456 789012345678901234567890 * Post a KISS example. ([color=red][b]KISS[/b][/color]: [color=blue][b]K[/b]eep [b]I[/b]t [b]S[/b]hort & [b]S[/b]imple.[/color]) http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=508 [color=blue]KISS[/color] * Your question has been asked too many times before, do a search. [color=blue]Be sure to read the[/color] [color=orange][b]Guidelines for Posting.[/b][/color] Then post a [b]KISS[/b] example that really "works" - shows the problem. Both links are below in my signature. ----- Simply posting a link to a large file/site is [color=red][b]NOT [/b][/color]following the guidelines or intent of this site. or Simply posting a broad question, like yours, is [color=red][b]NOT [/b][/color]following the guidelines or intent of this site. ----- It never hurts to do a search of a site for similar questions or articles FIRST. When you find nothing that helps, then ask your question, following the posted guidelines of the site. This is [b][color=red]NOT a give-away code[/color][/b] site, this is a [b][color=blue]learing to program in JavaScript[/color][/b] site. This means you have to have code (you've written) that you are having problems with. ----- This is a learning site, NOT a site to get free work. Some of us here are consultants or full-timers working in this area, we get paid for working problems. On this site that's your job, not ours. We're here to help when you get stuck, [b]NOT[/b] to do it for you. A site that does do it for you is located at: [url]http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/[/url] Your question, as put here falls more into that site than this one. ----- As you can see by the number of posts I have under my belt, I do help. But each and every board has its limitations. This board, started by Michael, was only to support questions about his book. It has grown but we have kept the basic structure: to support people learning JavaScript. We have not changed it to simply give code away to whomever asks, there are other boards for that. I am also the only other person who can post technical articles on this site so I believe I know what this site is about and where Michael wants it to continue to go. Sorry if our knowing what this board is about upsets you, but that's simply the way it is. If you want help here, then follow the guidelines and we'll be happy to help. But, as I said before we do not simply give away code without you working for it, and we do not want to debug or add features to a third party program. At least not here. The other site I gave you is one other I do help at and the people there are generally very good at helping with this type of problem. [b][color=blue]If you can put the question in a way that follows the guidelines, we will help.[/color][/b] Yes, that takes some work on your part, but then, that's what this site is about, you doing most of the work to [b]learn[/b] how to do this in the future without help. You can think of it this way, [b][color=blue]Give a person the answer and you have helped for a day, give that person the ability to solve their own problems and you have helped for a lifetime. [/color][/b] If you do not want help the way our guidelines describe then please go elsewhere. Don't continue to berate those of us who are trying to help people who are following our guidelines. Some of us have been helping for years on this site, you are brand new here, so trust that we know what we're talking about. * A way to position a table inside a page where you want it, IF it is the ONLY thing on the page: < BODY topmargin=5 leftmargin=5 marginheight=5 marginwidth=5 > can use: rowspan="2" & colspan="2" to get cloumns or rows to be more than one wide or high. table, making the borders into thin lines, using CSS: * DOM: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ppk/js/dom.html * Here is the book that I use Phil: DHTML and CSS For the Wide World Web (Visual Quickstart Guide) Authored by Jason Cranford Teague On the web at: http://www.webbedenvironments.com/dhtml/ For more info on positioning using CSS: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_positioning.asp Couple more links... just on CSS for layout http://www.thenoodleincident.com/tu...sson/boxes.html http://www.glish.com/css/ A nice site I'd like you guys to look at is http://www.rickbull.co.uk/ * Establishing if a external page has loaded http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=928 Using ChildPass, , other special text, and a timer. - pk * http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=812 Using document title sw: Your problem is that when you use T.bgcolor='red', the browser interprets T as the id of the object. So, the value of T isn't passed on. The best solution (and the only one I know of) is to use the eval() function, like: T=document.title; eval(T).bgcolor='Red'; * JavaScript Tip Archive: http://www.webreference.com/js/tips/ General (HTML, XML, Perl, etc): http://www.webreference.com/ * http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=796 from sohnee: Note: visability="show" / "hide" (Netscape-like browsers) visability="visable" / "hidden" (IE Browsers) 04/2003: In more recent browsers, you can use display="block" / "none" (for both IE & NS.) * Force a page to always be read in (refresh) because it expires right away: -- works! -- ? * To force the printer to do a Form feed, formfeed, ff, page break, New page:

* http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=808 Opening Save DialogBox from JavaScript jo_luis Try: Saving data, saving a file: (save data, save file) var isReady = false; function doSaveAs() { if (document.execCommand && isReady) { document.execCommand("saveas"); } else{ alert('Feature available only in Internet Exlorer 4.0 and later.'); } } also see: help246.htm - Writing a File (IE only) * http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=866 drag and drop using JS and layers - genecon I found the answers I was looking for here at Walter's excellent page... http://www.walterzorn.com/dragdrop/dragdrop_e.htm This is really clever if you have cause to use it, as I do!! Matthew * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- * * * * Articles: http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewforum.php?f=7 * Hints: Turning on Error Messages (mgm) [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=143[/url] (debugging) * Hints: Debugging and Programming [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=9[/url] * Debugging - A Case Study. [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=384[/url] * Hints: On Debuggin Multiple JS include files [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=2961[/url] * Hints on: Debugging logic errors [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=246[/url] * Notes: On changes not showing up. [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=148[/url] * HINT: On Passing Data [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=152[/url] Pages, frames, and iframes too. (iFrameExample & pagetwo.html) Add this: To reference a function that is inside an iframe: [iframe id="headerDiv" name="headerDiv" ... ] [script ...] function updateMe() { . . } [/script] [/iframe] This file is then loaded into a frame called "top" so, to reference this function from outside this file use: parent.top.frames.headerDiv.updateMe(); from member: trem and thread: Unable to reference a function in another dhtml layer NS 7.0 http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=3146#3146 * Hints: On the JavaScript Naming Convention [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=101[/url] * Hints: Sending Form Results by Email (mgm) [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=28[/url] * My JavaScript Test Site [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=147[/url] http://cs.yrex.com/index.htm * Hints: On how to figure out that program code [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=138[/url] * Cookies [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=15[/url] * Hints on Numbers vs Strings - (Number/String conversion tric[ks]) [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=14[/url] Can also use: parseInt(), and parseFloat() if it is not a number: NaN is returned * Object Expected Error [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=13[/url] * Hints on, Error: Object Does Not Exist [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=2787[/url] * HELP on Forms and posting values [url]http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=2199#2199[/url] [ form action='http://cs.yrex.com/Hour9.php' method='POST' ] or [ form action='http://cs.yrex.com/Hour9.php' method='GET' ] * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 1st Edition [1st Edition] I Getting Started List1-1.html - Simple HTML Document (Unerstanding JavaScript) List1-2.html - Simple HTML Document with a simple script List2-4.html - The Year 2000 (Year 2000 Script included) List2-5.html - The Year 2000 (with minutes calculation included) List3-1.html - Scrolling Message (Exploring JavaScript's Capabilities) List4-3.html - Functions (Greet function) (How JS Programs work) List4-4.html - Functions (Greet function called twice) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 1st Edition II Learning JavaScript Basics List5-1.html - Using Local and Global variables (Using & Storing Values) List5-2.html - Customize home page (using client inputs) List6-1.html - String Test (assigning values and concatinating them) List6-3.html - Scrolling Message Example (using a function) List7-5.html - User Response Example (switch/case, comparing, Branching) List8-7.html - Loops Example (for(i in names), do/while, continue, Loops) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 1st Edition III Moving on to Advanced JavaScript Features List9-3.html - Math Example, averaging random numbers (built-in Objects) List10-1.html - Display Last Modified date (Browser Objects) List10-2.html - Back and Forward Buttons (history.back - location.replace) List11-2.html - Test of heading method (adding methods to objects) List11-3.html - Business Cards (custom card object) List12-3.html - Descriptive links, (responding to events) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 1st Edition IV Working with Web Pages List13-1.html - Create a New Window (windows & frames) List13-2.html - Timeout Example (setTimeout, every two seconds) List13-3.html - Alerts, Confirmations, and Prompts List13-5.html - Frame Navigation Example (and List13-6, as left.html) List14-1.html - Form Example (Data & Forms. - document.form1.address.value) List14-2.html - Sending Form's Results by Email (see web site, problems!) List14-3.html - Form Example, with a Validation Script List15-1.html - Image Map Example (Graphics, Animation) List15-2.html - Graphics Example of Rollovers List15-3.html - Primitive Animation in JavaScript (the mouse, pre-load images) List16-1.html - Browser Information (Browser-Specific Scripts) List16-5.html - Background Music for Multiple Browsers * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 1st Edition V Scripting Advanced Web Features List17-2.html - Style Sheet Example (Style Sheets, .css) List17-3.html - Frameset for dynamic styles example List17-4.html - Controlling Styles with JavaScript (Top Frame) List17-5.html - Controlling Styles with JavaScript (Bottom Frame) List18-1.html - Layers Example (Dynamic Pages) List18-2.html - Layers and JavaScript List18-3.html - Animation with Dynamic HTML (the mouse, pre-load images) List19-3.html - Cross-Browser Style Sheets using JavaScript List20-2.html - List of Plug-Ins (Multimedia, Plug-ins) List20-3.html - JavaScript Piano (Works in IE6 on Presario, still not in NS6) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 1st Edition VI Putting it All Together List21-1.html - Guess a Number (with a bugs! Debugging) List21-2.html - Guess a Number (bug found & fixed) List22-1.html - Fictional Software Company (very basic version) List22-6.html - Fictional Software Company (rollovers, dropdown menu, etc.) List23-1.html - Frameset (save as: cart_frames.html, Shopping Cart) List23-7.html - Products List (save as: products.html ) List23-8.html - Order Form Script (save as: cart_complete.html) List24-3.html - Draw Poker, basic HTML (JavaScript Game) List24-9.html - Draw Poker, (Complete Game, functions) * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 2nd Edition [3rd Edition] I Getting Started List2-3.html - Displaying Times and Dates (A Simple Script) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 3rd Edition II Learning JavaScript Basics List4-2.html - Functions, Greet function (and Variables) List4-3.html - Function Example, Average function List4-4.html - Local and Global variables List4-5.html - Customized Home Page List5-1.html - String Test,assigning values to strings & combining them List5-2.html - Scrolling Message (The better way to do it) List6-1.html - User Response Example (Testing & Comparing) List7-1.html - Using a for Loop (Loops) List7-2.html - Loops Examples (do/while, for(i in names)) List8-1.html - Math Example, averaging random numbers (Math & Date) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 3rd Edition III The Document Object Model (DOM) List9-1.html - Display Last Modified date List9-2.html - Back and Forward Buttons (history.back - location.replace) List10-1.html - Displaying Keypresses (Responding to Events) List10-2.html - Descriptive Links (in the staus line with a function) List11-1.html - Create a New Window (Windows and Frames) List11-2.html - Moving and resizing windows List11-3.html - Timeout Example (window.setTimeout, timers) List11-4.html - Alerts, Confirmations, and Prompts List11-5.html - Frame Navigation Example (the Frame Set) List11-6.html - Navigation Frame (left side frame, save as: left.html) List12-1.html - Form Example (displays data in a pop-up window) List12-2.html - Sending Form's Results by Email (see web site, problems!) List12-3.html - Form Example, with a Validation Script List13-1.html - Image Map Example (Graphics, Animation) List13-2.html - Graphics Example of Rollovers List13-3.html - Primitive Animation in JavaScript (the mouse, pre-load images) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 3rd Edition IV Moving on to Advanced JavaScript Features List14-1.html - Browser Information (Cross-Browser Scripts) List14-2.html - Browser Detection List15-1.html - Test of Heading Method (Custom Object of a String) List15-2.html - JavaScript Business Cards (card object) List16-1.html - List of Plug-Ins (Multimedia, Sounds, Plug-ins) List16-2.html - JavaScript Piano (Works in IE6 on Presario, still not in NS6) List17-1.html - Error Handling Test (Debugging JavaScript) List17-2.html - Guess a Number (with a bug!) List17-3.html - Guess a Number (bug found & fixed) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 3rd Edition V Working with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) List18-1.html - Style Sheet Example (Working with Style Sheets) List18-2.html - Controlling Styles with JavaScript, dynamic List19-2.html - Animation with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) the mouse, pre-load images List20-1.html - Hiding and Showing Objects, visibile/hidden (Advanced DOM) List20-2.html - Dynamic Text in JavaScript (document.getElementById) List20-3.html - Adding Text to a Page (.appendChild) List20-4.html - Scrolling Message Example (New & Impoved) * Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur, 3rd Edition VI Putting It All Together List21-1.html - Fictional Software Company (basic HTML page) List21-2.html - Fictional Software Company (With Drop-downs, events, etc) List22-1.html - Draw Poker, basic HTML (JavaScript Game) List22-2.html - Draw Poker, (Complete Game, functions) List23-1.html - Creating a Navigation Tree, site map (DHTML Applications) List23-2.html - Drop-Down Menu Example (List23-3.js save as: menu.js) List23-4.html - A DHTML Scrolling Window List24-1.html - Cookie Example (JavaScript Tips & Tricks) * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur [DHTML book] I Understanding DHTML List2-2.html - Figby Example HTML Page (HTML review) List3-1.html - Figby Example Page with JavaScript (rollovers, status line) List4-1.html - Figby simple BEFORE DHTML Example Page (like List2-2) List4-2.html - Figby simple DHTML Example Page (rollover, innerHTML) * Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur II Learning DHTML Basics List5-2.html - Dynamic Text (Hiding and Showing Objects, visibility, hidden) List6-1.html - Layers Example(Positionalbe Elements) List6-2.html - Layers in DHTML (Dynamic Layers Example) List7-1.html - Modifying Attributes with DHTML (DOM Properties & Methods) List7-2.html - Adding and Removing Nodes (getElementById) List8-1.html - Event Handlers Example, Event Logging (Responding to Events) * Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur III Working with Style Sheets List9-1.html - Figby, Simple Document with a Style Sheet List10-1.css - An External Style Sheet (Style Sheet Properties) List10-2.html - Style Sheet Example (uses List10-1.css) List11-1.html - Color Changing Example (Controlling Styles with JavaScript) List11-2.html - Dynamic Styles List12-1.css - The First Style Sheet (Creating Conistant Styles) List12-2.css - The Second Style Sheet List12-3.html - Style Sheet Example (Multiple Choice Styles Example) * Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur IV Dynamic HTML in Action List13-1.html - Figby Example Page (using: Drop-Down Menus, uses 13-2) List13-2.js - The JavaScript file for List13-1.html List14-1.html - Creating a Navigation Tree (Menu Tree by any other name) List14-2.js - The JavaScript file for List14-1.html List15-1.html - Blinking Text [[Don't EVER use this!]] (DHTML text effects) List15-2.html - Moving Text Example List15-3.html - Fading Text Example List15-4.html - Scrolling Message in DHTML (Much better in JS 3rd Ed) List16-1.html - Animation with Dynamic HTML (DHTML Animation) List16-2.html - Animated Navigation Tree (Navigation Bar) List16-3.js - The JavaScript file for the Animated Navigation Bar (Tree) * Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur V Learning Advanced Techniques (sensing) List17-1.html - Display Browser Information (Dealing with Browser Differences) List17-2.html - Browser Feature Sensing List17-3.html - Animation with Dynamic HTML (Cross-Browser Example) List18-1.html - Modifying Forms with DHTML (DHTML with Forms) List18-2.html - Adding elements to a form List18-3.html - Dynamic Order Form List19-1.html - Dynamic fonts: Microsoft WEFT (Dynamic Fonts) List19-2.html - Dynamic fonts: Truedoc (Embedded Truedoc Font) List20-1.html - DHTML Clock (with Errors) (Troubleshooting DHTML) List20-2.html - DHTML Clock (Working version) * Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur VI Putting It All Together List21-1.html - Figby HTML Document (Creating a Dynamic Site) List21-2.js - JavaScript, menu,Erase,Timeout... (save it as: menu2.js) List21-3.html - JavaScript, Scrolling Message file (save sa: scroll2.js) List22-1.html - Follow that Mouse! (Complex Animations, capturing events) List22-2.html - Follow that Mouse! (Complete Animation Example) List23-1.html - DHTML Hangman Game, HTML file List23-2.js - Hangman JavaScript file (save as: hangman.js) List23-3.js - Hangman JavaScript Word List file (save as: wordlist.js) List23-4.css - Hangman Style Sheet file (save as: hangman.css) List24-1.html - DHTML Tool Tips, HTML file (DHTML Tips & Tricks) List24-2.js - DHTML Tool Tips, JavaScript file (save as: tooltip.js) List24-3.html - A DHTML Scrolling Window, HTML file List24-4.html - DHTML Scrolling Window, JavaScript file (save as: window.js) * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps: [ area shape="poly" ... A, B, ... A, B 1st & last coords == ] [ area shape="rect" coords="1, 2, 50, 99" ... Upper Left, Lower right ] [ area shape="circle" coords="50, 62, 10"... Center & radius length ] See: ImageMap.htm (WV72LOGO.HTM - This is at home only) * anonymous ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Other names (non-help####.htm names): * index.html - The index file that redirects to: index.htm index.htm - The index file to run all these examples HEAD - The starter HTML file for all HELP####.htm files *A ARRAYTST.HTM - Demo that even numbers are alpha sorted. pk batlship.htm - BattleShip game which doesn't seem to work. BIJAN.HTM - Tile a jpg file as background BLANK.HTM - A blank blue HTML page *B*C calculator.htm - A workin calculator, free script! CALENDAR.HTM - Allows display & printing of one Month calendars, pk mods CARET.HTM - The redirection page for the old location of CARET web site CHAP11.HTM - JavaScript Business Card Test, pfind type data CheckDate.htm - Check That Date! IE5.50, NS7.0 PC & ElderSong site! click.htm - EVENT, onClick, focus, & status Example, Lesson 9, my changes clipbord.htm - Neil McCorrison's clipboad demo, cookie02.htm - Cookie Test 02 CookieDirect.htm - TWO STEPS TO INSTALL COOKIE REDIRECT decode.htm - Decodes the document.referrer variable value. (Circle Software) Also tests the window.opener to see if it is available. As of IE 6.0 and NS 6.1 the referrer length = 0 and decode no longer works to build the referrer. Worse is that this means we can not test if we've come from our own web site in NS, IE still seems to allow that. - pk 4/20/2004 setcooky.htm - Save cookie information demo PK getcooky.htm - Read the saved cookie info demo. PK onChng.htm - Tests onChange not working in Netscape. 11/12/2002 *D*E DatePicker.htm - Free, makes a pop-up calendar that returns date picked DatePicker2.htm - Modified to run a html file on it's own & returns more DatePicker3.htm - Same as DatePicker2 but uses Dynamic HTML, innerHTML DateTest.htm - Checks today against a set date. DateTime.htm - Displaying Times and Dates DISPLAY.HTM - Displays this window's: window.opener.items.desc value E_MAIL.HTM - Hiding Your Email Address, Examples EMAILTST.HTM - Demo of using MailMe() email hiding function. pk emtest02.htm - Demo of using MailToMe() email hiding function. pk getcooky.htm - Get the cookie data, see setcooky.htm uses: split("_"); ImageMap.htm - Demo of using mapped (graph) areas in image as active links ImageMenu.jpg- the image that is used for the hot/link areas *H*I*J*K*L HEAD - The starter HTML file for all HELP####.htm files HINTS.HTM - On converting strings to numbers. indexOf.htm - Example of how to use String.indexOf("text"); JPOLE.HTM - Circle Software Jpole antenna calculator (JPOLE.JS) jpole.js - document.Jpole.elements[me].focus(); // elements array in focus() JPOLEFRM.HTM - Circle Software Jpole antenna calculator (JPOLE.JS) with a redirector if you didn't come from the correct site. LESS03.htm - Lesson 03, some Math LIST19-2.HTM - PK mods to DHTML list19-2, sends a title one char at a time list12-1.htm - List 12-1 Form Example, Michael's Learn JS 24Hrs, 3rd Ed - also demonstrates of a pop-up window. list15-1.htm - Heading, Prototype example, Michael's Learn JS 24Hrs, 3rd Ed *M*N*O MoveMatch.htm - Moves matched lines from a textarea to bottom of that area NAMES.htm - Asks for names, enter nothing & done, does sorting too NOTHING.htm - The NOTHING PAGE, "...no active links..." NutsVoltsMag.htm - Demos stopping and using Form postback to itself. openfile.htm - Demo on how to open another window, at a given size *P*Q PayMate.htm - Fixed bugs of NOT adding items to the list, [ table ], pk phptest.htm - To test if PHP is available on the server. PLAY.HTM - Demo of setting timeout to close window print.htm - causes the printer to print a blank page & advance printer, pk PROMPTS.htm - Prompt & Compute, Loops PWROUT.HTM - Circle Software Final Power Output of antenna calculator PWROUT.HTM - needs: PWROUT.JS - with a redirector. *R Random.htm - How random are JavaScript's random numbers (crude graph) - Includes an innerHTML demo of what works & what doesn't. ReadFile.htm - Displays any file inside the browser window, free script ReadText.htm - Converts text in textarea to Pfind structure & finds matches ReadFile.js - needed by both ReadFile.htm and ReadText.htm pfind.js - needed by both ReadFile.htm and ReadText.htm Red-Demo.htm - Demos how to redirect to a different URL from this page REDIRECT.HTM - This was the old CARET WebSite, redirects to new site Reminder.htm - Puts a message on the screen and POPs up at the right time. *S SCOOKIE.HTM - Set Cookie Example, 010, uses string.split() SCROLLMS.HTM - PK mods to the scrolling message example, smoother! SiteSearch.txt - The free code to form: setcooky.htm - Put the cookie data, see getcooky.htm uses: split("="); site-search.html - Frame set to do a search on URLs saved in this file site-search-main.html - passes URL data from one page/frame to the other site-search-display.html StopWach.htm - A 10 minute stop watch. I had to fix a number of bugs. pk SRTTbase.htm - Sets the time interval & runs SendForm.htm (uses: onerror) SRTTbas2.htm - Sets the time interval & runs SendForm.htm (uses: try-catch) SendForm.htm - Called by SRTTbase.htm & calls another URL when told to together these files time the response time of the server being tested. (Some examples given for different sites.) Use for Site Timing (similar to Java code: SiteTimer, Site Timer) sum.htm - Sums 1/X where X=1 to Max entered by user. *T*U*V TEST150.HTM - An empty test page testBFM.htm - Test file for Brian Sietz's BFormMail.pl script. THANKS.HTM - A Thank You page. TIME.htm - Displays time once on screen, updates status line, moves right TIMEL.htm - Displays time once on screen, updates status line, moves left TIMER.htm - Displays time once on screen, updates status line, moves right TIMEREF.HTM - Displays time on screen, in field, & status line & updates it. TIRE.HTM - Tire Revolutions per Mile ToCase.htm - Changed text to lower/UPPER case, sort and/or DeDupe (w sort) topmenu.htm - Help with DropDown menu on a gif (4/8/2002) tmp02.htm - Moves a menu up and down. *W*X*Y*Z WeekNumber.htm - Get Week Number & Standard Date info WV72LOGO.HTM - WV72 Emmaus HomePage (with hot spot links) WV72Spon.htm - Pilgram & Sponsors list WV72Team.txt - Team Members information list *---------------------------------------------------------------------- help01.htm - JavaScript HELP Page, onLoad a pop-up Page help02.htm - help02.htm -, using prompt() & isNaN help03.htm - JavaScript HELP Page 03, opening an Image help04.htm - help04.htm -, using onClick= help05.htm - Day's Since Ticket Issued help06.htm - Sort List of Pogosticks (see help09) help07.htm - help07.htm -, frame test help08.htm - Testing the random Number Generator help09.htm - Sort List of Pogosticks (see help06) * help10.htm - Generating 5000 numbers help11.htm - Adding, Strings and Numbers (ParseInt, ParseFloat, window.close) help12.htm - frames (Changing frame values & running frame JS functions.) hlp12mnu.htm - Frame set menu file (help12 splits on comma: (/\,/) ) help12A.htm - frames help12.htm - Left help130.htm - Center, passes data to/from Right frame EXIT.htm - Right, passes data to/from Left frame & to a child window INFO.htm - Child: Data passed to/from EXIT question.htm - called by EXIT.htm if no data changed by info.htm help13.htm - Moving a [ div ], NetScape 6.0 Bug? help14.htm - New Pages number - test platform help15.htm - Counter & onUnload Example (Input using prompt, split()) help16.htm - Snippet Example & menu.js help17.htm - Graphic Example help18.htm - Hide & unhide Spans with/out spacing. (display or visibility) help19.htm - Test script: Daniel Liew v1.0c [table: THIN-border, cellspacing]+ * help20.htm - Online Order help21.htm - Moving image that can be dragged/dropped & stopped in IE5 help22.htm - pull down dynamic List Box, using a cookie (dynamic drop down) help0022.htm - pull down dynamic (select) List Box, a better way! (.htmL) help23.htm - Arrays, Loops, and Sorting exercise - Hour 8 help24.htm - OBJECT EXPECTED error help25.htm - noscript problem help26.htm - Animated little roach help27.htm - PopUp Window Scroll Problem, Stop going to the TOP! help27A.htm - PopUp Window Scroll Problem, Stop going to the TOP! help28.htm - Moving Layers, ID=window.setTimeout(), clearTimeout(ID); help29.htm - display total pages for the year (partial file) - substring * help30.htm - While Loop Tests help31.htm - Download Request Form help32.htm - Commas in long numbers using Switch/Case help0032.htm - Commas in long numbers using Function, "Commas" help33.htm - Shuffeling a deck help34.htm - Buggy code Doesn't work in NN4.75? (or NN4.06) split array help35.htm - Hour 7 Ex 2, Switch/Case URLs help36.htm - pull down List Box runs URLs help37.htm - How do I reference a frame? help38.htm - Changing Font size on Roll-Over help39.htm - Stopping a Scrolling Message (SCRLMSG.JS - clearTimeout()) * help40.htm - Netscape LAYER TAG and onmouseover help41.htm - Strings and things (indexOf) problems help42.htm - Javascript & NS6 - positioned div + onmouseout! help42A.htm - the code that finally worked: justin huntley help43.htm - (I helped with some bug.) help44.htm - Count Down Timer Example, display of the count down, 10 sec. help44b.htm - Count Down Timer Example, but no display of the timer help44c.htm - like 44b + has a warning at 6sec to reset the timer. help44d.htm - like 44c + has color changing count-down counter 20 sec. help44e.htm - like 44d + has Stop & Reset buttons working correctly done.html - called by both help44 & 44b & will return to correct prgm help45.htm - sliding menu, Natlee help46.htm - JAVASCRIPT QUIZ by: Mios (uses type='radio' radiobuttons) help46b.htm - Simplified example of how to check radio buttons in JS help47.htm - The
tag's style properties help48.htm - frame linking - JustAsking (window.open, resizable=yes) help49.htm - help with snow background script * help50.htm - Post Your Events, Ideas, Stories. (TEXTAREA, textbox) help51.htm - frame problems help51A.htm - (left frame) help52.htm - Write an.html file on-the-fly help52A.htm - Test Page 2 of help52.htm - help53.htm - Pulldown menu help54.htm - main54.htm - (uses help52a.htm - & view54.htm -) help55.htm - Two pulldown menus (same as 53 really) help56.htm - Box with images help57.htm - Netscape=="Null was not found on this page" help58.htm - testing iframes help59.htm - Running Totals * help60.htm - frames: Changing Image Sizes (uses help60A.htm -) help60A.htm - frame Resizing Images inside help60B.htm - from mj help60C.htm - Resizing Images in a frame help60D.htm - Resizing Images in Frames (uses help60E.htm -) help60E.htm - Resizing Images in a frame help61.htm - login form for two providers help62.htm - help with Random Links help63.htm - PopUp from a Popup? (uses help63A.htm -) help63A.htm - PopUp from a Popup (uses help63B.htm -) help63B.htm - PopUp from a Popup help64.htm - document.form1.UserId is null? help65.htm - Image Gallery (Image Resize to All Browser Types) help66.htm - Compare Versions in .js & here help67.htm - Message lost before image loads help68.htm - Only One submit works in NS6.0 - Two frames loaded at once help69.htm - window.open not working? * help70.htm - rollover, show & hide help71.htm - empty help72.htm - Chormeless window? help72A.htm - needed by #72? - Chormeless window? help73.htm - empty help74.htm - PACAF Services Combat Support (image cycler script) help75.htm - (check for) Page Already Open? help76.htm - Sorting by a property of an object help77.htm - Pop up script Problem help78.htm - Jtest2 (field blank give error if cursor moved to new field) help79.htm - Locating Cursor (in a textarea) * help80.htm - Closing Parent from Child help80A.htm - needed for #80 testing help81.htm - Default Image? help82.htm - Changing a counter on the page help83.htm - form validation debugging help!!!! help84.htm - Math operations in a string? help85.htm - Multiple rollover images causes problems? help86.htm - DB of links help87.htm - drop down question help88.htm - Javscript & NS on Unix/Linux? help89.htm - empty * help90.htm - use OnClick for an image help91.htm - form val - testing for not blank (testing a form) help92.htm - PassWord Generator help93.htm - Re-locate on Submit help94.htm - Date Last Modified - Not in UK Format ? help95.htm - onBlur problems help96.htm - contents of REFERRER help97.htm - TESTING VALIDATION help98.htm - Advice on rollovers in menu.js, pk help99.htm - Checking birthday greater than 18th * help100.htm - window.confim help101.htm - Keep focus on ME! help102.htm - How do I extend images/rollovers help103.htm - hide a layer help104.htm - link to this site? help105.htm - Displaying mouse position, & moving a div (dot) EVENTS.JS - needed by help105.htm help106.htm - help on creating random events help107.htm - (adding) line item with fresh empty boxes NS4.x help108.htm - Javascript email troubles help109.htm - My onClick command isn't working (fields array element in focus()) (also uses type='radio' radiobuttons) * help110.htm - Open new window from framed page? (auto close parent) help110A.htm - used by help110.htm, the child window. help111.htm - Image popup windows help112.htm - Square-root = sum help113.htm - Centering Fading Text help114.htm - CSCI 250 - Text Different size & color help115.htm - Popup(frameless) window with a (no) calendar MONTH.htm - used in help115 frameSet demo MONTH2.htm - used in help115 frameSet demo help116.htm - Rollover script help117.htm - some times (not an object) error help118.htm - Multiple Status Lines help119.htm - Slide Menu * help120.htm - Playing one file after another in JS help121.htm - Using eval() to run JavaApplet alert() msg sent back help122.htm - Bounce Back to pass.htm PASS.htm - needed for help122.htm help123.htm - Open PopUp FullScreen No tool bars (window.open attributes) *** help124.htm - have one letter at a time appear on screen as if typed? help125.htm - Image Swap To Image Map (Not!) help126.htm - rollover image swapping problem help127.htm - empty help128.htm - Search Form (multiple URLs searching problem) help129.htm - changing images * help130.htm - Window.status rollover problem in Netscape 6.21 - also see: hlp12mnu.htm which uses help130 as center frame help131.htm - load page to frame in child window help132.htm - Checking for null? help132A.htm - Checking for null? The actual.html page help132B.htm - needed by 132A, the inputs display page help133.htm - Opening a popup window (window.open attributes, resizable=yes) help134.htm - contents of the drop-down boxes help135.htm - Custom Objects. help136.htm - documents innerHTML (window.open, url, view/print it or a part of it.) help136A.htm - Michael's documents innerHTML & my addition [ TEXTAREA ] help137.htm - pk advice on parent/child passing data. (window.opener.xxx=) help138.htm - Date Picker Example (calendar js code) (datepicker) help139.htm - UserName & Password Script * help140.htm - Multiple Select Boxes (passing these selected values) help141.htm - DeBug Function Test to get out of infinitie loop help142.htm - Swapping Images, All Browsers 4.x & newer help143.htm - Hex code to color help144.htm - HOUR 6 - modify array fractions in array[9.5] help145.htm - NS & IE events (NS: which, IE: keyCode) - fireEvent help145A.htm This is the demo of fireEvent, I can't get it to work - pk xmdbehavior.sct - needed SCRIPTLET file for 145A demo help146.htm - Form with $total (elements[j] & names used) help147.htm - More than one pull-down menu help148.htm - Order Form, not aborting (debugging validation error) help149.htm - 2 function in 1 script (debugging form/validation) * help150.htm - Write to ModalDialog Window (& regular window. use cookie.) help151.htm - Print Child Window (cookie passes html to child window.) help151A.htm - Print Child Window, more tests, problem solved in 151! help152.htm - ROLLOVER URLs (like DHTML menu) help153.htm - Returning a variable (value) help154.htm - self.focus() Problem help154A.htm - self.focus() Problem help155.htm - onResize causes a reload help155A.htm - onResize causes a reload help156.htm - Menu Item Color Problem help157.htm - Dice Roll Problem (Getting more than one, simple for-loop) help158.htm - DHTML Drop down Menu help159.htm - Fading Text Example (his code destroys page innerHTML!) * help160.htm - validate() Error in NS help161.htm - Form Reset Not Working, Mary Titus help162.htm - Help with \' inside ''s help163.htm - Shopping Cart if statment won't work at all? Ben Jones help164.htm - Double TEXT Fade-in problem IE (3/27/02) (Opacity, help222, IE) help165.htm - Show/Hide (compress) Dynamic Table Row in IE (3/27/02, 6/18/02) help165A.htm- Show/Hide (compress) Dynamic Table Row in IE (6/18/02) help166.htm - Can't hide select with col in IE (closer to original)(3/27/02) help167.htm - Clock for Ginni help168.htm - Submit a Form on a Rollover Image? (JavaScript submit function) help169.htm - onDblClick Select Box selection * help170.htm - Checking data onBlur() help171.htm - Array Existance Test, Return to Location Test (cookie idea) help172.htm - Checking total # CheckBoxes checked, pre-checked & clearing help173.htm - Scrolling Status Line message HELP help174.htm - Slow Image RollOver? (& Resizing self window) help175.htm - popUp Window Full Size (calles help174.htm that self sizes) help176.htm - Horizontal/vertical pull-down menus same size, & centering. - Also, his menus are now on top of his graphic image! - also needs: sp.css, and list13-2.js (Michael's 13-2?) help177.htm - onClick What can we Get? (getElementId no such thing!) help178.htm - Problem getting the date of the first Sunday... help179.htm - Toggle password field type? (I use innerHTML elsewhere) help180.htm - document.write version not working, two dynamic pull-downs one.htm - test page #1 two.htm - test page #2 help181.htm - Phil's Screen Saver, resize, reposition, change color, Hex #s help182.htm - Opening a new window in correct size help183.htm - Problem with Multiple Checkboxes, Clear help184.htm - Event handler problem? help185.htm - Validating, using Regular Expressions help186.htm - Form Submit and redirect to another page. help187.htm - Parent.Parent? help188.htm - Inductance of a coil help189.htm - Countdown, with Hour * help190.htm - Load & Empty Random Array help191.htm - Multi-Operation on Submit help192.htm - scrollable content script help193.htm - Passing Div Object help194.htm - Which Event works with type='file' (debugging) help195.htm - Popup does not work in IE5 for macintosh (debugging) help196.htm - IE/NS Adding (removing) [ table ] lines (rows) help197.htm - Show/Hide Multiple DIVs help198.htm - Changing Background Image help199.htm - Array of Objects = 2D Array (PK) And mouse position * help200.htm - ActiveX Wrtie to a File! (IE Only!) (ActiveX) help201.htm - Dynamic Pull-Down (DOM 1) help201A.htm - Dynamic Pull-Down (DOM 0) help202.htm - Radio click Disables Inputs (Disabling Multiple Text Boxes) help203.htm - JavaScript Graphics (generating graphs?) help203A.htm - A Pixel at a Time (JavaScript Graphics) help204.htm - Self Focusing Window? help205.htm - switch focus back help206.htm - value won't change! help207.htm - script crashes Frontpage help208.htm - Parsing passed URL data, str.split("|"); help209.htm - Layers over an IFRAME...? * help210.htm - Dynamiclly Loading a JS file help211.htm - regular expressions and [object] & 'bla' is not an object-help? help212.htm - Drop down menus help213.htm - ???Can't setAttribute to 'valign' (got it working, pk 8/8/02) help214.htm - Customized home page help215.htm - Dynamic Drop Down help (see help0022.htm) help216.htm - Form inside a Form help217.htm - Scrolling Message Help help218.htm - onExit (onUnload - the REAL method, onClose) tests help219.htm - Horizontal Anchors * help220.htm - Regular expression search & replace (string.replace) help221.htm - showModalDialog Mozella Problems help222.htm - Image Opacity Changing IE(Help on hover effect needed)(help164) help223.htm - window.opener.close() - window closing examples help223a.htm - needed for help223.htm, closes the opener window, 2 ways! help224.htm - child location? help225.htm - Remove trailing and/or leading spaces, by: pk (Trimming) help225a.htm A different way to do the same thing, by: Itamar (Trim) - Also see PKJA-LIB.JS function: RemoveChr(Stn, Chr) help226.htm - Prototyping (Hour 15, page 218/219) help227.htm - Test of building document.write string help228.htm - location: .replace, .href help229.htm - NS and TABINDEX (forcing input order, position, tab, shift-tab) * help230.htm - Getting the Last Update date (Correctly for NS & IE) help231.htm - Using: event.which help232.htm - JavaScript Form Submit using document.form.submit(); help233.htm - Bi lingual web page (using buttons to select page) help234.htm - Active link colored NOW! Uses setTimeout help235.htm - Array in an Array? help236.htm - Form Message Twice? help237.htm - DIVISIONS AND COOKIES help238.htm - Build Time from Two Fields & Colored Buttons (class=pkBlue) help239.htm - Hide/Show the status bar (statusbar.visible, colored button) * help240.htm - style.property not an object? help241.htm - Page within a page help241.js - needed for the above help242.htm - Endless loop in randomise routine help243.htm - Using & in if(), building long html in JS, window attributes help244.htm - Using .link make string of array help245.htm - Tab and shift+Tab doesn´t work correctly (input order/position) help246.htm - Writing a File (IE only) (save data, save file) help247.htm - Switch and Case Demo help248.htm - target element on onmouseup event Help249.htm - Fullscreen opener, closer * help250.htm - DOM1 Popup sized to fit Image help251.htm - Date formats tested help252.htm - eval name to array element (escaped message & split demo) help253.htm - Hide Your Email Address (pass it using ?) help253A.htm - needed by help253.htm to hide email addresses help254.htm - Expanding Menus bug help255.htm - Add JS to opener, & bad link? PassWord.htm - A pure JavaScript password protection program, crack it if you can! help256.htm - A Better Scrolling Message help257.htm - var Name (& other) Tests help258.htm - Scroll to the TOP * help260.htm - Window.open("name.php", "t"); help261.htm - Totals don't total? help262.htm - Getting escape characters (coding/decoding using escape/unescape) help263.htm - Controlling Styles with JavaScript help264.htm - onmouseOver Cycle Images help265.htm - Alert problem - zuzupus help266.htm - Passing Form Data in URL (using ?) help267.htm - CheckBox Active RadioButtons help268.htm - document.write() makes IE hang help269.htm - Multiple Servers on Submit * help270.htm - Hiding mailto: help271.htm - Object Literal Creation - creating Objects & methods etc. help272.htm - help272.htm - & # Codes, & Table widths help273.htm - Open ANY File help274.htm - simple JS hiding mailto: help275.htm - Simple Calculator help276.htm - Add a Custom Money Form Field help277.htm - Make fields invisible, hidden help278.htm - ON & off field coloring help279.htm - Check Box & Radio Buttons * help280.htm - Chapter 10 | Responding to Events, in IE (e.button, e.which) help281.htm - Only 3 CHECKED checkboxes Allowed help282.htm - Test of opening & writing a window help283.htm - Validating integers, converts input into an int. help284.htm - location.reload Clock + how to split data to array + round, floor help285.htm - Set click() event for a button help286.htm - getAttribute(sAttrName [, iFlags]), & Enter=Tab, for a form help287.htm - JS3 hour/lesson 15 (using objects) Help288.htm - Passing values from radio buttons help289.htm - how to auto update an amount in a txt box * help290.htm - Using a Function Reference help291.htm - Use Different JS Libraries (h291.js, h291a.js, h291b.js, & h291z.js) help292.htm - Drop Down List & Radio Button Values help293.htm - Getting an array (and an element value) using eval() help294.htm - Changing Link Description help295.htm - Closing the PopUp Changes URL help296.htm - Pass Inputs to PopUp to PHP, needs: help296pop.htm - PopUp Calls a PHP program help297.htm - Country and Area, Another Dynamic list box [ select ] Example help298.htm - Fade Out, Transparency, Opacity help299.htm - Test Input Validation * help300.htm - Fade Out, Transparency, Opacity help301.htm - Another Dynamic Calendar help302.htm - De-Select focus help303.htm - Flat Input Field? (for different browsers) help304.htm - Pass Field name to get value, using eval help305.htm - Calendar Problem help306.htm - Put data into table element help307.htm - OnBlur Tests help308.htm - Custom background colour help309.htm - DOM Manipulation, Manipulate Page Content * help310.htm - Moving data from an Input to a Textbox help311.htm - setTimeout Test help312.htm - Form Data Demo input, submit, multipling etc. help313.htm - While loop demo help314.htm - Javascript Form Input Question help315.htm - Sending Email via Outlook (using only JavaScript) help316.htm - Check for AlphaNumeric input help317.htm - Social Security Numnber input, hide all but last 4 digits help318.htm - Dialog Box Test help319.htm - Table vs. CSS Example, 3 Rows/Columns % & Pixel Spacing Tests help320.htm - Thin Table Borders, made in 2 different ways see:help19.htm also. help321.htm - * ********** These help files are based on the JavaScript questions at: http://www.jsworkshop.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=#### where #### is the number of the question equal to the number in: jshelp####.htm JShelp1369 On pages links? JShelp4007 Question about a DOM Scrolling Window JShelp4391 Select and Go Navigation JShelp4427 default entry in prompt box JShelp4460 document.write or alert amounts entered. JShelp4462 branch condition statement if...else JShelp4463 Question about average() JShelp4488 Place one thing on top of another JShelp4500 Auto Moving Cursor JShelp4719 Radio Button Usage * *** *** * * ***end***end*** *