UltraFire Bogus 9800 mAh Cell Information, page

While these curves look nice they fall far short of the claimed 9.8Ah (9800mAh) capacity. You can see by the curves that they fall at 0.55 and 0.56Ah (550 - 560 mAh).

Look at the graph below this first graph which compares these cells to others I've purchased which are good 3000mAh (3.0Ah) cells from other manufacturers.

UltraFire Bogus 9800mAh (9.8Ah) Cell Information

UltraFire Bogus 9800mAh VS. Good Efest & LG HG2 3000mAh Cells

Any discharge curve for a 3000mAh cell that passes the 95%, the vertical blue line, is considered to have passed my quality/capacity test. The vertical green line is the 100% capacity line for 3000mAH cells, meaning it reached 3000mAh (3.0Ah). So far, I have not found any cell in an 18650 package to meet or exceed their claimed capacity. On the other hand, I have found two manufacturers of 18500 cells that meet and exceed their claimed capacities. Which I will report on in the future as well as showing a use for these cells.

NOTE: The short curves for the UltraFire 9800mAh cells are the same data as seen on the curve plot above! They are now up against the data of good 3000mAh cells. If these 9800mAh cells were good the curves would be the other-way-round. Meaning, the 9800mAh curves would be more than three times longer than the 3000mAh cell curves!

Top green line: Efest 3000mAh cell 10 hour test. Ending at 2940mAh or 98.1% of capacity.
Top blue line: LG HG2 3000mAh cell 5 hour test. Ending at 2920mAh or 97.3% of capacity.
Top red line: Efest 3000mAh cell 5 hour test. Ending at 2870mAh or 95.8% of capacity.
Bottom green line: UltraFire 9800mAh Cell #2, 5 hour test. Ending at 550mAh or 5.6% of capacity.
Bottom purple line: UltraFire 9800mAh Cell #1, 5 hour test. Ending at 560mAh or 5.7% of capacity.

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