ARES/RACES HTML/JavaScript Membership Database

Phil Karras, KE3FL

NOTE: When this article was written Javascript was able to open and read text files as described. Unfortunately, that changed a few years later and Javascript can no longer open and read txt files.

This is not as big a problem as one might think because Javascript can still open htm or html files. By saving your database file as a .htm file Javascript will be able opened and read the file by the same method used to open and read a txt file as shown in the article below.

Other than the extenion name change from txt to htm the standard format for an html file must also be used. In this case this is simply to include the <html> and the <body> tags and of course the closing </body> and </html> tags.

If you don't know how to do that, just open this file from your browser into a text editor by RIGHT-clicking on this page and then in the pop-up window click on the " View Page Source" option.

You do not need the <TITLE> or <head> tags in the html file you want javascript to be able to open.

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