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    NOTE: SKU#21890, is no longer being sold, when checked on November 25, 2013.
Original: SKU#21890 Review
This was an AC/DC USB power supply advertised to charge/run and iPod or iPhone.
This device did not meet the claims made on the web site at the time and I was able to get my money back because they allowed me to return them and I paid through PayPal. Do NOT pay in any other way to be on the safe side.

SKU# 256305 Review - This is a small circuit card with:
Input: 0.9 - 5V DC
Output: 5 V up to 500-600mA with two AA batteries
Quick: Minimally meets the claims to charge USB devices.

SKU# 205188 @ - This is a small circuit card with input of 5V at 1A that puts out a maximum of 4.2V up tp 1A to charge 3.7V Li-Ion batteries. Tests I've done on two boards show that this device meets all published specifications. I'm presently using one to charge my nook color batteries since the nook internal charger failed.

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