Emergency Preparedness Part 3
by Phil Karras, KE3FL

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 In the last two articles, I gave you a very brief list for emergency
 consideration.  I talked in more detail about how to make your radio
 station emergency ready and field ready.  In this article, I will
 give you the lists that we are considering in the ARES group.
 Not everyone needs to have everything on all these lists, but as a
 group we will.  We need to know that when we get together for an
 emergency, we can count on all of the equipment being brought.  Nothing
 is more frustrating than to plan for an event, only to show up thinking
 that someone else is bringing the extra coax and finding out that he
 thought you were bringing it.

 It is far better to have redundancy at the event than not have a
 necessary piece of equipment.

 Check off all items as collected.

 Check a SECOND time as items are placed in the CAR!

 M I N I M U M   L I S T
 1.	Your radio license
 2.	Your ARES ID card
 3.	2-meter HT and/or mobile 2-meter rig
 4.	Spare batteries, bigger batteries for rig(s) + cable(s)
 5.	2m Magmount antenna and/or emergency J-pole
 6.	ARES vest and hardhat
 7.	Appropriate clothing
 8.	Clipboard, paper, pencil, and rubberbands (to hold the paper in the wind)
 9.	NTS message forms

 O T H E R    I T E M S
 1.	Folding chair + sit-ons (+ foot warmer?)
 2.	Handwarmer(s) and fuel
 3.	Thermal blanket and/or extra blanket
 4.	Gas stove and extra gas

 E X T E N D E D    L I S T
 1.  Toolbox (72 hours)
     a.  Pliers
     b.  Screwdrivers
     c.  Socket wrenches
     d.  Electricians tape
     e.  Soldering iron and soldier
     f.  VOM

    2.  Radio Gear
        a.  Rigs: 440, HF, 2m-amp or higher power rig
        b.  Mike(s) for the above rig(s)
        c.  Key for HF rig (for cw)
        d.  Headphones
        e.  Power supply, AC
        f.  Emergency batteries, (DC to AC inverter)
        g.  Patch cords
        h.  Antennas with mounts, tower(s) and supports
        i.  SWR meter (HF and VHF)
        j.  Extra coax (100' w connectors and converters)

    3.  Personal Gear (short duration)
        a.  Snacks
        b.  Liquid refreshment
        c.  Throat lozengers
        d.  Personal medicine
        e.  Aspirin or other pain reliever
        f.  Extra pair of prescription glasses
        g.  Sunglasses if needed

    4.  Personal Gear (long duration)
        a.  Foul-weather gear
        b.  3-day supply of drinking water
        c.  3-day supply of food
        d.  Mess kit with cleaning kit
        e.  First aid kit
        f.  Sleeping bag
        g.  Toilet articles
        h.  Alarm clock
        i.  Flashlight with batteries
        j.  Candles
        k.  3-day change of clothes
        l.  Waterproof matches
        m.  Gas stove + extra gas

 These lists are dynamic, i.e., they are constantly changing.  If you
 have any ideas on how to make these lists better, please let me know.

Information: If there are other points that would benifit all to know related to this article please
send them to me at: e-mail to: KE3FL .

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