A short history of Philip Karras, KE3FL.

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I had my Novice call for four months.     Education: Syosset High School in Syosset L.I. N.Y., graduated in 1969, BS in Physics from Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown PA - 1973, and a Masters degree in physics from the University of Southern California - 1976. I have always been interested in electronics and radio. I met my first ham at the age of 9 (1959) but did not get my first license until I was 42, 1992.

Work experience: Electro-Optics Physicist, Optical Engineer, Design Engineer, Software Engineer, Firmware Engineer, Medical Imaging Physicist, Consulting Embedded Software Engineer, and IT and Web consultant. I am presently employed with Future Technologies, Inc, working on at AFDIL, the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory on the DNA identification databases & applications both PC & Web.

Amateur Radio: I received my first license on June 12, 1992 and passed my last Extra exam on December 5, 1992. During that time I operated exclusively CW and wrote a program to help me: IMC (see near the bottom of my home page). Some of my Ham related programs are on this site for you to download.

Interests include: Emergency communications, field operations, QRP, building, and antennas. I am presently an ORS, OES, AEC, and VE. In third region you may hear me on 3920 KHz, the Maryland Emergency Phone Net, on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. local time (If I get home in time.) If you're ever in Carroll, Frederick, Montgomery, Howard, or Baltimore counties on Tuesday evenings around 8:30 p.m. local time, check into our CARET net 145.410-. (Carroll Amateur Radio Emergency Team) net.

I was Emergency Coordinator for Carroll County Maryland for two plus years and am presently an Assistant EC. My role is to provide teaching and guidance for setting up emergency radio communications as well as keeping the ARES/RACES membership database and the CARET Web Site presently located at: [http://www.qsl.net/caret] .

Clubs I belong to: ARRL, ARCI QRP (8156), QRP-L (253), FISTS (3117), NWQRP (447), ARS (173) CCARC (Carroll County ARC), MARC (Montgomery County ARC), BRASS (Bureau Radio Amateur Signal Society) - (Was NBS, now NIST), MADRA (Mid-Atlantic DX and Repeater Asso.) ARES/RACES member of Carroll County MD.

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