PHILIP KARRAS                                       [C] (301) 471-2596
3305 Hampton Court                                  [H] (301) 829-3260
Mt. Airy, MD  21771                                 [E]

Dynamic Engineer with creative problem-solving abilities.  Extensive
experience in device and software development, applications and embedded
programming, database and web development. Complete life-cycle experience
in government and for-profit environments. Rapidly climbs the learning
curve for new systems. Thinks outside the box to solve problems quickly.

* Patent holder: #4,464,054 Colorimeter Instrument with Fiber Optic Ring
* Technical editor: Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours, 3rd ed., by
  Michael Moncur.
* Technical writer for several radio & electronics magazines.

* Security+, 04/30/2014
* Certified Scrum Master, 10/07/2014
* DoD Secret Clearance

* Designed UHF receiver/transmitter circuits and boards to facilitate digital
  communications from underground devices to stationary vehicles.
* Created both active and passive RF circuits for amplification and
  filtering. In one case, my inexpensive filter design removed the
  problematic signals allowing our device to pass the CE tests.
* Developed antennas for UHF/VHF data links from manholes to stationary
  vehicles.  These antennas were more effective and less expensive than
  off-the-shelf items.
* Performed EMC testing and redesign of microprocessor electromagnetic flow
  meters for CE compliance. The redesign was relatively inexpensive and
  allowed Marsh-McBirney to sell its premier flow meters in Europe.

* Designed interfacing circuits for computer-to-instrument communications and
  control.  This allowed us to have a high profit add-on to existing
* Was project engineer for the CE certification of the Flo-System
  instruments. I was able to enhance these instruments with modifications
  that allowed us to get these devices certified and keep our European
  market open.
* Redesigned pc-board layout of op-amp circuits to help reduce RFI for CE
* Repair of electronic equipment, audio through RF, to component level.

PHILIP KARRAS					 [H] (301) 829-3260


* Developed satellite communications equipment design verification tests.
  Completed on schedule. (Embedded software)
* Developed  Fax Interface Module V.23 communications for a proprietary RTOS.
  (Embedded software)
* Wrote programs in assembly, various versions of BASIC, VB, C, C++, C#.NET,
  Java, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript lanuages to access databases and other files.


* Designed laser scanner optics and managed the laser scanner compliance to
  the Bureau of Radiological Health regulations.
* Developed the optics, alignment procedures, and computer testing programs
  for the concave holographic grating spectro-colorimeter.  This was the
  first stable colorimeter on the market, helping the company increase
  market share.
* Created the energy transfer optics for hazemeters, glossmeters, and
  colorimeters.  In one case my design transferred over twice the optical
  energy to the detectors, allowing us to use less expensive parts and
  increasing the profit margin.
* Developed a patented fiber-optics ring illuminator for tristimulus
  colorimetery. This illuminator proved to be very reliable and cost effective.


* Future Technologies, Inc.	          MS SQL, C#, C#.NET/ASP.NET 2009 - 2014
* MJO Services. LLC                 MS SQL Databases & VB/C#.NET 2008 - 2009
* Business First Networks          IT, Software & Web Consultant 2003 - 2008
* Syntek Systems Corp              Embedded Software Engineering 1999 - 2003
* Innovative Solutions Group             Applications Programmer 1998 - 1999
* SFA Inc.                             Medical Imaging Physicist 1997 - 1998
* Marsh-McBirney Inc                  Embedded Software Engineer 1995 - 1997
* NIST, Molecular Physics     Laser Optics & Software Consultant 1995 - 1995


* B.S.  Physics,  Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
* M.A.  Physics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
* Continuing Education - 44 continuing education credits in Electronics


MS Windows UNIX * LINUX * VAX * C++ * C * C#.NET * ASP.NET * VB.NET *
Visual Studio * BASIC, VB6 * SAS * SQL * ACCESS * ORACLE * HTML * DHTML *
JavaScript * CSS * Perl * PHP * MySQL * AJAX * Java

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