QST 1999 ARTICLES
December 1999
ANTENNA:  Whips, Tubes and Wires: Building a 10-Meter L Antenna          52-54
DOCTOR:   Cleaning Aluminum antennas, PSK31 compatible laptops,          49-50
DOCTOR:   QRP & single CMOS logic chip, "Shunt-fed" tower, description   50-50
HINTS:    Two Hints for the VA2ERY "Clothesline" Antenna                 64-65
HINTS:    Regarding Save-A-Battery--Save $40, by KE3FL                   65-65
INFO:     The HF-FM Link (Find a repeater link to 10 meters & wrk the...)51-51
INFO:     Latitude and Longitude the Easy Way                            55-55
INFO:     Never Pay Airline Overweight Charges! Well, Almost Never       73-74
INFO:     How Are You Controlling Your Repeater?                         81-82
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 77  &  Section News: 109    FD: 98   65+77+98+109
POWER:    Portable AC/DC Power from Cutting Edge Enterprises             63-63
PROJECT:  A PIC SWR Meter                                                40-43
REVIEW:   The Yaesu FT-2600M VHF FM Mobile Transceiver                   57-59
REVIEW:   The Kenwood CS-4125 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope             60-62
REVIEW:   APRS Engineering's MIM Module                                  62-63
SAFTEY:   Protable-Generator Saftey                                      67-67
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (A Crossword of "Funders and Units")      56-56
TECH:     A PSK31 Tuning Aid                                             35-37
TECH:     A Direct Frequency Entry Keypad for ICOM Transceivers          38-39
TECH:     Bubbles in the Ozone Layer                                     44-46
December 1999
November 1999
HINTS:    TS-570 Battery replacement, More SOLAR K.I.S.S.                75-75
HINTS:    Quick VHF Mountaintop Antenna Setup, Tower Section Alignment   76-76
HINTS:    Polarized Glasses and LCDs, More on Rewinding 24-V Relays      76-76
HISTORY:  "Build It and They Will COme" Radio TV Museam, Bowie MD        31-32
HISTORY:  Radio History Society, Radio TV Museam  301-390-1020           31-32
HISTORY:  Keeping Tracj of OSCAR: A Short History Amateur Radio's Race   65-66
INFO:     Grand Opening of On the Short Waves: www.ontheshortwaves.com   49-49
INFO:     Improved Clearspeech Speaker (DSP)  amcom@digisys.com          49-49
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 82   and   Section News: 107               82+107
MOBILE:   HamWeb: A New Approach to Mobile Data Services                 33-36
OTHER OP: An Automated Meteor-Scatter Station (Not just for BIG guns!)   46-49
PROJECT:  FolksRTTY II: For RTTY, AMTOR and PACTOR, Part 2               37-41
PROJECT:  The DSP-10: All-Mode 2-m TXR Using DSP IF & PC-Controlled, P3  42-45
PROJECT:  A Tracking Signal Generator for Use with a Spectrum Analyzer   50-52
PROJECT:  PTTSound (Put your computer's sound card to work- RTTY, PSK31  60-61
REVIEW:   Patcomm PC-9000 HF Plus 6-Meter Tranceiver (birdies) $800      68-71
REVIEW:   The High Sierra HS-1500 HF/6-Meter Mobile Antenna    $300      72-73
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Homebrewr's fantasia)                    67-67
TEACHING: Radio Waves and the Ionosphere                                 62-64
November 1999
October 1999
ANTENNA:  Simple Offset Feeding of Wire-Element Beams                    45-46
ANTENNA:  17-15-12 and Simple (rotatabe dipole)                          54-56
DOCTOR:   S unit, Cage Dipole antenna, Sat Doppler, On Glass Antenna     47-48
HINTS:    Lamp-Life Gemlins (from KE3FL), Mobile Power Connections       64-64
HINTS:    Universally Useful "GOOP", More H-T VOX Hints                  65-65
HISTORY:  The Smell of Radio                                             49-49
INFO:     Regeneration and Crystal Control (HomeBrew Regen RX)           28-31
INFO:     Life on the PTT, YL becomes a ham - story                      50-51
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 74   and   Section News: 97                 74+97
PROJECT:  The DSP-10: All-Mode 2-m TXR Using DSP IF & PC-Controlled, P2 33-40
PROJECT:  FolksRTTY II: For RTTY, AMTOR and PACTOR, Part 1              41-44
REVIEW:   The ICOM IC-2800H Dual-Band FM Tranceiver                      57-60
REVIEW:   The ADI AR-147 VHF FM Mobile Tranceiver                        60-62
REVIEW:   Tower Jack Tower Tools                                         62-63
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (bit-wranglers, digital electronics)      52-52
TECH:     Using the MFJ-259 SWR Analyzer to Find a Short Circuit in Coax 66-66
TECH:     EUFORT is Really Ufer - grounding methods around concrete      66-66
TECH:     Free Energy Concentrator (Use AM broadcast RF as power!)       66-67
October 1999
September 1999
ANTENNA:  The Simple Sixer (6-m dipole)                                  
ARES:     Emergency Communication                                        24-24
ARES:     The Case for Plain-Language Message Handling                   83-83
HINTS:    Mods to Yaesu FT101-update, Proper method for app of tape      79-79
HINTS:    A Simple Temp Sensor for Cooling Fan Control,                  79-79
HINTS:    An External-Amplifier Control Circuit Fot The IC-706 MK 2      80-80
INFO:     Rescuing Watery Rigs                                           24-24
INFO:     The Universal Licensing System: The Bare Esentials             85-86
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 84   and   Section News: 115               84+115
NTS:      Golden Anniversary: A Look at 50 Years of the National Trf Sys 50-53
PROJECT:  The DSP-10: All-Mode 2-m TXR Using DSP IF & PC-Controlled, P1 33-41
PROJECT:  Beyond the QUICK (some QSK circuits for Separate Rx & Tx's)   42-45
PROJECT:  An FT-1000 TTL/RS232 Level Translator (MAX232CPE)             46-47
REVIEW:   The Yaesu FT-90R Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver               73-76
REVIEW:   The Alinco DR-M03SX 10-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver             76-77
REVIEW:   Mscan SSTV Software                                            78-78
SAT:      Satellite Roundup                                              93-93
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  CrossWord                                61-61
September 1999
August 1999
DOCTOR:   RFI in-line filetrs, Cable TC coax, RFI to computer speakers   49-50
DOCTOR:   Ground causes a hum?,                                          49-50
HINTS:    Fooling the circuit tester (Check this one!)                   64-65
HINTS:    Longer Dial-Lamp Life (KE3FL), Now U C it... Restoring LCDs    64-65
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 76   and   Section News: 101               92+121
PROJECT:  Adapting the Astatic D-104 Mic for Use with Modern TXCVRS      34-36
PROJECT:  A PIC16F48-Based CW Decoder                                    37-40
PROJECT:  An Intelligent DTMF Remote Controller                          41-44
PROJECT:  "Key with Vintage" CW Paddles (from a cork!)                   45-46
QRP:      Milliwatting: A Radio Frontier You Can Explore (QRPp)          53-54
REVIEW:   The Kenwood TH-D7A Dual-band HT w.tapr.org/tapr/html/sigf.html 58-62
REVIEW:   The Kenwood TH-D7A Street $440, PacTerm 98 Kantronics Host     62-63
REVIEW:   Mode Terminal Program, $80 256-381-6100, www.cssincorp.com     62-63
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Autumn & Winter Contesting...)           55-55
TECH:     A Needle in an RF Haystack (use DSP to find hidden signals)    51-52
TECH:     Hey Elmer, What's a Trunked Radio System?                      56-57
TECH:     Using the Autek RF-1 with the Three Meter Method (Find R+jX)   66-67
TECH:     An 80-Meter Receiving Antenna Using a Rotary Dipole (30/40 m)  56-57
August 1999
July 1999
ANTENNA:  A Five-Element, 2-Meter Yagi for $20                           34-37
ANTENNA:  An Indoor Loop for Satellite Work                              55-55
DOCTOR:   3-antennas same tower, Common mode, skin effect                50-51
HINTS:    LCDs use retarder film, cable label, clean up ol' smokey       64-65
HINTS:    extra hands-doorbell switch, cleaning relay contacts.          64-65
PROJECT:  The DWM-4: A Microprocessor Controlled Multichannel Wattmeter  42-46 
PROJECT:  Give your Station a "Factory Face Lift"                        47-49
PROJECT:  The Poor Man's Paddle                                          53-54
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver ($1400 street)         57-61
REVIEW:   The AOR AR7000B Wide Range Communications Receiver             61-63
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (A tower project is a difficult ...)      56-56
TEACHING: Help Your Child Earn a Ticket                                  32-33
TECH:     Surface Mount Technology-- You CAN Work with it! (Part 4)      36-41
July 1999 
June 1999
ANTENNA:  A Simple 50-ohm Feed for W8JK Beams                            41-42
ANTENNA:  ASimple Killer Antenna                                         56-57
FOX:      A Doppler Radio-Direction Finder (Part - 2)                    37-40
HINTS:    & Kinks: Simplified Antenna Current Monitoring (more info)     75-76
INFO:     Correspondence: Stereo Code                                    24-25
INFO:     RF Safety at Field Day                                         48-51
INFO:     How to Choose and Use a Portable Power Generator               59-61
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
PROJECT:  The QUICK: QRP Under Integrated Control from the Keyer         43-47
REVIEW:   The Yaesu FT-100 MF/HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver            67-72
REVIEW:   Hamtronics R139 Weather Satellite Receiver                     72-74
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Field Day Crossword)                     58-58
TECH:     Testing Matching and Loading Networks at Full Power            77-78
TECH:     Surface Mount Technology-- You CAN Work with it! (Part 3)      34-36
UHF/VHF:  The Little Satellite that Could (www.erols.com/hheidt/)        92-92
June 1999
May 1999
ARES:     Emergency Communication: Shifting Needs of Served Agencies     32-34
FOX:      The 1998 IARU World Championships (ARDF)                       28-31
FOX:      A Doppler Radio-Direction Finder                               35-40
FIX:      Hint & Kinks - A New Life for Your FT-101 (New finals)         68-69
INFO:     Thanks for the Memories: Why Logging is Important!             57-59
INFO:     New Prod: Man-Pack HF Radio Carrier cee-cruzio.com 831-4260115 83-83
INFO:     New Product: The Coleman "Ultimite" Portable Generator         90-90
INFO:     Beacon web site: www.airnav.com/navaids/                       54-54
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 82   and   Section News: 101               82+101
MODES:    PSK31 -- Has RTTY's Replacement Arrived?                       41-44
PROJECT:  The MFJ-9420D (D=Delux) (Some good cw mods to the SSB rig)     45-47
REVIEW:   The Kenwood TS-570s(G) HF/6-Meter Transceiver  ($2070/1400)    61-63
REVIEW:   The Yaesu VX-5R Tri-band H-T (full pwr, $429/350)              64-66
REVIEW:   The ICOM IC-Q7A Dual-band H-T  (~300mW $239/205)               66-67
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (on-the-air savior-faire)                 60-60
TECH:     Surface Mount Technology-- You CAN Work with it! (Part 2)      48-50
TECH:     A Box Too Far? (Distance measurement to the repeater)          51-52
UHF/VHF:  VHF FM Portable in Japan                                       55-56
May 1999
April 1999
ANTENNA:  Two on 10 (Two element 10-meter beam)                          67-69
BOOK:     Joe Carr's Circuit Toolkit (Analog circuits, 256 pgs) Sams     51-51
BOOK:     Joe Carr's Circuit Toolkit 317-298-5789  www.hwsams.com        51-51
DX:       How's DX? - Do-It-Yourself Propagation Predictions             93-94
FIX:      DIY Ham Radio Repair  (Good reading, do it!)                   64-66
FOOL:     The Smoketron (Field-repairable solid-state components)        59-60
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 89   and   Section News: 105               89+105
MODES:    The "New" HF Digital Modes (Feld-Hell, MT-Hell, PSK-31)        50-51
POWER:    Which Battery Should You Use in Your Equipment? (Li-Ion)       40-42
PROJECT:  A broadband HF Amplifier Using Low-Cost Power MOSFETs, Part 2  43-46
PROJECT:  The QRP Buddy (A test box to battle Murphy)                    47-49
PROJECT:  The Crystal Radio Dec 1997: Crystal-Receiver Improvements      80-80
REVIEW:   Maha-Rexon RL-501, RL-115 & RL-112 maharexon@maha-comm.com     72-75
REVIEW:   Hi-Res Comunications Collins -2 Video (Abt HF Tranceivers)  77-78
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (Whats' the word? Word Up!)              63-63
TEACHING: A brief Guid to Phase-Locked Loops                             70-71
TECH:     Surface Mount Technology-- You CAN Work with it!               33-39
TECH:     Electrical Safety, Battery Power Source Add-Ons                81-82
April 1999
March 1999
ANTENNA:  W2DU balum (Walt Maxwell) New Ham Companion                    52-52
CLASSIC:  The Collins Collectors Association                             31-33
HINTS:    & Kinks: Beware of Wireless Phone-Jack Systems (RFI)           76-76
HINTS:    & Kinks: Revisions to Simplified Antenna Current Monitoring    77-77
HINTS:    & Kinks: Speaker-Mike Modifications (more helpful info)        77-77
INFO:     Salvaging Waterlogged Gear                                     54-55
INFO:     Contest Fun for Everyone                                       57-58
INFO:     Part 76: Cable Regulations & the Amateur - Part 2              83-84
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 80   and   Section News: 109               80+109
NEW:      Vintage Radio Kit (Tubes) www.mnsinc.com/bry/vintage.htm       75-75
NEW:      Alpha Delta (Titanic Key $150)  606-598-2029                   75-75
NEW:      HAMCO Catalog (Hidden Antennas)                                75-75
NEW:      HAMCO Ste F239193, Round-bottm Rd  Cincinatti  OH  45244-3026  75-75
OUTSIDE:  Hamming From an Igloo                                          28-30
PROJECT:  A broadband HF Amplifier Using Low-Cost Power MOSFETs, Part 1  40-43
PROJECT:  A Binaural I-Q Receiver                                        44-48
PROJECT:  PIC Development on a Shoestring                                49-51
REVIEW:   The Alinco DR-140TQ 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver (basic)      71-72
REVIEW:   The Ten-Tec RX-320 PC Radio                                    73-75
SAT:      Meet the Multifaceted SUNSAT!  (Amateur Satellites)            90-90
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (pick the question)                      56-56
UHF/VHF:  Microwave Help (the US amateur Bands, Manufacturers etc)       85-87
March 1999
February 1999
ANTENNA:  A Briefcase-Portable HF/VHF Antenna                            41-43
ANTENNA:  The W7DE Balloon Erection Scheme                               54-54
BALLOON:  Ham Radio Ballooning to Near Space                             47-50
HINTS:    Longer Lamp Life, IC Sockets, 6146B Substitution               69-70
INFO:     Lamp replacement with LED www.ddp-leds.com                     24-24
INFO:     QSL Certificates  (roll your own)                              57-58
INFO:     PIC Microcontroller Reflectr majordomo@qth.net subscribe ham pic  89
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: --   and   Section News: 93                92+121
PROJECT:  An RF Current Probe for Amateur Use (simple to build) 1N34's   34-34
PROJECT:  A Synthesized 2-Meter FM Receiver with PC Control              35-40
REVIEW:   Japan Radio Company NRD-545 DSP Receiver  $2000+400+130        62-64
REVIEW:   The TiePie Engineering uScope  $120                            64-67
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (head-scratching problems)                59-59
TEACHING: TECH: Second-Harmonic-Optimized Low-Pass Filters               44-46
TEACHING: TECH: An Introduction to Op Amps                               55-56
TECH:     Comments on a "Voice Balancing Audio Peak Clipper"             71-72
UHF/VHF:  Leonids Fireballs (Nov 16, 1999 2300 Z - nodal time)           83-84
February 1999
January 1999
ANTENNA:  Rotator Magic!                                                 34-40
ANTENNA:  Roll Your Own Dipole  (A variable length Dipole on rolls)      50-51
HINTS:    A use for Junk-Box Crystals/Simplified Antenna Current Monitor 61-62
INFO:     Hot Keyboards ona Cold Weekend!  (ARRL RTTY Roundup)           52-53
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 72   and   Section News: 93                 72+93
PROJECT:  An MC-80 and MC-85 Microphone Modification                     33-33
PROJECT:  A 13.8-V, 40-A Switching Power Supply  Part-2                  41-44
REVIEW:   The ICOM IC-2100H 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver                55-57
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-280T, Pryme PR-222/PR-52 Handheld Transceivers       57-60
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!                                           
TEACHING: Getting More Voltage Out of a Regulator IC  (7805 up to 9V)    45/65
TECH:     Calculating Wire Lengths for Winding Toroids,  UPS power Sup   63-65
January 1999
                                 QST 1998 ARTICLES
December 1998
ANTENNA:  MFJ's Portable 6-Meter J-Pole                                  41-41
ANTENNA:  An Inexpensive Az-E1 Rotator System                            42-46
ANTENNA:  The Doctor is IN, Antenna Tuners, G5RV info                    52-53
BOOK:     The Microcontroller Beginner's Handbook                        59-59
BOOK:     AERIALS III                                                    71-71
DX:       Test Your Knowledge!  A Challenging quiz for the DXer/wannabe  60-60
INFO:     Low Power, Crummy Antenna (LPCA) - good ideas!                 57-59
INFO:     New Radio Electronics Catalog From NEMAL http://www.nemal.com  59-59
INFO:     Soldering Iron Control, Strain Relief 4 Nylon connectors       62-62
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 83   and   Section News: 115               92+121
PROJECT:  FREQ-Mite-- A programmable Morse Code Frequency Readout        34-36
PROJECT:  A 13.8-V, 40-A Switching Power Supply                          37-41
PROJECT:  An Easy DTMF Switch                                            55-56
REVIEW:   The Kenwood VC-H1 Interactive Visual Communicator              65-67
REVIEW:   The M2 6M7JHV 6-Meter Yagi Antenna                             67-69
REVIEW:   PC Electronics TC70-10 70cm ATV Transceiver                    69-71
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!                                           
WEB:      New "TubeZone" Web Site from SVETLANA http://www.svetlana.com  64-64
December 1998
November 1998
ANTENNA:  A Rotatable 10 Meter Dipole                                    40-42
ANTENNA:  The Second-Floor Solution                                      59-60
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks: Tower Safety, sealing rotators                  71-73
HISTORY:  Zenith's "One-and-Only" Ham Receiver                           47-49
INFO:     HF Amplifiers versus Antennas- One Ham's Opinion               54-56
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 86 (PSHR)  and   Section News: 117         86+117
PROJECT:  The Micro McElroy (catch speeders using CW keyboards)          35-39
PROJECT:  Channel Watch: A multiple-Frequency Activity Monitor           43-46
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Dual-Band FM Mobile Tranceivers, ICOM IC-207H    62-64
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Kenwood TM-V7A, TM-G707A, Standard C510A + dock  64-67
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Yaesu FT-8100R                                   67-68
REVIEW:   The MFJ-224 2-Meter FM Analyzer                                68-70
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (10 guaranteed brain busters)            61-61
TECH:     Exploring 136 kHz                                              30-30
November 1998
October 1998
ANTENNA:  A Fox-Hunting DF Twin 'Tenna                                   41-44
ANTENNA:  An Efficient Multiband Vertical for 160 through 20 Meters      45-49
ANTENNA:  One Stealthy Wire                                              61-63
ARES:     Keeping up with Disaster Communications Technology             87-87
ARRL:     Members Only Web Site: www.arrl.org/members/                   30-31
ARRL:     Contact the ARRL Web Extra on-line pub:  awextra@arrl.org      30-31
DOCTOR:   Parallel Dipoles, VHF marine radio frequancies, discone ant    59-60
DX:       The Internet: A Tool for the DXer -- Part Two                  90-91
FOX:      Foc Hunting is Practical and Fun! (//members.aol.com/homingin) 68-69
HINTS:    Magnetic Tuner Rings, Latching AC Relays                       78-79
INFO:     Welcome to Rentsville, DX (Apartment antennas)                 66-67
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 89   and   Section News: 119               92+121
PROJECT:  A Battery-Voltage Indicator                                    50-51
REVIEW:   SGC SG-2020 Transceiver ($625)  (listed)                       71-74
REVIEW:   Alinco's Amazing Credit Card H-Ts                              74-77
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (Crossword Antennas & TX-line)           70-70
TECH:     Using PIC Microcontrollers in Amateur radio projects           34-40
TECH:     Unlicensed Devices and You: A Part-15 Primer                   94-95
October 1998
September 1998
ANTENNA:  An Improved 1/3 Wavelength Dipole                              41-45
ANTENNA:  An Easy-Up and Easy-to-Store Field-Day Dipole (80/40)          78-79
ARES:     Happenings: Hams Eat Smoke in Florida                          56-57
ARRL:     Members Only Web Page:  http://www.arrl.org/members/           58-58
COAX:     See below under TECH: 75 Ohm coax                              80-81
DOCTOR:   Ground Plane Antenna for HF?  Numbers stations                 61-62
DX:       The Internet: A Tool for the DXer -- Part 1                    82-82
INFO:     Ham Radio on Campus                                            64-64
INTERNET: Creating Your Own Wireless WWW Page                            91-91
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 85   and   Section News: 105               85+105
PACKET:   A "Sharp" PC for Ultr-Portable Packet                          65-66
PROJECT:  A Versatile, High-Capacity Battery Power Source                33-36
PROJECT:  A Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur -- Part 2            37-40
PROJECT:  The HZX Headphone Adapter                                      67-97
QRP:      See Review Below, Ten-Tec puts out 3 W                         76-77
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-746 MF/HF/VHF $2300,  Ten-Tec T-Kit Model 1340 TX Kit  70-77
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (How well do you know HAM history?)       63-63
TECH:     Replacing 50 ohm Coaxial Line with 75 ohm CATV Hardline        80-81
TECH:     The World Above 50 MHz:  The Hook Effects (Doppler)            86-87
September 1998
August 1998
ANTENNA:  Build A Portable Antenna                                       44-46
ATV:      PC Electronics Transmitter 440Hz $440 - tomsmb@aol.com         43-43
INFO:     Hints & Kinks - Mobile installations, fiberglass bodies        72-73
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 87   and   Section News: 107                  107
PEOPLE:   Thanks, Barry (Goldwater) K7UGA                                50-51
PEOPLE:   Ham Radio's Friend in Congress: Senator Barry Goldwater, SK    76-76
PROJECT:  A Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur                      35-43
PROJECT:  A PPT Repeater box you can build (PTT meny things!)            60-62
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-847 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver (HF/6/2/&440) $2400        64-69
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-T8A Multiband Hand-held Transceiver (6/2/440) $420     69-71
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!                                           63-63
TECH:     NEW HAM COMPANION The Doctor is IN - dielectric constants,     52-52
TECH:     " Male BNC installation, FM limiter, knife-edge diffraction    52-53
YL:       YL's Gather at Dayton '98 - YLRL Web site:                     95-95
YL:       YLRL Web site: http://home.earthlink.net/~tenmtryl/ylrl        95-95
August 1998
July 1998
ANTENNA:  Wyoming Hams Corral City & County Antenna Restrictions        47-48
ANTENNA:  The Clothesline Antenna (Interesting way to change bands!)    56-58
ANTENNA:  Simple Antennas for 6 Meters (The World Above 50 MHz)         82-83
COMPUTER: The Line on Linux                                              89-89
DOCTOR:   RF getting in electronic thermostats, negative keying circuit  54-55
DX:       Fleshing out the new DXCC rules                                85-86
EMI/RFI:  Who's Responsible?  The ABC's of RFI and FCC Rules  (Q&A)      90-91
FM/RPT:   Your Technician Accent---Part Deux!                            81-81
HINTS:    Protection for '723 Series Voltage Regulators                  68-69
HINTS:    A Mirage A1015G RF Keying Modification                         69-69
HISTORY:  Memories of a Toy Key                                          49-50
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
PROJECT:  FAX480 and SSTV Interfaces and Software                        32-35
PROJECT:  A GPS-Based Frequency Standard                                 37-43
PROJECT:  A Voice-Balancing Audio Peak Clipper                           45-46
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-PCR1000 Computer-controlled Communications Receiver    62-65
REVIEW:   Agrelo Engineering DFjr Professional Radio Direction Finder    66-67
SOFTWARE  HAMCALC Version 31: 200 Free electronic design programs        44-44
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!   (a crossword puzzle)                    61-61
TEACHING: Converting between dBm, milliwatts and Watts                   70-70
July 1998
June 1998
ANTENNA:  Directional Antennas for Field Day                             30-34
ANTENNA:  The Doctor is IN:  Inverted-L, A simple RF sniffer             45-46
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks: The Top-Loaded Delta Loop Revisited             45-46
INFO:     Digital Dimension: Found in Space (APRS satellite tracking)    80-80
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 74   and   Section News: 101               92+121
PROJECT:  The OCR Receiver                                               35-38
PROJECT:  Clean Up Your Signals with Band-Pass Filters, Part 2           39-42
PROJECT:  Home-brewing in the Internet Age (rec.radio.amateur.homebrew)  49-50
PROJECT:  Technical Correspondence: An HF Polarimeter, Unwanted Emission 61-62
QRP:      QRP Field Day Survival Guide                                   28-29
REVIEW:   Alinco DX-77T MF/HF Transceiver ($1059)                        52-55
REVIEW:   Autek Research RF5 VHF Analyst                                 56-58
SAT:      "Secret" DX from the Fuji Satellites (Mode J, 2m up 70cm dwn)  79-79
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! ..vacuum-encapsulated heated valves...    51-51
UHF/VHF:  Two-Meter Transatlantic Update                                 75-76
June 1998
May 1998
ANTENNA:  The V-Yagi: A Lightweight Rotatable Antenna for 40 Meters      38-40
BOOK:     RadioScience Observing by Joseph J Carr K4IPV (Sams) $30       48-48
DX:       Via The Bureau (A glimps inside the US incoming QSL b system)  61-61
GATEWAY   A Conversation with... Steve Waterman, K4CJX                   50-51
GATEWAY   A Conversation with... http://home.earthlink.net/~WinLink/     50-51
INFO:     RealAudio http://www.real.com/                                 77-77
INFO:     Vacuum Tube Data Manual CD ROM //members.aol.com/EPSweb/vtdata 79-79
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 85   and   Section News: 111               92+121
PACKET:   Ham Radio on the High Iron (train ride & packet radio)         58-59
PROJECT:  An Inexpensive, Remote-Base Station Controller .. Basic Stamp  33-37
PROJECT:  A Rugged, Compact Attenuator (VHF Antenna)                     41-43
PROJECT:  Clean Up Your Signals with Band-Pass Filters                   44-48
PROJECT:  The Cube Tamer (AC/DC power cube filter)                       55-57
REVIEW:   Kachina 505DSP HF Transceiver (Computer only!)                 63-69
REVIEW:   Cherokee AH-50 6-Meter Hand-held Transceiver                   69-70
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (How's Your Skyhook & feeder savvy?)     60-60
TECH:     Hum Problems When Switching the K9AY Loops                     73-73
May 1998
April 1998
ANTENNA:  A Low-Impact Antenna Support for School Demonstrations         75-76
ARES:     The "MO" of MOUs   Rick Palm K1CE                              86-87
CW:       High-Speed CW and Meteor Scatter - An Exciting VHF DX Medium   34-39
CW:       CW POETRY?  (Strays)  bfrahm@colby.ixks.com - Bruce Frahm      65-65
DSP:      A High-Performance, Single-Signal, Direct-Conversion RX w DSP  40-45
FM/RPT:   SAFEX II:  The MIR Space Station repeater                      64-65
FM/RPT:   Your Technician Accent...And What to do About it!              88-88
FUN:      A Low-Cost, Broadband Mobile Antenna (April Fool's Day)        33-33
INFO:     AMTRAK freq: www.trainweb.com/traking/amtrak/amtfreqw.html     60-60
INFO:     AMTRAK freq: 160 - 162 MHz                                     60-60
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: --   and   Section News: 111               --+111
PROJECT:  A Zenith Goes Home (Fixing old radios)                         51-53
PROJECT:  Build Your Own Microphone Headset                              61-63
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Dual-band Hand-Held Transceivers  ADI AT-600     67-68
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-G71A,  Standard C510A,  YAESU VX-1R                 68-73
REVIEW:   MFJ-1026 Delux Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer                 73-74
RTTY:     VolksRTTY - An Improved HamComm Interface <$40 + AMTOR         46-50
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!                                           66-66
TEACHING: VHF/UHF and Repeaters: The Basics                              93-93
TECH:     Antenna Ads in ARRL Publications (Policy & minimum info)       54-56
UHF/VHF:  VHF/UHF Handbook $35 ARRL - good homebrewing info              39-39
April 1998
March 1998
ANTENNA:  Make Your Own "Rubber Duckies"  (HT Antenna)                   37-38
ANTENNA:  Build Efficient, Short Vertical Antennas                       39-44
ANTENNA:  A Reduced-Size Half SLoper For 160 Meters                      54-56
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 88   and   Section News: 103               92+121
PROJECT:  MikeMaster--A Microphone Preamplifier with Noise Gating...     33-36
REVIEW:   Compact and Portable Antenna Roundup - Alpha Delta Outreach    72-73
REVIEW:   Portable Antenna Roundup - Bilal Isotron                       73-74
REVIEW:   Portable Antenna Roundup - Force 12 ZR-3 Multiband Vertical    74-75
REVIEW:   Portable Antenna Roundup - MFJ Model 1788 Super HI-Q Loop      75-76
REVIEW:   Portable Antenna Roundup - Traffie Hex Beam II Protable Array  76-78
REVIEW:   Palomar Model AN-7 (Antronic Multiwip) HF/VHF Mobile Antenna   78-79
TEACHING: Helping New Hams Get Started                                   46-49
TEACHING: Understanding UTC                                              57-57
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Reall, really high frequencies           58-58
TEACHING: Hints & Kinks: Return Loss, reflection Coeff, SWR Conversion   80-80 
March 1998
February 1998
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks:  Make Antenna Center Insulators From PVC caps   70-70
COMPUTER: Supercomputers in Your Shack: Build, Don't Buy                 56-60
CORRECT:  FCC RF-Exposure Table (three errors)                           72-72
CORRECT:  A Half-Square Array for 40 Meters - Tune-up correction         72-72
CORRECT:  Build A Return Loss Bridge (R1-R3, not R1-R2 junction)         72-72
INTERNET: An Internet Ham Radio Receiver                                 48-51
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 83   and   Section News: 101               83+101
PROJECT:  Build Your Own Network Analyzer -- Part 2                      35-39
PROJECT:  A Simple CW Transmitter for 80 and 40 Meters                   40-42
PROJECT:  Build Your Own Code Keys!                                      54-55
REVIEW:   Patcomm PC-16000 HF Transceiver  $1650, 516-862-6512           62-66
REVIEW:   Command Technologies Commander VHF 1200 6-Meter Linear Amp     62-66
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Meet our three-legged friend-transistor  61-61
TECH:     Wire Size, Detect Meteor Shower, MWA Amps, Lightning           71-71
UHF/VHF:  Microwaves in Your Backyard                                    43-46
February 1998
January 1998
ANTENNA:  A Half-Square Array for 40 Meters                              46-49
ANTENNA:  A 2-Meter Phased-Array Antenna                                 61-63
EMI/RFI:  RFI TV Damage--Part 2 (Technical Correspondance)               80-81
HF:       Globe Hopping--Digitally! (HF RTTY)                            67-70
HF:       The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide                     72-72
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: --   and   Section News: 115                 +115
MORSE:    Hints & Kinks, A Morse Code Adapter for FM Transceivers        78-79
PROJECT:  A PIC of an IDer (tips programming PICs)                       36-38
PROJECT:  Build Your Own Network Analyzer -- Part 1                      39-45
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-706MkII MF/HF/VHF Transceiver (160, - 6, & 2 meters)   73-77
RF Expo:  FCC RF-Exposure Regulations--the Station Evaluation            50-55
SAT:      AO-27: An FM Repeater in the Sky                               64-65
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (Radio Specifications)                   66-66
January 1998
                                 QST 1997 ARTICLES
December 1997
ARES:     Public Service: Hospital Emergency Comm- Filling the Mission   83-84
INFO:     The Digital Audio Radio Service (what's coming)                44-47
INFO:     Which Solar Activity Measurement Should I Use? (Tech Corresp)  71-72
INFO:     General Rules for All ARRL Contests                           100-04
INTERNET: FM & Repeater: The Internet--Repeater Connection               90-90
INTERNET: The Reulatory Information Branch Web Page: http://www.arrl.org 92-92
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 85 (110)  and   Section News: 119          92+119
MOBILE:   On the Road: The Joys of HF Mobile                             51-54
PRODUCT:  The Island Memory Kit, Add memory to keyers 414-847-2761 $20   35-35
PROJECT:  A Computer Keyboard CW Encoder                                 32-35
PROJECT:  The Triple Trickler  (3 battery charger)                       36-38
PROJECT:  An Ultra-Simple Receiver For 6 Meters                          39-41
PROJECT:  The Crystal Radio (What's old is new again!)                   56-57
PROJECT:  Hints & Kinks:  Rewinding Relays for 12V Operation             69-70
PROJECT:  Paint Spray Heads as Knobs, & A Good Sidetone Oscillator       70-70
QRP:      HF QRP "Foxhunting"  (Winter weekday evening fun!)             58-59
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Economy and No-Frills 2-Meter FM Hand-Held TXs   60-68
REVIEW:   ADI AT-201, Alinco DJ-190T & DJ-S11T, ICOM IC-T2A              61-65
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-235A, Midland 73-030, & Standard C156               65-68
SK:       Doug DeMaw, W1FB dies Sept 28 at age 71 frm leukemia           73-73
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (Contacts & connectors)                  55-55
TEACHING: Strays: Blast from the Past (Morse CW decoder table)           98-98
December 1997
November 1997
ANTENNA:  A Lox-Budget, Rotatable 17 Meter Loop (Cable TV cable)         35-35
ANTENNA:  A Packable Antenna for 80 throught 2 Meters  (Ol' Hustler)     43-44
ANTENNA:  Beverage Antenna explained              (New Ham Companion)    47-48
ANTENNA:  A Fold-Over, All-Band Mobile Antenna    (Hints & Kinks)        68-69
ANTENNA:  Complex Transmission Line Characteristic Impedance- (Tech Cor) 70-71
INFO:     Sporadic E- A Mystery Solved?  Part 2                          38-42
INFO:     Wire size, diamater, & resistance/1000' (New Ham Companion)    47-47
INFO:     Toning Down Alerts (EAS: A new tech 4 WX alerts & emergencies) 50-51
INFO:     Ultra Simple WA1W Receiver Notes (Technical Coorespondence)    70-70
INTERNET: http://www.dx-is.com  DX interlink to DX packet                88-88
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 84 (84 pts)  Section News: 109             92+109
KE3FL:    Field Day 1997  Pg 106, 1B-1 Op Battery                          106
PROJECT:  A MMIC Preamp for "DC to Daylight"                             32-34
PROJECT:  Audio Preamp with AGC and Feedback to Improve AM Fidelity      36-37
PROJECT:  A Six-Channel Distribution Amplifier (audio distribution)      52-54
PROJECT:  A Simple Microphone/TNC/SSTV Switch                            55-57
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec OMNI VI MF.HF Transceiver Model 564 ($2585) + pwrsup   58-61
REVIEW:   SSB Electronic LT2S MK II 2-Meter Transverter ($890)           62-63
REVIEW:   M2 2M12 Yagi Antenna                                           63-64
REVIEW:   Drake TR270 FM Transceiver                                     64-67
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (batteries) Que #6 = + term = Anode!      49-49
November 1997
October 1997
ANTENNA:  Rugged Coil Forms and Weatherproof Enclosures                  48-50
ANTENNA:  A Portable Ground Plane for Mobile Antennas                    69-71
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks: An Extension Ladder Support for Small Antennas  80-81
CONTEST:  An Average Op's Guide to Contesting Fun                        57-60
DX:       How's DX? - Now! (program NCDXF/IARU)  .ncdxf.org/beacon.htm   46-47
DOC is in Q#5 about feed-line, use program TL web site see ARRL programs 62-62
FCC:      What's New About the FCC's New RF-Exposure Regulations?        51-52
FIX:      Homebrew Your Own Inductors (see Aug 97 pg 35)                 83-83
FIX:      The Cycle Master (Sept 97 pg  37-42)  .arrl.org/notes.qst/     83-83
HISTORY:  MFJ:  A Silver Anniversary Success Story                       55-56
HUMOR:    Dilbert comic :)                                               21-21
INFO:     Sporadic E- A Mystery Solved?  Part 1                          39-41
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 94   and   Section News: 117               92+121
METEOR:   Catch a Falling Star, guide to meteor-scatter communication    63-67
PRODUCTS: BS-25 Automatic Batt Saver frm Oak Bay Tech 360-437-0718       45-45
PROGRAM:  Improve CW Reception Using "Stereo" - DSP Blaster software     97-97
PROGRAM:  DSP Blaster software, k6sti@n2.net  760-599-4962 $125          97-97
PROJECT:  The 40M SLR- a Shielded-Loop Receiver                          33-38
PROJECT:  TiCK-2 - The Tiny CMOS Keyer 2                                 42-45
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-920 MF/HF/6 Meter Transceiver $2300                   72-77
REVIEW:   Drake SW1 77/8 Radio Shack DX-394 78/9  <$300 LW/MW/HF RX      77-79
October 1997
September 1997
ANTENNA:  Build A Return Loss Bridge                                     34-36
ANTENNA:  The K9AY Terminated Loop- A Compact, Directional RX Antenna    43-46
ERROR:    CW With Your H-T, C2 == 0.01uf                                 83-83
ERROR:    A Remote Antenna Selector Switch, QST Aug 97 Pg 40-43          83-83
INFO:     The NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project                    47-48
INFO:     Getting Started with Slow Scan Television                      53-56
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: --   and   Section News: 121                  121
PROJECT:  The Cycle Master, freq control                                 37-42
PROJECT:  The MRX-40 Mini Receiver                                       59-60
PROJECT:  Hints & Kinks: A Simple Voice Keyer                            80-80
REVIEW:   A QST Roundup: Three Leagal-Limit Linear Amplifiers            72-76
REVIEW:   Alpha/Power 91B (72-4), Ameritron AL-800H (74-5),              72-75
REVIEW:   QRO Technologies HF-2500DX                                     75-76
REVIEW:   Raibeam RB-206B Two-Element 6 Meter Beam                       77-78
REVIEW:   Timewave DSP-59Y Audio Noise Reduction Filter                  78-79
SAT:      A Phase 3D Jump Start, It's not too early to prepare...        57-58
September 1997
August 1997
ANTENNA:  A Remote Antenna Selector Switch   [Fix: Sept QST p 83]        40-43
ANTENNA:  New Ham Companion The Doctor is IN (Periscope antenna)         50-51
ARES:     A Learning Experience (.. 1996 Simulated Emergency Test.) SET  47-49
CB:       26.96 - 27.23 MHz                                               9-09
FOX:      Celestial Fox Hunts (... search-and-rescue satellite system)   44-46
KE3FL:    SET reports: 48 & 49    and   Section News: 103               48+103
NET:      Radios in the Kitchen (... communter Net control...)           56-57
REVIEW:   Cushcraft R7000 Multiband Vertical Antenna                     59-60
REVIEW:   A Portable Shortwave Receiver Roundup, Grundig YB-400          60-61
REVIEW:   Panasonic RF-B45, Sangean ATS-909, Sony ICF-2010               62-64
REVIEW:   Radio Shack Probe-Style Oscilloscope                           65-66
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge (.. about Emergency Service ...)           58-58
TECH:     Homebrew Your Own Inductors!    (Fix Oct 97 pg 83)             33-35
TIPS:     Hints & Kinks (... Reverse-a-probe, Mike-switch cures ...)     67-68
WX:       An Easy Way to Copy the Weather Satellites                     36-39
August 1997
July 1997
ANTENNA:  Loop Ant & Radials/counterpoises  (The Dr is IN)               50-51
ANTENNA:  Two for the Price of One, Add 6 meters to your existing dipole 56-57
BOOK:     Build Your Own Intelligent Amateur Radio Transceiver- review   34-34
BOOK:     Radio-Frequency Electronics Circuits and Applications   OK     43-43
HISTORY:  The Day the Army Invaded W4TLV   (VHF)                         48-49
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: --   and   Section News: 105                  105
MOBILE:   Computer Control for Mobile Ham Radio Operation                44-47
PROJECT:  A Parallel Port Adapter for JVFAX                              35-39
PROJECT:  My All-Purpose Voltage Booster (switching supply)              40-43
PROJECT:  CW With Your H-T  (Copy & DO IT!) [fix: Sept QST Pg 83]        53-54
PROJECT:  Computer Control for IC-245 Transceivers (ICOM)                66-67
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceivers              58-65
REVIEW:   ALINCO DJ-G5TH $382 * ICOM IC-T7A $303 * IC-W32A $407          59-62
REVIEW:   Standard C508A $287 * Yaesu FT-50R $347+                       62-65
TECH:     Diode "Protection" & The SWR Analyzer & Transmission Lines     68-68
July 1997
June 1997
ANTENNA:  Try a Twelfth-Wave Transformer, coax 50 & 75 ohm               43-44
APRS:     Position Reporting with APRS                                   60-63
BOOK:     So What's New in the Newest ARRL Antenna Book?                 36-38
EMI/RFI:  Technical Correspondence: RF Chokes Choke Touch-Lamp RFI       74-74
INFO:     Broadbanding the Arecibo Dish (Radio Telescope)                28-32
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 89/KG6TU       Section News: 119           89+119
PROJECT:  The Microwatter (10uW - 10nW)                                  3533-
PROJECT:  High-Efficiency Class-E Power Amplifiers - Part 2              39-42
PROJECT:  The 12 Volt Pup:  A DC Generator You Can Build                 45-48
PROJECT:  Hints& Kinks: Build A Vacuum-Tube Product Detector             72-73
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Centaur Model 411 HF Linear Amplifier  (600W) $750     66-68
REVIEW:   AOR AR7030 Communications Receiver                   $1400     68-71
REVIEW:   Radio Shack Model 21-527 Digital SWR/Pwr Meter HF-VHF  $60     71-71
TEACHING: Let's Talk Transmission Lines  (GOOD COPY KEEP!)               57-59
June 1997
May 1997
ANTENNA:  A Skyhook for the '90s (miniature blimp)                       31-33
ANTENNA:  Twister, a la ANtenna!  Get VHF/UHF beam up in the air & twist 54-55
ANTENNA:  The Bend Dipole (Evaluation with software)                     56-57
ANTENNA:  The Mini-Five Beam  for 2-m attic installations!     GOOD!     58-59
ANTENNA:  In-Line Surge Protector from LYNICS  770-502-9827              71-71
ANTENNA:  Tech Corresp: Modifying the "Slant-Wire Special" for More gain 74-75
BOOK:     W6SAI HF Antenna Handbook, not highly analytical, ideas try    47-47
INFO:     Reciprocal Licensing Agreements with the US                    53-53
INFO:     Time on Your Side  Inexpensive, high-precision time services   61-62
INFO:     Hints & Kinks, fast & Easy Printed Circut Boards               72-73
INFO:     WWCR Mondays at 1000 UTC on 3.120 MHz - "Ham Radio & More"     78-78
INFO:     The War of the Web Browsers: ..microsoft.com & ..netscape.com  91-91
KITS:     JADE Prod, Curtis Keyer $40 - djade@hampstead.k1.nh.us         33-33
PROJECT:  An Ultr Simple W1AW Receiver (regen RX)                        34-35
PROJECT:  A PIC-Based Digital Frequency Display                          36-38
PROJECT:  High-Efficiency Class-E Power Amplifiers - Part 1              39-42
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-756  MF/HF/VHF Transiever                              63-68
REVIEW:   Japan Radio Co. NRD-535D HF Receiver                           68-71
SAT:      Get Ready for Phase 3D!  Part 5- Everything but the kitchen si 28-30
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  A tricky test for homebrewers.           60-60
May 1997
April 1997
ANTENNA:  A 3-Band No-Tune APEX Loading Network for an 80-m Inverted-L   67-68
ANTENNA:  AN-7 Slim 80-2M Mobile ant: Palomar 75353.2175@compuserve $250 71-71
HISTORY:  Heathkit's 50th: The Green Turns to Gold                       42-43
HUMOR:    Tips on How to Break in New Coax                               44-44
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 83   and   Section News: 107               83+107
KITS:     A Single-Board QRP SSB Transceiver for 20 or 75 Meters         29-33
KITS:     TEN-TEC QRP CW Transceiver Kits 80/40/30/20 m sales@tentec.com 47-47
PROJECT:  DTMF/LT Decoding Made Easy - control just about anything       34-36
PROJECT:  The PortaPeater - record & playback msgs = 20sec long          37-39
REVIEW:   TASCO Electronics TSC-70U Slow-Scan TV System                  59-61
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R8500 Communications Receiver   $2400                  61-64
REVIEW:   Tigertronics BayPac BP-2M Multimode Modem (small TNC) $70      64-65
REVIEW:   Alpha Delta Communicatios Model Variable Responce Console $250 65-66
SAT:      Get Ready for Phase 3D!  Part 4- Conquering your fear          45-47
SAT:      AMRAD-OSCAR 27 input: 145.850  output: 436.800 FM              51-51
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (rules & regs!)                          57-57
TECH:     Re-Exploring HF/VHF Digital & Image Mode on the Cheap          69-69
April 1997
March 1997
ANTENNA:  The ATL-10 Antenna Tuner & antenna 4 bands!, project           30-32
ANTENNA:  Monopole Tower Antenna (Hints & Kinks)                         78-79
ANTENNA:  The Dual Rhomboid Revisited (The World Above 50 MHz)           89-90
APRS:     APRS via Outer Space, not a how to                             53-54
EMI/RFI:  Tales of Power-Line Noise                                      33-35
INFO:     Talking to the Town:  A Zoning Ordinance Primer                87-88
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
NEW:      Potting Compound is Electrical Insulator, Thermal Conductor    81-81
PACKET:   Portable Packets (Turn palmtop compuet into packet station!)   52-52
PROJECT:  A Relative-Indication Audible Meter Reader                     36-39
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-821H VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver                     70-73
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Four High-Power Antenna Tuners, MFJ-989C         73-75
REVIEW:   Nye-Viking MB-V-A,  Tucker T-3000, N4XM XMatch                 75-77
SAT:      Get Ready for Phase 3D!  Part 3- Conquering microphobia        42-45
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Something old, something new...          51-51
TECH:     Check the Calibration of ur Maxwell Bridge wid Inductance Sim  80-81
WX:       Weather Data To Go, EMWIN: rapid emergence of wx info netwrk   48-50
March 1997
February 1997
ANTENNA:  A Pocket-Size, Direct-Reading VHF SWR Meter, Project           33-36
ANTENNA:  Wire Gain Antennas for 6 Meters                                66-67
HISTORY:  The Collins 45A- How Arthur Collins Met Robert Goddard         44-46
INFO:     Are Radios More Expensive Today? (No)                          47-48
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports:  90  and   Section News: 111               92+121
NEW:      New BIRD Wattmeter handles analog & digital RF measurements    87-87
PROJECT:  Build a $60 Talking Repeater Controller                        37-40
PROJECT:  Speaker-Mike Mods to generate 1 1750-Hz Tone Burst 4 Europe    74-75
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-600 MF/HF Transceiver $1250 310-404-2700              68-71
REVIEW:   Down East Microwave Model DEM 50-28CK 6 meter Transverter Kit  71-73
SAT:      Get Ready for Phase 3D!  Part 2- Setting up for 2m & 70cm      50-53
SOFTWARE  See the Signals You Hear, Audio Spectrum Analyzer=computer     28-32
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (antenna brainbuster)                    62-62
February 1997
January 1997
ANTENNA:  Broadband Matching for HF Mobile Whips (HINTS & KINKS)         81-82
INFO:     Refurbishing "Boat-Anchors" (old OLD radios :-)                35-38
INFO:     Long Live Cycle 23!                                            42-46
PROJECT:  Junk-Box Converters for 6 and 2 Meters                         32-34
PROJECT:  The Radio Mailbox                                              39-41
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-570D HF Transceiver                                 73-77
REVIEW:   SCS PTC-II Multimode Controller with PACTOR-II                 77-79
REVIEW:   Two Ultra-Accurate Clocks, Time Machine/Oregon Scientific      73-77
REVIEW:   2 Clocks...  800-853-8883, Zeit/Acron-Zeit 800-985-8463        73-77
RULES:    The FCC's New RF-Exposure Regulations                          47-49
SAT:      Get Ready for Phase 3D!                                        28-31
TEACHING: Capacitor Basics                                               85-86
January 1997
                                 QST 1996 ARTICLES
December 1996
ATV:      Get on 440-MHz ATV!  Part 3                                    41-42
EMI/RFI:  Hunting AC Line Noise in an Amateur Radio                      70-70
FEEDBACK: QST May 96 Fig 1 Pg 40 up left corn, chng: 9MHz8t to 9 MHz 15t 71-71
FEEDBACK: QST Oct 96 p72 OCFD wire dia not 0.0253 but 0.2053 cm #12 AWG  71-71
FEEDBACK: QST Sep 96 Fig 1 Pg 38 Add 0.01 uf bypass cap +/- sup terms    71-71
HISTORY:  Hams Span the Atlantic on Shortwave!                           28-31
INFO:     SWL- Short Wave Listening- SINPO code for reporting            50-50
INTERNET: A New "Band" for Your Radio (Internet Phone & Repeaters)       37-40
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 83   and   Section News: 115               92+121
PROJECT:  Explore HF/VHF Digital and Image Modes on the Cheap            57-58
PROJECT:  A Hand Stand For Two (Stand with power sup for HTs)            68-69
REVIEW:   Multiband FM Mobile Transceivers, Alinco DR-605T, ...          60-61
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-2710H, Standard C5900A, Yaesu FT-8000R                 61-65
REVIEW:   Timewave DSP-599zx Digital Signal Processor  $379/good         61-65
REVIEW:   NEW: The L/C Meter II from Almost All Digital Electronics      67-67
SAT:      Father and Son Staellites- Using Sats to extend VHF horizons   51-52
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Electronic components                    59-59
TECH:     A Drift-Free VFO                                               32-36
TECH:     Measuring Meter Resistance, A Constant-Current Source...       71-71
UHF/VHF:  Decoding the Secrets of CTCSS (PL-Private Line, Motorola)      55-56
December 1996
November 1996
ANTENNA:  Recycling TV Antennas for 2-Meter Use                          34-36
ANTENNA:  Improved JADE POLE Antenna Kits for VHF/UHF                    36-36
ANTENNA:  Multiband Dipoles Compared                                     73-74
ATV:      Get on 440-MHz ATV!  part 2                                    37-42
ATV:      Amateur Television--Texas Style                                54-55
ERROR:    Intermod--A Modern Urban Problem AUG 96 pp40-43                70-70
HISTORY:  The FCC Grand Island Monitoring Station                        45-48
INFO:     ACARS: Packet for Airplanes                                    56-58
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
PROJECT:  Build a Power Attenuator                                       31-33
REVIEW:   QST Compares: 2-Meter Mobile Transceivers                      60-68
REVIEW:   ADI AR-146, Alinco DR-150T, ICOM IC-20000H, Kenwood TM261A     60-64
REVIEW:   Radio Shack HTX-242, Ten-Tec T-kit 1220, Yaesu FT-3000M        64-68
SOFTWARE  Finding Shareware, 860-594-0306, www.ami.com.au/bbs/local.html 57-57
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! on Propagation                            53-53
TEACHING: Understanding Decibels (dB) without a Calculator               70-70
TECH:     A Comparison of HF Digital Protocols--Revisited                71-72
November 1996
October 1996
ANTENNA:  The ABCs of CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions)      47-48
ANTENNA:  Off-Center-Fed Dipole Comments, Part 2, 3 (fix QST Dec 96 p71) 72-73
DX:       Breaking The Sound Barrier (how to get heard by DX)            60-62
INFO:     RF Safety  "It Seems to Us..."                                 09-09
INFO:     CMOS Super Keyer II & III low current speaker                  71-71
INFO:     New FCC RF Safety Standards Include Amateur Radio              78-80
INTERNET: x                                                              
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 93   and   Section News: 113               93+113
NEW:      TD-4: LiTZ-Capable module by HAMTRONICS $49-kit 716-392-9430   69-69
PROJECT:  The Gadget-an SWR Analyzer Add-On                              33-35
PROJECT:  Get on 440-MHz ATV!  Part 1                                    36-40
PROJECT:  A Homebrew, Light-Duty Metal Brake                             41-43
REVIEW:   MFJ Model 9406 6-Meter SSB Transceiver                         63-65
REVIEW:   Medium-Power 2-meter Amplifiers, Mirage B-5016G (160W)         66-67
REVIEW:   2-meter Amps, TE Systems 1412G (160W), Teletec DXP-V175 (180W) 67-68
REVIEW:   2-meter Amps, Tucker V-100W (100W)                             68-68
REVIEW:   AEA HALO-6 Antenna for 6 Meters                                69-69
SOFTWARE  Heavy-Duty HF Propagation Prediction/Analysis Software         28-30
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! How well do you understand Yagi ant?      59-59
October 1996
September 1996
GPS:      The Global Positioning System                                  56-58
HISTORY:  The Wouff-Hong and the Rettysnitch: Lost Traditions?           59-60
INFO:     Malibu 1996 Handi-Hams Radio Camp, 612-520-0515 MN             46-48
NEW:      UV-resistant Dacron Rope, Wireman 803-895-4195                 32-32
PARTS:    Do U Need Vacuum Tubes? Bob AF6V, 4804 Huron Av SanDiego CA 92117 84
POWER:    The Micro M- a Miniature Charge Controller                     41-43
PROGRAM:  Heavy-Duty HF Propagation-Prediction/Analysis Software         28-32
PROGRAM:  Digital Dimension:   DSP Emulation with your 486               28-32
REVIEW:   Index Laboratories New QRP Plus Transceiver                    68-71
REVIEW:   Comet CA-HV HF/VHF Mobile Antenna                              71-72
REVIEW:   MFJ-906 6-Meter Antenna Tuner                                  72-73
REVIEW:   Sigmatech DX Peeper DX PacketCluster CW Decoder                73-74
SOFTWARE  ARRL Radio Designer versus Oscillators, Part 2                 79-80
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge (Hw wl "grounded" is ur grounding savvy?"  61-61
TECH:     The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program             33-35
TECH:     SWR Analyzer Tips, Tricks and Techniques (Fix: QST Dec 96 p71) 36-40
September 1996
August    1996
ANTENNA:  The W3KH Quadrifilar Helix Antenna                             30-34
ANTENNA:  Install a House-Bracketed Tower the Right Way!                 35-39
EMI/RFI:  "Intermod" - A Modern Urban Problem (Also see NOV 96 ,pp70)    40-43
FM/RPT:   The Case of the Crackly Noise                                  85-85
INFO:     Measure Meter Resistance Accurately                            71-71
INTERNET: There's No Place Like Home, spin your own little corner        59-62
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 84   and   Section News: 103               92+121
REVIEW:   The BayGen Freeplay Windup Radio                               50-51
REVIEW:   QST Compares: A Pair of "Six-Shooters"- Alinco DR-M06, Azden   63-65
REVIEW:   A Pair of "Six-Shooters"- Azden PCS-7500H 6m FM Mobile Txers   63-65
SOFTWARE  Brian Beezley, K6STI, RTTY 1.0 Radioteletype Program           66-67
TECH:     In-Depth Look At IF-DSP, Kenwood's TS-780S (Advertisement)     22-23
TECH:     Underground Radio                                              46-48
TECH:     An Aeronautical Antenna Farm                                   55-58
August    1996
July      1996
ANTENNA:  An Improved Multiband Trap Dipole Antenna                      32-34
ANTENNA:  The Doctor is IN, Calculating an Antenna's Wind Load           51-52
ANTENNA:  The Droopy Loop (inexpensive, effective antenna!)              57-58
ARES:     1995 Simulated Emergency Test Results (SET '95)   (We're #1)   46-48
FM/RPT:   Traveling On Highway .52 (MFJ-8400 FM Rcvr kit)                86-86
HISTORY:  A MARS Operator at Fort MacArthur                              44-45
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 85   and   Section News: 105               92+121
NEW:      KD1PR's Call Sign Bumper Magnet  860-632-1070  @  $6.50        63-63
PACKET:   Packet Volunteers in the Miami Olympic Clases Regatta          53-55
PROGRAM:  K3BC's SSTV Becomes Truscan (via BBS: 860-594-0306)            66-67
REVIEW:   AEA DSP-232 Multimode Data Controller                          59-61
REVIEW:   JPS NIR-12 Noise and Interference Reducer (DSP Filter)         61-63
SOFTWARE  ARRL Radio Designer versus Oscillators, Part 1                 68-69
TECH:     The Radio Sky (background noise) Darrel Emerson  #2            28-31
TECH:     A Comparison of HF Digital Protocols                           35-39
YL:       Getting the Word Out on YL Writers                             94-94
July      1996
June      1996
EMI/RFI:  Troubleshooting Electrical Noise                               73-74
INFO:     The Radio Sky, part 1                                          32-35
INFO:     Transfer Relays- Overlooked bargins                            36-37
INFO:     Electrical Safety                                              38-40
INFO:     The Writing Game                                               60-61
INFO:     Copper-Wire Shunt Precaution, alanb@sr.hp.com                  72-72
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 84   and   Section News: 109               92+121
PROJECT:  SMALL: A Surface-Mount Amplifier that's Little- and LOUD!  41-42, 68
PROJECT:  A Simple LED SWR/Power Meter                                   53-54
PROJECT:  The Mailbox Matching Box                                       57-59
QSL:      Accessing the FCC Amateur Database on the Internet             55-56
REVIEW:   (QRP) Low-Power Transceiver Kits You Can Build                 45-50
REVIEW:   (QRP) G-QPR Club CQ40, OHR-400, Gary Breed Transceiver (A&A)   45-50
REVIEW:   (QRP) Green Mountain 20, NorCal 40A,  Wilderness Radio Sierra  45-50
REVIEW:   The-Tec T-Kit 1208 6-Meter Transverter                         62-64
REVIEW:   Radio Shack 22-168A Digital Multimeter                         64-66
REVIEW:   RF Applications Inc P-1500 Digital RF Power/VSWR Indicator     66-67
REVIEW:   Azden HS-30 Headset                                            67-68
June      1996
May       1996
ANTENNA:  Improved Feed For The Off-Center-Fed Dipole                    76-76
ARES:     W4EHW at the National Hurricane Center, A 1996 "Wish List"...  87-87
ERROR:    Real Author of "Measuring a Meter's Internal Resistance"       75-75
ERROR:    ICOM IC-706 is NOT capable of Xband operation                  75-75
ERROR:    Build the Rotator Pal, R36 = 150 kohm + others errors fixed    75-75
INFO:     How to Buy Military Surplus                                    63-65
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 88   and   Section News: 119               88+119
MOBILE:   CQ from KF5WT, Air Mobile                                      61-62
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Tiny 2-Meter Hand-Held Transceivers              67-73
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-191, ICOM IC-T22A, Kenwood TH-22AT, Standard C108A & 67-73
REVIEW:   C178A(sort of Dual Band), Yaesu FT-10R/A16 & FT-11R            67-73
SOFTWARE  Explore Ham Radio's Software Bonanza                           57-60
SOFTWARE  Frequently Asked Questions About ARRL Radio Designed Reports   78-79
TECH:     A High-Performance AGC/IF Subsystem (Fix QST Dec 96 p71)       39-44
TECH:     New Life for Dentron MLA2500s                                  45-48
TECH:     Computer Control for Ramsey's FX-146 & FX-440 Transceivers     49-52
May       1996
April     1996
ARES:     A Yosemite Search And Rescue, New Field Resourdes Manual       91-91
EMI/RFI:  Electric Fence Interference- A case History                    62-64
FM/RPT:   A Microprocessor-Controlled Repeater Voting System: The RVS-8  38-43
HISTORY:  The 811A: Grandfather of the Zero-Bias Revolution              51-53
Hints/Kin LF-VHF Rtn-Loss Bridge, A Min Parts ATU, Easy Tower Bracket    76-77
INFO:     Clamp-On RF Current Meter, Palomar $125, 619-747-3343 CA       47-47
INFO:     JBI Radio-PC Interface Kit, $30  800-524-8658 IL               47-47
INFO:     Let's Just Listen for a Change, HF Broadcasters where are they 65-67
INFO:     Another Stealth Antenna, $34 Hamco  303-795-9466 CO            67-67
INFO:     Sierra QRP Transceiver Kit, $370/6bnds 415-494-3806 CA         67-67
INFO:     VHF/UHF Vertical Antennas, Allan Telecom  214-631-0310 TX      67-67
INFO:     Under the Microscope- The ARRL Lab's Expanded Test Result Rprt 75-75
MOBILE:   Antenna, NCG Comet CA-HV two bands HF + 6 & 2, 714-630-4541 CA 43-43
MOBILE:   Ham on Bikes                                                   50-50
PROGRAM:  Mathcad 6.0 A tool for the Amateur Experimenter                44-47
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-1000MP MF/HF Transceiver - good                       68-73
REVIEW:   MFJ-8621 Packet-Only Data Radio $200 total- 601-323-5869 MS    73-74
SAT:      The Road Less Traveled, use the 1200-baud birds                58-61
SOFTWARE: RITTY 1.0 DSP Radioteletp syst, $100, Brian/K6STI 619-599-4962 64-64
STORY:    How I Got a Black Eye with the FCC, cw test                    54-54
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Troubleshooting Quotient test            57-57
TECH:     Solar Power for Your Ham Station- It's easier than you think   33-37
TECH:     A Case for Wide-Shift RTTY                                     78-79
TECH:     Different Grounds for Different Shacks                         80-81
VE:       Zero to Technician in Two One-Day Sessions                     31-32
VE:       Ethics and Ham Radio Exams                                     97-97
April     1996
March     1996
ANTENNA:  A Very Low-Cost Tower                                          58&60
ARES:     Need Cable? Think Cable TV (They throw away 300' 75 ohm stuff) 84-85
BOOK:     The Handy HAMBOOK, by Gerald H. Wagman, K2EWA  $12.50  GET-IT! 66-66
DESIGN:   Gyrating with ARRL Radio Designer                              67-68
DX:       DX PacketClusters                                              54-57
INFO:     A Worldwide Propagation Beacon Network                         53&57
INFO:     Excuse Me, May I Interrupt? (Computer IRQ info)                59-60
INFO:     Hints & Kinks- Inexpensive Etching Tanks                       80-80
INFO:     Hints & Kinks- PVC-Pipe Wall Feedthrough                       80-80
INFO:     Hints & Kinks- HAM-M and Tailtistwer Rotator Modifications     80-80
INFO:     Morse 2000-- A New Life for CW and the Disabled                91-91
PROJECT:  Weekend DigiBrain (search: DigiVFO)                            32-34
QRP:      Low-Power Contesting                                           47-48
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-706 MF/HF/VHF Transceiver (300 kHz - 200 MHz) $1560    61-66
TECH:     Good Grounding, doesn't help RFI!  Cure for Ford F-150 RFI     82-83
UHF/VHF:  Transoceanic Ducting at VHF and Above                          41-46
WX:       JVFAX APT Adapter                                              35-40
March     1996
February  1996
ANTENNA:  Another Way to Stack VHF/UHF Yagis                             32-34
ANTENNA:  An In-Room, 80-Meter Transmitting Multiturn Loop Antenna       43-45
ANTENNA:  Four Bands, Off Center                                         65-65
ANTENNA:  Build A Quickie H-T Antenna Mount                              66-66
ANTENNA:  Chain Saw Required? (Bringing coax into the house)             67-68
ARES:     A Community Warning System- Amateur Radio's Role               94-94
ARES:     ARES- Change is Inevitable!                                      102
ARRL:     We're At Your Service, phone & email                           10-10
HISTORY:  The W6VX Logs- An Autobiography                                48-52
INFO:     On-Air Conversation: Go Beyond the Basics                      69-70
INFO:     Voice-Activated TX, IC-Hole template, Slef-latching relays     80-81
INFO:     High Performance T/R Switches, Advanced Design 800-669-2733    84-84
INTERNET: Surf the Ham Webs! http://www.arrl.org/ et el                  62-64
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 98   and   Section News: 14, 98            92+121
PROGRAM:  Build the Rotator Pal, see May 1996 pg 75 for corrections      35-38
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-870S MF/HF Transceiver                              71-75
REVIEW:   MFJ-9420 20-Meter SSB Travel Radio                             76-78
REVIEW:   JPS ANC-4 Antenna Noise Canceller                              78-79
SOFTWARE  HTMORSE from Electrosoft $30 970-663-4777                      68-68
TECH:     DSP- An Intuitive Approach                                     39-42
TECH:     SWR = forward/reverse Pwr ?                                    59-59
TECH:     Direct-Conversion Receiver Noise-Figure                        82-84
February  1996
January   1996
ANTENNA:  More WEWs for You (switchable, directional EWEs!)              32-34
ANTENNA:  Radical Radiators and Weird Wires (strage antennas, ladder?)   61-63
ANTENNA:  The Importance of Proper Tower and Mast Design                 77-78
EMI/RFI:  RFI From Sodium-Vapor Street Lights (& a fix)                  78-78
HUMOR:    Confessions of a Radio Guy                                     64-64
INFO:     Remote Operation Comes Home (computer control ovr phone)       46-50
INFO:     MAJOR ARRL Operating Events and Conventions-1996               65-66
INFO:     One Wire Controls Switchable, Remote Loading Network           75-76
INFO:     Does your Mic Have too much Bass? (use caps: .01 - .1 uf)      76-76
INFO:     GE RF Light Bulbs OKAYED (for 1 yr by FCC)                     81-81
INTERNET: MacARPS for WINDOWS:  ftp.tapr.org/tapr/SIG/aprssig/upload     95-95
INTERNET: Newsgroup for Packet: listserv@tapr.org - Subscribe X ur-name  95-95
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 93   and   Section News: 113               92+121
PROJECT:  An Automatic Antenna Tuner: The AT-11 (Kit $150 410-586-2177) 35-39
PROJECT:  How to Measure Large Direct Currents with Common Meters       40-43
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-775DSP MF/HF Transceiver (DSP in IF!, It's good)      67-72
REVIEW:   MFJ-784B Tunable DSP Filter (good for CW & Data)              72-73
REVIEW:   M2 EB-432 Eggbeater Antenna (2-meters, Circular Polarization) 74-74
SOFTWARE  DCH Code Reader Prgm 901-362-6963 $10 DSP-based w realtime fft 50-50
TEACHING: An ARRL Radio Designer Voltage Probe Mystery: The 3dB Pad 9 dB?79-80
January   1996
                                 QST 1995 ARTICLES
December 1995
ANTENNA:  The Super Sloper (Dramatically improve front-to-bak of sloper) 32-35
ANTENNA:  A Two-Element Vertical Parasitic Arry for 75 Meters            38-41
ANTENNA:  "But I Never Agreed to THAT!" Covenants, conditions & restrict 47-48
ANTENNA:  New Hampshire House Bill 379                                   53-53
ANTENNA:  "No Coffee's" Mobile Antenna (for cars with no metal)          56-56
ANTENNA:  HF Mobile Installation Tips                                    58-60
ANTENNA:  Typical mobile antenna radiation patterns 3/4, 5/8, 1/2 WL     62-62
ANTENNA:  Build a Lightweight 20-Meter Vertical                          64-67
ANTENNA:  Your Ham Antenna Companion, book from ARRL $                   68-684-67
ARRL:     Check out the new web page: http://www.arrl.org/               60-60
FIXES:    The Offset Multiband Trapless Antenna QST OCT 95 pp 30-32      79-79
FIXES:    The Four-Way DFer  QST NOV 95 pp 29-35                         79-79
INFO:     Introducing: The AM Radio Network (1880-1900, 3885, 7290, 14286)  46
INFO:     Wilderness Radio keyer/freq counter: 415-494-3806 $44.50       75-75
INFO:     Controll 28-V coaxial relays with a 12-V power supply          76-77
INTERNET: Boatanchors (old radios-tubes) listproc@theporch.com ....      83-83
KE3FL:    Public Service Field Org Reports:  no  &  Section News: 125   92+125
NEW:      New Ham, New Call: ARRL: 860-594-0300                          15-15
NEW:      keyer, conductive gel, rf pwr mtr, 1/2 WL HF dipole-ASA        31-31
PROJECT:  DAS-DTMF Accessory Squelch (Easy on your ears & nerves)        25-31
PROJECT   An Easy Path to Packet: the IMP (single-chip modem)            36-37
REVIEW:   Alinco DX-70T Transceiver, HF & 6 meters                       69-72
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Pocket Morse Code Trainers                       73-75
STORY:    The Six-Volt Zenith                                            49-51
YL:       Thoughts From an Amateur Radio Spouse, Faith R. Horlick (Jeff)   101
December 1995
November 1995
ANTENNA:  Broadband Transmitting Wire Antennas for 160 through 10 meters 22-23
ANTENNA:  A Four-Band "Tree" Vertical                                    69-70
ANTENNA:  A Reel-in Portable Antenna Idea                                83-83
ATV:      Airborne Amateur Television                                    71-74
CW:       Confessions of a CW Hater                                      64-65
CW:       The Nonrational Argument for CW                                110--
EMI/RFI:  The WATTS Award                                                54-58
EMI/RFI:  The Great "woodpecker" Hunt of the '90's  (a pager!)           85-86
FOX:      The Four-Way DFer (PROJECT)  (FIXES: DEC 95 pp 79)             29-35
FUSE:     Pigtail Automotive Fuses: 800-543-4330, MCM Electronics        91-91
GPS:      Poor Man's GPS                                                 84-84
INFO:     Environmentally Safe Contact cleaners 619-451-1799/CAIG CA     24
INFO:     CAIG Labs 800-224-4123 16744 W Bernardo Dr San Diego CA 92127  24-24
INFO:     AM Broadcast DXing                                             62-65
INFO:     MFJ adds GPS Compatibility to the MFJ-1270C TNC                91-91
INTERNET: The Changing Face of Amateur Radio, Voice over Internet        68-68
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 105  and   Section News: 133               92+121
K3PZN:    Field Day 1995 results                                         124--
PROJECT:  A Heads-Up Display for Kenwood MF/HF Transceivers              36-40
PROJECT:  The AMSAFID: An Automatic Mic Swtchr Amp filtr Integratr Dist. 47-49
QRP:      A Small High-Performance CW Transceiver (Kanga Kit $95)        41-46
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Dual-band FM Mobile Transceivers                 75-82
REVIEW:   Alinco/DR-610T, ICOM/IC-2700H, ICOM/IC-2340H, Kenwood/TM-742A  75-82
REVIEW:   Kenwood/TM-733A, Standard/C5718DA, Yaesu/FT-5200 & FT-8500     75-82
SOFTWARE  Spurious Analysis 1.0 (Computer Aided Eng for Superhet Desg)   40-40
SOFTWARE  "Antenna Table" Takes guesswork out of antenna work            58-58
TEACHING: Electronic Troubleshooting                                     87-88
TEACHING: ARRL Radio Designer as a Learning (& Just Plain Snooping) Tool 89-91
November 1995
October 1995
ANTENNA:  The Offset Multiband Trapless Antenna (OMTA)  (FIXES: Dec 95)  30-32
ANTENNA:  Twisted-Pair Controls Switchable, Remote Loading Network       42-43
ANTENNA:  Build Your Own 2-Meter Beam!                                   63-64
ANTENNA:  A Twonhouse Dipole                                             65-65
ANTENNA:  QST Compares: Antenna-Modeling Software [EZNEC, NEC/Wires Yagi]72-74
ANTENNA:  Checking the Performance of a questionable Beam Antenna        76-76
ANTENNA:  Local Antenna Restrictions:  The Role of the ARRL and YOU      93-94
ARES:     The Monks of St. Marconi & the Unnoticed Disaster              90-91
EMI/RFI:  FCC Plan Would "Privatize: RFI Resolution                      80-81
FIX:      "Super" Glue Cures Transformer Buzz                            76-76
FIX:      Fixes for 10/95 p79 Transmission Line Char. Impedance & loses  78-78
GPS:      A Patch Antenna for the Global Positioning System              44-45
GPS:      QST Compares: GPS-Compatible TNC's [PK-12, KPC-3, TINY-2 MK-2] 68-71
HISTORY:  Propagation Pioneers: The ARRL-Bureau of Standards Experiment  46-49
HISTORY:  The Way we Were: Amateur Radio in the 5o's                     56-58
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
MODS:     Hot-Rod Your ICOM IC-725- Series Transceiver -- Part 2         38-41
NEW:      The Super Frequency List on CD-ROM (utility stations, WWV)       126
PACKET:   Packet/Internet Radio Gateway Directory -- Part 2              99-99
PROJECT:  The Revisited WD0O Timer AT K6TGA                              75-75
UHF/VHF:  VHF/UHF Mobile In A Late-Model Corvette                        59-60
October 1995
September 1995
ANTENNA:  A Receiving Antenna that Rejects Local Noise (design)          33-36
ANTENNA:  A K6STI Low-Noise Receiving Antenna for 80 and 160 Meters      37-41
ANTENNA:  An Automatic, Remote Antenna-Tuning Controller                 46-49
ANTENNA:  California Mobi;e Antennas and the Moment of Truth (shoot-out) 68-69
ANTENNA:  Adjusting HF YAGI Matches (point it up & lift it 5')              95
ANTENNA:  Matching Small Shielded Receiving Loops                        95-96
ARES:     SET: A Keystone to Emergency Service                              65
ARES:     On Serving "Served" Agencies & Amateur Radio Assists ...       106-8
ARES:     Op-Ed:  The Future of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service        115
ARRL:     Nine Hours at Headquarters, a glimps of life behind the scenes 76-78
FM/RPT:   BEEP...  What Did That Repeater Say? (good operating)             75
HISTORY:  A Visit to The Hammonf Museum of Radio                         29-32
HISTORY:  Travel Highlights for Radio Buffs   museums all over the US    81-83
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 108  and   Section News: 129               92+129
MODS:     Hot-Rod Your ICOM IC-725- Series Transceiver -- Part 1         42-45
NEW:      SGC'S SG-500, 500W HF linear amp, 800-259-7331 $995               49
NEW:      PAR Electronics 2-m Intermod Filters, 407-586-8278  <$70         101
PACKET:   Packet/Internet Radio Gateway Directory                          114
QRP:      Hard-Core QRP, Ulta-low power HF hamming using mw & microwatts 66-67
REVIEW:   Japan Radio Co JST-245 Transceiver  ($2990)                    86-92
SOFTWARE  Transistor Modeling, Part 3: Constraints in Optimization...   99-101
TEACHING: More on Cylindrical Capacitors                                    96
TEST:     Test Your Knowledge!  How's your contest savvy?                   74
UHF/VHF:  Bricks to the Rescue  (VHF power amps)                         84-85
September 1995
August 1995
ANTENNA:  A Paint-Pole Antenna                                           60-61
ANTENNA:  A Simple 2-Meter Bicycle/Motorcycle Mobile Antenna             69-70
ANTENNA:  Transmission Line Characteristic Impedance & Losses(10/95 p78) 79-79
BOOK:     The History of the Key, Louise Ramsey Moreau/W3WRE             89-89
CONTEST:  The Casual Contester (how to do it better each time)           64+70
ERROR:    Revisiting "A Smart Charger for Nickel-Cadmium Batteries"      78-79
HISTORY:  Amateur Radio and World War II                                 40-44
HISTORY:  How Do You Laugh On the Radio? (HO not HI!! see why!)          54-54
INFO:     Searching for Life Among the Stars (Hams can help, 39)         37-39
INFO:     Hamming It Up in a Retirement Center                           45-46
INFO:     Sony USA'a Top Ham, K1OKI (Mickey Schulhof)                    47-48
INFO:     The Ham Twilight Zone, One ham's strange... during his first y 55-57
INFO:     Back to Basics (shopping for ur 1st radio to put ur 1st ant... 67-68
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
NEW:      "HAM ON BOARD" products PO Box 46, New Baltimore NY 12124        101
PROJECT:  A Rock-Bending Receiver for 7 MHz                              22-25
PROJECT:  A CMOS Super Keyer 3                                           26-28
PROJECT:  The Battery Sentry                                             29-32
PROJECT:  Bring 'Em Back Alive! (Restoring vintage ham gear...)          49-52
PROJECT:  Speaker-Mikes and Replacement Microphones                      62-63
REVIEW:   HAL Communications P38 HF Modem (AMTOR, PACTOR, CLOVER, RTTY)  71-73
REVIEW:   Quantics W9GR DSP-3 Audio Filter $149/kit address only         73-75
SOFTWARE  Broadband HF Antenna Matching with ARRL Radio Designer         33-36
SOFTWARE  TX/RX Designer V 3.0 from Waypoint Software $200 719-598-9592  98-98
August 1995
July 1995
ANTENNA:  A Wideband 80-Meter Dipole                                     27-29
ANTENNA:  A Practical Stealth Antenna (for QRP operation as well!)       58-60
ANTENNA:  Build a Weatherproof PVC J-Pole Antenna (ladder Line & PVC)    62-64
ANTENNA:  A Low-profile 10-Meter Antenna                                    65
INFO:     The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting (nr Minneapolis St Paul)      24-26
INFO:     Voice-Track- A Multifunctional. Talking Repeater Controller 2  33-36
INFO:     Amateur Radio on the World Wide Web (WWW) Part 2- bldg blks    37-40
INFO:     Radio Astronomy and the Radio Amateur                          46-48
INFO:     Ham Show on Broadcast Radio, 602-241-1510 PK                      53
INFO:     US Coast Guard Ceases CW Operation                                54
INFO:     Yaesu FT-11/41/51R ADMS-1 Programming Kit                      71-72
INFO:     Quick and Dirty Emergency Battery Holders                         74
PROJECT:  A Continuously Variable Bandwidth Audio Filter (using IC's)    30-32
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceivers              66-71
SOFTWARE: Transistor Modeling with ARRL Radio Designer, Part 2           79-81
July 1995
June 1995
ANTENNA:  Five Bands, No Tuner (ladder-line-fed no tuner 40/20/17/12/10)   -59
ANTENNA:  Try A 2-Meter Flexi-J Antenna (J-pole)                           -71
EMI/RFI:  Curing MH/HF Ceiling-Fan Noise                                 71-72
INFO:     Amateur Radio on the World Wide Web (WWW) Part 1- Welcome...   24-26
INFO:     Voice-Track- A Multifunctional. Talking Repeater Controller 1  27-32
INFO:     Pocket Logbook (Electronic pocket organizers are good ...        -52
INFO:     Using the ARRL repeater Directory                                -62
PROJECT:  An RF Srep Attenuator                                          33-34
PROJECT:  A DTMF to RS-232-C Converter and HF-link Controller            35-37
PROJECT:  Build the Stealth Antenna Tuning Indicator                     38-39
PROJECT:  Build a Super-Simple SWR Indicator (for QRP!)                  40-41
REVIEW:   Kenwood TM-255A 2-Meter Multimode Transceiver                  66-69
REVIEW:   Force 12 C-3 "Classic" Triband Yagi Antenna                    69-70
SAT:      Exploring the 9600-Baud PACSATs (new packet radio challenge)   63-65
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (repeaters & Packet Radio)                  -55
TECH:     Measuring Feed-Line/Balun Loss From the Station end of the line  -72
TCP/IP    KISSes, POPs and Pings                                         56-59
TIPS:     Travel Tips for Summertime VHF/UHF Fun                         60-62
June 1995
May 1995
ANTENNA:  How to Evaluate Your Antenna Tuner--Part 2                     33-37
ANTENNA:  Recycle Those Rabbit Ears (How many pair do you have?)         72-73
ANTENNA:  Keep bugs out of your antenna traps                              -84
ANTENNA:  An Extended Gin Pole Raising Tall Masts                        105-6
BOOK:     The Electronic Pocket Reference (good stable info, volatile=out   83
CAT:      1995 Catalog, Cable X-PERTS- 708-506-1886,  Fax: 1970             63
CONTEST:  Let Your PC Do the Logging (Software review)                   50-56
FM/RPT:   Anatomy of a Repeater (FM Hamming wouldn't be the same without 69-71
INFO:     APCO Project 25: Sweeping New Standards for Amateur Radio?     57-59
INFO:     Not Just Another Pretty Dace on the Dial  WWV (explained)         66
INFO:     Hooked On Meteors!  (Meteor Scatter Hamming wid small stuff)      74
INFO:     Keeping Up With Hand-Helds (Keeping them safe ideas)              75
NEW:      WEHN ALL ELSE FAILS T-Shirts, 800-413-1129, 909-987-1020          63
PACKET:   "9600-Ready" Radios: Ready or Not?                             24-29
PACKET:   Packet Controller Has GPS Firmware, Adapter                      107
PACKET:   Super Packet Tricks (Packet Perspective)                         109
PROJECT:  Building a Digital Voice Recorder, S2=normally closed             29
PROJECT:  Weekend DigiVFO, Jay Craswell/WB0VNE                           30-32
QRP:      A Solar-Powered Field Day                                      60-63
QRP:      Low-Impact Amateur Radio (Make plenty of contacts on the HF..) 67-68
REVIEW:   THE YEAR IN REVIEW 1994                                        39-46
REVIEW:   Azden PCS-9600D 440-MHz Voice/Digital Transceiver              78-79
REVIEW:   Autek Research Model RF-1 RF Analyst (SWR, Capacitance, Induct 79-81
REVIEW:   MFJ-432 Voice Memory Keyer                                     81-83
SAT:      Phase 3D: The Ultimate EasySat                                 21-23
SAT:      Radio Tips: Amateur Satellite Frequencies and Modes               73
SOFTWARE: Math in a Box, Transistor Modeling, & a New Meeting Place      90-92
STORY:    Pepper Hill's Flying Field Day                                 47-49
TEACHING: Power--What's It All About?                                    88-89
May 1995
April 1995
ANTENNA:  How to Evaluate Your Antenna Tuner- Part 1                     30-34
ANTENNA:  The Dodge Dipole (Not just another ordinary $22,000 antanne)   52-53
ANTENNA:  Hints and Kinks:  A Quick ANtenna for 223 MHz                     72
ANTENNA:  Technical Corr:  Adjusting HF Yagi Matches (point it UP! works!)  74
ANTENNA:  Technical Correspondence:  Designing A Vertical J Antenna      74-75
ARES:     Correspondence, An Expert Speaks Up                               54
CW:       Straight Key Night 1994                                          105
EMI/RFI:  An HF Hum Interference Mystery Solved!                         35-37
EMI/RFI:  Hints and Kinks:  Low-pass Filter Cures Touch-Lamp Interference   72
EMI/RFI:  Hints and Kinks:  Filter Caps cure electric toothbrush Inter      73
NEW:      Low-Loss Coax (1.25", 0.68dB/100ft @ 450 MHz)                     53
NEW:      Personalized HAM Watch, 818-287-5004  CA                          53
PACKET:   Radio Tips: optimizing your Packet TNC                         
PROJECT:  Building a Digital Voice Recorder for Less than $15            28-29
PROJECT:  A Remote-Oscillator High-Frequency VFO (Simple to Build)       38-40
PROJECT:  A User-Programmable IDer                                       56-58
PROJECT:  Build the Camper's Portable Hamshack, KD7S                     60-61
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-736 and IC-738 Transceivers                            67-71
SAT:      Have You Tried RS-15 (2/10m)                                      87
SHACK:    Hints and Kinks:  A Base Station Ground Strip                     73
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (CW, Antennas, Feed lines)                  59
April 1995
March 1995
ANTENNA:  A "Rope Ladder" 2-Meter Quagi                                  25-27
ANTENNA:  New Digital RF Field-Strength Meter, I.C. Eng: 818-345-1692       42
ANTENNA:  Toroid Coupling Feeds Compact Transmitting Loop                   72
ARES:     Get Behind the Diamond, join ARRL field org                    52-54
BEGINNER: Listen  "Receiving" an education is always the best way        56-57
BEGINNER: HF DXing A Beginner's Primer (Auto Packet Reporting Syst-69)   66-69
BOOK:     The VHF "How-To" Book-A Guide For All Amateurs (Not 4 beginners)  27
EMI/RFI:  Light Dimmer Generating RF, fix- N-600 Lutron Elect Co = best     61
FOX:      Getting Your Club Started In Transmitter Hunting               59-60
INFO:     Put Your Pencil Away (Use your computer in the shack)          63-65
INFO:     Radio Tips: The DC-to-Daylight Receiver? getting there!           65
INFO:     An Audio Limiter For Use With DSP Filters                         71
INFO:     PIN Diode Information-FREE! Microsemi Corp Designer's Handbook    73
INFO:     Cure 4 Stripped Screw Heads "ScrewGrab" 216-721-3700 Solder-It $6 73
INFO:     Mobile Installations and Electromangnetic Compatibility        74-75
INFO:     Whatever Happened to the A-1 Operator Club?                       79
KITS:     North Country Radio, 32 kits ATV 914-235-6611                     38
KITS:     Wet-transfer Decals   810-754-7539                                38
PACKET:   ICOM IC-2AT HT for Packet connections                             62
PROJECT:  An Audio Break-Out Box                                         28-29
PROJECT:  Code Oscillator Kits  219-267-7519   $12  ($10/6 or more)         38
PROJECT:  Try Building Your Own Equipment                                39-42
PROJECT:  Modeling a Direct-Conversion Receiver's Audio..ARRL Radio Designer76
QRP:      Oklahoma QRP Newsletter                                           38
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-820H VHF/UHF Multimode Transceiver                     80-83
REVIEW:   Azden AZ-61 6-Meter FM Hand-Held Transceiver                   83-85
REVIEW:   Dunestar Model 600 Multiband Bandpass Filter                   85-86
TECH:     A High-Performance Hybrid Frequency Synthesizer (Home-Brew)    30-38
YL:       In Pursuit of Scholarships                                       117
March 1995
February 1995
ANTENNA:  Is the Ewe for You? (simple RX ant for 80 & 160-meter DXing)   31-33
ANTENNA:  40 Meters 40 Dollars (Use 2 40-m mobile whips as dipole)       51,57
ANTENNA:  Feeding a Quad with Open-Wire Line instead of Coax             65-66
ANTENNA:  The Lazy-V Arry - An Antenna to Consider (40-meters)           67-69
ARES:     Hams at the New York City Marathon                             27-30
ARES:     A Van for ALL Reasons                                          40-42
ARES:     Expanding Our Client Base                                      80-81
BOOK:     Radio Receiver Projects You Can Build (fun 4 exper & gud 4 begin) 64
HISTORY:  Remembering HUGO GERNSBACK (or an exciting introduction)       37-39
INFO:     Radio Observations of Two Solar Eclipses                       21-26
INFO:     Interpreting QST's New Propagation Charts for Low Power & L an 34-36
INFO:     A Ham's Tour of London                                         43-44
INFO:     The Man from HI-Manuals (documentation for you boat ancho)     45-46
INFO:     All About IOTA (Islands On The Air)                               53
INFO:     Living in a Reciprocal World (Foriegn HAM License)                53
INFO:     How Many Hams? (Japan 1.3M, US 632K, Germany 64K, UK 62K etc)     89
LETTERS:  QRM from a Scanner                                                47
NEW:      Products: Universal Connectors, Larsen 206-944-7551/800-426-1656  26
NEW:      Products: 2 Meter Repeater Monitor Receiver Kit MFJ/$70           33
NEW:      Affordable Weather Satellite Receiver// Computer IO to scanners   99
PACKET:   What is TAPR? (Tucson Am Pac Radio $15/yr)                        55
PROJECT:  An AGC Audio Preamp for All Seasons (for DSP's & TNC's)           58
PROJECT:  An IC Amp for the ARRL Handbook RX Noise Bridge                   66
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-900AT MF/HF Transceiver                               59-64
SAFETY:   Baby in the Shack! (CAUTION! Lrn 2 c ur hobby fm child's eye)  48-50
SAT:      WISP program frm AMSSAT $50, OSCAR 27 tips u:145.85 D:436.8       90
February 1995
                                 QST 1995 ARTICLES
January 1995
ANTENNA:  A Look at NVIS Techniques                                      39-42*
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks, Easier adjustment for two-band coil loaded ant  43
ANTENNA:  Getting the Most Out of Your T-Network Antenna Tuner           44-47*
ANTENNA:  A Five-Element Quad Antenna for 2 Meters                       67-69
ANTENNA:  Gap Challenger DX-VIII Vertical Antenna                        76-77
ANTENNA:  A Vertical Monopole with Elevated Feed-A Full Length Radiator  78-79
ARRL:     Club Spectrum,  Invitation to Club Affiliation                   115
BOOK:     AERIALS II (Good but not as good as AERIALS)                   34
INFO:     The Hiram Percy Maxim 125th Birthday Memorial Celebration      26-28
INFO:     The Meaning of OMIK (African American Ham club)                52-55
INFO:     1995 Your Guide to ARRL Membership Services                    83-88
PACKET:   Gateways: Amateur Radio Meets the Internet                  58-59,69
PACKET:   Packet on the High Iron (train ride & packet radio)            64-66
POWER:    Strays:  Solar Backpacking Source (QRP)                        51
PROJECT:  The WB2 "REMote" Link                                          29-34
PROJECT:  Putting Your Uniden HR-2510 on VHF and UHF                     35-38
PROJECT:  Quick and Easy CW with your PC (see, hear & send CW...)        60-62
REVIEW:   QST Compares: 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceivers                   70-76
SOFTWARE: Free Software (New Products) BBS 203-666-0578  oak.oakland.edu    47
SOFTWARE: Free Software dir: bup/hamradio/arrl/infoserver or qst-binaries   47
TECH:     Exploring RF, ARRL Radio Designer (software)                   80-82 
UHF/VHF:  The World Above 50 MHz,  Newsletters and Journals              107,8
January 1995
                                 QST 1994 ARTICLES
ANTENNA:  Build an HF Walking Stick Antenna (10 - 20, 30, 40 meters)     73-74
ANTENNA:  A "Universal" VHF/UHF Antenna (..don't overlook the discone!)  75
ATV:      SSTV  An Inexpensive System Continues to Grow                  22-24
ATV:      An ATV Station for 915 MHz Part 2 - A Tunable ATV Downconvertr 28-32
HINTS:    Plug-in bypass capacitor stops keying glitches                 83
HINTS:    More on Slingshot antenna installation                         83
INFO:     Lab Notes:  Lightning Protection - Part 2                      45-46
INFO:     Exploring the Internet - Part 4 (Gopher, WWW, & Usenet News)   47-50
INFO:     Monitoring the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet Impacts                  51-52
INFO:     QSL Cards?                                                     64-66
KITS:     Techsonic "Convertable" QRP Transmitter Kits                   54
PROGRAM:  ASAPS & CAPMAN: HF Porpagation-Perdiction Software (IBM PC)    79-81
PROJECT:  A Quick Powerhouse, almost instant on 1.2 kW 2m power amp      33-37
PROJECT:  A Simple, General-Purpose AF Amplifier                         43-44
REVIEW:   Watkins-Johnson HF-1000 General Coverage Receiver              76-79
SAT:      The View from Above (OSCAR 18, 23, 25 sats)                    68-70
STORY:    A Christmas Card                                               55-57
TECH:     Exploring Intermodulation Distortion in RF Switching... Diodes 25-27
TECH:     Key Components of Modern Receiver Design, A Second Look        38-42
DECEMBER 1994                       
                                 QST 1994 ARTICLES
NOVEMBER 1994                       
ANTENNA:  A Home-Brew Loop Tuning Capacitor                              30-32
ANTENNA:  Trap Dipole Antennas (create your own mulitband ant easy way)  72-73
ANTENNA:  The Repeater Eater                                             74-76
ANTENNA:  A Practical, Compact, Multiturn Transmitting Loop Ant for 80 m    87
ARES:     Supporting Public Service Events - Part 2                         96
ATV:      An ATV Station for 915 MHz Part 1 - A miniature 1.5W ATV trans 23-29
BATTERY:  A NiCd Never Forgets. Or Does It?                              70-71
ERROR:    An SWR Detector Audio Adapter July 94 Pg 24, C7 +5V error         88
ERROR:    A Smart Charger For Nickel-Cadmium Batteries (150 Ohm R wrong plc)88
FIX:      Repairing Heat-Cycling Failures in VHF/UHF Rig Output Modules  84-85
FIX:      (Open up the brick & fix traces)                               84-85
INFO:     The NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network - Part 2           49-51
INFO:     Exploring the Internet - Part 3                                52-54
INFO:     Hams 'R Us Kids Net                                               69
NEW:      PROGOLD Contact Cleaner/Enhancer, 800-CAIG-123, San Diego CA      41
NEW:      VHF/UHF Antenna JS Electronics 49 Maplewd st Waterbury CT 06708  109
QRP:      Just Enough Radio- The SP-750 Spider Junior                    33-36
QRP:      A Single-Board Superhet QRP Transceiver for 40 or 30 Meters    37-41
QRP:      AN Experimantal 1/2-W CW Transmitter (very few parts!)         84-85
REVIEW:   AEA SWR-121 HF Antenna Analyst                                 77-79
REVIEW:   JPS SSTV-1 DSP Filter for Slow-Scan TV                         79-81
REVIEW:   MFJ-1796 Half-wave Vertical Antenna                            82-83
STORY:    The Wire Antenna (typical day in the life of a WA enthusiast)  55-56
NOVEMBER 1994                       
ANTENNA:  KD7IK's "Quad Lite"  20 meter quad                             39-40
ARES:     Supporting Public Service Events - Part 1                      92-93
ATV:      ATV: Not as Easy as it Looks, but Still Fun                    95-96
BOOK:     More about Cubical Quads,                                      34
BOOK:     Build Your Own Shortwave Antennas, 2nd Ed  (for SWLs, good)    74
BOOK:     Joe Carr's Receiving Antenna Handbook (good but)               82
INFO:     The NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network - Part 1           31-33
INFO:     Exploring the Internet - Part 2                                43-45
INFO:     The importance of Zero Beating                                 58,63
INFO:     Lighting Protection - Part 1                                   81-82
KITS:     Amateur Digital Signal Processing Kit Ready ($430)             100
New:      VHF Power Amplifier 813-885-6091  30W/$149  85W/$249           38
PROJECT:  A CW "Stamp" Identifier  (CW IDer very small!)                 41-42
PROJECT:  Build a One-Watt Transmitter in a Kodak Film Box               64-66
QRP:      What is QRP?  (Wanting to try QRP, but had questins?)          46-48
REVIEW:   QST Product Reviews: A Look Behind The Scenes (How they do it) 35-38
REVIEW:   The R.L. Drake SW8 General-Coverage Receiver                   68-70
REVIEW:   Timewave Technologiy DSP-9+ and DSP-59+ Digital Sig Processors 70-73
SAT:      RS-12 Worked All States WAS                                    67
SOFTWARE: Introducting ARRL Radio Designer: New Software for RF design   21-30
ANTENNA:  An Easy Dual-Band VHF/UHF Antenna (2-meter/440 J-Pole)         61-62
BOOK:     So What's New in The ARRL Antenna Book? (software!) (YES!)     24-27
BOOK:     Mastering Radio Freq Circuits Through Projects & Experiments (NO) 37
DIGITAL:  Go Digital!  modes are booming, no better time to start        67-69
DX:       DX Antennas: Selecting the Height                              98-99
HUMOR:    Modern Classic Test:  Yaecomwood T-Max All-Mode Transceiver    57-58
PROJECT:  A Smart Charger For Nickel-Cadmium Batteries                   40-42
REVIEW:   QST Compares: 1200/9600 Bit/s Dual TNC's                       77-79
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Dual TNC's, PK-96, NB-96, KPC-9612               77-79
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-60S 6-Meter All-Mode Transceiver                    80-81
SAT:      On the Wings of a Dove: DOVE-OSCAR 17 telemetry                65-66
TEACHING: Exploring the Internet,  Part I                                43-45
TEACHING: Under the Hood VI: Lamps, Indicators and Displays              34-37
TEACHING: YL News:  Mom, Morse & Language Skills                         34-37
TECH:     A Reevaluation of the Caron RF Impedance Bridge                28-31
TECH:     Thermoelectric Power for QRP Transmitters (Peltier, Pel' tyay) 32-33
TECH:     Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries in Amateur Radio Applications   38-39
TECH:     Automotive Interference Problems:  What the Manufacturers Say  51-56
ANTENNA:  Two New Multiband Trap Dipoles                                 26-29
ANTENNA:  The 160-Meter Sloper System at K3LR                            36-38
ANTENNA:  Tower Safety Tips                                              40-41
ANTENNA:  El Dipolo Criollo, A dual-band HF antenna with a Caribbean Acc 58-60
ARES:     Public Service:  Disaster in Burlington (keep this one)        81-82
ERROR:    An SWR Detector Audio Adapter July 94 Pg 24, C7 +5V error      69
FOX:      Simple Equipment for HF Fox Hunting                            33-35
INFO:     Forward to the Past: Fixing Radios for Fun and Profit          42-45
INFO:     QSLing Through a Manager                                       56-57
INFO:     The World Above 50 MHz:  Beacons on 144 MHz and Higher         84-86
KITS:     Ten-Tec 2-mete amp, 1-5W in = 20-35W out 800-833-7373          35
LEAGLE:   Landmark Legislation in NH, prohibits tax on ham antenna       39
MOBILE:   Hints & Kinks:  Mobile Radio Cut-Out                           67
MODES:    NAVTEX and Your Multimode TNC, monitor maritime & W1AW         52-55
NEW:      RF-Shielded Boxes, Microwave Antenna, Satellite Magazine       35
NEW:      Sound Enhancer, Digital Antenna Meter                          47
PACKET:   Summertime bits & pieces:  Internet                            87
POWER:    Build a 12-V Junction Box                                      54-55
REVIEW:   The MFJ-1786 High-Q Loop ANtenna for 10 to 30 MHz              62-64
REVIEW:   JADE Products 160-Meter Twin-Lead Marconi Antenna              64-65
REVIEW:   Ladder-Loc Center Insulator/Starin Relief for Ladder-Line Ant  65
SAT:      How Low Can You Go?  (Price! to reach a Satellite)             91
STORY:    Wally and Mike:  Packet to go, new DX & nab a pirate           48-49
TEACHING: Just Ask, ask good questions to get interesting QSO's          90
TECH:     Direct Digital Synthesis- An Intuitive Introduction            30-32
TECH:     The Cound of a Spark Transmitter                               68-69
TIPS:     Radio Tips:  Wave Angles                                       57
TIPS:     UHF and Microwave Equipment, Preamp & power amp, Antennas      60
AUGUST 1994                                                              
July 1994
ANTENNA:  A Modest Multiband Antenna                                     68-69
ANTENNA:  A Gain Antenna for 28 MHz                                      70
ARES:     1993 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Results                    54-56
ARES:     A Truly Worst "Worst-Case" Scenario                            89-90
BOOK:     DOS, UNIX, OS/2, WINDOWS, INTERNET for Dummies                 41
BOOK:     Sam and Erin go to a Hamfest, young coloring book              108
CW:       A Pocket-Size, Talking Morse Code Practice Computer, (project) 26-28
FM/RPT:   144-MHz Sporadic E                                             37-41
FM/RPT:   Regional Repeater Maps                                         51
FM/RPT:   Crossband & Linked Repeaters: Potential in Emergencies, #2     107-8
INFO:     Pacemakers, Interference and Amateur Radio                     34-36
INFO:     Remembering Silent Keys,  Foundation for Amateur Radio         112
KITS:     Ten-Tec Kits  615-453-7172,  FAX: 428-4483                     25
PROGRAM:  Yaesu FT-990 Control Software,  CT Version 9                   25
PROGRAM:  Propagation Prediction Software                                45
PROJECT:  An SWR Detector Audio Adapter (SWR into sound) Fix: 8/94-Pg69  24
PROJECT:  The Null Steerer Revisited, improved interference fighter      29-33
PROJECT:  Over-the-Keyboard Desk Top                                     75
PRODUCTS: Amateur Radio Mail Order Catalog-Vol 4, 800-825-8684, $16+3    61
PRODUCTS: HamCall CD-ROM, $50, 800-282-5628, Electronics Software info   62
REVIEW:   ETO Alpha 89 Linear Power Amplifier                            76-77
REVIEW:   Radio Shack DSP Communications Noise Reduction System          78-79
REVIEW:   Willco Electronics ICM-1024 Memory Replacement Brd, ICOM IC-751A  79
TEACHING: Such a Deal!  Learning the art of flea-market salesmanship     73-74
TECH:     Key Components of Modern Receiver Design, Part 3               42-45
TECH:     Emmision Types, Bandwidth, Splatter & Spurs: Tech Standards 2  63-64
TECH:     Understand Signal Strength                                     67
TECH:     Improve RX for Kenwood TS-450S/AT, Silent full break-in ALPHA 87A 80
TECH:     Diversity Reception,  Reduced Freq drift Ten-Tec Scout         61
TECH:     MOV's  How to use them correctly                               82-83
VE:       Volunteer Examiners Mark a Decade of Service                   57-61
July 1994
June 1994
ANTENNA:  Beginner's Boomers:  Two Phased Vertical Arrays for 30 meters  37-40
ANTENNA:  Simple, Effective, Elevated Ground-Plane Antennas  (tower=ant) 45-46
ANTENNA:  8-Band Backpacker Special, portable antenna 80 - 12 meter      68-69
ARES:     SATERN Rings Salvation Army (Team Emergency Radio Network)     87-88
BOOK:     Just when Tom had Jean convinced that his friends were normal,    44
BOOK:     1: How to get started in QRP,  2: Morse code instruction manual   74
CW:       Fast Code in Florida, 41.2 WPM with pen & paper, fastest: 75.2    40
CW:       Getting More Replies to Your CW Calls                             61
FM/RPT:   Crossband & Linked Repeaters: Their Potential in Emergencies, #1  98
INFO:     At the Tone...  NIST Time Source                               62-63
INFO:     Be A Bone Yard PhD, buying your first (used) rig               64-67
PROGRAM:  Amiga code-practice software                                      49
PROJECT:  Inexpensive Interference Filters                               32-36
PROJECT:  An Automatic Temperature-Controlled Fan                        41-42
PROJECT:  Overvoltage Protection for AC Generators                       43-44
REVIEW:   Kantronics KAM Plus Multimode TNC with G-TOR                   70-72
REVIEW:   Nye Viking MB-V-A Antenna Tuner,  1500W continuous             72-73
STORY:    Wall and Mike: Wally Meets the Internet                        50-51
STORY:    You Never Forget the First time...                             58-59
TECH:     Key Components of Modern Receiver Design, Part 2               27-31
VE:       Credit for passing your Examination                              106
June 1994
May 1994
ANTENNA:  A You Can Build: Compact Loop Antenna for 30 through 12 Meters 33-36
ANTENNA:  Amateur Use of Telescoping Masts                               41-45
BOOK:     Amateur Radio Encyclopedia (Not very good)                        49
BOOK:     CQ 1994 Amateur Radio Almanc  (Very Good!  a wealth of info!)     53
DX:       How's DX: Why are These Rocks Called Countries, Anyway?        97-99
FM/RPT:   FM: A Wilderness VHF/UHF FM Protocal: Your Comments - Part 2   103-4
HISTORY:  An Overview of Amateur Call Signs - Past and Present           54-59
INFO:     Digital Audio Broadcasting                                     27-28
INFO:     Interference in Reverse  (how to handle it)                       65
INFO:     A PC Shopper's Guide                                           69-71
INFO:     1993 THE YEAR IN REVIEW                                        73-79
MOBILE:   Making Your Mobile More Portable (Use one connector)           62-63
MOBILE:   Tech Coorespondence: HF Mobiling: Mag Mounts and Grounding        88
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-840 MF/HF Transceiver                                 80-83
REVIEW:   S & S Engineering ARK 40 CW QRP Transceiver Kit                83-85
TEACHING: Under the Hood V: Solid State Devices                          46-48
TEACHING: Conquering the Code (some helpful hints)                          64
TEACHING: But How Do I Use It?  (understanding receiver controls)        66-68
TECH:     Key Components of Modern Receiver Design, Part 1               29-32
TECH:     A Calibrated Noise Source for Amateur Radio, July 94 Pg 83 fix 37-40, 29?
TECH:     The World Above 50 MHz: Sporadic-E Maping                      107-9
May 1994
April 1994
ANTENNA:  A Trigonal HF Beam, no rotator needed                          32-34
ANTENNA:  An Indestructible Dipole for 10 Meters                         67-68
ANTENNA:  The SWR Obsession, lowest SWR isn't necessary!                 70-74
ANTENNA:  Automatic Antenna Tuners for Wire Antennas, watch the efficiency  84
ANTENNA:  Sniff! Sniff! I smell Line Noise! foldable antenna to do it       85
APRILFOOL:Disgital Signal Processing The Final Frontier                  54-55
ARES:     NTS Wide-Area VHF Net Attracts New Hams                           95
ARRL:     Behind the Diamond: John Nelson, W1GNC                            90
ATV:      Radioware SSTV Explorer                                        80-81
BANDS:    The World Above 50 MHz, Limits of DX Tropo, Sporadic E & more    103
BOOK:     Satellite Communications and DBS Systems                          31
BOOK:     What is Your TNC Doing?                                           31
BOOK:     Reading Radio Fiction, books & magazine articals galore!       51-53
INFO:     Operating Backpack Portable, QRP                               21-25
INFO:     Your Voices in Washington                                      47-50
INFO:     Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health, bad or benign?         56-59
INFO:     Do I Need a Linear Amplifier? (No not really!)                 73-74
INFO:     Noise filter?, RF sniffer meter, Cure RF from Fluorescent light   82
INFO:     Where Am I?  The grid-square question                          86-88
PACKET:   Packet Without Computers                                       64-65
PROJECT:  Build Your Own Lowfer Transceiver, explor 1750-meter band      26-31
PROJECT:  A Function Generator with a Frequency-Counter Digital Readout  35-39
PROJECT:  The RingMaster Ring Detector, keeps hackers out of autopatch   40-41
PROJECT:  The Elkhart COunty Tone Alert, DTMF decoder, SELCALL & LiTZ    43-46
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-707 MF/HF Transceiver, minimal TSVR for $1100          75-78
REVIEW:   Solder-It Soldering Kit, It works well $59   216-721-3700 (OH) 78-79
SOFTWARE: Free Antenna Software, The Ant Specialists OH 216-349-8400        46
SOFTWARE: MAC Software, Mac Ham 12-pack  904-272-0371  (FL)                 59
SOFTWARE: PC DOS Software for Radio-Electronic sysnthesis & Analysis        85
VE:       Question Pools-Update, General by July 1, 94, Adv & Extra nxt    111
YL:       YL News: Falling in Love with QRP                                113
April 1994
March 1994
ANTENNA:  The Pfeiffer Quad Antenna System (Shrink that quad!)           28-31
ANTENNA:  On Center-Fed Multiband Dipoles (the G5RV)                     34-36
ANTENNA:  Maximum Bandwidth Monopole Antennas (Technical Correspondence) 80-81
ARRL:     Behind the Diamond: QSL Service Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q          92
BANDS:    Getting Started on the Magic Band (6 meters)                   61-63
EMI/RFI:  TVI, CATVI and VCRI                                            82-83
HISTORY:  Radio Gear of Yesteryear (Spark, Arc & Alternator)         41-43, 57
HISTORY:  A Mini-History of YL Operations                                  113
INFO:     Cellular Radio and the Modern Amateur (cellular phone)         50-55
LEGAL:    Appeals Court Sides with Minnesota Amateur; Antenna Victory...    91
NEW:      Roof-Mount Towers (Glen Martin Eng MO 816-882-2734)               33
PACKET:   Plug into PacTOR (with resource guide, AMTOR+Packet)           67-69
PAPER:    QRP Wallpaper, QRPp low power award for contact > 100km           83
PROJECT:  A Lead-Acid Battery Charger (Seald batteries, UPS etc)         25-27
PROJECT:  An Over-the-Dash H-T Mount (run your HT from the car)             70
REVIEW:   Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceivers            (HT review) 71-77, 81
REVIEW:   Alinc DJ-580T,  ICOM IC-W21A,  Kenwood TH-78A  (HT review) 71-77, 81
REVIEW:   Standard C558A,  Yaesu FT-530                  (HT review) 71-77, 81
SAT:      PACSATs from an Apartment                                  65-66, 69
STORY:    Wally and Mike: Changing Times                                 56-57
TEACHING: Under the Hood IV: Inductors                                   37-40
TEACHING: A Learning Experience (ARRl Audiovisual Lending Library)         112
TECH:     Using a VU Meter for Phone-Patch Adjustment                    32-33
TECH:     Second Harmonic filtering, 4:1 balun and SWR increasing           64
VE:       The FCC's New Form 610 (Exam Info)                           106-107
March 1994
February 1994
ARES:     California's Burning                                           23-28
ANTENNA:  Stacking Tribanders:  A Super Station - Sorta                  38-44
ANTENNA:  Toppling Restrictive Tower Zoning Ordinances                   49-53
BOOK:     The Code Book:  Amateur Radio CW Operating, review                53
DOCTOR:   Test a Balun before using it                                      65
EMI/RFI:  Real Fun Interference (RFI) (Phones & neighbors)               78-79
HINTS:    Curing RFI in a Digital Voice Recorder                            75
HINTS:    Curing a Glitch in the N0HPK Low-cost Frequency Counter           75
INFO:     P.R. Docket No. 93-305 (Pick Your Own Call Sign?)              84-86
KITS:     Building Your Own Station Accessories                          61-64
NEW:      Home-brewer's Newsletter                                          77
NEW:      HF and VHF/UHF Antennas (Vert HF monobanders $90)                 91
PACKET:   DXing with 2-Meter Packet Mail                                 66-68
PACKET:   The Frustrations of "Live" Packet Operating                       98
PROJECT:  An Easy-to-Build 25-Watt MF/HF Amplifier  (28V)                31-34
PROJECT:  The QSOcorder  (QSO digital recorder)                          45-48
REVIEW:   2.4-GHz Satellite Downconverters, UEK-2000S, SHF-2400          69-71
REVIEW:   JPS Communications NRF-7 and NF-60 DSP Audio Filters           71-73
SAT:      Working Satellite RS-12 - The Ultimate Satellite Primer        58-60
TEACHING: Riding the Airwaves with Alpha and Zulu, book review              37
TECH:     Revisiting the RF Ammeter                                      35-37
TECH:     More on the Si8901/SD8901 (QRP note 1/4W to 50 ohm)               77
February 1994
January 1994
ARES:     Public Service Award Program                                     109
ANTENNA:  Do you need an Antenna Tuner?                                  70-72
ARRL:     Handy Reference Section, Guide to ARRL Services               97-101
ARRL:     Handy Ref Section, Major ARRL Operating Events & Conventions 102-103
ARRL:     Handy Ref Section, US Amateur Bands                              104
ATV:      An Inexpensive SSTV System                                     27-29
ATV:      ATV: What is it, and What Can YLs Do with It?                  27-29
BOOK:     Mobile 2-way Radio Communications                                 59
CATALOG:  Tejas RF Tech. POB 720331  Houston  TX 77272-0331, 713-879-9300   81
FOX:      A Cheap Way to Hunt Transmitters                               65-66
HISTORY:  Before Spark                                                   57-59
INFO:     Amateur Radio Postage Stamps                                   22-26
INFO:     Where are the Novices?                                         52-53
INFO:     Do Amateur Radio (and Yourself) a Favor                        54-56
PACKET:   Where's My Mail?                                               67-69
PACKET:   Packet by Air                                                    111
PROJECT:  Uncle Albert's Unique Keyer                                    42-44
REVIEW:   The Yaesu FRG-100 General-Coverage Receiver                    73-75
REVIEW:   The MFJ-8100 Shortwave Regenerative Receiver Kit                  76
REVIEW:   Heil Pro-Set Headset                                              77
RULES:    The NEW "Business Rules" are Here!                             95-96
TEACHING: Under the Hood III:  Capacitors                                45-48
TEACHING: Test Day                                                       62-63
TECH:     The Nearly Perfect Amplifier                                   30-34
TECH:     Computer-Controlled Electronic Test Equipment, Part 2          35-41
TECH:     Mother Nature's Radio (VLF radio in its infancy)               49-51
TECH:     Ferrite Shield-Current Chokes for Vertical antenna cable          78
TECH:     Large Antenna Coils, More on Electrical Protection Devices     80-81
January 1994
                                 QST 1993 ARTICLES
December 1993
ARES:     Heroics in the Heartland, Flood of '93                         21-26
ANTENNA:  The Lure of the Ladder Line                                    70-71
ANTENNA:  The Doctor is IN:  2-meter 4-element Quad                         76
ANTENNA:  Hints and Kinks: Is Your Radio Equipment REALLY Grounded?         85
BANDS:    Radio Tips: The Joys of FM Simplex                                75
BOOK:     LENK'S Digital Handbook: Design and Troubleshooting               55
BOOK:     Circuit Encyclopedia and Trobuleshooting Guide, John D. Lenk,    121
BOOK:     (continued) McGraw-Hill,  ISBN: 0-07-037603-4,   $59.50          121
DX:       Eritrea: A Nation Reborn                                       27-31
FOX:      An Automated Mobile Radio Direction-Finding System (RDF)       51-55
HISTORY:  Gatti-Hallicrafters: The First Grand Ham DXpedition            59-63
INFO:     Radio and Railfanning (160-62 MHz FM)                          72-75
MOBILE:   HF Mobiling- Taking it to the Streets                          67-69
PACKET:   Internet Gateways Expand the World of Packet Radio               105
REVIEW:   The Ten-Tec Scout Model 555 MF/HF  Transceiver                 77-80
REVIEW:   QST Compares: Packet TNCs                                      80-84
SAT:      Lab Notes: Satellite-Tracking Software                         89-90
STORY:    A Cold Season                                                  56-57
TECH:     Taking the Mystery Out of Diode Double-Balanced Mixers         32-36
TECH:     Measuring and Compensating Oscillator Frequency Drift          32-41
TECH:     Computer-Controlled Electronic Test Equipment, Part 1          42-50
TECH:     The Frequency and Deviation Conspiracy (2m FM)                    66
December 1993
November 1993
ARES:     ARES and RACES: Two Flavors of Amateur Radio Emergency Ser     102-3
ARRL:     The ARRL Wants YOU! (appointments, ORS, OES)                   68-69
ANTENNA:  An Update on Compact Transmitting Loops                        37-40
AWARDS:   Earn an ARRL Friendship Award                                  50-51
BOOK:     HF Antennas for all Locations, Les Moxon, ARRL                    34
BOOK:     HAM Radio Horizons: The Book, Peter O'Dell, ARRL #1234            49
ERROR:    A unified Approach to the Design of Crystal Ladder Filters        81
FD:       Field Day 1993, WD3A, 4A 1249/2/14/4,550/MDC pg 124           114-25
HISTORY:  The Coming of the Law                                          47-49
INFO:     Amateur Radio aboard Space Shuttles: T+10 years and counting!  22-26
INFO:     FM Autopatch: Use it or Lose it (self regulation needed)         107
NTS:      Public Service, Operation Holidays III: Each One, Reach One    96-97
PACKET:   Is High-Speed HF Packet Possible?                                106
POWER:    A 13.8-V, 5-A Regulated Power Supply                           27-29
POWER:    A Low-Voltage Disconnect (PROJECT)                             31-34
POWER:    I Wonder If... (Car power to radio disconnector) (PROJECT)     72-74
PROJECT:  A Simple Two-Tone Audio Generator                              35-36
PROJECT:  An Accurate Dip Meter Using the MFJ-249 SWR Analyzer           45-46
PROJECT:  10-Minute ID Timer Revisited                                   82-83
REVIEW:   MFJ-249 and MFJ-207 SWR Analyzers                              75-77
REVIEW:   Tejas RF Technology Backpacker II Model TRFT-550 1 band/cw RTX 78-80
REVIEW:   SGC Inc Model SG-230 "Smartuner" Automatic Antenna Tuner       80-81
SAT:      You Have a Date with OSCAR 21                                  70-71
STORY:    Solder to Talk (fun)                                              52
TEACHING: Under the Hood II: Resistors                                   41-44
TEACHING: Remedial Radio                                                    64
TEACHING: Troubleshooting Your Radio Equipment (KC3MX Harry)             65-66
November 1993
October 1993
ARES:     Using an Autopatch to Report an Accident                          65
FOX:      Stalking the Fox  (RDF)                                        64-65
HISTORY:  Yagi: The Man and his Antenna (Yagi-Uda)                 TECH  45-47
HUMOR:    How to be a DXer                                               51-52
PROJECT:  The SunSwitch (charing/protecting batteries)                   24-27
PROJECT:  TARR's Disgital Deviation Meter                                31-38
PROJECT:  Schematics at Your Fingertips (computer/Windows files)         39-40
PROJECT:  Ramsey Electronics FX-146, 2-Meter transceiver Kit             73-74
PROJECT:  Sense the right way to go With the Handi-Finder (RDF)          77-78
PROJECT:  Printed-Circuit Board Circus Q/A kits & manufact listing       79-80
REVIEW:   Premium Coax 800-433-9473 .7 - $1.50/ft                           27
TEACHING: Mountaintop VHF Operating: A New Adventure! (Grid Square)      60-62
TEACHING: The FIRST Contest                                                 66
TEACHING: SWR (good beginners information)                                  70
TEACHING: More on Coax-Cable Connector Installation                         74
TEACHING: Ham Radio on $100 a Year                                         102
TECH:     Inside the Grounded-Grid Linear Amplifier                      28-30
TECH:     The Earth Detunes My Antenna                                   41-44
TECH:     Hams Test Antennas Aboard Space Shuttle Columbia               53-55
TECH:     LOWfing on 1750 Meters                                         67-68
October 1993
September 1993
ANTENNA:  A Simple Broadband Dipole for 80 Meters                   27-30 & 76
ANTENNA:  The 1/3-Wavelength Multiband Dipole                            33-35
BANDS:    Annie Get Your Gunnplexer!  (10-GHz, getting started)          68-70
DX:       The 100 "Most-Needed" DXCC Countries                           94-95
KITS:     The Joy of Building                                            64-66
LIBRARY:  ARRL Library Sets Promote Amateur Radio  ($120/set)              110
PACKET:   Deviations in Packet Radio (What's Deviation?)                   105
PROJECT:  A Long-Haul H-T Battary System                                 23-26
PROJECT:  The Contest Card, Voice & CW IO for contest programs           31-32
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-50S MF/HF Transceiver (vry small 100W)              71-74
REVIEW:   M2 Enterprises EB-144 Eggbeater Antenna (2 meters)             75-76
TEACHING: Under the Hood I (a look inside your rig)                      36-38
TEACHING: First Contact and the Unpaid Debt                                 44
TEACHING: You CAN Copy 30 Words Per Minute!   (PRACTICE!)                   60
TEACHING: How Much Will it Cost?                                         61-63
TECH:     Steel-Wool Baluns?  (They don't make it!  Test set-up)         77-78
VE:       Exam Info, The Examination Process                               107
September 1993
August 1993
ANTENNA:  The Effect of Continuous Guy Wires on Antenna Performance      22-24
ANTENNA:  A High-Directivity Receiving Antenna for 3.8 MHz               31-34
ANTENNA:  Salute the Centibel (they all add up!)                         43-44
ANTENNA:  Fundamentals of Radiation, Near Fields and More                68-69
BALLOON:  Persistence Gets the Derelict                                  35-38
COAX:     Coaxial Cables for VHF and UHF                                 86-87
FAX:      Just the Fax (getting started & weather broadcast freqs)       48-51
HISTORY:  Bringing Back the Good Old Days (built tub rig works)          39-40
HUMOR:    Full Circle (New rig like the old, humor)                      45-46
KITS:     Kits Galore! (A listing of kit manufacturers)                  70-71
MYSTERY:  Long Delayed Echoes - A Ham Mystery!                           57-58
PACKET:   Packet Questions and Answers                                   90
PROJECT:  A Dual-Range AC Voltage Current & Freq Monitor                 25-30
PROJECT:  Expanded Range DC & AC Voltmeters (some fixes)                 69
REVIEW:   Icom IC-737 MF/HF Transceiver                                  59-62
REVIEW:   Lowe HF-150 LF/MF/HF Communications Receiver                   62-64
SAT:      Getting Started with RS-10                                     53-56
SAT:      How to work the MIR Space Station on PACKET                    65-67
STANDRD:  A standard 12-volt Connector                                   50-51
TEACHING: Repeater Rules                                                 88-89
August 1993
July 1993
ANTENNA:  Two 2-Meter Antennas (dipoles)                                 62-64
ANTENNA:  Honey, I Shrunk the Antenna, mini loops, HF                    34-35
PROJECT:  A synchronous Detector for AM Transmissions                    28-33
PROJECT:  IROESON, An Infrared Optoelectronic Keyer                      36-39
PROJECT:  Ironing Out Your Own Printed-Circuit Boards              (CPY) 42-44
POWER:    Reverse-Polarity Protection for Your Gear                (CPY) 40-41
REVIEW:   MFJ 9017 18-MHz QRP CW Transceiver                       (CPY) 45-47
MOBILE:   10,500 Mile of Mobile CW On a motorcycle                       21-25
MOBILE:   Radio Tips, Mobile Grounding                                   64
QSL:      The Fine Art of QSLing                                         66-69
July 1993
June 1993
PROJECT:  Home-Brewing a 10GHz SSB/CW Transverter,                       29-31
ANTENNA:  Small loop Antenna for 160 Meters,                             32-34
ATV:      Introduction to Amateur Television, #3                         35-41
SAT:      Phase 3D: A Satellite for All, #2                              47-51
BBS:      Your Information Connection: The ARRL BBS                      60-62
EMI/RFI:  Lab Notes, Curing Interference to Non-Radio Equipment          64-65
EMI/RFI:  Tracking A defective Doorbell Transformer                         75
HISTORY:  The Rise of Frequency Modulation                               42-45
REVIEW:   Dual-Band Mobile FM Transceivers, Alinco DR-600T
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-2410H, ICOM IC-3230H, Kenwood TM-732A, Standard
REVIEW:   C5608DA, and Yaesu FT-5100                                     66-71
INFO:     Correspondence: Beacon Fequ & power listing                       52
INFO:     Your Information Connection: The ARRL BBS                      60-62
INFO:     Technical Correspondence, Inductors, making your own           72-73
INFO:     Hints & Kinks, half wave stub lengths                          74-75
ERROR:    Build it Yourself from QST, #3 June 1992 Pg 42-45 error           73
TEACHING: Op-Ed:  Living in the Real Ham Radio World                        81
ARES:     Wide-Area ARES Message Switch                                     99
PACKET:   Packet Perspective:  PBBS Basics, #3                             102
June 1993
May 1993
ARES:     Incorporating Amateur Radio in Local Emergency Plans           95-96
ANTENNA:  A Disguised Flagpole Antenna                                      65
ATV:      An Introduction to Amateur Television  Part 2: The basic ATV   43-47
BOOK:     The Easy Wire Antenna Handbook, so-so                             51
FM/RPT:   Universal CTCSS Bypass                                           101
FOX:      Transmitter Hunting: Tracking Down the Fun  Part 2 more stuff  56-59
HUMOR:    Festing (Notes of a Hamologist)                                   48
INFO:     Ant the Most Popular Frequency is...                              61
INFO:     Do You Need an Audio Filter?                                   62-63
INFO:     Radio Tips: Lightning, Ionoshpere, Wrk Wrld 10M, Safe?    63, 66, 69
INFO:     VHF/UHF Contesting                                             67-69
NEW:      On-Glass 23cm antenna 206-944-7556, HF beam multbnd 408-988-2766  42
PACKET:   What's New?  PacTOR, NOS, Software, & How to                     103
PROJECT:  Home-Brewing a 10-GHz SSB/CW Transverter                       21-28
PROJECT:  Build the HANDI-Finder!    (RDF-Radio Direction Finding)       35-38
PROJECT:  Add Tracking Sidetone to your ICOM IC-765 Transceiver          39-42
PROJECT:  Build A Quick PVC-Supported Quad for About $50, antenna           75
PROJECT:  Expanded-Range DC and AC Voltmeters                               77
QRT:      ARK-40 kit $270 S&S Eng, Smithsburg MD: 301-416-0661              47
REVIEW:   HAL Communications PCI-4000 CLOVER-II Data Controller          71-73
REVIEW:   AlphaLab TriField Meter, EM energey meter                      73-74
SAT:      Phase 3D - A Satellite for All!  Part 1, where we R today      49-51
STORY:    Inspiration: N2OVA, Young boy fights cancer becomes ham, dies  52-55
TECH:     Single-Conversion Microwave SSB/CW Transceivers                29-34
May 1993
April 1993
ARES:     Santa Cruz Case Study & K1CE's NTS Notes, What's Origination?  86-87
ANTENNA:  Fighting Antenna Corrosion                                     24-26
ANTENNA:  A Remotely Controlled Antenna Switch                           32-35
ANTENNA:  A Two-Element Duoband Beam, 17 & 12 meters, small & light!     36-37
ANTENNA:  7 dB for 7 Bucks, a 2-meter beam                               54-55
ANTENNA:  Radio Tips: The Monopole HF Dipole Antenna                        64
ATV:      An Introduction to Amateru Television,  Part 1                 19-23
FOX:      Transmitter Hunting: Tracking Down the Fun  Part 1             48-51
INFO:     Big LEO's Global sat system offshoot of ham microsats          40-41
INFO:     Scanning the VHF Aviation Band,  121.5=emergency, abt 122MHz   40-41
INFO:     Rockets and Radio, Two hobbies that are perfect together       61-62
INFO:     Lab Notes: Emergency Power Q & A                               76-77
MOBILE:   Don't Get Blown Away by Your Mobile Rig! Safty/Air-bag/Rig     38-39
NEW:      2-Meter Power Amp $259, 702-324-3289                              39
PACKET:   PBBS Basics, Part 2                                               93
PROJECT:  A Multimode Phasing Exciter for 1 to 500 MHz, a transmitter    27-31
REVIEW:   AEA DSP-2232 Multimode Communications Processor                65-66
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R7100 HF/VHF/UHV Communications Receiver               67-69
REVIEW:   Terlin Outbacker JR8 HF Mobile Antenna                            70
SAT:      What's the Frequency?  Some of the SATs & their Frequecies        94
STORY:    Five Meters or Bust, young ham scrounges, days of innovation   46-47
TEACHING: Confessions of a Conversation Hunter, make it interesting         59
TEACHING: 1/4 VS 5/8 2-meter patterns, Glass mtd ant?                       63
TECH:     Hints & Kinks: Positive & Negative Keying - Simply             71-72
TECH:     Sporadic-E Causes, Measure SSB/CW RX Sensitivity               73-75
YL:       Getting Your Netsworth, CQ YL, The YL nets                        95
April 1993
March 1993
ANTENNA:  The NRY (Broadside Collinear Arry, effect wire ant 80 to 10 m) 22-24
ANTENNA:  An Easy, On-Glass Antenna with Multiband Capability, UHF/VHF   35-37
ANTENNA:  Bicycle-Mobile Antennas, 2-meters                              52-53
ANTENNA:  Better than a Rubber Duck, Extend UR H-T range with these      56-57
ANTENNA:  Bending Dipoles                                                   57
ANTENNA:  More on Elevated Radials                                          72
BANDS:    Predictine Transatlantic 50-MHz F-Layer Propagation, When 6m ? 32-34
BANDS:    Crossband-Repeater Operation, New dual banders do it           43-46
BOOK:     The ART of Electronics, Good, Horowits & Hill, 914-937-9600 $55   67
CLASSIC:  The Lure of Classic Radio, tube rigs in vogue, get with it!    39-42
INFO:     The Day the Repeater "Broke", CTCSS what it is & hw it wrks    59-60
PACKET:   PBBS Basics, Part 1                                              102
PAPER:    The Paper Chase, all sorts of awards                           54-55
PROJECT:  Automatic RF Power Control for AMTOR Operation                 25-27
PROJECT:  Updating the HY-GAIN HDR-300 Rotator, delay auto breaking      68-69
PROJECT:  Revisiting The 12-V Power Supply (see Nov QST 1992)            71-72
QRP:      The Ugly Side of QRP, ugly weekender Aug 81 QST, & FAR circuits   85
REVIEW:   SSB Electronic SP-70 Mast-Mount Preamplifier                   63-64
REVIEW:   Down East Microwave DEM432 No-Tune 432-MHz Transverter         64-66
REVIEW:   Down East Microwave 432PA 432-MHz Amplifier Kit                66-67
SAT:      K1CE's Secret OSCAR-20 Station, it's real easy, but don't tell 47-50
TEACHING: I Passed My Code! Now What?,  It's all Greek to me! HELP!      61-62
TECH:     Transmitter Power: What It Is, What It Does & How to Use It    28-31
TIPS:     Radio Tips: Hamfest Shopping Technigues                           60
March 1993
February 1993
ANTENNA:  A 2-Meter Coaxial Antenna  (Coax type dipole)                     76
HISTORY:  Classic Rigs & Amplitude Modulation: Friendly, Nostalgic..     43-46
INFO:     What Rig Should I Buy? (Advice)                                79-80
MOBILE:   You Can Operate HF Mobile!                                     29-30
MODES:    A New Standard for Amateur Radio Analog Facsimile, HF, VHF, UHF31-36
MODES:    Beyond FM, Sample the excitement of VHF SSB and CW!            61-63
MODES:    PacTOR: Better HF Data Communications for the Rest of Us?         98
PROGRAM:  Adapting the NU1N Voice-Control Program to the Yaesu FT-747 GX 77-78
PROJECT:  Evrythng U Alwys Wanted 2 knw Abt Hrdwr 4 Comp-Cntrllng Mod rad37-41
PROJECT:  ICOM, Kenwood, Ten-Tec or Yaesu + easy build interface 4 each  37-41
PROJECT:  W1AW at the Flick of a Switch (Kit)                            56-57
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-728 and IC-729 Transceivers                            67-71
REVIEW:   ICOM AT-160 Automatic Antenna Tuner                               71
REVIEW:   A&A Engineering ViewPort VGA Slow-Scan TV System               72-74
STARTING: Falling in Love With Ham Radio For Less Than $200              65-66
STORY:    Endurance, Is geography the only DX dimension? (weird)         51-54
TECH:     A High-Dynamic-Range MF/HF Receiver Front End (w preamp ON)    23-28
February 1993
January 1993
ATV:      Slow-Scan TV - It Isn't Expensive Anymore!                     20-30
EMI/RFI:  Curing RFI in the HAM IV Control Unit                             51
EMI/RFI:  Touch-Control-Lamp RFI                                         53-54
HISTORY:  (ATV) The Beat of a Different Drum: The Cop MacDonald Story       31
INFO:     Introducting METCON, a New Remote Control and Telemetry Syst   41-47
PRODUCT:  Telephone RFI Filter, 201-581-3000 $18 AT&T                       49
PROJECT:  High-Performance, Single-Signal Direct-Conversion Reveivers    32-40
PROJECT:  A $5 Headset Mike (easy-to-construct boom mic...)              48-49
PROJECT:  1 Watt in 30 watts out with Power MOSFETS at 80 meters         50-51
PROJECT:  A Light-Operated Switch for Solar Panels                          51
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Omni VI MF/HF Transceiver                                 65
STORY:    A Good Day at Effingham (fun emergency story)
January 1993
                                 QST 1992 ARTICLES
December 1992
ARES:     ARES and NTS:  Fun, Function, Fraternity                       103-4
ANTENNA:  More on Building A-Frame Masts (rope/line)                     81-82
ANTENNA:  The Impossible Dream Whip HF Mag Mount                         40-41
ANTENNA:  Limited Space Antennas, Lab Notes, Q & A                       85-86
BANDS:    The Mysterious 6-Meter Band (HF or VHF?)                       59-62
BENCH:    Choosing a Digital Frequency Counter                        42-44/80
EMI/RFI:  Filter and Protection Catalog 800-423-2666                       84
FM/RPT:   Spur!  (2m RFI with Fire 460 MHz)                             109-10
INFO:     The Amateur Auxiliary: Myth Versus Reality                     55-58
MODES:    AM - A friendly, Nostalgic Mode  3.880/5, 7.290/5, 14.286         87
PACKET:   Packet Radio Networking Basics: TCP/IP                           111
POWER:    Off the Grid and on the Sun (Solar Power)                      45-51
PROJECT:  A No-Tune Transverter for the 2304-MHz Band                    33-39
PROJECT:  An Inexpensive, Expanded-Range Analog Voltmeter                52-54
PROJECT:  Personal Autopatch (VHF/UHF)                                      62
PRODUCTS: j-COM Computer/Radio Interface Cables 408-335-9120               110
QSL:      Boxes $15/6 $3/each- Lee Finkel KY7M, Scottsdale AZ               51
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-950sDX MF/HF Transceiver                            72-73
REVIEW:   Maldol 28HSHB 3-element 10-Meter Beam                          75-77
REVIEW:   The HAL PCI-3000 Multimode HF Data Modem                       77-80
SAT:      Webersat - Step by step (see world frm outer space!)           63-66
STORY:    Wally and Mike:  Happy Holidays                                70-71
TEACHING: Me? Teach a License Class?  Sure, it's Fun!                    67-69
December 1992
November 1992
BOOK:     Aerials, Kurt N. Sterba & Lil Paddle, 916-457-3655                41
BOOK:     The Hidden Signals on Satellite TV, Harrington 614-866-4605       58
BOOK:     Low Power Communications: Volume I - QRP Basics, 414-248-4845     88
BOOK:     The Ham's Book of Knowledge, Ed Schneider, 602-585-6121           90
BOOK:     The Modern Amateur's Mobile Handbook, Dave Ingram, Call MFJ       93
DX:       An Introduction to Gray-Line DXing                             80-82
FM/RPT:   ZERO: An Alerting Device for Repeater Users                  108-110
FOX:      An Active Attenuator for Transmitter Hunting (RDF)         28-30, 95
HUMOR:    The Junk Box (You might NEED it!)                              94-95
160m HF:  160 Meters: You Can Go Home Again!                             91-93
INFO:     Equipment Donations as Tax Deductions                             79
INFO:     W3USS: The Amateur Radio Voice of the US Senate                83-85
INFO:     Field Day 1992  (KJ3M + KB3AEG!)                             118-128
POWER:    A 12-V, 15-A Power Supply (Project)                            36-41
PROJECT:  Remote Control Using Your H-T (of AC power)                    31-35
PROJECT:  A Dual-Radio Speaker (monitor two dadios one 1 speaker)        56-58
PROJECT:  The Umbrella; the ultimate portable groundplane (2m ant)          64
PROJECT:  A current-Sensing Transmit Indicator                              66
STORY:    Wally and Mike: Mildred's Exam                                 86-88
TEACHING: AMTOR in the Classroom                                         89-90
TECH:  TEACHING:      Why an Antenna Radiates                            59-63
TECH:     Calibrating the Signal Generator in the Sky (the sun)          42-44
TECH:     Recent Advances in Shortwave Receiver Design                   45-55
TECH:     Dipoles Above Real Earth                                       67-68
November 1992
October 1992
ANTENNA:  Home-Brewing Large Antenna Coils                               45-49
ATV:      Smile - You're on Ham Radio                                    42-44
EMI/RFI:  Interference Primer - Part 3, Telephone Interference           67-69
FM/RPT:   It's LiTZ                                                         82
HISTORY:  The First Worked All Continents Award                          38-41
HUMOR:    Ham Cop                                                           73
INFO:     Are Hams Being Priced Out of the Market? (no)                  76-78
POWER:    Double Duty for Your Transceiver's Power Supply                50-53
PROJECT:  An Audio-Noise-Based Voting Circuit (Repeater inputs)          24-26
PROJECT:  An Active Audio CW Filter You Can Build                        27-29
REGS:     PRB-1:  Seven Years Down the Road (antenna regulation)         35-37
REVIEW:   QST Compares: 2-Meter Hand-Held FM Transceivers             54-62,95
STORY:    Desert Wheels                                                  79-82
TEACHING: A Quick Trip to the Top, 11 year old to extra in 1 yr          71-72
TECH:     Measuring SSB/CW Receiver Sensitivity                          30-34
TECH:     More on Strengthening YAGI Elements                            65-66
October 1992
September 1992
ARES:     Packaged Emergency Station  (copy & save)                        105
BOOK:     US Repeater Mapbook: 1992-1993 Edition 818-843-4080              113
PACKET:   Packet Radio Networking Basics: ROSE, Part 2                     114
PROJECT:  A 40-Meter Regenerative Receiver You Can Build (Tube)          35-39
PROJECT:  Low-Cost Digital Signal Processing for the Radio Amateur       43-51
PROJECT:  A Line Noise "Sniffer" That Works!                             52-53
PROJECT:  Modifying The CMOS Super Keyer II                              86-87
PROJECT:  Trap Construction Information For AL (W8NX) July 1992 Dipole      88
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-890 MF/HF Transceiver                                 79-83
REVIEW:   Command Technologies Commander II 2-Meter Linear Amp           83-85
SAT:      Working the EasySats (You can do it with what you have!)       30-34
STORY:    Wally and Mike: The Flood                                      40-42
STORY:    A World Apart (Medication for Moscow woman through HAM radio)  40-42
TECH:     The Noise Bridge (What it is & how to use it for antenna wrk)  75-78
TECH:     SWR and the Feed Line                                          88-89
September 1992
August 1992
ANTENNA:  A Plumber's Delight Dipole for 2 Meters                        43-44
BBS:      Landline BBSing (phone line BBSes for HAMS)                    45-47
HUMOR:    How to Build a Computer-Cheap?                                    48
POWER:    More on NiCd and Gel Cells                                        65
PROJECT:  High-Performance Direct-Conversion Receivers                   19-28
PROJECT:  Control Your Transceiver by Voice                              35-38
PROJECT:  Substituting Parts                                             66-67
PROJECT:  Mail Order Directory, Hart Pub CO  303-987-9442                   81
REVIEW:   Cushcraft R7 Multiband Vertical Antenna  (~$400)               54-55
STORY:    Wally and Mike:  The Footrace                                  32-34
TEACHING: What's a Mixer?                                                39-42
August 1992
July 1992
ANTENNA:  Build a Space-Efficient Dipole for 40, 80 and 160 Meters       35-36
ATV:      Amateu TV: Public Service Eye in the Sky                       76-77
PROJECT:  Build it yourself from QST, #4 mounting complete project       31-34
PROJECT:  A Low-Cost PC Interface for ICOM Radios                        37-38
REVIEW:   Mid-Priced MF/HF Linear Amplifiers, Ameritron AL-82, 
REVIEW:   Commander HF-1250, Kenwood TL-922A, Ten-Tec Centurion          53-60
STORY:    Wally & Mike: The Podunk Repeater Club                         40-42
POWER:    Basic Steps Toward Suppressing Power-Supply Surges             25-28
July 1992
June 1992
PROJECT:  Easy Computer Control & Bandwidth Switching with Knwd TR       23-26
PROJECT:  The "Ugly Weekender" II: Adding a Junk-Box Receiver            27-30
PROJECT:  Build it Yourself from QST #3                                  42-45
INFO:     Getting Started in Digital Communications #4 AMTOR             34-41
INFO:     The Case of the Clockwork Noise                                51-52
INFO:     How to Locate Manuals and Documentation                        67-69
REVIEW:   ETO Alpha 87A MF/HF Linear Amplifier                           53-56
PACKET:   Packet Radio Basics #10 More Networking Basics                    79
June 1992
May 1992
ANTENNA:  Phased Driven Arrays for the Low Bands                         49-52
ANTENNA:  A Portable Antenna Support (Under the Car Tire Kind)           78-79
BOOK:     Communications Receivers: The Vacuum Tube ERA: 1932-1981          64
BOOK:     The Antenna Experimenter's Guide                                  96
MODES:    Getting Started in Digital Communications,  Part 3 (Relax!)    41-47
NEWS      When You Turn on the News and it Turns on You!                 53-55
PROJECT:  An Inexpensive, Easy-to-Build ESD Probe, Electrostatic Dischrg 31-34
PROJECT:  Build It Yourself from QST,  Part 2 (here's how to build...)   35-39
REVIEW:   Advanced Electronic Applications Fast-Scan Television System   56-58
REVIEW:   RLA-70 Power Amp/Preamp & MPS-100 Power Supply                 58-59
REVIEW:   Cushcraft 13B2 2-Meter "Boomer" Yagi Antenna                   59-60
REVIEW:   Oak Hills Research 40-Meter QRP Transceiver Kit  ($150)        60-62
STORY:    An Inside Job at the 5-9 Club Repeater                         63-64
May 1992
April 1992
ANTENNA:  A Five-Band, Two-Element Quad for 20 through 10 meters         52-53
BANDS:    Wind Profiler Frequencies (Hams now share 449 MHz, how?)       22-24
INFO:     Life on a Megacycle (Steve Roberts/N4RVE hightech HAM bicycle) 25-30
KITS:     Build It Yourself from QST  Part 1 (The how to's)              31-36
LAWS:     How hams overturned New Jersry's restrictive "Scanner Law"     19-21
MODES:    Getting Started in Digital Communications  Part 2 (packet)     44-49
PROJECT:  Flawless VOX Operation with the Smooth Voice Controller        37-43
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-450S & TS-690S Transceivers                         67-71
REVIEW:   Telex HY-GAIN 155CA 15-Meter Yagi Antenna                      71-72
REVIEW:   AEA-FAX HF-Facsimily Receiveing System                         72-73
SOFTWARE  How to locate Amateur Radio Software (Lab Notes)               59-60
TECH:     Load-Tracking L Network                                           74
TECH:     Eliminating AM-Broadcast Interference on 160 meters               75
TECH:     Protect Your Tower Crank-up Motor from Moisture                   75
TECH:     Accurate Single-Layer-Solenoid Inductance Calculations         76-77
April 1992
March 1992
ANTENNA:  Notes on Wire-Antenna Construction                             84-85
ANTENNA:  Coax Waterproofer (STUFF, Cross Devices, NY 516-298-4517)         86
BANDS:    What's So Special About HF? (UR missing a world of excitement) 45-48
BOOK:     Troubleshooting Analog Circuits, Robert A Pease, National Semi    19
EMI/RFI:  Interference Primer - Part 2  (Lab Notes)                      81-83
HISTORY:  The Final Days of Ham Spark (The REAL real radios!)            29-32
MOBILE:   The Fold-Over Mobile Mount                                     43-44
MOBILE:   New Products, Mobile Antennas                                     44
MODES:    Getting Started in Digital Communications, Part 1              33-37
PACKET:   A Packet Software Sampler                                         92
PROJECT:  Lemonized QSO, Amateur communication using lemon (low) power.  18-19
PROJECT:  Light Bulb Converts Power Supply into a Battery Charger           85
REVIEW:   The Japan Radio Company JST-135HP MF/HF Transceiver            67-72
STORY:    Chirps (A bird influences a person's determination to B a ham) 49-50
STORY:    Morse Code: A Place in the Mind (CW) (Doctor finds ham)        33-37
TECH:     Wind Profilers at 449 MHz (popular repeater freq!)             20-22
TECH:     Eleven Years of Soradic E (continues to surprize amateurs!)    23-28
TECH:     Do You Know Where Your CW Signal Is? (r u on freq?)            40-42
March 1992
February 1992
ANTENNA:  Try an Extended Double Zepp Antenna (Hints and Kinks)             75
BANDS:    Getting Started on the Microwave Bands                         35-39
BATTERY:  Getting the Most Out of Nickel-Cadmium Batteries               40-45
EMI/RFI:  Lab Notes, Interference Primer-Part 1                          73-74
INFO:     A Radio-Control Primer                                         18-22
NEW:      Low-Cost Frequency Counter                                        29
PACKET:   Packet Radio Basics-Part 9: Networking Basics                     93
PROJECT:  IROESK- an Infrared Optoelectronic Straight Key (works!)       30-34
REVIEW:   Ameritron AL-811 MF/HF Linear Amplifier                        61-62
REVIEW:   CUSHCRAFT A50-6S 6-Meter Beam                                  62-63
REVIEW:   Radio Shack HTX-100 & Ranger Communications RCI-2950 10-M mobl 63-67
REVIEW:   Heil BM-10 & Telex Contester Headsets                          67-69
February 1992
January 1992
MOBILE:   Going Mobile, Part 2 - selecting VHF/UHF ant etc               53-55
PROJECT:  A Receiver Spectral Display Using DSP (Spectrum Analyzer)      23-29
PROJECT:  A Field-Strength Meter with Decibel Display                    33-37
PROJECT:  The FET Charge Controller (monitor battery charge)             45-50
REVIEW:   Ten Tec Argonaut II & Delta II MF/HF Transceivers              77-82
TECH:     Use Your Transceiver as a DIP Meter (Hints & Kinks)               89
TECH:     More on Line-Side Regulators (High-Voltage Power Supplies)     95-96
January 1992
April 1982
ANTENNA:  The 300-Ohm Ribbon J Antenna for 2 meters: A Critical Analysis 43-45
ANTENNA:  This is the first J-Pole for 2 meters artical in QST           43-45
April 1982
I: If a web address starts with a '.' then add "http://www"  to it.
I: If a web address just starts with a letter/number then add "http://" to it.
FCC RF-Exposure
I: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/kharker/rfsafety/
I: this site offers a calculator for you to use.
I: FCC Comments  -  send your ham radio related comments to:
E: hamcomm@fcc.gov
I: RFI problems with consumer electronics
E: callctr@nightwind.fcc.gov
W: www.fcc.gov
I: FCC Interference Handbook:
W: www.fcc.gov/cib/
I: FCC's telephone interference bulletin
W: www.fcc.gov/cib/Publications/phone.html
I: Enforcement: 202-418-1184  Riley Hollingsworth: rholling@fcc.gov
I: or mail to: FCC   1270 Fairfield Rd   Gettysburg  PA  17325
ARRL programs
I: http://oak.oakland.edu:8080/pub/hamradio/arrl/bbs/programs/
Alinco, Inc.
438 Amapola Ave, Ste 130
Torrance CA 90501
P: 310-618-8616
F: 310-618-8758
W: www.alinco.com
Kenwood Communications Corp
2201 E Domingues St
Long Beach, CA 90801
P: 310-639-5300
F: 310-537-8235
W: www.kenwood.net
ftp://ftp.kenwood.net & http://www.kenwood.net
Kanga US
3521 Spring Lake Dr.
Findly OH 45840
P: 419-423-5643
E: kanga@brutus.bright.net
I: Kits
MCM Electronics
650 Congress Park Dr
Centerville OH 45459-4072
P: 513-434-0031, or 800-543-4330
I: Pigtail Automotive Fuses
CAIG Lab., Inc.
16744 West Bernardo Dr.
San Diego CA 92127
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I: deoxit- 50 pack individually wrapped, 3 wipes- $.75 each 37.50
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P: 20A w meters: $129.95  no meters: $99.95  (MRC 301-470-4266)
I: schematic for RS 12A (no meter)  FAX will be sent 5 min.
Yaesu USA
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Cerritos CA 90703
P: 310-404-2700
Ramsey Electronics, Inc.
793 Canning Parkway
Victor, New York 14564
P: 716-924-4560
I: Kits
Oak Hills Research
div of Milestone Technologies
2460 S Moline Way
Aurora, CO 80014
P: 800-238-8205 or 303-752-3382
F: 303-745-6792
E: qrp@ohr.com
W: www.ohr.com
I: QRP transeiver kits (single band & five bander), QRP Wattmeter II
Hamtronics Inc
65-F Moul Rd
Hilton  NY  
P: 716-392-9430  F: 716-392-9420 
I: TD-4 "LiTZ-capable" selective calling module, kit: $49 or $79 built
Tigertronics, Inc.
400 Daily Ln
P.O. Box 5210
Grants Pass  OR  97527
P: 800-822-9722    541-474-6700
F: 474-6703
E: ? sales  info  ?  @tigertronics.com  (www.tigertronics.com)
I: BayPac Multimode mini packet TNC
Almost All Digital Electronics (AADE)
1412 Elm St SE
Auburn  WA  98092
P: 206-351-9316
I: Inductance/Capacitance- L/C Meter II $80/kit  $100/built + $4 SH
1185 Dolly Parton Pkwy
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E: sales@tentec.com
I: QRP CW Transceiver Kits 80/40/30/20 m 
P.O. Box 46222
Escondido  CA  92029
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E: 75353.2175@compuserve.com
I: 80 to 2 meter mobile antenna $250
TASCO Electronics USA
Box 11106
Honolulu  HI  96828
P: F: 808-524-7788
I: or mainland:
Wyman Research Inc.
8339 S.  850 W.
Waldron  IN  46182
P: 317-525-6452  F: 4810
E: w9ntpdon@ind.tds.net
I: TSC-70U Slow-Scan TV System
Alpha Delta Communications Inc.
Box 620
Manchester  KY  40962
P: 606-598-2029  Fax: 4413
I: Communicatios Model Variable Responce Console $250
I: Tuned port speaker w amp/equalizer for great sound from Ham equipment!
Dynamic Electronics
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W: http://www.hsv.tis.net/~dei
I: 125' wide-bandwidth 80 - 2 meter antenna $129 + $6 shipping
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W: w.cablexperts.com
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The Wireman
W: www.thewireman.com
Antenna Mart Quads
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W: http://www.mtn.org/handiham/
lowfer: 1750-meter band, 160 - 190 kHz, 1W to finals & 15 max length of
        antenna AND feed line for transmitter.
RELM Communications
7505 Technology Dr
West Melbourne  FL  32904
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I: Hand-Held scanners HS-100, HS-200  12/13 bands 100/200 channels
Star Bright
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I: Liquid Electrical Tape in black/red/green/white/clear 4 or 32 Oz cans
Ten Tec
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The Xtal Set Society
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I: Book: Crystal set building and more  $15.95 + 2.50 SH
George Murphy, VE3ERP
77 McKenzie St
Orillia  ON  L3V 6A6
I: HAMCALC Version 31 - $5 US check/money order
I: One-by-One special event callsign
L: http://ncvec.spindle.net/html/show_all.cfm
Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA)
2500 Wilson Blvd
Arlington  VA  22205-3834
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E: http://www.cemacity.org/
I: RFI problems
13737 SE 26th St
Bellevue  WA  98005
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W: www.sgcworld.com  (/products/SGC2020/2020update.htm)
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48 Perimeter Rd
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Small Parts Inc
13980 NW 58th Ct
PO Box 4650
Miami Lakes  FL  33014-0650
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C: Catalog request: 800-423-9009
E: smlparts@smallparts.com
W: www.smallparts.com
I: polycarbon rod, UV resistant for making antennas, coil-supports
Phonex Customer Service
P: 800-437-0101
I: Wireless modems that MIGHT cause HF QRM
Bird Component Products
50 W Jefferson St
Franklyn IN 46131
P: 317-346-6600
F: 317-346-6601
E: sales@bird-electronic.com
W: www.bird-elecronic.com
I: New dummy loads DC-2.4GHz 1.3:1 SWR or lower
I: New RF attenuators as well
League of Young Radio Amateurs Web site
W: http://excellweb.com/users/lyra/
I: young hams
Patcomm Corp
7 Flowerfield, Suite M100
St James  NY  11780
P: 516-862-6512
F: 516-862-6529
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I: Patcomm PC-9000 HF & 6-Meter rig, $800
High Sierra Antennas
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