QST 2004 ARTICLES

December 2004
ANTENNA:  Building a Medium-Gain, Wide-Band, 2 Meter Yagi                33-37
ANTENNA:  Surviving in Suburbia, how I learned... to love simple antenna 47-48
ANTENNA:  The FARApole, protable HF ant for 6 through 20 m, for toting   52-54
ANTENNA:  Spi-Ro AS-2 All-Band Antenna, Spi-Ro Antenna $65 800-728-7594  55-55
ANTENNA:  The Ubiquitous PL-259                                          56-56
ANTENNA:  The "TENNA-TUNE": Simple Control/SWR Indicator 4 Screwdrvr Ant 59-59
REVIEW:   Emtron DX-1d HF Linear Amplifier, Australia, P: 612-92110988   61-63
REVIEW:   A Survey of 2 Meter/70 Centimeter Diplexers                    63-67
SOFTWARE  Programming for the Pocket PC                                  38-42
STORY:    The Christmas Tree, by K9YNF Wayne C. Long                     44-46
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #
UHF/VHF:  A Water Cooled Amplifier for 23 cm                             28-32
December 2004

November 2004
ANTENNA:  Achieving Near Perfection with the Imperfect Rhombic           28-32
ANTENNA:  Antenna Mounts for all Occasions                               56-58
ANTENNA:  Coaxial RF Connectors for Microwaves                           92-94
BOOK:     Antennas From The Ground Up, Vol 2, L.B. Cebik  MFJ-3307  $20  41-41
BOOK:     Build your Own Low-Power Transmitters #9458 $42 [ARRL]         41-41
DOCTOR:   Ground and Ground, baluns, motor-boating, dipoles & 450 ohm LL 54-55
HINTS:    Surface-Mount Tweezers, USB-RS232, Tunning A Wire J-pole(KE3FL)65-65
INTERNET: Internet Killed teh Radio Ham? [HamBlog]                       88-88
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  A 12 V dc Boost Regulator for Battery Operation                37-41
PROJECT:  Head on Down to 60                                             60-60
PRODUCTS: MFJ USB to PC Serial or Parallel Port Adapters, TX switch [MFJ]  101
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-2200H 2 Meter FM Transceiver [ICOM]                    66-68
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-897D & FT-857D MF/HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver TXR 68-71
SAT:      An Economical Satellite Station                                33-36
SHORTAKE: SGC SG-211 Automatic Antenna Tuner [Links]                     59-59
SHORTAKE: Powerport 73 Portable Power Supply [Links]                     63-63
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #22--Stubs                          61-62
TECH:     A Multiband VFO Using the AD-9830 Evaluation Board             72-74
November 2004

October 2004
ANTENNA:  On the Quest for an Ideal Antenna Tuner                        35-39
ANTENNA:  A 10/17 Meter Hanging Loop Antenna                             42-45
ANTENNA:  An SWR Indicator for the MFJ-902 Antenna Tuner (Project)       58-60
ARES:     A Pocket APRS Transmitter, in ALTOIDS tin!                     40-41
DOCTOR:   Ferrite core FT-50-75 & Balun questions                        56-57
HINTS:    Kenwood TS-850(S) Battery Replacement, Improvements to the 2-  66-67
HINTS:    Meter CU LOOP. A Parts Holder for Tower Work, Cure Elusive TVI 66-67
PROJECT:  A High Quality Speaker System for the Ham Shack                28-34
PROJECT:  An SWR Indicator for the MFJ-902 Antenna Tuner                 58-60
PRODUCTS: Searchable ONline CQ Magazine Archive   [Link]                 75-75
REVIEW:   The Elecraft XV144 2 Meter Transverter Kit [Link]              68-71
REVIEW:   WaveNode WN-1 Station Monitoring System [Link]                 71-74
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #21: The L-Network                  62-63
October 2004

September 2004
ANTENNA:  Using Simple Antennas for ISS Contacts                         34-36
ANTENNA:  A 6 Meter Halo                                                 37-39
ANTENNA:  HF Antennas 101, Here are 10 tips every ham should know        56-56
ANTENNA:  Short Takes: DX Engineering Radial Plate [Link]                57-57
ARES:     Public Service: Winlink for ARES-Part II                       74-75
ARRL:     Bandwidth band plans proposed [Link] Fire Tips [Link]           ?
ECHO:     Amateur Satellites: Echo in Orbit: 435.3 dwn/145.920 up Analog 80-80
ECHO:     Amateur Satellites: Echo in Orbit: 435.15dwn/145.860 up Digitl 80-80
HISTORY:  W1AW Vintage/AM Station Ready for Visitors                     41-43
NEW:      Transmit/Receive Microprocessor Controlled Sequencer [Link]    53-53
PROJECT:  The Hapirat - An Audio and computer Control Panel              28-33
PROJECT:  Improved Amplifier Interfaceing for the Yaesu Mark V FT-1000MP 51-53
REVIEW:   A New Generation of Balanced Antenna Tuners: MFJ-974(H)        60-66
REVIEW:   Palstar AT4K & AT1500BAL; E.F. Johnson Matchbox                63-66
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #20: The Differential Amplifier     54-55
TECH:     A Simple Well-balanced Crystal Oscillator                      67-67
September 2004

August 2004
ANTENNA:  The Single Band G5RV (VE3JKC makes one for 17 meters)          39-40
ANTENNA:  A Compact Low frequency Loop Stick Antenna (LF)                41-44
ANTENNA:  Yo-Yo-Vee Portable Antenna, 1, 2, or 3 [Yo-Yo-Vee]             57-57
ANTENNA:  Array Solutions OptiBeam Antennas, rotators, & controller [AS] 57-57
ANTENNA:  QHTenna 2 Meter and 70 cm Turnstiles [Click Here]              60-60
DOCTOR:   is IN: estimating tree height, Parts lookup, Meter water,      53-54
DOCTOR:   Monitoring modulation output with Oscilloscope                 54-54
HINTS:    Microphone holder (magnet), circuit board prep, install ground 62-62
HINTS:    rods, quiet fan, mic A-B switch, Be careful w TV RX screens    62-63
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Heathkit [The rest of the story]                        86-87
INFO:     Fun With QSK (full break-in) (spice up next CW QSO qith QSK)   61-61
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
NEWS:     HAM Radio-carrying Rocket makes it to Margin of Space          72-72
PROJECT:  The Code Player (portable CW practice w microcontroller)       28-31
PROJECT:  Homebrweing a Desk Microphone (N1LGI frying pan handle mic)    37-38
PROJECT:  An RF Driven On-Air Indicator, useful accessory for the shack. 56-57
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES, MixW RigExpert rig interface USB digital modes [R]55-55
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-7800 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, $10,600.              64-70
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #19: Current Sources                58-59
TEACHING: Mentoring in the On-Line World (ARRLs ed programs use mentors) 52-52
TECH:     QST Product Reviews--In Depth, In English (how/what/why...)    32-36
UHF/VHF:  What to Expect on 6 (Summer=soradic E, magic at other times)   49-51
August 2004

July 2004
ANTENNA:  Copper Loops for 222 AND 440 mhZ                               58-62
ARES:     Taking Emergency Communications Training to the Next Level #3  80-82
HINTS:    CO Detector RFI, Key Paddle Hold-down (stop it moving)         65-65
HINTS:    Taming Computer Power Supply Noise, Easy Power Switch Guard    65-66
HINTS:    Alkaline vs Heavy Duty Batts, Save "Fogged" Plastic, H2O proof 66-66
HUMOR:    OLD RADIO, Push to Talk & the Pacent Relay, Museums            88-89
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  The NUE Key--An Electronic Touch Sensor Paddle                 28-31
PROJECT:  A CTCSS Tone Encoder with Morse Code Readout                   32-34
PROJECT:  Remote DC Power Through Your Coax                              35-37
PRODUCTS: Programmable Battery Analyzer from CADEX                       42-42
PRODUCTS: W4RT Announces Controller for Motorized Antennas W4RT          42-42
PRODUCTS: Sounds Sweet Speaker, $99 Sweet                                57-57
REVIEW:   WiNRADiO G303i Shortwave Receiver, card for computer WinRadio  67-70
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-K2AT 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver Kenwood           70-72
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #18: Frequency Response             63-64
TECH:     About FM, learn its fundamentals to demystify FM behavior      38-42
UHF/VHF:  The IF Rig, using a transverter on ICOM IC-756, TT562"6N2", K2 90-91
July 2004

June 2004
ANTENNA:  A 75 foot Top Loaded Vertical ANtenna (for 160 & 80 M)         35-39
ANTENNA:  A Q&D Multiband Antenna                                        58-59
ANTENNA:  Notes on Modeling LPDAS in MiniNEC (L.B.Cebik/W4RNL)           72-73
ARES:     Taking Emergency Communication Training to the Next Level-Prt2 85-86
HINTS:    A Protable Shack (In a cooler, QRP)                            64-65
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  Give That Drake Receiver a New Lease on Life (Crystal Elim)    28-34
PROJECT:  The Ten-Tec 6 Meter Transverter on 12 or 17 Meters             40-44
REVIEW:   Two from Kenwood-TS-480SAT & TS-480HX HF+50 MHz Transceivers   66-71
SOFTWARE: CircuitMaker Student Version (SHORT TAKES)                     60-60
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #17: The Phase-Shift Oscillator     62-63
June 2004

May 2004
ANTENNA:  Shortened End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 80 Meters              28-30
ANTENNA:  A Rugged Broadband Tri-Band VHF-UHF Base Antenna               39-41
ANTENNA:  The Diploe Dilemma (successful QSO from wilderness...)         46-50
HINTS:    Using Linear Potentiometers for Audio Applications             70-70
HISTORY:  The Halli-Twins (Hallicrafters SX-146 RX & HT-46 TX)           54-54
HISTORY:  The ARRL at 90                                                 55-59
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Greenkeys--A Roundup of RTTY                        94-95
INFO:     Byonics TinyTrak3 GPS Position Encoder [Link]                  62-62
PROJECT:  A Delux HF Receiver Multicontroller (Multiple RXers & Antennas)31-38
PROJECT:  The Smart Keyer Lite                                           42-45
PROJECT:  A Data to PC Interface (or...New Life for an Old Mouse)        67-68
REVIEW:   Automatic Antenna Tuners--A Sample of the Field    (AATASF)    71-76
REVIEW:   (AATASF) LDG RT-11 and Z-100 [Home Page] $209 & $149           72-74
REVIEW:   (AATASF) MFJ-991 [Home Page] $360 & $360         75-76
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #16: Switchmode Regulators--Part 2  65-66
UHF/VHF:  Microwavelengths: Noise in Microwave Receivers                 89-90
May 2004

April 2004
ANTENNA:  The Skinny On Antennas (W6BNB gives us the basics)             28-31
ANTENNA:  A Half-Square for 80 and 160 Meters (A good antenna for 160)   32-33
ANTENNA:  Open Wire Feed Line--A Second Look                             34-36
ANTENNA:  The "C Pole"--A Ground Independent Vertical Antenna (20...10m) 37-39
ANTENNA:  Dollars and Decibels (Better antenna vs more power...)         40-42
ANTENNA:  A 3-Band No Trap Dipole for 40, 16, and 6 Meters               43-44
ANTENNA:  HELP DESK: Antenna and Tower Safety                            62-62
ANTENNA:  SHORT TAKES: Arrow Antenna CB 148/450 Corner Beam              63-63
ANTENNA:  SHORT TAKES: Wonder Pole Telescoping Poles (up to 40') [Links] 64-64
ANTENNA:  A 6 Meter Moxon Antenna (...novel 2 element antenna...)        65-69
ANTENNA:  Questions and Answers About Lightning Protection               70-70
ANTENNA:  THE WORLD ABOVE 50 MHz: VHF Aerials                            96-98
ARES:     Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club Traffic Net Certificate Program   90
ARES:     NTS Methods and Practices Guidelines                           90-91
FUN:      ESE--A New Frontier (...Earth-Sun-Earth communication...) ;-)  53-55
HINTS:    Mount Panel Controls Properly, An Easy HomeBrew Burglar Alarm  73-74
HINTS:    Sand Paint Smooth Before Lettering and Decals, More on Labels  74-74
HINTS:    Cleaning Antenna Wire (salt & Vinegar cleans copper!)          74-74
HISTORY:  From Whence Came WAS, WAC and DXCC? (...fascinating history..) 48-52
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: hallicrafters HT-4, to War and Home Again           94-95
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
NEW:      Sherrill Arborist Supply, Big Shot Sling 150' up! [Links]      31-31
NEW:      The Z-100 Autotuner from LDG Electronics $149  [Links]         31-31
NEW:      Z Antenna Systems Compact Loop Antennas  [Links]               31-31
NEW:      New Low Power Auto Tuner from SGC - SG-211, $180 [Links]       31-31
REVIEW:   Elecraft KX1, An Ultra-Portable Multiband CW Transceiver Kit E 75-78
REVIEW:   The Yaesu FT-7800R Dual Band FM Transceiver                    78-81
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #15: Switchmode Regulators--Part 1  71-72
TECH:     Extended-Range Measurements, Power factor, non-unity fixes     82-83
TECH:     A PSK Switch Box                                               83-83
April 2004

March 2004
ANTENNA:  Adventures with Indoor Antennas, W4KVS                         28-30
ANTENNA:  The Classic Multiband Dipole Antenna                           65-65
ANTENNA:  Par Electronics SM-50 6-Meter Stressed Moxon Antenna  [Links]  66-66
ARES:     The Amateur Storm Chaser                                       49-51
HINTS:    Better Feedline-loss Measurements with Antenna Analyzers       67-68
HISTORY:  Once Upon a Califonia Hilltop, rptr pioneer Art Gentry W6MEP   52-55
HISTORY:  The MICAMOLD XTR-1 Transmitter and a Real 1940s Stattion       86-87
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
MOBILE:   Three Flags Mobiling--From ALCAN to Yucatan, Part 2 (DC power) 46-48
NEW:      Guywire Operated Antenna Trolly System (New Products)          101
NEWS:     ARRL Board Seeks Major FCC License Restructuring               42-45
NEWS:     Organization' Comments Augment Alarm over BPL                  75-75
NEWS:     Amateur Satellites: Echo to Launch this Month!                 95-95
PROJECT:  Build a Puff-and-sip Key (cw with your mouth)                  31-32
PROJECT:  ICOM and SGC--A Perfect Match (IC-706 & SG-237 tuner)          33-37
PROJECT:  Rescaling and Customizing Meter Faces                          59-61
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Titan III HF Linear Amplifier, 1500W $3565             70-72
REVIEW:   Kenwood TM-271A 2 Meter FM Transceiver                         72-74
SAT:      An Integrated AO-40 Antenna System                             38-41
SOFTWARE  Getting On-line with Linux                                     92-92
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #14--Optocouplers                   62-63
TECH:     The A&A Engineering 5 A Smart Battery Charger  [Links]         58-58
TECH:     HELP DESK  Schematic Symbols                                   64-64
UHF/VHF:  VHF on the ARRL Web (pg 84 = Clint/W3ARS) [Links]              83-85
mmWave:   Microwave Low Noise Amplifier--Part 2                          90-91
March 2004

February 2004
ANTENNA:  Power and Antenna Gain on 60 Meters (..Hw much pwr can U use?) 36-42
ANTENNA:  A Mobile Antenna Base with Internal Capacitive Matching        43-46
ATV:      Digital Slow-Scan Television (ur radio & computer in ur shack) 47-51
HINTS:    A Pyrite Crystal Radio, Old-Fashion RF Ammeter 4 Ladder Line   74-75
HISTORY:  A Historic Receiver from a Radio Pioneer--Fred Schnell         33-35
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
MOBILE:   Three Flags Mobiling, from ALCAN to Yucatan, part 1            55-57
NEWS:     BPL:                                                           9, 84
PROJECT:  Homebrewing--Surface Mount Style                               28-30
REVIEW:   Elecraft KPA 100: A 100W Upgrade for your E K2 HF Transceiver  76-80
REVIEW:   AOR ARD9800 Digital HF Voice Modem                             80-81
SOFTWARE  PSKMeter (SHORT TAKES) card & software                         66-66
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #13--Attenuators                    69-70
TEACHING: Do you do Zulu?                                                67-68
TECH:     The Well Adjusted Ham (..calibrate your SSB transceiver)       31-32
TECH:     Elecraft XG1 Receiver Test Oscillator/S-Meter Calibrator [Link] 68-68
TECH:     An Automatic Audio Volume Leveler (...help ur AGC...)          71-73
TECH:     Electrovoice 66x Mics, Emergency Power, AC RMS vs Db VOM scale 82-83
February 2004

January 2004
BOOK:     Instruments of Amplification, H. Peter Fredericks AC7ZL        96-96
DOCTOR:   Bringing wires through your car's firewall                     52-
DOCTOR:   Software for drawing a schematic [Links]                         -53
DIGITAL:  Zen and the Casual RTTY Contester                              50-51
HINTS:    A Window-line support, Increase Lamp Life, Tower Footing Hints 63-64
HISTORY:  "...And We Had Crystals" (WW II)                               43-45
HISTORY:  Seeing Things: A Short History of Panoramic Reception          46-47
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Home Brew,  The Omnigraph for CW practice           90-91
INFO:     The Challenge of Being a Little Pistol (...snag some big DX...)48-49
INFO:     Amateur Radio Glossary                                         60-60
mmWave:   The Microwave Low Noise Amplifier--Part 1                      87-88
PROJECT:  The Incredible Saga of a DX-100 Restoration Run Amok           28-32
PROJECT:  Restoring a Homebrew Transmitter                               33-35
PROJECT:  Remote Your Morse Key Using an RF Link                         36-37
PROJECT:  Could You Use a Low Power AC Wattmeter?                        56-59
PRODUCTS: The Super Frequency List on CD-ROM Klingenfuss                 71-71
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Orion Model 565 HF Transceiver (TOTL $3300-3600)       65-70
REVIEW:   SGC ADSP2 Add-on Audio DSP ($180) SGC                          70-71
SOFTWARE  SHORT TAKES: MultiPSK                                          55-55
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio, Experiment #312--Field Effect Transistors      61-62
TECH:     More on the "St Louis Switcher"                                72-73
January 2004

                                 QST 2003 ARTICLES

December 2003
HINTS:    & Kinks: More on Aviation Headsets (July 2003)                 57-57
HINTS:    MIC Gain on the Radioshack HTX-100, Reseal Corrogated Boxes    57-58
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO - Microphones                                        75-76
INFO:     Your Uncle's Meters (Old Uncle Sam's meters)                   33-37
INFO:     DSWK Replacement PIC Chip for Small Wonder Radios, $9          37-37
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
KITS:     New Radio Kits from Kenneke Communications                     91-91
NEW:      Products: 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, $450 StepperIR  63-63
NEW:      Products: Software Defined Transceiver from FlexRadio Systems  63-63
POWER:    Emergency Power at W1ZR                                        41-44
PROJECT:  A Homebrew Condenser Microphone                                28-32
PROJECT:  The PicoKeyer--An Ultra Low Power CW Memory Keyer              38-40
PROJECT:  Front Panel Layout--Another Approach                           54-54
QRP:      POWER - Homebrew QRP (tubes)                                   80-80
REVIEW:   Fluidmotion SteppIR SmallR Vertical Antenna, $60               59-61
REVIEW:   Heil Pro-Set Plus Headset with Boom Microphone                 61-63
SOFTWARE  Pieper Morse Decoding Software with Audio-Spacing              37-37
SOFTWARE  Global Overlay Mapper                                          53-53
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio - Experiment #11--Comparators                   55-56
December 2003

November 2003
ANTENNA:  The Plumber's Half-Square (146MHz)                             38-41
ANTENNA:  Two Bands from One Diploe (HF & 6meters)                       46-47
ANTENNA:  STRAYS: Whistle-free mobile vertical antenna (K3KR)              107
HISTORY:  Hams Redeem Old Transmitter at Fountain of Youth               56-58
INFO:     Web Page for Real Time HF: salsawares.com/propagation          64-64
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  The Simple Superhet, easy to build                             31-37
PROJECT:  Exercise and Ham Radio--Why Not?                               54-55
PROJECT:  An FT-817 Compact Fast Charger                                 69-70
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-703 Plus HF and 6 Meter QRP Transceiver $750 [ICOM]    76-78
REVIEW:   QST Compares: 222MHz FM Transceivers from ADI, Alinco and Kenwood 79
REVIEW:   222MHz: ADI AR-247, Alinco DR-235T, Kenwood TM-331A            79-83
SAT:      AO-40 for Us Appliance Operators (OSCAR 40 satellite is easy)  48-50
SOFTWARE: Short Takes: Amateur Contact Log                               71-71
SPACE:    Two Anniversaries for Ham Radio in Space                       59-60
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio: Experiment #10--Using SCRs  Hands-on-Site      72-73
TECH:     The Dangers of Cathode Keying, Be Careful!                     28-30
TECH:     The 2003 ARRL Frequency Measuring Test                         65-65
UHF/VHF:  MICORWAVELENGTHS: 24 GHz, Transverters etc                     98-99
November 2003

October 2003
ANTENNA:  Designing a Shortened Antenna, loading coils can be used...    28-32
ARES:     PUBLIC SERVICE: APRS and Search and Rescue--Part 2             81-83
HINTS:    Build a Parallel-Wire Dipole (Antenna)                         64-65
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Old Radio Magazines                                 90-91
INFO:     Soldering My Way To 17, ...homebrew phone.                     43-45
INFO:     A Contest Primer                                               48-51
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  Upgrading the Heathkit HP-23 Power Supply                      58-61
QRP:      QRP POWER: The Venerable HW-8                                  89-89
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: Oak Hills Research WM-2 QRP Wattmeter $90 [OHR]   57
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-208H Dual-Band FM Transceiver, mobile, $330 [ICOM]     66-69
REVIEW:   Yaesu VX-2R Miniature Dual-Band Handheld Transciever [Yaesu]   69-71
REVIEW:   MFJ-267 Dry Dummy Load with SWR/Wattmeter [MFJ]                71-72
SOFTWARE  TELPAC--Winlink 2000's New Telnet Packet Bridge                39-42
SOFTWARE  Introduccing...Logbook of The World...to confirm contacts      46-47
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio: Experiment #9--Designing Drivers               62-63
TECH:     The Ins and Outs of a Sound Card, the speaker icon in the ...  33-35
TECH:     Digital Radio Mondiale, Shortwave listening may never be the...37-38
TECH:     Improved Accuracy in Antenna Tuner Evaluation                  73-74
TIPS:     RV Radio, Thousands of hams .. operating from motor home...    52-54
October 2003

September 2003
ANTENNA:  An Easy to Build, Dual-Band Collinear Antenna                  28-29
ANTENNA:  QRP POWER: Atlanticon 2003, PAC-12 Vertical Antenna [Click]    83-83
ARES:     Public Service: APRS and Search and Rescue                     75-77
BPL:      "BPL is a Pandora's Box of Unprecedented Proportions," ARRL    63-63
HINTS:    Kenwood TS-850 Automatic Antenna Tuner Modification            56-56
HINTS:    Will it Fit? (Circuit board in your enclosure)                 57-57
PROJECT:  An Easier Way to Build PC Board Enclosures                     50-52
REVIEW:   Maldol HVU-8 Base-Station Antenna (80-6m) $350 [Click Here]    55-55
REVIEW:   Yaesu VXA-700 Spirit 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver, $420 [Click]67-69
REVIEW:   QST Reviews Two All-Mode Handheld Receivers, ICOM IC-R10,      69-71
REVIEW:   QST Reviews Two All-Mode Handheld Receivers, Yaesu VR-500      71-72
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio Experiment #8--The Linear Regulator             53-54
TECH:     Understanding and Testing Capacito ESR                         30-32
TECH:     Amplifier Care and Maintenance                                 33-37
TECH:     Solid-State Those Pilot Lamps                                  38-39
TECH:     Technical Correspondence: RE "The St Louis Switcher"           73-74
September 2003

August 2003
ANTENNA:  A Dipole Curtain for 15 and 10 Meters                          34-38
ANTENNA:  Optimum Radio Ground Systems                                   39-42
FIX:      Integrated Timer, Hands-on-Radio, Jun 2003 QST Pg 59 set/reset 83
FIX:      The Protector, R13=10kOhm missing (Jun 2003 QST Fig 1 Pg 56)   83
FREQUENCY 60 Meters: Frequently Asked Questions                          44-46
HINTS:    A PIC Programmer for All Computers                             61-62
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  A "Clamped-Bandwidth" Gyrator Audio Filter                     55-57
QRP:      Two groups in one: NorCal & NJQRP = AmQRP                      84-84
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-857 MF/HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, 100W, $850             63-67
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R5 Hand-held Receiver  AM, FM, WFM 150kHz-1.3GHz, $200 67-68
SHORT:    MixW, one-stop shopping for amateur radio digital operating    58-58
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio: Experiment #7 -- Voltage Multipliers           59-60
August 2003

July 2003
ANTENNA:  Put a Big DIsh on AO-40--"The EZ BUD"                          28-32
ANTENNA:  Self-Supporting Tower and Antenna Installation                 33-37
ANTENNA:  MALDOL HVU-8 HF/VHF/UHF Compact Antenna $350                   37-37
ANTENNA:  Short Takes: Buddipole Portable Antenna $195                   86-86
ARES:     Tactical Communications Bridge (Link Communications) $500      37-37
ARES:     PROJECT: An Automatic COR Circuit--Which Radio was That?       54-55
ARES:     Public Service: What's in Your Call-Out Bag? (Go-kit)          73-75
ARRL:     Observing the Official Observers                               47-49
ARRL:     US Amateur Bands (Help Desk)                                   50-50
HINTS:    Hang Wires from Trees Flexibly, Aviation Headsets & Ham gear   59-59
HINTS:    Battery Charging Supplies, Home Brew Rubber Duck, 6M antenna   60-60
HISTORY:  Old Radio: A Spy Radio RS-6, RR-6                              83-84
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 80pts, pg 75                                75-75
PROJECT:  Delayed Turnoff Fan Control                                    38-40
QRP:      Hot Rodding the NorCal NC-40A (2W to 4W)                       85-85
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Electronic Snap Circuits                          56-56
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-703 HF Transceiver $680                                61-64
REVIEW:   Alinco DR-620T VHF/UHF FM Transciver $340                      65-67
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio Experiment #6--Rectifiers and Zener References  57-58
July 2003

June 2003
ANTENNA:  Small Yagi, 10-M Vertical Dipole (The Doctor is IN)            52-53
EMI/RFI:  The Doctor is IN, TV RFI explained, 10 m Vertical dipole       52-53
HINTS:    A Yaesu VX-5R To Kenwood VC-H1 Interface, "X-ray" a PC board   61-62
PROJECT:  An Affordable Az-El Positioner for Small Antennas              28-34
PROJECT:  The FARA HF Project (complete 30W amplifier)                   35-39
PROJECT:  The Protector (a power supply monitor for your rig)            55-58
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-2800M 2-Meter FM Transceiver $160                     63-65
REVIEW:   NCS-3240 Multi-Switcher $280, pwr: $13                         66-67
REVIEW:   MFJ-461 Pocket CW Reader $80                                   67-68
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio Experiment #5-The Integrated Timer              59-60
TECH:     The Transverter--An Introduction to a Useful Device            40-42
TECH:     More on the Ribbon J-Pole Antenna                              69-70
June 2003

May 2003
ANTENNA:  A Small Portable Dipole for Field Use (uses Hamstick antennas) 33-34
ANTENNA:  The Black Widow--A Portable 15 Meter Beam                      35-39
ANTENNA:  A VHF/UHF Discone Antenna (144, 222, 440 MHz)                  40-41
BOOK:     The North Georgia QRP Club Compendium Volume 1                 39-39
HINTS:    Ground-Rod Installation, Inexpensive & Easy, cure worn labels  61-62
HISTORY:  Old Radio: The National NC-183D                                88-89
INTERNET: From Ether to Ethernet (wired networks)                        28-32
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 77 (138 points)                             77-77
PROJECT:  A Modern GDO--The "Gate" Dip Oscillator                        54-58
QRP:      The RockMite (QRP Power)                                       86-87
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-897 MF/HF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver  ($950-base)       63-67
REVIEW:   SteppIR 3-element Yagi Antenna (14-50 MHz @ $1100)             67-69
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #4--Active Filters                  59-60
May 2003

April 2003
ANTENNA:  My Antenna is a Compromise--and It Works!                      59-61
HINTS:    A Push-Button Memory Antenna Tuner for $2, key amp, Help HF RX 65-66
HISTORY:  Proving the QRP Equation: 1W + RI = 1000 W + FL                55-56
NEW:      ADSP2 From SGC - DSP module for SGC SG-2020 rig                98-98
NEW:      Noise-Canceling Speaker From GAP Antenna Products ~$???        98-98
QRP:      The RockMite--A Simple Transceiver for 40 or 20 Meters         35-38
QRP:      POWER  The Sierra--a QRP Success Story ~215 - 369 (0-6 bands)  89-90
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Argonaut V MF/HF Transceiver Model 516  ~$800          67-71
REVIEW:   RIGblaster Pro TX/computer I/O  ~$300                          71-72
SOFTWARE  Beginners' Computer Programming for Ham Radio, Part 3...       39-44
SOFTWARE  Short Takes: SkySweeper sound-card PC signal analysis/decoding 62-462
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #3--Basic Operatinal Ampilfiers     63-64
TECH:     High Speed Multimedia Radio (Data, voice, & video...)          28-34
YL:       News  A Very Special YL  (Helen Cloutier Schmock) SK-2002      91-91
April 2003

March 2003
ANTENNA:  Work OSCAR 40 with Cardboard Box Antennas!                     57-62
DIGITAL:  Digital Audio Broadcasting Has Arrived--the Story of WOR       28-31
DOCTOR:   Additive RF Exposure Calculations, Key clicks explained        55-56
HINTS:    & Kinks: An Improved Resistor, termination roll ur own         66-67
INFO:     The ARRL Field Organization Something for Everyone             50-54
INFO:     MICROWAVELENGTHS: Making Those Microwave QSOs                  82-83
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 79                                          79-79
PROGRAM:  Beginners' Computer Programming for Ham Radio  Part 2          36-42
PROJECT:  Of Mics and Men, inexpensive piezoelectric crystal + some work 32-35
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-2720H Dual-Band FM Transceiver, mobile $480 [ICOM]     68-70
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-S40T UHF Handheld Transceiver alinco.com, $90        70-72
SOFTWARE  AALog (Short Takes) $49 W: [dxsoft.com Home Page]              63-63
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio, Experiment #2--The Emitter-Follower Amplifier  64-65
March 2003

February 2003
ANTENNA:  Portable in Paradise: Cruse Ship DXing (. N6TST Tarvel Mount)  28-31
ANTENNA:  The DBJ-1: A VHF-UHF Dual-Band J-Pole                          38-40
INTERNET: VoIP and Amateur Radio                                         44-47
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121                92+121
PROJECT:  Add Remote Control to Your ICOM Transceiver                    41-43
PROJECT:  The Load Shedder                                               61-63
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Zapchecker (RF meter)                             60-60
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Gregoire TR-2000 Communications Headset           64-64
REVIEW:   QST Reviews Five High-Power Antenna Tuners, ATR-30, MFJ-986    69-76
REVIEW:   5 High-Power Antenna Tuners, AT1500CV, Ten-Tec 238A, HFT-1500  69-76
SOFTWARE  Beginner's Computer Programming for Ham Radio                  32-37
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio: Exoeriment #1-The Common-Emmiter Amplifier     65-66
TECH:     Optimizing the Heathkit HW-101, SB100-102 Transceivers         77-78
TECH:     More on Another, Cheaper Automatically "Safe" Charger          78-78
February 2003

January 2003
BOOK:     The Low Frequency Experimenter's Handbook, www.arrl.org/shop   105
DOCTOR:   Coax questinos, burial, moisture. Balun 1:1 or 1:4 how tell?   53-54
HINTS:    Battery-Charger Polarity Plpus or Minus?,                      61-61
HINTS:    A Handy way to install insulators on loop antennas             61-61
HINTS:    More on saving parts from PC boards, Pb safety first!          61-62
HINTS:    Using SWR to measure line losses, More on Homebrew labels      62-62
HISTORY:  Amateur Radio and the Rise of SSB                              45-47
HISTORY:  Vibroplex--The Company and its Classic Key                     48-49
HISTORY:  Harold Collins and his Wonderful 75A-1                         50-52
HISTORY:  Vintage QRP                                                    83-84
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO, Saving History                                      86-87
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121                92+121
PROJECT:  A Compact 100-W Z-Match Antenna Tuner                          28-30
PROJECT:  A 222 MHz Transverter for the Yaesu FT-817                     31-38
PROJECT:  - Figure A Simple Power Measurement, Simple RF Detector        38-38
PROJECT:  The Two Tube Tuna Tin Transmitter (T5)                         39-42
PROJECT:  Restoring a Heathkit (HW-12 SSB transceiver)                   56-58
PROJECT:  Hands On radio, Let's Get Started. Equipment you'll need.      59-61
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-T90A Triband Handheld Transceiver                      63-65
REVIEW:   Peet Ultimeter 2100 Weather Station                            66-68
SOFTWARE  TRX-Manager for rig control                                    55-55
UHF/VHF:  Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away! (Using them to scatter/relay sigs)  88-89
January 2003

                                 QST 2002 ARTICLES

December 2002
ANTENNA:  The Gamma Match--An Overview                                   35-38
ANTENNA:  Try Copper for 2 Meters -- The Cu Loop                         46-48
ANTENNA:  The Gamma Match--An Overview                                   35-38
DOCTOR:   VCR Parts for Spectrum Analyzer (www.arrl.org/tis)             60-60
HINTS:    Circuitworks Tools for Circuit Repair (www.hosfelt.com)        64-64
KE3FL:    Field Day listing: 1B-1 Op Battery  5   5   1   250   MDC      105
PROJECT:  The EQ5+ Microphone Equalizer                                  39-45
QRP:      Build the "No Excuses" QRP Transceiver                         28-34
QRP:      Testing, Testing... (test equipment)                           88-88
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-8900R Quad Band FM Transceiver ($450)                 65-68
REVIEW:   RadioShack HTX-420 Dual-Band Handhelp Transceiver ($270)       69-70
REVIEW:   MFJ-890 DX Beacon Monitor ($100)                               70-71
SAT:      OSCAR 40 on 24 GHz                                             55-56
TECH:     Linked Repeater Systems: The Missing Links                     49-51
TECH:     Another Cheaper Automatically "safe" Charger (by KE3FL)        72-73
TIPS      Panel Layout with Microsoft PwerPoint                          61-62
December 2002

November 2002
ARES:     Short Takes, Honda EU2000i Generator                           61-61
DOCTOR:   TX requires high impedance mic                                 59-59
EME:      The Journey to EME on 24 GHz                                   43-47
FOX:      The N0GSG DSP Radio Direction Finder                           28-33
INFO:     Low Power, Great Signals (Microwavelengths)                    90-91
INTERNET: A Ham Radio Public Utility HF Station (Internet remote on air) 39-42
PROJECT:  A High Performance, Low COst 1.8 to 54 MHz Low Pass Filter     34-38
PROJECT:  The Rotormapic (rotator direction on a map!)                   62-66
QRP:      QRP POWER: My Mistress, the FT-817 (Yaesu)                     92-93
REVIEW:   ACOM 1000 HF + 6-Meter Linear Amplifier                        70-72
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-296T 222 MHz VHF FM Transceiver                      72-73
REVIEW:   Palstar R30 Shortwave Receiver                                 74-75
SOFTWARE  ACE-HF "propagation-prediction software for the rest of us!"   67-
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!
November 2002

October 2002
ANTENNA:  An Inexpensive External GPS Antenna                            36-39
DOCTOR:   Switching Power Supply, LM2596, J-Pole Antenna Equations       57-58
HINTS:    Using Surplus Meters, Making a Ameter/Voltmeter                63-64
HISTORY:  Ham TV in 1930
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121                92+121
PROJECT:  The Triple-Play Transmit-Receive Switch                        60-62
REVIEW:   The Yaesu VX-7R Handheld Transceiver                           65-67
REVIEW:   Force 12 Sigma-5 Five-Band Vertical Dipole Antenna             67-68
SOFTWARE  Linux, Software Radio and the Radio Amateur                    33-35
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!
WRKBENCH: The ARRL Frequency Measuring Tests, What the Heck is Zero Beat?51-54
October 2002

September 2002
ANTENNA:  A Very Small Array (SETI League antenna tests)                 28-30
ANTENNA:  Practical High Performance HF Log Periodic Antennas            31-37
HINTS:    Rotating Pegboard Storage, Soldering-Iron Controller           55-56
PROJECT:  Build a Badger (CW light/sound ID card)                        49-51
QSL:      SHORT TAKES: GOwin                                             52-52
REVIEW:   The Kenwood UT-20 1.2 GHz Module for the TS-2000               57-59
REVIEW:   M2 23CM22EZA 1.2 GHz Antenna                                   59-61
REVIEW:   ICOM PS-125 Power Supply (switcher, ~50mV noise w 20A load)    62-62
SOFTWARE  SHORT TAKES: NuMorse Professional version 1.30                 54-54
SUN:      Understanding Solar Indices                                    38-
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!
September 2002

August 2002
ANTENNA:  An Horizontal Loop for 80-Meter DX                             30-35
ANTENNA:  Lightning Protection for the Amateur Station, Part-3           53-55
BATTERY:  The Doctor is in: 12V Sealed Lead Acid charging basics         52
HINTS:    Use a Drip Loop to Keep Water Out, by KE3FL                    56
HISTORY:  The 1937 Haynes RSR Clipper                                    77
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121                92+121
PROJECT:  The "No Fibbin'" RF Field Strength Meter                       28-29
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V Field HF Transceiver, $2400             59-61
REVIEW:   Low-Pass Filter Roundup: Gold Line 1089, 1089S, Vecronics      62-64
SOFTWARE  The Doctor is In: Radio Designer: Serenade freeware            51
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!
August 2002

July 2002
ANTENNA:  A Simple and Portable HF Vertical Travel Antenna               28-31
ANTENNA:  K8SYL's 75 and 10-Meter Dipole                                 32-34
ANTENNA:  The N4GG Array (nearly invisible wire antenna)                 35-39
ANTENNA:  The K4VX Linear-Loaded Dipole for 7 MHz                        40-42
ANTENNA:  Lightning Protection for the Amateur Station, Part-2           48-52
HINTS:    Improve Audio, Making an LED Audible, TM-D700 Mike Extension   53-54
HISTORY   The Harvey-Wells Bandmaster                                    78-78
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 68 (78)    Section News: 97                 68+97
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-V8000 VHF FM Transceiver                               55-56
REVIEW:   QST Compares HF/VHF Wattmeters                                 57-60
July 2002

June 2002
ANTENNA:  The NVIS- A Low Antenna for Regional Communications (ARES! HF) 28-30
ANTENNA:  Lightning Protection for the Amateur Station, Part-1           56-59
ANTENNA:  Tri-Band H-T Antenna from MALDOL $50, CA 800-962-2611          56-59
ANTENNA:  Aluminum-Foil Antennas: The "Catfish" Yagi -Tech Correspondence   69
ERROR:    May QST 2002 pp65-68 What Can You Do with A Dip Meter? eq fix     69
HINTS:    More on the ASTATIC D-104 (microphone) circuits to use it      61-62
HISTORY:  The First Field Day                                            44-45
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: "The Fight of the Century"                             85
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports:      and   Section News: 97                    97
PROJECT:  The EZ-Tuner, Part 3-advice on how to build this amazing tuner 33-36
QRP:      Lust at First Sight - Yaesu FT-817 HF/50/144/430 MHz Txer         84
REVIEW:   WIRES: The New Vertex Standard Repeater Interlink                 55
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-596T Dual-Band FM/Digital Hand-Held Transceiver $302 63-67
REVIEW:   MFJ-1275 Sound Card Radio Interface                               67
SAT:      Satellite DXing "To Go"                                        40-43
SOFTWARE  Introduction to Winlink 2000 (links V/UHF packet networks)     31-32
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!
TECH:     The ICOM 765PRO-A Cure for the Rumble (low freq audio)         68-69
June 2002

May 2002
ANTENNA:  A 6-Meter Quad-Turnstile (omnidirectional, Horz polarized)     42-46
ANTENNA:  One Stealthy Delta (In the trees) with SGC tuner               47-48
ANTENNA:  Multiband Antennas for the FT-817 |BuildIt|mfj|mfj|enterprises|0|          59
HINTS:    Coiling Wire or Rope without Kinks                             70-71
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO - Tube Lore                                             92
INFO:     Long Lasting Contact Cleaner from GAIG Labs, Deoxit |BuildIt|caig|ca|ig|0| 34
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
PROJECT:  The EZ-Tuner, Part 2-Peek under the hood & see...              28-34
PROJECT:  The St Louis Switcher (inexpensive bench supply)               35-38
PROJECT:  A Microphone Adapter for the IC-706                            39-41
QRP:      POWER Potpourii (Passive CW Filters)                           95-96
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-746PRO HF/VHF Transceiver                              72-78
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! Tests Test (About VE session)                69
TEACHING: MICROWAVELENGTHS (Why do mixers need filters?)                 93-94
TECH:     What Can You Do with a Dip Meter? (see June QST Pg 69)         65-68
May 2002

April 2002
ANTENNA:  A "One-Masted Sloop" for 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meters, sloping loop 44-46
ANTENNA:  A Balanced, Everyday Approach to All-Band Bliss (LL & loop)     47-50
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 78   and   Section News: 97 (70pts)         92+121
NEW:      Professional Audio Tools from NTI, www.nt-instruments.com       91
NEW:      The ZAP Checker www.zapchecker.com - RF field meter, $89        91
PUBLIC:   A New Season for Public Service Honor Roll                      77-78
PROJECT:  AMRAD Low Frequency Upconverter (Use your HF transceiver...)    34-39
PROJECT:  The EZ-Tuner (Part 1--Could this be one of the most versatile.  40-43
PROJECT:  A Lightning Detector for the Shack                              59-61
PROJECT:  HINTS & KINKS: A DX-Beacon Clock, Knwd ts-570 filters psk31     63-64
QRP:      QRP Power Vitage QRP                                            84
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Electric Radio Antenna Tuning Meter                58
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-X2000 Wide Range Scanning Receiver ($835, st: $500)   65-69
TECH:     Unexpected Long-Term resistance Increases in Resistors          70-71
TECH:     RE: Get on 222 MHz with a Ten-Tec 1210 Transverter!             71
April 2002

March 2002
ANTENNA:  Taming the Trap Dipole (The Noise Bridge)                       28-30
DIGITAL:  A Quality Sound Card Interface for ICOM Rigs  (Project)         31-37
DIGITAL:  I-Link, the .WAV of the Future                                  38-42
DIGITAL:  Enhance Your PSK31 Warbling Experience (Project)                52-54
HINTS:    Reducing Hiss in the LM-386, Cure Audio Hum, A Solder-Spool Holder 57
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: (79) and   Section News: 117 [KE3FL: 0]     97+117
QRP:      Tropical Storm Barry Proves Minimalist Radio wrks in Emerg, Too 82-83
REVIEW:   Ranger Communications RCI-5054DX 6-Meter Transceiver            71-74
REVIEW:   Maha MH-C777 and MH-C777 PLUS Battery Chargers                  75-76
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! Traffic/Emergency/Communications X-word       56
TECH:     Microwavelengths: Gunnplexers                                   96-97
March 2002

February 2002
ANTENNA:  A Portable Twin-Lead 20-Meter Dipole                           36-37
APRS:     Build an APRS Encoder Tracker                                  28-32
DOCTOR:   [RF Safety Link]                                               60-60
DOCTOR:   [RFI-Car Home Page]                                            60-60
DIGITAL:  Digital Voice: An Update and Forcast                           38-41
HINTS:    A Compressin Capacitor for QRP Transmitters                    67-68
HINTS:    More on Determining Transistor ans Diode Leads with an Ohmmeter68-68
HINTS:    More on Goo Removers, RS HTX202 & HTX404 battery replacement   68-69
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO, Learning the Code                                   100/1
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 90(87) and Section News: 113 (4/87)         92+121
NEW:      Alinco DJ-596 2/440 w digital voice, PSK31 30/40-M kits        107/7
PROGRAM:  The Return of the Slide Rule Dial                              33-35
PROJECT:  A CW Generator and Audio Distribution System for Students      62-64
QRP:      QRP Power, PSK31: HF Fun and Excitement (80-M Warbler kit)     103/4
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-756PROII HF/6-Meter Transceiver                        70-75
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTV-1000 6-Meter Transverter                             76-78
SOFTWARE  UI-View (APRS computer maps)                                   66-66
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! Filtering and Tuning                      65-65
TECH:     Stabilant 22 Contact Enhancer, DW Electrochecmicals            35-35
TECH:     Matching Electrically Small Antennas (KM5KG RF Network Designr)79-81
February 2002

January 2002
ANTENNA:  Six Meters from Your Easy Chair (made from old lawn chair!)    33-34
ANTENNA:  Six Meters from Your Easy Chair (made from old lawn chair!)    33-34
ARES:     RADIOS TO GO: Prepared. A state of readiness                   98-98
BOOK:     The Hannibal Files (Fiction 1940 & 1960 plane crashes)         47-47
DIGITAL:  Build Your Next Computer-ADIY Guide to Today's PC Technology   53-61
DOCTOR:   RF Safety for High Power EME Stations, Bazooka Antennas        51-52
FM/RPT:   The Drake TR-22: An FM Classic                                 48-50
FM/RPT:   DIGITAL DIMENSION: Put a Repeater Controller in Your Computer  99-99
HELPDESK: The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide                     66-66
HINTS:    Winter Antenna Hint, Raise your Push-up Mast Safely, ...       67-67
HINTS:    Long Life for Push-up Masts, Add Safety & Comfort Tower Climbg 67-68
HINTS:    Rotator Gear Protection, Stealthy Antenna Wire,                68-68
HINTS:    Stealthy Ladderline, Measuring an Unknown Impedance, again!    69-69
HINTS:    Guy Wire Saftey                                                69-69
HISTORY:  The Age of the Autodyne (when regenerative receiver was king)  43-45
HISTORY:  Never test a Transistor with an Ohmmeter (transistor in AmRad) 63-64
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: A 1927 TGTP Transmitter                             96-97
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 87   and   Section News: 117               87+117
MICROWAV: Microwavelengths, Q & A                                        94-95
MODES:    Digital Voice: The Next New Mode?                              28-32
PROJECT:  A Compact, Direct-Digital VFO                                  35-38
QRP:      New Products: Four-Band Module for the Elecraft K1 Transceiver 77-77
QRP PWR:  The Elecraft K1 Transceiver Kit Elecraft                       100/0
REVIEW:   WiNRADIO WR-1550i Computer-Based Communications Receiver WinRd 70-73
REVIEW:   Yaesu VL-1000 Quadra Linear Amplifier (1000W Transistors)      74-76
SOFTWARE  Short Takes: Two from IZ8BLY: Stream and Vox Recorder          65-65
January 2002

                                 QST 2001 ARTICLES

December 2001
EMI/RFI:  Tracking RFI, Locate & Fix Power-Line Interference             68-69
EMI/RFI:  Part 15 Devices (The World Above 50 MHz)                       82-83
FIELDDAY: Results 2001 ARRL Field Day (KE3FL: 109)                      99-110
HINTS:    A POOR MAN's ANEMOMETER                                        59-60
HISTORY:  Across Oceans of Time (Marconi)                                45-47
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 79   and   Section News: 123               79+123
POWER:    Honey, They've Shrunk the Batteries!                           31-35
PROJECT:  A PC Keyboard Interface for the Kenwood D700                   42-44
PROJECT:  HINTS & KINKS: A Poor Man's Anemometer                         59-60
REVIEW:   Short Takes: RIGblaster Plus                                   56-56
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: The Protector (RF-Power Protector)                58-58
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-F6A Triband FM Handheld Transceiver, RX: 0.1-1.3MHz 61-65
REVIEW:   Cushcraft A627013S 6-Meter/2-Meter/70-Cm Yagi Antenna          65-67
RULES:    How Amateurs Are Affected by Non-Part 97 Rules (Wash Mailbox)  86-87
SAT:      Amateur Satellites: In the Beginning of Maateur Radio in Space 90-90
SOFTWARE  WSJT: New Software for VHF meteor-Scatter Communication        36-41
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  "Board to Tears"                         57-57
TECH:     Some JavaScript to Foil Spammers! (KE3FL)                      69-70
TECH:     A Cure for Recurrent Insensitivity in GE Master II Repeaters   70-70
TECH:     QRP Power, Mission Impossible? (SSB & how to balanced mic.)    92-93
December 2001

November 2001
ANTENNA:  A Protable 2-Element Triban Yagi                               35-37
DOCTOR:   http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/pdf/9505088.pdf - Watts It All Abt  -50
EMI/RFI:  ARRL Helps Clear the Air in Line Noise Cases, |BuildIt|rfi|ar|rl|2|     70-71
HINTS:    A Battery-Saving Timer Circuit, More on Restoring Plastic      60-61
& KINKS:  Windows on Radios & Gear, More on an Improved Connection to    61-61
HINTS:    RG-6 CATV Coax (pk - KE3FL), Finding a Break in Multiconductor 61-62
& KINKS:  Cable                                                          62-62
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 78/73  &   Section News: 107               78+107
MEM:      A Moonbounce Odyssey 2001                                      38-43
PROJECT:  Updating the W1FB 80-Meter "Sardine Sender"                    54-56
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-V8 2-Meter FM Handheld Transceiver                     63-66
REVIEW:   Super Antennas MP-1 Portable Travel Antenna (6 - 40m, 80m add) 66-69
SOFTWARE  Short Takes: HamAlyzer 2.0 (www.HamAlyzer.com + audio card)    57-57
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! ..."draw" on your graphics expertise...   58-58
TECH:     The HELP Desk: Q Signals (a nice list!)                        53-53
November 2001

October 2001
ANTENNA:  An LPDA for 2 Meters Plus, high-perfomance 2-m ant with bonus  42-46
AUTHOR:   Fame, Glory and $65 a Page - become a QSt Author!              54-55
BATTERY:  The Micro M+ Charge Controller                                 28-31
DIGITAL:  New Life for Old Laptops, new HDs more RAM etc                 58-63
FEEDBACK: Update on the Pfeiffer Quad System, Sept 2001 Pg59             49-49
HINTS:    Yaesu FT-920 Automatic-Tuner Tricks, online & GPS Grid-Squars  66-67
HINTS:    More on Schematic Drawing Software - download URL (bad URL)    68-68
HISTORY:  Old Radio: A 1927 Homebrew Receiver                            99-99
INFO:     Back to School, math class builds antenna & makes contacts     47-49
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 87/74  &   Section News: 115               92+121
PROJECT:  Uncle Albert's Touch Pad Keyer                                 32-38
QRP:      How Much is Too Little? The Wilderness SST                     94-95
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Model 526 6N2 Multimode VHF Transceiver, $700          70-74
REVIEW:   Ranger Communications RCI-2970DX 10/12-Meter Transceiver       74-77
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! Make me a Matchmaker, antenna matching    65-65
TECH:     Regarding "A Simple Fixed Antenna For VHF/UHF Satellite Work"  78-79
YL:       YL News: Questions Yield Universal Answers                     102
October 2001

September 2001
ANTENNA:  The AMRAD Active LF Antenna (20kHz - 20MHz)                    31-37
ANTENNA:  Update on the Pfeiffer Quad System                             59-61
BOOK:     Short Range Wireless Communication $50 540-567-2000 LLH Tec Pu 95-95
CORRESPO: Correspondence, A Cautionary Tale (RF frm cloths dryer)        24-24
CORRESPO: Correspondence, Hazardous and Illegal use of Radar             25-25
HINTS:    & KINKS: A Better Solder-Removal Tool, Monel Wire...Antenna    64-65
HINTS:    & KINKS: Determining Transistor and Diode Leads with an Ohmmeter  65
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 86   and   Section News: 119               86+119
PROJECT:  The Digital Meter Supply                                       28-30
QRP:      Radios To Go, Pick a Pack of HF (small HF QRP rigs)            99-99
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Model 416 Titan II HF Amplifier $3000                  76-78
REVIEW:   AOR TDF-370 DSP Multi-Media Terminal $330                      78-80
SATs:     OSCAR 40 on Mode U/S-No Excuses!                               38-41
SOFTWARE  PropMan 2000 (Propagation Resource Manager)                    58-58
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (A crash of "symbols")                    62-62
September 2001

August 2001
ANTENNA:  A Simple Fixed Antenna for VHF/UHF Satellite Work              38-41
ANTENNA:  HINTS & KINKS - A 2-Meter Sleeve-Dipole Antenna (Mobile)       68-69
DIGITAL:  PSK31 Audio Beacon (build this progarmmable single-chip...     28-33
HISTORY:  Opening Lines: A Short History of Coaxial Cable                62-64
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 88   and   Section News: 121               88+121
PROJECT:  The WBR Receiver (Build this simple receiver and "bridge"...   34-37
QRP:      QRP Power: A Pickup with Pizzazz (Mobile HF QRP)               102-3
QSL:      The ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau System/The Outgoing QSL Service   66-67
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-7100M Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver                 70-73
REVIEW:   Ameritron ALS-600 Solid State No Tune FET Amplifier            73-76
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (A component you need for a project...    65-65
TECH:     Comments on: How to Maximize Your receiver's Effective Sel...  77-79
August 2001

July 2001
ANTENNA:  A Three Element Lightweight Monobander for 14 MHz              28-31
ANTENNA:  The Miracle Whip: A Multiband QRP Antenna                      32-35
ANTENNA:  A Three-Element "Monobander" for 17-10 m--with Two Eles on 20! 36-41
ANTENNA:  QRP-France with a "Junk Box Shorty Forty" Antenna              66-68
DOCTOR:   is IN - Dipole, folded, bent, etc                              64-65
DX:       Tracking Down QSL Info for Chinese Stations                    93-94
FIX:      for QST June 2001, "Doctor is IN" Speaker switching in a car   31-31
HINTS &:  Kinks - Vacuum-tube filament voltage, For a clean FIST, clean  71-71
HINTS &:  Kinks - External keying for Icom IC-706 MKI, Multi-Diode clipr 72-72
HINTS &:  Kinks - Finding lost parts, Greasing rotators, restor plastic  72-73
HISTORY:  Fessenden Lost and Found (A radio pioneer, Reginald Fessenden) 49-52
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
MOBILE:   From the Inbox - HF in Ford Explorer, Antenna & radio mounting 98-98
OldRadio: The Allure of Novice Stations, The Conar Twins                 102/3
QRP:      Antenna Time, 40 m Appalachian Trail dipole, NorCals BLTuner     100
REVIEW:   The Kenwood TS-2000 All-Mode Multiband Transceiver  $2200+     74-81
REVIEW:   The Video-Lynx 434 Micro ATV Transmitter (433.98MHz, 63mW)     81-81
SAT:      Getting Started with AMSAT-OSCAR 40                            42-45
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Satellite Answers, u pick the question)  70-70
July 2001

June 2001
ANTENNA:  Gain without Pain--A Beam Antenna for Field Day                44-47
ANTENNA:  The Arkabsas Catfish Dipole                                    67-68
ANTENNA:  Antenna and Tower Safety                                          91
ANTENNA:  Antenna Aesthetics                                                97
DX:       The Spot Grabber (Catch DX on local packet cluster) Project    28-35
HINTS:    Hints & Kinks - A Radio/Data Interface Connection,                70
HINTS:    Rubber Skirts for Small Knobs, More on Solar Power Tips           71
HINTS:    A Two-Battery Solution for Mobiles, Engine Hoist Lifts Tower   71-72
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 88   and   Section News: 115               92+121
PROJECT:  Simple RF-Power Measurement (nanwatts to 100 W - homebrew)     38-43
REVIEW:   Short Takes Heil Sound HS-706 Headset                          66-66

REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Jupiter HF Transceiver, Yaesu VR-5000 Comm Receiver    63-79
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  hamfest-season crossword                 69-69
TECH:     Some thoughts on the world's smallest code-practice oscillator    80
TECH:     New DSP-10 Software Available, tracking down Neighborly RFI    80-81
June 2001

May 2001
ARES:     EMCOMM Operations in a Helecopter Environment                  89-90
DOCTOR:   What is phase? Moonbounce, digital recording using computer    62-62
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Build Your Own 1920s Transmitter                    100-1
HINTS:    The Mathe is easy & Wall Warts, Kitchen RFI Source...          71-73
INFO:     A Beginners Guide to Transmission-Line & Antenna-Tuner Modeling34-37
INFO:     Working Split: What's the Secret?                              63-64
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 91   and   Section News: 121               92+121
PACKET:   BEACONet (Use packet to identify VHF openings)                 38-42
PROJECT:  An Automatic Sealed-Lead-Acid Battery Charger                  43-47
QRP:      Rescaling the MRX-40 Receiver for 80 Meters                    98-99
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-910H VHF/UHF Mulitmode Transceiver                     74-77
REVIEW:   DB6NT MKU 10 G2 10-GHz Transverter Kit                         78-80
SOFTWARE  N4PY Pegasus Control Program, version 1.45                     65-65
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Just a bit about bytes...)               69-69
UHF/VHF:  Get on 222 MHz with a Ten-Tec 1210 Transverter                 28-33
May 2001

April 2001
ANTENNA:  Laser Generated Antennas (April Fool!)                         28-29
ANTENNA:  The NJQRP Squirt (reduced size 80-m ant for small lots)        40-43
ANTENNA:  The Care and Feeding of a Condo Antenna Farm                   64-66
ATV:      TV on 10                                                       68-71
DIGITAL:  Revisiting: Clean Up Your PSK31 Signal                            83
EMI/RFI:  The Saga of Unshielded Wires (RFI is RFI no matter ... era..   61-62
FOX:      The NVARC FoxFinder (Kit available, $60)                       35-39
HISTORY:  Winds Aloft (When Radio Free Europe Flew leaflet Baloons)      49-52
HISTORY:  The Legacy of the Globe King                                   102/3
INFO:     Safe Computing (on the web)                                    47-48
INFO:     2001 Super Frequency List CD-ROM                                  63
INFO:     Internaltional Third-Party Traffic                                67
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 113               92+113
QRP:      Impressions of the Elecraft K2 Transceiver Elecraft               99
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-817 Multiband Multimode Transciever (QRP 160m-70cm)   75-80
REVIEW:   MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer                        81-82
STAMP:    Bridge the Digital Divide--Basically (BASIC STAMP)             30-34
SOFTWARE  Quickloop A Loop-Array Modeling Aid (loop data forNEC)            73
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Hw mny .. companies & radios u remember?)...72
April 2001

March 2001
DIGITAL:  The Warbler--A Simple PSK31 Transceiver for 80 Meters          37-41
FOX:      A Simple TRF Receiver for Tracking RFI                         32-36
HINTS &:  Adding a Trickle-Charger mode to ... wall-transformer charger  58-58
HINTS &:  Protecting Coax Connections  (|BuildIt|w3ib|sr|ic|0|)                   59-59
HISTORY:  The Great Paper Chase (collecting old catalogs & ads)          42-43
HISTORY:  Hallicrafters' Chevy, Buick and Cadillac                       48-51
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 97   and   Section News: 115               92+121
KITS:     Classic Kits--Unbuilt or Rebuilt                               28-31
KITS:     Product Review: Elecraft K-1 QRP CW Transceiver Kit Elecraft   72-76
KITS:     Product Review: Idiom Press Rotor-EZ with RS-232, Kit          77-79
MOBILE:   RADIOS TO GO: The Quest for Power--Finale                        107
QRP:      QRP POWER: The Big Five (QRP clubs)                              108
SAT:      Tricks, Hints and Tips for the Portable Satellite Operator     55-57
SOFTWARE  SHORT TAKES: DX4WIN/32, loging, awards, labels, control...       105
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! QSLs and awards ...                       54-54
TEACHING: How to Maximize Your receiver's Effective Selectivity          44-47
March 2001

February 2001
ANTENNA:  Raise Your Tower Without Breaking Ground! (compuet simulator)  73-73
ANTENNA:  More Hardline Connectors, More Schematic Drawinf software      78-78
BOOK:     Grundig Satellit Radio Guide, $20 Universal Radio              41-41
BOOK:     Antennas From The Ground Up, Vol 1, L.B. Cebik  MFJ-3306  $20  41-41
DIGITAL:  Clean Up Your PSK31 Signal                                     88-89
HISTORY:  W3DST -- A Station Lost in Time, 1920-1941                     105-6
INFO:     Logikey K-3 Memory keyer                                       76-76
INFO:     ChromaSound (computer sound-card DSP)                          77-77
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: --   and   Section News: 115               --+115
MOBILE:   An HF Mobile Installation Step by Step                         65-69
PROJECT:  The World's Smallest Code-Practice Oscillator                  39-41
QRP:      Appalachian Award Fever, take it to the field & op!              107
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R3 Communications Receiver (video too!)                81-84
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-PW1 Linear Amplifier (1KW)                             85-87
SOFTWARE  A Beginner's Guide to Modeling With NEC, Part 4: Loads, tx line31-35
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!   (basket of problem)                     70-70
TEACHING: The Art of Soldering                                           72-72
TECH:     How to Maximize Your Receiver's Effective Selectivity - Part 1 42-48
February 2001

January 2001
ANTENNA:  A Ground-Coupled Portable Antenna  (10 - 40 meters)            28-32
ANTENNA:  Hints: Modifications for "A $20 HF Mobile Antenna"             64-65
BOOK:     A Family Affair: The R. L. Drake Story  $30   859-635-6487     36-36
BOOK:     Radio-Electronic Transmission Fundamentals $75  order: NP-34   48-48
BOOK:     Radio-E "  ISBN 1-884932-13-4, 770-449-6774 Noble Pub Co       48-48
DIGITAL:  MFSK for the New Millennium                                    33-36
DIGITAL:  The HF Digital "Tower of Babel" (dig comm types explained)     50-53
DIGITAL:  Mobile Fun with PSK31!                                         58-59
DOCTOR:   ...comes to HF antennas, how important is the elevation angle? 56-57
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO - Collecting History, Jerome Haas, 3RQ 1915          91-91
INFO:     Does Your Club Need a Web Site?54-55
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 82   and   Section News: 113(no KE3FL)     82+113
MOBILE:   Radios to go:  The Quest for Power--Part 1                     97-97
REVIEW:   Alinco DR-135TP 2-Meter FN Mobile Transceiver (w TNC too!)     66-69
REVIEW:   AOR DDS-2A External Local Generator for the Collins KWM-2 & S  69-72
SHORTTAKE:MFJ-434 Delux Voice Keyer,                                     61-61
SHORTTAKE:The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide                     62-62
SHORTTAKE:Hamtronics T301-2 2-Meter FM Transmitter                       63-63
SOFTWARE  Simulating Circuits and Systems with Serenade SV               37-43
SOFTWARE  A Beginner's Guide to Modeling with NEC, Part 3 The Ins & Outs 44-48
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (All math questions!)                     60-60
January 2001

                                 QST 2000 ARTICLES

December 2000
ANTENNA:  A Simple HF-Portable Antenna (multiband by linking...)         62-63
ARRL:     Incoming QSL Bureau System                                     61-61
BANDS:    Follow the Band Plans, Avoid the Wouff Hong                    88-89
BOOK:     TESLA: MASTER OF LIGHTNING   $15 ISBN 0-7607-1005-8            37-37
BOOK:     AC POWER INTERFERENCE MANUAL, $25, $4 ship ISBN 0-9653760-2-8  48-48
DIGITAL:  MMTTY 1.58, does RTTY - software                               60-60
FIELD DAY KE3FL: 150 pts, WA3OHI: 12 pts                                   109
HINTS:    Keyer PTT Control for Super CMOS Keyers                        65-65
HISTORY:  Old Radio, The heathkit AT-1                                   90-90
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 84   and   Section News: 121               84+121
KITS:     K1 Two Band QRP Transciever From Elecraft, $270 Elecraft       44-44
PROJECT:  The UniCounter- A Mulitpurpose Frequencey Counter/Elec Dial    33-37
PROJECT:  Noise Canceling with Electret Condenser Microphones            38-39
QRP:      QRP Transciever Kits: Six Reports from the Field               28-32
REVIEW:   Patcomm PC-1600A HF Transciever, $1350                         67-71
REVIEW:   RadioShack HTX-252 2-Meter FM Mobile Transciever, $180         71-73
SOFTWARE  A Beginner's Guide to Modeling with NEC, Part 2 The Ins & Outs 40-44
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! What makes Ham Radio Fun...               57-57
TECH:     AM Broadcast and Spurious HF Signals, Fox Hunting with Spurs   74-75
December 2000

November 2000
ANTENNA:  Another Look At Tower Work                                     59-60
CONTESTS: Discover the Wonderful World of Contesting                     43-44
CONTESTS: Coping with Cabrillo (contest file format)                     45-47
CONTESTS: General Rules for ALL ARRL Contests + others                   94-98
DIGITAL:  The Leonids Meteor Shower Packet Experiment Q&A                83-83
HELPDESK: Relationships between fundamentals, harmonics, CATV, & TV...   50-50
INFO:     Utilizing the Constant Bombardment of Cosmic Debris for...     28-32
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 76 (72) &  Section News: 107               76+107
MOBILE:   Radio Friendly/unfriendly vehicals                             84-84
PROJECT:  A Flexible Digital-Mode Interface (needs software)             39-42
PROJECT:  An Inexoensive KISS-Mode TNC                                   53-56
QRP:      The NorCal 40A -- An Instant Classic                           88-88
REVIEW:   Yaesu MARK-V FT-1000MP HF Transceiver ($4,200 list)            64-69
REVIEW:   The NorCal SMK-1 QRP transceiver Kit ($34)                     70-70
SOFTWARE  A Beginner's Guide to Modeling with NEC                        34-38
SOFTWARE  SHORT TAKES - reviews: DXTelnet 4.7, Ham University            51-52
SOFTWARE  SHORT TAKES - reviews: LogWindows 3.07.30, RITTY 4.0           57-58
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Are you an Amateur Radio bookworm?)      61-61
TIPS:     Strengthen your Cushcraft D40 Rotatable Dipole, ARM-Holster    62-63
WRKBENCH: G5RV pattern, Aurora CW, SWR BW, Flicering displays            48-49
November 2000

October 2000
ANTENNA:  The Parasol: A 160-Meter Vertical Antenna with a Difference    43-49
ANTENNA:  A 146- and 4450MHz J-Pole Antenna                              50-53
ANTENNA:  An Easily Constructed 30- and 40-Meter Trap Dipole Antenna     65-65
BOOK:     Antennas, Tales and Technicals on CD-ROM by: L.B. Cebik          101
DOCTOR:   TV Damage w 1.5 KW, reusing 24" dish, Lightning Trackers       60-60
FEEDBACK: Sept 2000 QST Pg 64: www.eds-inc.com, & Aug 2000 p 43:         53-53
FEEDBACK: "A Wide-Range RF-Survey Meter" ferrite: RS 273-105             53-53
FUN:      Decoding the Disneyland Telegraph (It was wrong!)              58-59
HINTS:    Antennas: Simpke PVC Center Insulators, PVC ease installation  68-68
HINTS:    Mod Kenwood MC-53 Mic, Repair old headsets, TS-850 VCO prob    69-69
KE3FL:    PSHR: pg 84  (75)  &  Section News: pg 111                    84,111
PROJECT:  A Basic Stamp Morse Call-Sign Generator                        40-42
QRP PWR:  Power is No Substitute for Skill (Operating Tips)              92-92
REVIEW:   Portable Power Station: by Ham Contac                          67-67
REVIEW:   The Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium receiver $500              74-76
REVIEW:   RadioShack HTX-245 Dual-Band FM Handheld Transceiver, .7W out  76-78
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Rig-to-Sound-Card Interface     78-80
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Take a "power-full" quz... (Power supps) 66-66
TECH:     PSK31 on FM, 1.9 MHz Inverted-L Antenna, Schematics from PCBs  81-82
TECH:     Defective Disks? (No not really!)                              82-82
UHF/VHF:  Microwave Bands: Use 'Em or Lose 'Em!                          62-64
October 2000

September 2000
ANTENNA:  MBA The Mighty Big Antenna                                     28-29
ANTENNA:  The Monster Loop (High-performance LF receiving loops...)      57-62
ATV:      Amateur Television from Model Planes and Rockets               41-44
DOCTOR:   DIN connectors, Artificial ground, PSK31, grounding, J-pole    59-60
FEEDBACK: July 2000, pp 38-44 (Verticals, Ground Systems...) fixes!      79-79
HINTS:    DOX control Yaesu FT-847, Sweep-Tube replacements, screws?     68-69
HISTORY:  The Ross Hull Story (One of the greatest VHF/UHF pioneers...)  45-47
HISTORY:  75, 50 AND 25 YEARS AGO  (QST September 1950!)                   100
INFO:     THE HELP DESK: The ARRL Outgoing QSL Service                   67-67
INFO:     PRB-1: A Good Thing, but Still not a Panacea  (Q & A)          87-87
KE3FL:    PSHR: pg 81  (83)  &  Section News: pg 113                    81,113
MOBILE:   Mobile to the Max!                                             98-98
PROJECT:  The OCR II Receiver                                            32-37
QRP PWR:  Vitage QRP (HW-7) Web site: www.qsl.net/~nogaqrp               94-94
REVIEW:   EZNEC 3.0 for Windows                                          66-66
REVIEW:   MFJ-9340K QRP-Cub Transceiver Kit                              74-76
REVIEW:   Switching Power Supplies Revisited, Alinco DM-330MV,  ...      76-78
REVIEW:   Switching Power Supplies Revisited, Diamond GZV4000            78-79
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Tools cross word)                        65-65
UHF/VHF:  Grid Chasing: Fixed or Mobile?                                 30-31
September 2000

August 2000
ANTENNA:  The Doctor is IN: Quad and Delta loop antennas                 56-56
ANTENNA:  Basic Beams for 12 and 17 Meters                               57-62
DIGITAL:  The Doctor is IN: PSK31 2000, PC keyeing circuit               55-55
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Vacation Time and Radio Museums                     96-96
INFO:     Ham Radio and the World's largest Fully-Steerable Antenna      28-29
INFO:     Digital Television: Bigger, Wider, Sharper                     38-41
INFO:     WRC 2000 World Radiocommunication Conference 2000              51-54
INFO:     SHORT TAKES: Arcron Zeit "Chrono" Wristwatch (uses: WWVB radio)63-63
INFO:     HITS & KINKS: Heath SB-303 Modifications, QSK Muting circuits  67-68
KE3FL:    PSHR: pg 83  (77)  &  Section News: pg 115                    83,115
PROJECT:  A Wide-Range RF-Survey Meter                                   42-44
PROJECT:  Build An Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer for Your Shack             45-48
QRP PWR:  A Wattmeter of Your Own                                        98-98
REVIEW:   A QST Roundup: 2-Meter Handheld FM Transceivers,               69-73
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-195T, RadioShack HTX-200, Yaesu Vertex VX-150        69-73
REVIEW:   AlphaMax and AlphaRemote for the Alpha 87A                     73-74
SAT:      UO-14: A User-Friendly "FM Repeater in the Sky"                64-65
TECH:     CORRESPONDENCE: Calculating Wire Lengths for Winding Toroids   75-75
TECH:     CORRESPONDENCE: What is SSB?                                   75-76
August 2000

July 2000
ANTENNA:  Flags, Pennants, & Other Ground-Independent Low-Band RX Ants   34-37
ANTENNA:  Verticals, Ground Systems and Some History (See Sept Pg 79)    38-44
ANTENNA:  A Tale of Cell Sites and Towering Heights                      45-46
ANTENNA:  Everything Works (UR enjoyment of Am Radio related to ur Ant)  47-50
ANTENNA:  Linear Loading reduces antenna size                            55-55
ANTENNA:  The QRP Commando Stealth Dipole - http://www.qrparci.org       85-85
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 76   and   Section News: 101               76+101
PROJECT:  The Micromountaineer Revisited (QRP transceiver)               28-33
PROJECT:  A Weather Station In Every Shack                               80-80
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-718 HF Transceiver                                     63-67
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-1500M 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceiver                   67-69
SOFTWARE  ProLog2K for Windows                                              58
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  (Turn up your "Jargon Power.")              59
TECH:     Build a Simple SMD Workstation                                 56-57
TECH:     THE HELP DESK: Characteristics of Commonly Used TX Lines          60
TECH:     A Universal Logging Computer Interface                         61-62
July 2000

June 2000
ANTENNA:  Having a Field Day with the Moxon Rectangle                    38-42
ANTENNA:  Launch your Field Day Antenna with a Flingshot                 59-60
ANTENNA:  Short Takes: Arrow II Satellite Antenna                        64-64
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks: Whip Antenna Storage for your Mobile            65-66
ANTENNA:  Hints & Kinks: Silence that Whistling Antenna!                 65-66
DIGITAL:  A Panoramic Transceiving System for PSK31 (Schematic, kit)     31-37
DOCTOR:   Through window coax, Wavelength, Coax life, etc                57-58
HINTS & : Weather Caps for Connectors, Garage-door opener Director       65-66
INFO:     ARRL Grid Locator for North America (USA only)                 63-63
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 88   and   Section News: 111               88+111
PROJECT:  Solving Sound Card Microphone Problems                         61-61
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-756PRO HF/6-Meter Transceiver ($3.0 - 3.6K)            67-73
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec 1210 10-Meter to 2-Meter Transverter ($139/kit, $239)  73-74
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! (Cross Word Puzzle)                       62-62
TECH:     MFJ-259 SWR Analyzer and Coaxial Cable Shorts, TVI/RFI         75-75
TECH:     Matching Low Impedance Antennas (with diff impedancs coax)     75-76
UHF/VHF:  An 8-Watt, 2-Meter "Brickette"  (Schematic, PC-board)          43-47
June 2000

May 2000
ANTENNA:  Build a Flagpole Antenna Booster                               37-38
ANTENNA:  A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter                              54-55
ANTENNA:  A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter                              54-55
DIGITAL:  PSK31 2000                                                     42-45
DX:       Operating in the UK: A Primer for US Hams                      28-29
HINTS:    A Fold-Down Mobile Antenna Mount                               56-57
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 74   and   Section News: 97                 74+97
MORSE:    Practice Morse Code with a Java Applet                         48-50
PROJECT:  Automatic Amplifier Selection ICOM IC-746, -736 and -706MKII   33-36
PROJECT:  Improving the Hamtronics R139 VHF Weather-Satellite RX I/O     39-41
QRP:      QRp Power, Ten-Tec, Heath Kit, Kenwood, & Yaesu older info     87-87
REVIEW:   Kenwood TM-D700A Dual-Band FM Mobile Transceiver               60-64
REVIEW:   ACOM 2000A HF Linear Amplifier                                 64-66
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!
May 2000

April 2000
ANTENNA:  A $20 HF Mobile Antenna (a few hours, PVC & wire...)           33-35
ANTENNA:  The W3RW 6- and 10-Meter Long Wire                             46-48
ANTENNA:  NE3Q's Antenna Fell From the Sky! (Kite antenna)               49-52
DOCTOR:   DTMF, CTCSS?, CB Channels,                                     59-60
HELP:     Glossary of Terms                                              66-66
HINTS:    A Quick, Easy Mobile Radio Mount                               68-69
HUMOR:    Continuous PEP Metering the Easy Way (April Fools)                58
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 87   and   Section News: 109               87+109
PROJECT:  Add a Morse Readout to the AA4FB PIC SWR Meter                 61-61
PROJECT:  A Tool for Winding Small Toroidal Cores                        63-64
PROJECT:  Technical Correspondence, Some Tools and Tricks of the Hobby   78-79
QRP:      QRP POWER, Three Cool Kits: Wilderness, Small Wonder, Red Hot  93-93
REVIEW:   Multimode Communication Processor Roundup                      70-73
REVIEW:   KAM '98, PK232DSP, PTC-IIe, DXP38                              70-73
REVIEW:   RadioShack HTX-10 10-Meter Multimode Transceiver               73-75
REVIEW:   The ICOM IC-T81A Quad-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver            76-77
SAT:      An Amateur Satellite Primer                                    36-41
SAT:      Step Up to the 38,400 Bps Digital Satellites                   42-45
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  "Ohms Law"                               62-62
April 2000

March 2000
ANTENNA:  A Simple Antenna Flipper (for tower antennas)                  60-61
DIGITAL:  PSK31 on the Road!                                             55-56
INFO:     MFJ Super Menu Driven Memory Keyer Model MFJ-493               59-59
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92   and   Section News: 121               92+121
PROJECT:  The QRSer: A CW Operating Aid (Solid-state brakes on fast cw)  33-36
PROJECT:  A Simple Meter Tester                                          41-42
PROJECT:  A Simple 10-Meter QRP Transmetter                              43-46
PROJECT:  The NB6M QRP Paddles                                           53-54
QRP:      The Tuna Tin 2 Today (QRP on 40-meters, project)               37-40
REVIEW:   Elecraft K2 HF Transceiver Kit Elecraft                        69-74
REVIEW:   The Alinco DJ-V5TH Dual-Band FM Hand-Held Transceiver          75-76
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! crossword of power & the circuitry        58-58
March 2000

February 2000
ANTENNA:  2X3=6 A simple equation? Indeed! hr r 2 3-L Yagi designs 4 6m  34-36
ANTENNA:  A Tower in the Attic                                           46-47
ANTENNA:  A Beginner's Guide to Scaling Natural Skyhooks                 51-53
ANTENNA:  Lakeview Company TM-1 License Plate Mount                      56-56
ANTENNA:  Clothesline Antenna Support Clarifications, corrections        61-61
BOOKS:    AM Radio Log 20th Ed, Klingenfuss 2000 Freq Guides             62-62
BOOKS:    Joe Carr's Loop Antenna Handbook, most for RX                  77-77
DOCTOR:   Antenna, 40-meter dipole of 15 meters, use Capacitance Hats    50-50
DOCTOR:   RF Safety: [Click Here]                                        49-49
DOCTOR:   RF Safety: [Click Here]                                        49-49
HELP:     The Help Desk   Q Signals   ARRL QN Signals                    57-57
HINTS K:  New Life For the Yaesu FT-200 (Replace 6JS6C's w 6146B's...)   60-61
HISTORY:  A 75A-4 One Piece at a Time                                    28-30
PROJECT:  A Repeater Controller Accessory: The RCA (remote control...)   37-45
PROJECT:  A Keypad for the Yaesu FT-1000MP, Roll your own keypad...      54-55
QRP:      Your QRP Elmer - good operating, DX, & pileup methods          90-90
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Pegasus HF Transceiver (NEEDS a PC!)  $900 +           63-67
SOFTWARE: BeaconSee [Click]                                              59-59
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge! The bigger they are... Antennas           58-58
February 2000

January 2000
ANTENNA:  The Doctor is IN, Windom Antenna: pg 56                        55-56
ANTENNA:  A Compact Two-Element, 2-Meter Beam                            60-63
BOOK:     NEW BOOKS, The RSGB Guid to EMC (also RFI)                    101-01
COMPARE:  QST Compares: Switching Power Supplies, Astron SS-30M          70-73
COMPARE:  ICOM PS-85, Kenwood PS-40, MFJ-4225MV, Samlex SEC 1223         70-73
COMPARE:  Yaesu FP-1023,                                                 70-73
DIGITAL:  Let's See you in Hellschreiber!                                52-54
DDIGITAL Dimention, MT63: AN HF Panacea?                        88-88
ESD:      Hints & Kinks, A homebrew ESD Mat                              52-54
HELP:     The HELP Desk: Freq guide, VHF/UHF/EHF calling freqs, etc.     28-34
HISTORY:  Amateur Radio: 100 Years of Discovery                          28-34
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports:      and   Section News: 109                  109
LOFER:    Short Takes, Palomar Engineers VLF Converter  (Low Freq)       59-59
QRP:      QRP POWER, and the internet                                    90-90
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R75 Communications Receiver                            67-69
SOFTWARE: RadioCom 4.0 - multimode communications processor              66-66
TEACHING: Test Your Knowledge!  Take a look at the ... "analog angle"    64-65
TECH:     The 1999 Solar Eclipse and Amateur Radio                       35-39
TECH:     "Hot-Wiring" the kenwood TS-690S and TS-450S                   40-43
TECH:     An MX614 Packet Modem                                          44-46
TO GO:    Radios To Go, mobile CW, KISS?, Unauthorized Withdrawals       87-87
VHF:      World Above 50 MHz, Using 1/2-Inch 75ohm CATV Hardline         91-92
January 2000

PO Box 69
Aptos  CA  95001-0069
P: 831-662-8345
F: 831-662-0830
E: |BuildIt|sales|ele|craft|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: K1-$270, K2 HF Transceiver Kits
I: XV50, XV144, XV222 Transverter kits $350
I: XG1 Receiver Test Oscillator/S-Meter Calibrator
I: K2 All-band QRP HF Base Transceiver: $599
I: Elecraft KPA 100: 100W for your E K2 HF Transceiver $359
I: KX1 CW Transceiver: $279, +30m +$29, +padle +$69, +tuner +$79

I: If a web address starts with a '.' then add "http://www"  to it.
I: If a web address just starts with a letter/number then add "http://" to it.

FCC RF-Exposure
W: [RF Safety Page]
I: this site offers a calculator for you to use.

I: FCC Comments  -  send your ham radio related comments to:
E: |BuildIt|hamcomm|f|cc|3|
I: RFI problems with consumer electronics
E: |BuildIt|callctr|nightwind|.fcc|3|
W: [FCC Page]
W: [FCC telephone interference bulletin]
W: [Phone Page]
I: Enforcement: 202-418-1184  Riley Hollingsworth: |BuildIt|rholling|f|cc|3|
I: or mail to: FCC   1270 Fairfield Rd   Gettysburg  PA  17325

ARRL programs
I: http://oak.oakland.edu:8080/pub/hamradio/arrl/bbs/programs/
ARRL section news now at:
N: http://www.arrl.org/sections

Projects for the Ham Shack:
W: [Technical Information Service pages]
W: [The World Above 50 MHz]
@: You can be listed by sending your information to: |BuildIt|standings|ar|rl|2|

ATOC Amateur Distributing LLC
23 S High St
Covington OH 45318
P: 937-473-2840
F: 937-473-2862
@: |BuildIt|alinco|alin|co|0|
W: [Home Page]

Lakeview Company
3620-9A Whitehall Rd
Anderson SC 29626
I: Antennas (HF Hamstick) and license plate mount $44.95
P: 864-226-6990
E: |BuildIt|hamstick|ham|stick|0|
W: [Home Page]

Kenwood USA Corp
3975 Johns Creek Ct
Suwanee  GA
P: 310-639-4200
F: 310-537-8235
W: [Home Page]
I: TM-271A 2 Meter FM Transceiver, $190 (03/2004)
I: TH-K2AT $150, PG4Y programmming cable $33

Kanga US
3521 Spring Lake Dr.
Findly OH 45840
P: 419-423-5643
E: |BuildIt|kanga|brutus|.bright|1|
I: Kits

MCM Electronics
650 Congress Park Dr
Centerville OH 45459-4072
P: 513-434-0031, or 800-543-4330
I: Pigtail Automotive Fuses

CAIG Lab., Inc.
16744 West Bernardo Dr.
San Diego CA 92127
P: 800-224-4123  619-451-1799
I: Environmentally Safe Contact cleaners
I: deoxit- 50 pack individually wrapped, 3 wipes- $.75 each 37.50
I: k-d3w, Izabella

P: 714-458-7277  Power supplies.
P: METERS: 0-15 & 0-25, $18 EACH $36 + 3.14S&H = $39.14 TOTAL
P: 20A w meters: $129.95  no meters: $99.95  (MRC 301-470-4266)
I: schematic for RS 12A (no meter)  FAX will be sent 5 min.

Yaesu USA
17210 Edwards Rd.
Cerritos CA 90703
P: 562-404-2700
W: [Home Page]

Ramsey Electronics, Inc.
793 Canning Parkway
Victor, New York 14564
P: 716-924-4560
I: Kits

Oak Hills Research
div of Milestone Technologies
2460 S Moline Way
Aurora, CO 80014
P: 800-238-8205 or 303-752-3382
F: 303-745-6792
E: |BuildIt|qrp|oh|r|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: QRP transeiver kits (single band & five bander), QRP Wattmeter II

Hamtronics Inc
65-F Moul Rd
Hilton  NY
P: 716-392-9430  F: 716-392-9420
I: TD-4 "LiTZ-capable" selective calling module, kit: $49 or $79 built

Tigertronics, Inc.
400 Daily Ln
P.O. Box 5210
Grants Pass  OR  97527
P: 800-822-9722    541-474-6700
F: 474-6703
E: |BuildIt|? sales  info  ?  |tiger|tronics|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: BayPac Multimode mini packet TNC

Almost All Digital Electronics (AADE)
1412 Elm St SE
Auburn  WA  98092
P: 206-351-9316
I: Inductance/Capacitance- L/C Meter II $80/kit  $100/built + $4 SH

1185 Dolly Parton Pkwy
Sevierville  TN  37862-3710
N: Ten Tec
P: 423-453-7172
F: 423-428-4483
E: |BuildIt|sales|ten|tec|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: QRP CW Transceiver Kits 80/40/30/20 m
I: Argonaut V Model 516 MF/HF TXR $800
I: Titan III HF Linear Amplifier, 1500W and $3565

P.O. Box 46222
Escondido  CA  92029
P: 619-747-3343
E: |BuildIt|75353.2175|compu|serve|0|
I: 80 to 2 meter mobile antenna $250

TASCO Electronics USA
Box 11106
Honolulu  HI  96828
P: F: 808-524-7788
I: or mainland:
Wyman Research Inc.
8339 S.  850 W.
Waldron  IN  46182
P: 317-525-6452  F: 4810
E: |BuildIt|w9ntpdon|ind|.tds|1|
I: TSC-70U Slow-Scan TV System

Alpha Delta Communications Inc.
Box 620
Manchester  KY  40962
P: 606-598-2029  Fax: 4413
I: Communicatios Model Variable Responce Console $250
I: Tuned port speaker w amp/equalizer for great sound from Ham equipment!

Dynamic Electronics
PO Box 896
Hartselle  AL  35640
P: 205-773-2758
F: 205-773-7295
W: [Home Page]
I: 125' wide-bandwidth 80 - 2 meter antenna $129 + $6 shipping

416 Diens Dr
Wheeling  IL  60090
P: 800-828-3340
E: |BuildIt|exp|net|com|0|
W: [Home Page]
P: 708-506-1886,  Fax: 1970

The Wireman
W: [Home Page]

Antenna Mart Quads
PO Box 699
Longanville  GA  30249
P: 770-466-4353  FAX: 3095
I: Antennas Catalog  $2  (Get $5 off first order)

Shirts & Caps Inc
38530 5TH Ave.
Zephyrhills  FL  33540
P: 813-788-7026
W: [Home Page]

E: |BuildIt|wa0sgj|ju|no|0|  ("Sister" Alverna O'Laughlin)
W: [Home Page]

lowfer: 1750-meter band, 160 - 190 kHz, 1W to finals & 15 max length of
        antenna AND feed line for transmitter.

RELM Communications
7505 Technology Dr
West Melbourne  FL  32904
P: 407-984-1414
I: Hand-Held scanners HS-100, HS-200  12/13 bands 100/200 channels

Star Bright
4041 SW 47th Ave
Daive  FL  33314
P: 800-327-8583
F: 305-587-2813
I: Liquid Electrical Tape in black/red/green/white/clear 4 or 32 Oz cans

SSB Electronic USA
124 Cherrywood Dr
Mountaintop  PA  18707
P: 717-868-5643
F: 717-868-6917
I: LT2S MK II 2-meter Transverter $890

M^2 Enterprises
7560 N Del Mar Ave
Fresno  CA  93711
P: 209-432-9973
W: [Home Page]
I: 2-meter, 15 element beam $149

R.L. Drake Co
230 Industrial Dr
Franklin  OH  45005
P: 513-746-4556
F: 513-743-4510
I: TR270 FM Transceiver $999

The Xtal Set Society
PO Box 3026
St Louis  MO  63130
P: 314-725-1172
E: |BuildIt|xtalset|midnight|science|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Book: Crystal set building and more  $15.95 + 2.50 SH

George Murphy, VE3ERP
77 McKenzie St
Orillia  ON  L3V 6A6
I: HAMCALC Version ?? - $5 US check/money order

I: One-by-One special event callsign
L: http://ncvec.spindle.net/html/show_all.cfm

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA)
2500 Wilson Blvd
Arlington  VA  22205-3834
P: 703-907-7626
W: [Home Page]
I: RFI problems

SGC Inc*
13737 SE 26th St
Bellevue  WA  98005
P: 800-25973310
P: 425-746-6310
F: 425-746-6384
E: |BuildIt|sgc|sgc|world|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: (/products/SGC2020/2020update.htm)
I: Low power auto tuner SG-211 (4 yrs on 4 AA batts) $180
I: SG-211 Automatic Antenna Tuner $180

Maha Communications & Electronics Inc.
2841-B Saturn St.
Brea  CA  92821
P: 800-376-9992
E: |BuildIt|maharexon|maha|-comm|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Affordable HTs, RL-115: $190,  112: $140,  412: $155,  501: $240
I: HTs: RL-501HP $360, RL-112HP $220, RL-115HP $290  (See April 1999)

Morse Express
3140 S Peoria St, Unit K-156
Aurora  CO  80014
P: 800-238-8205
E: |BuildIt|n1fn|Morse|X|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: LTA Keys/Paddles  (LTA Company in Spain) $49 & up

PO Box 862
Bel Air  MD  21014
P: 410-838-9415
I: IO Wizard Kit, computer IO made easy, board & Software $69

PO Box 494
Misissippi State  MS  39762
P: 800-647-1800
F: 601-323-6551
W: [Home Page]
I: Antennas From The Ground Up, Vol 1, by: L.B. Cebik, $20 MFJ-3306
I: Antennas From The Ground Up, Vol 2, by: L.B. Cebik, $20 MFJ-3307
I: MFJ-5429 USB to male RS-232 DB-9: $25
I: MFJ-5427 USB to Parallel printer adapter: $25

48 Perimeter Rd
Manchester  NH  03103
P: 603-627-7877
F: 603-627-1764
W: [Home Page]

Small Parts Inc
13980 NW 58th Ct
PO Box 4650
Miami Lakes  FL  33014-0650
P: 305-557-7955 - Service: 305-558-1255
C: Catalog request: 800-423-9009
E: |BuildIt|smlparts|small|parts|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: polycarbon rod, UV resistant for making antennas, coil-supports

Phonex Customer Service
P: 800-437-0101
I: Wireless modems that MIGHT cause HF QRM

Bird Component Products
50 W Jefferson St
Franklyn IN 46131
P: 317-346-6600
F: 317-346-6601
E: |BuildIt|sales|bird-|components|4|
E: |BuildIt|info|bird-|components|4|
W: [Home Page]
I: New dummy loads DC-2.4GHz 1.3:1 SWR or lower
I: New RF attenuators as well

League of Young Radio Amateurs Web site
W: [Home Page]
I: young hams

Patcomm Corp
7 Flowerfield, Suite M100
St James  NY  11780
P: 516-862-6512
F: 516-862-6529
E: |BuildIt|sales|pat|comm|2|
W: [Home Page]
I: Patcomm PC-9000 HF & 6-Meter rig, $800

High Sierra Antennas
PO Box 2389
Nevada City  CA  95959
P: 888-273-3415
F: 530-273-7561
E: |BuildIt|heath|hs|antennas|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: HS-1500 HF/6-Meter Mobile Antenna    $300

Cutting Edge Enterprises
1803 Mission St, Suite 546
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
P: 800-206-0115
F: 831-426-0115
E: |BuildIt|cee|cruzio|0|

Wilderness Radio
PO Box 734
Los Altos CA 94023-0734
P: 650-494-3806
E: |BuildIt|qrpbob|data|tamers|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Sierra QRP kit, $215/no bands, $369/6 bands
I: each band module ~$31

Small Wonder Labs
80 East Robbins Ave
Newington CT 06111
E: |BuildIt|dave|smallwonder|labs|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Kits $100, for PSK31 30, 40-meter Transceiver boards.

Red Hot Radio
P: 408-390-6805
F: 800-881-6120
E: |BuildIt|sales|redhot|radio|0|
W: [Home Page]

DX Contest Software, N3FJP
W: [Home Page]

ICOM America
2380 116TH Ane NE
Bellevue WA 98004
P: 425-454-8155
F: 425-454-1509
E: |BuildIt|75540.525|compu|serve|0|
W: [ICOM Home Page]
I: IC-7800: $10,600 (August 2004)
I: ICOM IC-2200H 2 Meter FM Transceiver: $230

Constants: [Constants Page]

The # 2416

PDI Inc (Plastic Dip International)
3760 Fowerfield Rd
PO Box 130
Circle Pines, MN 55014-0130
P: 763-785-2156, 800-969-5432
F: 763-785-2058
W: [Home Page]
I: in red, green, black, and white
I: At home improvement stores

The Universal Licensing System
W: [ULS Page]
I: To renew: uls page, uls filing, purpose: renewal

Heil Sound Ltd
5800 North Illinois
Fairview Heights IL 62208
P: 618-257-3000
E: |BuildIt|info|heil|sound|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: New hand mic July 2001 pg 73
I: Pro-Set Plus Headset with Boom Microphone: $189, Dec 2003 pg 61/2

Micro-mesh - KR-70
W: [Home Page]
P: 800-225-3006
I: for resoration of clear plastic windows, glasses, watch crystals, etc
I: see July 2001 Hints & Kinks, pg 72, 73.

19910 Bramble Bush Dr
Gaithersburg MD 20879
E: |BuildIt|videolynx|transmit|video|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Video-Lynx 434 Micro ATV Tx $120 ($99) - see July 2001 pg 81

Pennsylvania DX Association
PO Box 100
York Haven  PA  17370-0100
I: Third Call Area - Page 66 August 2001

D. W. Electrochemicals Ltd.
Betty Gordon, Marketing Manager
3-97 Newkirk Rd N
Richmond Hill, ON L4C-3G4, Canada
P: 905-508-7500
F: 905-508-7502
E: |BuildIt|dwel|stabi|lant|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Stabilant 22 Electronic Contact Enhancer
M: Popular Communications Oct 2001 Pg 55

Free download of computer clock to NIST time program(s)
W: [NIST Clock Page]

1275 N Grove St
Anaheim CA 92806
P: 800-962-2611
F: 714-630-7024
I: MALDOL, Tri-band HT Antenna, 144/220/440 MHz 14" whip $50
W: [Home Page]

W: [Serenade freeware Page]
I: Serenade freeware

Vertex Standard
10900 Walker St
Cypress  CA  90630
W: [Home Page]
I: Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V
I: FT-7800R Dual Band FM Transceiver $280, YSK-7800 remote kit: $55

RFI Expert: Mike Martin/K3RFI
W: [Home Page]

Modular Spectrum Analyzer kit
W: [Home Page]

Vacuum tube
I: [specifications] web page.

Total Electronics
1216 NC Hwy 54, Sweps Rd
Box 158
Swepsonville  NC  27359
P: & Fax: 336-229-5671
E: |BuildIt|KE4LGX|ya|hoo|0|
W: [Total Electronics]
W: [angelfire.com Total Electronics page]
I: New ham radio paint colors: Tektronics blue, Heathkit blue & gray, etc

West Mountain radio
18 Sheehan Ave
Norwalk CT 06854
P: 203-853-8080
W: [Home Page]

Gap Antenna Products
99 N Willow St
Fellsmere  FL  32948
P: 772-571-9922
F: 772-571-9988
W: [Home Page]
I: Noise-Canceling Speaker 3x5x2" HWD, 12 - 28V - SSB, AM, FM DSP

SteppIR Antennas
14135 233rd Pl SE
Issaquah,  WA  98027
P: 877.885.8700, 425.456.0200
F: 425.391.6031
E: |BuildIt|sales|step|pir|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: 3-element Yagi Antenna, 14-50 MHz

SunLight Energy Systems
955 Manchester Ave SW
North Lawrence OH 44666
P: 330.832.3114, 888.476.5279 (orders only)
W: [Home Page]
I: The Protector kit $30 + $4-ship (a power supply monitor for your rig)

New Communications Solutions
5363 Vally Mist Trace, Suite 101
Norcross, GA 30092
P: 888.883.5788
W: [Home Page]
I: NCS-3240 Multi-Switcher $280, power supply: $13

Link Communications, Inc.
1035 Cerise Rd
Billings, MT 59101
P: 800.610.4085
F: 406.245.4889
E: |BuildIt|info|comm|link|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Tactical Communications Bridge $500

NCG Company
1275 N Grove St
Anaheim, CA 92806-2114
P: 800.962.2611
W: [Home Page]
I: MALDOL HVU-8 HF/VHF/UHF Complact Antenna $350

West Marine
P: 800.262.8464
W: [Home Page]
I: Good catalog & supplies of interest to hams

Spectro Wire & Cable
2208 Pole Rd
Moore OK 73153
P: 800.255.6371
E: |BuildIt|wire|ao|l|0|
W: [Home Page]
I: Heavy-duty wire, lugs, fittings, & tools
I: Anti-corrosion batt terminal chemical 4oz #50095 for $4
I: $25 minimum order

W3FF Antennas
2390 Templeton Dr
Redding, CA 96002
P: 530.226.8446
W: [Home Page]
I: Buddipole antenna $195, Mast: $40, Tripod: $70

American QRP Club
c/o Paul Maciel, AK1P
1749 Hudson Dr.
San Jose, CA 95124
W: [Home Page]
I: Yearly dues $20
I: Formerly NorCal & NJQRP clubs, now joined

CW teaching program LINKS:
PC:   http://www.c2.com/~ward
PC:   http://www.sdc.org/~finley/finley.morse.html
Palm: http://www.spectrum.uni-bielefeld.de/~gibbon/

I: Laser-engraved call sign products

Hokushin Industry Comapny (Japan)
Distributed by:
NCG Companies
1275 North Grove St.
Anaheim, CA 92806
P: 714-630-4541
I: Maldol HVU-8 base-station antenna $350

Antenna/Feedline program: [Click Here]

Vertex Standard
10900 Walker St.
Cypress, CA 90630
P: 714-827-7600
F: 714-827-9100
L: [Vertex Standard's Home Page]
I: VXA-700 2-Meter HT cost: $420

NJ QRP Club's Website on CD for $10:
L: [Click Here]
I: PAC-12 Vertical Antenna plans are on the CD

Kenneke Communications, LLC
PO Box 3126
Albany OR 97321
P: 541-619-6490
L: [Kenneke Communications Radio Kits]
I: Three band SW Receiver, also AM, FM, SW, & Ham Transmitters

Norbert Pieper
Max-Planck Str 11, D-59399
L: [Pieper Morse Decoding Software]
L: [Home Page]
I: Morse Decoding Software with Audio-Spacing

L: [DSWK replacement PIC Chip]
I: The DSWK is an upgrade for the Small Wonder Labs DSW and DSW-II stock PIC chip.
I: Uses PayPal

Global Overlay Mapper
L: [Global Overlay Mapper]
I: the Global Overlay Mapping System is packed full of features for all
I: Ham Radio enthusiasts

SteppIR Antennas
14135 233rd Pl SE
Issaquah, WA 98027
P: 877-885-8700 (toll free)
L: [SteppIR.com]
I: SmallR Vertical Antenna $450,  Transceiver Interface: $60.

SteppIR Antennas (-Agilent-)
14135 233rd Pl SE
Issaquah, WA 98027
P: 800-452-4844 X7784 (toll free)
L: [SteppIR.com]
I: 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, $450

P: 512-250-5435
L: [Home Page]
I: SDR-1000 Software Defined Transceiver, $500

Schematic Drawing Software Links and Tutorial
Everything You Need to Know about Designing a PCB Layout - Article by ourpcb.com

Klingenfuss Publications
Hagenloher Str 14, D-7207070
P: 49-7071-62830
W: Klingenfuss.org
I: The 2004 Frequency List on CD-ROM: 25 Euros or $30 at The arrl Shop

Instruments of Amplification, by H. Peter Fredericks
I: Available at:
225 Main St
Newington CT 06111
P: 888-277-5289
W: The arrl Shop
I: Order No: 9163 for ~$20

Par Electronics, Inc.
PO Box 645
Glenville  NC  28736
P: 828-743-1338
F: 828-743-1219
W: [Home Page]
@: |BuildIt|w4op|par|electronics|0|

A&A Engineering
2521 W LaPalma, Unit K
Anaheim  CA   92801
P: 714-952-2114
F: 714-952-3280
W: [Home Page]
I: 5A Smart Battery Charger: $140

Sherrill Arborist Supply
P: 800-525-8873
W: [Home Page]
I: Big Shot Sling 150' (to 200' with practice) $95 - $269 depending

LDG Electronics
1445 Parran Rd.
Saint Leonard  MD  20685
P: 410-586-2177
F: 410-586-8475
W: [Home Page]
I: Z-100 tuner with external Balun: $149

Z Antenna Systems
P: 905-525-3189
W: [Home Page]
@: |BuildIt|np4b|ar|rl|1|

American Flag & Banner Co.
5220 Lardon Rd NE
Salem  OR  97305
P: 800-707-3524
W: [Home Page]
I: 21' Wonderpole: $129,  40' = $250

Antenna Modeling Software: $40
W: [Home Page]

MULTIPSK Version 3.01 (May 2004)
I: Freeware BUT a $35 license fee is needed to access some features
W: [Home Page]

8378 Granite Mountain Ln
Las Vegas NV 89129
I: TinyTrak3 GPS Position Encoder
I: TT3 Kit $30, with case: $36, built & tested board: $54
W: [Home Page]

The End, done!

Cadex Electronics, Inc.
22000 Fraserwood Way
Richmand  BC  Canada
I: Programmable Battery Analyzer
P: 607-231-7777
F: 607-231-7755
W: [Home Page]

W4RT Electronics
3077-K Leeman Ferry Rd
Huntsville  AL  35801
I: Programmable Battery Analyzer
F: 256-880-3866
@: |BuildIt|boss|rt|w4|0|
W: [Home Page]

Sounds Sweet
99 W Shore Dr
Carmel  NY  10512
I: Sounds Sweet Speaker, $99
W: [Home Page]

WiNRADiO Communications
div of Rosetta Laboritories
15 Stamford Rd.
Oakland 3166  Australia
I: WR G303i Radio receiver card for comuter, $500 or
I: $600 for the professional demodulator version
P: 61-39568-2568
W: [Home Page]

UZ Tech
66 Cavell Ave
Etobicoke  ON  M8V 1P2, Canada
@: |BuildIt|mixw|sym|patico|1|
W: [Home Page]
I: RigExpert interface $219, Generic RX cable set: $12,
I: rig specific pre-wired cables: $45

P.O. Box 87
Hanover  MI  49241
P: 517-563-2613
W: [Yo-Yo-Vee Home Page]
I: Yo-Yo-Vee: $40, 2-bands: $50 (Model 4), 3-bands: $60 (Model 6)

Array Solutions
P: 972-203-2008
W: [Home Page]
I: OptiBeam series of antenna from the
I: OB17-4 with 17 elements 40, 20, 15, & 10
I: to OB10-3W 10 element triband Yagi on 20, 17, & 15
I: Pro.Sis.Tel rotator for 12 to 42V
I: Controller RS232 port for PC

275 Davis School Rd
Martin GA 30557
P: 706-356-2662
W: http://www.qth.com/qhtenna/
I: 2-meter turnstile: $30, 70-cm turnstile: $20 (less 5 cents)


Civilian Space
W: [Civilian Space]
W: [Stratofox] tracking & recovery team


ARRL propsed Band Plan changes for digital radio
W: bandwidth.html - ARRL band plan 2004


Fire Tech Tips
W: FireTechTips.pdf - Fire Shelters Weaken Transmissions from HTs

Youth Net ".275 Youth Group"
I: 7.275 MHz Saturdays 21:00 EDT (0100 Z Sunday)

SETI - Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
W: [SETI League]


JWM Engineering Group
I: Model SEQ-1 tx/rx micro controlled sequencer
W: [Home Page]
W: [SEQ-1 page]


DX Engineering
PO Box 1491
Akron OH 44309
P: 800-777-0703 (1200-2030 UTC Monday-Friday)
W: [Home Page]
I: Radial Plate: ~$50,  1-3/4" saddle clamp & U-bolt ~$6
I: SO-239 Chassis mount socket ~$5, 20 additional nuts ~$5


PO Box 111404
Campbell  CA  95011
P: 408-933-8059
W: [Home Page]
I: WaveNode WN-1: ~$160, + two sensors: $200
I: Additional HF or UHF sensors: $45


CQ Communications
I: On-line searchable CQ magazines.
I: This is a subscription service, see:
W: [Subscribe]

Cutting Edge Enterprises
1717 Seventh St
Los Osos, CA 93402
P: 800-206-0115
W: [Home Page]
I: PowerPort 73: $77


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