QST 2009 ARTICLES

December 2009
ANTENNA:  160 and 80 Meter Matching Network for Your 43 Foot Vertical #1 30-32
ANTENNA:  Antenna Patterns - What Do They Mean? W1ZR                     X
CW:       Beyond the Straight Key, the CW fast lane. Richard Arnold, AF8X57-58
DOCTOR:   Coax calculator: Times Microwave                               45
DOCTOR:   What is the relationship between S-meter & dBm signal voltage? 46
HANDS-ON: Experiment #83 - Circuit Simulation, Part 1   N0AX  LTspice    48-49
HISTORY:  How the Ionosphere Was Discovered, Robert H. Welsh, N3RW       37-39
PROJECT:  The Collins 30L-1 Linear Amplifier Nearing 50, Still Strong    33-35  VE1FA
PROJECT:  Ten-Tec 715 Speech Processor, Bob Allison, WB1GCM              43-44
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-80AD Dual Band Handheld Transceiver, K1RO              40-42
SHORT:    microHAM USB Interface III, Steve Ford, WB8IMY                 47
December 2009

November 2009
ANTENNA:  Improving a 30 Year Old, 2 Meter, Four Element Beam, WB3FXW    42-44
ANTENNA:  Removable Car Window Antenna with Cross Over Connector, VE2MHZ 45-47
ANTENNA:  A Closer Look at Window Transmission Line, W1ZR                X
DOCTOR:   1/4-wave Antenna Questions, gain?                              X
ECOMM:    Electromagnetic Pulse and Its Implications for EmComm, N2HX    38-41
ECOMM:    Depiction Emergency Management Software, KE7GOV                63
HANDS-ON: Experiment #82 - Antenna Height N0AX                           X
OnTheAir: A Closer Look at Window Transmission Line, W1ZR                X
OPERATE:  Observation of Long Delayed Echoes on 80 Meters, OZ4UN         72-73
PROJECT:  The Rockless, a VFO Controlled Low Power Transceiver, W9JQT    30-34
PROJECT:  A Universal Frequency Calibrator, Mike Brycs, WB8VGE           35-37
PROJECT:  The Finger Wiggle Paddle, Paul Danzer, N1II                    48-49
PROJECT:  Repair and Calibrate Those Wattmeter "Slugs" with Confidence   50-52
PROJECT:  The Antenna Dipper, Scott McCann, W3MEO                        53
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-7600 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, Mark J. Wilson, K1RO  54-60
REVIEW:   Update to FlexRadio FLEX-3000 Product Review, WB1GCM           X
RFI:      FCC to Utilities: Don't Look to hams to Pay for your Testing   79
November 2009

October 2009
ANTENNA:  The Quadrifilar Helix as a 2 Meter Base Station Antenna W6NBC  30-32
ANTENNA:  Squeezing the Next Lower Band Out of Your Big HF Loop, KE5QWP  36-38
ANTENNA:  The KL7CE No Holes Mobile Installation, Gene Gregory,          39-41
ANTENNA:  What's the best Height for my HF Beam? (QST05/2009) ARRL, N6BV 52-54
HANDS-ON: Experiment #81 - Synchronous Transformers, N0AX                58-59
MODS:     Daiwa CN-801 HP Wattmeter Modification, |BuildIt|M0BOL|a|ol|0|          52
PROJECT:  Simple Mobile Transceiver Protection, Richard Henset, N8WLC    33-34
PROJECT:  An Inexpensive 12 V dc Power Distribution Box, KF6T            35
PROJECT:  An Ideal Plastic for Amateur Radio Projects, N1KHB             42-44
PROJECT:  Daiwa CN-801 HP Wattmeter Modification, |BuildIt|M0BOL|a|ol|0|          52
PROJECT:  The Happy Marriage of HF Transceivers and Computers, WB8IMY    67
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems FLEX-3000 Software Defined HF/50 MHz Trans   45-51
SHORT:    West Mountain Radio's RIGblaster duo, N4ZR                     57
October 2009

September 2009
ANTENNA:  A Simple Transformer to Measure Your Antenna Current, N1II     35
ANTENNA:  Antenna Accessories from Array Solutions, AD5X                 47-49
DIGITAL:  An HF Roundtable with a Skype Based VoIP Bridge, W4UOA         40-43
ECOMM:    Your Place in the ARRL Field Organization, |BuildIt|hKramer|ar|rl|2|    70
FUTURE:   Universal Ham Radio Text Messaging Initiative, WB4APR          72-74
GPS:      Bike 54, Where Are You? (Show them) Steve Ford, WB8IMY         X
HANDS-ON: Experiment #80 - Battery Capacity                              55-56
HINTS:    Assembling Type N Connectors, |BuildIt|ecole|cis|pri|2|                 57
HINTS:    RS0232 Transmit Control,  Scott McCann, W3MEO |BuildIt|achess|ju|no|0|  57
HINTS:    Attching Front Panels, Dave Palmgren |BuildIt|N8DP|ar|rl|1|                      57-58
HINTS:    Garbage Bag Tie Rescues PTT Button Woes, KB1JEY                58
HINTS:    Temp Open-Wire Feed-Line Connections, KD1LE                    58
HINTS:    Repairing Slug-Tuned Coils with Dental Floss, KG0XO            58
HINTS:    More On The ADI AR-447 "Hot Sun - Cold Solder" hint = connetor 58
OnTheAir: Your Voice Can Be Heard!, Bruce N0ADL |BuildIt|bepontius|co|x|1|        53-54
POWER:    A Gel Cell Battery Charger for the Low Power Station WB8VGE    30-32
REVIEW:   SPE Expert 1K-FA Linear Amplifier, K1RO                        44-47
SAFETY:   Keeping Safe: Tower Safety, Khrystyne Keane, |BuildIt|K1SFA|ar|rl|2|    62
SHORT:    eGenLog for Windows, logging software, LBOTW support           52
SOFTWARE: eGenLog for Windows, logging software, LBOTW support           52
STATION:  A Junk Box Integrated Station Control System, WB7ELY           33-34
TECH:     Measuring Radio Frequencies, W6BNB - fdbk Nov 44               36-39
September 2009

August 2009
ANTENNA:  Diamonds in the Sky, Skip Teller |BuildIt|kh6ty|com|cast|1| Fdbk Sep 58 30-32
ANTENNA:  A 10 Meter Moxon Beam, Allen Baker |BuildIt|kg4jjh|ar|rl|1|             33-36
ECOMM:    NBEMS - A Digital Emcomm Tool, Bloomberg & Kleber, MT63        73-7
HANDS-ON: Experiment #79 - Pi and T Networks                             57-58
POWER:    Four Output Bench Supply, Larry Cicchinelli |BuildIt|k3pto|ar|rl|1|     37-40
PROJECT:  The Ignition Switch (a delay circuit) Wayne, |BuildIt|WA5LUY|ar|rl|1|   41-42
PROJECT:  Bluetooth and Ham Radio or "Look Ma, No Hands!" Johnny, WB4U   44-45
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-175T 2 Meter FM Handheld Transceiver                 46-48
REVIEW:   Four Switching Power Supplies: Daiwa SS-505; Jetstream JTPS45; 48-49
REVIEW:   Switching Power Supplies: MFJ-4245MV; Samlex SEC-12235M        49-52
SHORT:    The PIEXX SO2Rxlt USB to LPT Translator (Smith) Fdbk Oct 34    59
TECH:     A No-Special-Tools SMD Desoldering Technique, Wayne, KH6WZ     41
TECH:     Building a Ferrite Core Antenna Current Probe, Allen KC7O      53
August 2009

July 2009
ANTENNA:  Homebrew Coaxial Dipole for VHF or UHF, Portune, Fdbk: Aug 43  33-34
ANTENNA:  A High Gain Single Wire Beam, Robert Wilson |BuildIt|al7kk|ha|hoo|0|    38-39
HANDS-ON: Experiment #78 - Bridge Circuits                               54-55
MOBILE:   It's Time to Take to the Water |BuildIt|jhallas|ar|rl|2|  Fdbk: Sep, 58 51-53
NEW:      Nifty! Mini-Manual for MFJ-259B and MFJ-269 Analyzers ~$13/ech 55
OPERATE:  Which Way is Swaziland? -Sant Andrea, |BuildIt|ag1yk|ar|rl|2|           62
OPERATE:  The Teardrop QTH, Ron Parks, |BuildIt|wb5dyg|ar|rl|1|  (Small camper, small rig) 63-65
PROJECT:  A Parallel Port Interface for Your Shack, Al Yerger, WA2EHI    35-37
PROJECT:  Ultra-RX1 Ultrasonic Receiver Kit, Steve Ford |BuildIt|sford|ar|rl|2|   50
REVIEW:   Yaesu VX-8R Handheld Transceiver, Brennan Price, N4QX  prodrev 41-44
REVIEW:   Array Solutions QSK-MASTER External QSK TR Switch for HF Amps  44-46
REVIEW:   K1EL Winkeyer USB CW Keyer and Interface Kit, |BuildIt|n7rr|ar|rl|1|    46-47
RFI:      An RFI Story with a Happy Ending, Richard Kriss |BuildIt|aa5vu|ar|rl|1| 40
July 2009

June 2009
ANTENNA:  The No Excuses 160 Meter Vertical, John Miller, |BuildIt|k6mm|ar|rl|1|  32-36
DIGITAL:  A Sound Card Interface or FM Transceivers, |BuildIt|kh6ty|com|cast|1|   30-31
HANDS-ON: Experiment #77 - Load Lines                                    61-62
HINTS:    Mounting PL-259 Connectors, MFJ Cub Dial Label, Project Boxes  63-64
HINTS:    Display Scratch Repair (BRASSO remover!), Spray Grease Warning 64
PROJECT:  Vocal Keyer Allen Baker, KG4JJH - |BuildIt|kg4jjh|ar|rl|1|              37-40
PROJECT:  Build a Homebrew Radio Telescope, Mark Spencer |BuildIt|wa8sme|ar|rl|2| 41-45
PROJECT:  A Lightweight Homemade Keyer Paddle, Alan Bloom, |BuildIt|n1al|ar|rl|1| 46
PROJECT:  Low Cost QSK Conversion for the Ameritron ALS-600 HF Amplifier 47-49
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-7200 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver (Sant Andrea, AG1YK)   51-55
REVIEW:   Micro-Node International IRLP/EchoLink Node, Kent Johnson W7AOR56-57
SHORT:    KU4AB Model SQ-50 6-Meter Antenna, 901-270-8049                60
June 2009

May 2009
ANTENNA:  What's the Best Height for My HF Beam? Steve Hunt, G3TXQ       43-44
DX:       How's DX? - DX Cluster Use                                     87-88
ECOMM:    Adapting the ICS Message Form (Keith E. Miller Sr)             76-77
FEEDBACK: Where is Bob? PERL=Practical Extracton and Reporting Language  55
FIX:      Troubleshooting Radios (Eiselman) |BuildIt|nc4lmal|a|ol|0|              30-33
HANDS-ON: Experiment #76 - Diode Junctions                               63-64
HINTS:    PSK31 for Audio Monitoring (Ray); CQ Ringtone (Tyre)           65-66
HINTS:    Ground Mounted Lightning Arrestor (Mikula);                    65
HINTS:    Increasing Relay Voltage Handling Capacity (Karlquist);        66
HINTS:    Gripper Pads are Redeployed (Van Sickle);                      66
HINTS:    PVC Antenna Support System (Monroe)                            66
MOBILE:   How I Installed a Ham Shack in My SUV and Fixed the Noise  LNK 37-39
MOBILE:   Bicycle Mobile Ham Radio (David R. Pennes MD)                  69-70
PROJECT:  See Your Mobile Controls at Night with Superbright LEDs, N7KBC 34-36
PROJECT:  A Cell Phone Headset Adapter for Amateur Radio, Haines         40-42
PROJECT:  Building a Docking Station for Your Handheld, KG4CQK           45-48
REVIEW:   Kenwood RC-D710 Control Head/TNC $350, PG-5J Interface kit $85 49-52
REVIEW:   Portable Dual-Lever Keyer Paddles, search on "Paddles"         52-55
REVIEW:   Paddles: American Morse Equipment Porta-Paddle II Kit ~$69     52-53
REVIEW:   Paddles: Palm Mini Paddle $95; Begali Magnetic Traveler Light? 53-55
TEACHING: A Quick Look at Radio Frequency Interference                   61-62
May 2009

April 2009
ANTENNA:  Hairpin Tuners for Matching Balanced Antenna Systems (Stanely) 34-36
ANTENNA:  A 20 Meter Moxon Antenna/Larry Banks/W1DYJ |BuildIt|larryb|alum.|mit|3| 37-40
APRS:     Where is Bob? (...programs to make APRS even more useful.)     51-53
DIGITAL:  PSK - 10 Years On (Ford)                                       77
FEEDBACK: The W4SSY Spudgun, OSHA do not use PVC for compresses air.     65
HANDS-ON: Experiment #75 - Series to Parallel Conversion                 75-76
MOBILE:   A Removable HF/VHF/UHF Mobile Installation, Paul Stone/KQ6RJ   41-43
PROJECT:  Bringing an Early Solid State Transceiver into the 21st Cent   30-33
PROJECT:  Superior Audio from a $5 Boom Arm Mic (Wagner); Fdbk: May, 55  78-80
REVIEW:   DC to AC Power Inverters: Cotek ST1500-12,                     44-45
REVIEW:   DC to AC PIs: PowerBright PW2300-12-1; Samlex PST-100S-12A;    45-46
REVIEW:   DC to AC PIs: Tripp-Lite PowerVerter PV-1250FC;                46-47
REVIEW:   DC to AC PIs: Xantrex Xpower 1750 Plus                         47-48
REVIEW:   MaHa MH-C9000 Battery Charger ~$70                             49-50
SHORT:    DX Engineering FCC050-H05-A Feed Line Current Choke (Ford)     74
April 2009

March 2009
ANTENNA:  Building a Five Band G3TXQ Broadband Hexagonal Beam            30-33
ANTENNA:  Zip Cord Antennas & Feed Lines For Portable Applications       34-36
ANTENNA:  The 3Y0X Peter I Island 160 Meter Beam                         37-39
ANTENNA:  My Freestanding 2 Meter J Pole Antenna                         44-45
ANTENNA:  The W4SSY Spudgun (Get antennas into high trees) Fdbk: Apr, 65 67-69
ANTENNA:  An Easy Way to Build 500 W Mini Balun |BuildIt|w7ji|wild|blue|1|        74
DOCTOR:   Hi power causes chattering in GFCI outlest: Use Leviton outles 65
ECLECTIC: Digital "Weak Signal" FM?                                      95
HANDS-ON: Experiment #74 - Resonant Circuits                             72-73
HINTS:    Making Front Panels the Easy Way, Cup Holder Mobile Mount      75-76
HINTS:    Simple Prototype PCBs, Handy Frequency List                    76
INFO:     Getting On The Air: Learning to Live with RF Safety            70-71
PROJECT:  Designing & Building Transistor Linear Power Amplifiers, Part2 40-43
REVIEW:   QST Compares Analog HF/VHF Wattmeters, Ameritron AWM-30        46-47
REVIEW:   HF/VHF Wattmeters: Comet CMX-1, SAIWA CN-801 HP                47-48
REVIEW:   HF/VHF Wattmeters: MFJ-870 Grandmaster, PALSTAR PM2000A        48-49
REVIEW:   High End Dial-Lever Keyer Paddles: N2DAN Mercury (history),    49-50
REVIEW:   Keyer Paddles: Bencher Mercury $525, GHD GH-GN599DX,           50-51
REVIEW:   Keyer Paddles: Frattini Professional Delux, Begali Sculpture,  51-52
REVIEW:   Keyer Paddles: N3ZN Bronze Model ZN-9A $315                    52
REVIEW:   Short: RPC Electronics RTrak All-In-One APRS Tracker           66
TECH:     Antennas in trees (The Doctor is in, April 2007 QST)           53
TECH:     The Ultimate DX: An Around the Earth Path- Echo Delay Measure  53-54
March 2009

February 2009
ARES:     Help ARRL Document Public Service Activities Links             65-66
HISTORY:  A Lost Dit of Vibroplex History |BuildIt|n4trb|ar|rl|1|                 58-59
INFO:     Log It! [Logbook Of The World]                                 56-57
PROJECT:  Designing & Building Transistor Linear Power Amplifiers, KK7B  30-33
PROJECT:  Keeping Current with Antenna Performance, RF Ammeter, KL7AJ    34-36
PROJECT:  Bob's Eacy Assembly Surface-Mount Table (BEAST), KE6F          37-40
PROJECT:  Automatic Fan Control for HF Amplifiers, WB8VGE                70-72
PROJECT:  Build a Battery in a Box, |BuildIt|w9cjs|ar|rl|1|                       76-77
REVIEW:   TelePost LP-PAN Software Defined IQ Panadapter                 44-47
REVIEW:   DV Dongle D-STAR Adapter ~$200                                 47-49
REVIEW:   Three More Battery Powered Soldering Tools FX-901, POR35, WAHL 49-50
REVIEW:   Corrections to Perseus SDR Review                              50-50
SAT:      A Better Way to Work Low Earth Orbit FM Satellites, EA4CYQ     41-43
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #73--Choosing an Op Amp             73-74
February 2009

January 2009
ANTENNA:  The Quick and Easy Balloon Assisted Low Band Loop Antenna      30-32
ANTENNA:  You Have Your First HF Antenna - Time for Another?             78-78
DX:       DXpedition to Planet Mars (Georga Tech Hams experience life on)59-60
HINTS:    Neat Handheld Transceiver Holder (mouse holder)                79-80
HINTS:    Astron RS-12A Fix (ground paint), Feed Line Stretcher          80-80
HINTS:    FOam PCB Holder                                                80-80
HISTORY:  When Radio Transmitters Were Machines                          36-38
MORSE:    Morse Code: Efficient or Over the Hill?                        55-58
OLDRADIO: W9ARZ, Brian VOth, (HF SSB homebrew transceiver)               93-94
PROJECT:  Building a 1927 Regenerative Receiver                          33-35
PROJECT:  Resurrecting a Command Set Transmitter                         39-42
PROJECT:  Bring That WWII Command Set Receiver Back to Life              73-75
PROJECT:  N8XJK Marine Booster from TG Electronics ~$140.00 dwn to 9V    95-95
REVIEW:   Elecraft K3/100 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver                     43-49
REVIEW:   bhi Radio Mate Keypad for Yaesu FT-817, 857, 897 Transceivers  69-69
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #72 - Return Loss and S-Parameters  76-77
TEACHING: Shop Saftey (A project is no fun if you're injured before done)70-70
TEACHING: Getting On The Air - Selecting Your Transmission Line          71-72
TECH:     Remote Control of the Amateur Station (April 2007 QST)         50-51
January 2009


                                 QST 2008 ARTICLES

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December 2008
ANTENNA:  A Low Noise Loop That Works - Plus a Bonus 2 Meter Beam N6PE   38-39
DIGITAL:  A different way to "Pound Brass", |BuildIt|K3EUI|a|ol|0|                30-32
DIGITAL:  Ghost QSOs - Olivia Returns from the Noise, |BuildIt|wb8rol|ar|rl|1|    46-47
ECLECTIC: Promoting Amateur Television on the Internet                   93-93
HINTS:    Portable Lightweight Antenna Support, |BuildIt|w6apz|sbc|global|1|      64-64
HINTS:    Sound Card Caveat, |BuildIt|ke3fl|ar|rl|1|                              65-65
KE3FL:    Field Day Results for KE3FL: page 78                           69-80
PROJECT:  A Modular Receiver for Eploring the LF/VLF Bands, Part 2, K1QW 33-37
PRODUCTS: SHORT TAKES: The Arrow II 1246-4BP Antenna                     60-60
REVIEW:   Microtelecom Perseus Software Defined Receiver                 40-44
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #71 - Circuit Layout                62-63
TIPS:     Time to Tune Up that Straight Key!                             61-61
UHF/VHF:  The World Above 50 MHz, Maunder and Other Minima, (Sun Spots)  90-92
December 2008

November 2008
ANTENNA:  An All-Weather Coax Bulkhead (freez-proof lighting protection) 40-42
ANTENNA:  Overcoming Antenna Restrictions, KA2OIG |BuildIt|kris|mer|schrod|1|     54-57
BOOK:     Radiowave Probagation and Antennas for Personal Communications 35-35
FREQUENCY: Tracking Trains on 900 MHz                                    84-84
HINTS:    A 5 Minute Surface Mount Device Holder,                        82-83
HINTS:    Matching Meters to Measurement, Hearing Aids as Headphones     83-83
HINTS:    Keeping Power Supplies Cool                                    83-83
INFO:     Greening Up your Station                                       33-35
KITS:     STEP Anntenuator, by XTAL Set Society                          32-32
POWER:    GET ON AIR: Making that DC Distribution syst Uninterruptible   76-77
POWER:    Some Thoughts on Solar Trackers Carl AD7LA + |BuildIt|cdolberg|a|ol|0|  78-78
PROJECT:  The Anatomy of a Homebrew Project                              30-32
PROJECT:  A Modular Receiver for Exploring the LF/VLF Bands by K1QW      36-39
PROJECT:  The Universal Keying Module, Mike Bryce |BuildIt|prosolar|ss|net|0| web 43-45
PROJECT:  A Wireless PTT Switch for Mobile Operations - |BuildIt|n1gy|ar|rl|1|    73-75
PRODUCTS: SHORT TAKES: Antennas.us 70-cm Satellite Antenna               72-72
PRODUCTS: SHORT TAKES TransWorld Adventurer Antenna ~$400 + base $90     79-79
REVIEW:   Battery Boost Regulators from TG Electronics and MFJ Enterpris 46-49
REVIEW:   DSP Speakers Gap Hear It Speaker & West Mountain Radio CLRspkr 50-51
SOFTWARE  Corral your CPU Cycles with Process Lasso                      84-84
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #70 - Thre-Terminal Regulators      80-81
TECH:     Making The Glass Half Full, conductance/suseptance/admittance  52-53
TECH:     Frequency Measuring Test 2008  see W1AW site                   61-62
UHF/VHF:  Zero to 60 [Meters] in Five Seconds                            58-58
November 2008

October 2008
ANTENNA:  A Short Boom, Wideband, Three Element Yagi for 10 Meters       30-32
ANTENNA:  Through the Glass HF Antenna and Tuner at K7ZX/MM,  k7zx@yahoo.69-69
ANTENNA:  Feeding that Zepp aith Coax, |BuildIt|davidcornell123|com|cast|1|       70-70
ARES:     Public Services: Mapping the Incident - The Baldwin County.... 64-65
HINTS:    USB to ICOM Transceiver Interface                              78-78
HINTS:    Go Portable with an MFJ-1775 Rotatable Mini-Dipole             78-79
HINTS:    Transceiver Support (make a shelf), Poor Man's Wind Sock       79-79
HINTS:    FT-817 Power Conditioner Kit Construction Modifications K1NUN  79-80
HISTORY:  CQ Contest - A History of Radiosport                           54-56
MOBILE:   K4GUN on Becoming a Rove Warrior, |BuildIt|k4gun|ar|rl|1|               48-50
OLDRADIO: Antiquing, K2TQN                                               92-93
PROJECT:  The Pilup Buster, |BuildIt|gbadger|sbc|global|1|                        73-75
PROJECT:  A Shower Head Microphone, |BuildIt|holdex|at|t|1|                       76-77
REVIEW:   A Look at the Rohde and Schwarz XK2100 HF Transceiver, 33-35 & 47-47
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio Experiment#69-Phase-Locked Loops, Applications  71-72
October 2008

September 2008
ANTENNA:  An All Band HF Dipole Antenna, |BuildIt|ki8bv|mac|tenna|1|              62-66
ARES:     Public Service: Amateur Radio Supports Urban Search & Rescue   56-58
DIGITAL:  D-RATS - an Application Suite for D-STAR                       34-35
DIGITAL:  Project 25 for Amateur Radio                                   36-38
HINTS:    Powering Your Radio in an Emergency, |BuildIt|ke3fl|ya|hoo|0|           73-73
HINTS:    Solar QRP af8x@comcast.net                                     74-74
HINTS:    Protecting Ladder Line from Abrasion |BuildIt|ab4et|ar|rl|1|            74-74
HINTS:    Using PowerPoles Connectors to ground Ladder Line |BuildIt|wd8sbb|ar|rl|1| 74
HINTS:    Six Screw-Starting Tips |BuildIt|gncabot|a|ol|0|                        74-74
HISTORY:  WWII Emergency Radio-An Adventure in Homebrewing |BuildIt|wmcnurry|c|s|0| 50-
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Vacuum Tubes, from the Beginning?  K2TQN            93-94
KE3FL:    Middle Cover Photo, of KE3FL/Phil Karras, description on page: 05-05
MOBILE:   Maximizing the Mobile Motorist Mission                         30-33
MOBILE:   D-RATS - an Application Suite for D-STAR                       34-35
POWER:    Power to the People with a DC Distribution System links        67-67
PRODUCTS: SHORT TAKES: Byonics TinyTrak4 APRS Position Encoder, $65 kit  61-61
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-92AD Dual Band Handheld Transceiver                    39-43
REVIEW:   Short Takes: MFJ-927 Remote Automatic Antenna Tuner            70-71
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #68-Phase Locked Loops, the Basics  71-72
TEACHING: Some Tips for the New DXer, Contact N3FG: |BuildIt|fcgetz|ju|no|0|      47-47
TECH:     Getting On The AIR: How About a Software Defined Radio?        68-69
TECH:     Eclectic Technology: Communicationg with a "Whisper"           92-92
September 2008

August 2008
ANTENNA:  A Pneumatically Switched Multiband Antenna, 40/80 m            30-32
ANTENNA:  Down Periscope-The Remote Mobile Antenna Lowering System       41-42
DOCTOR:   Using plastic tie to keep poer pole connectors together        62-63
HF:       Integrating EchoLink into a Single Sideband Net                52-53
HINTS:    Counting Turns on Very Small Toriods Made Easy!                71-71
HINTS:    Soldering RG-8X to a PL-259, RF Computer Hash Solved.          71-72
HISTORY:  Homebrew High Adventure, 1955 Style                            50-51
PROJECT:  A 40 Meter CW/SSB Transceiver for the Homebrew Challenge       33-36
PROJECT:  Pocket dBm FR Power Meter                                      65-67
PROJECT:  Summer-Microwave Season, The LED Voltage monitor               93-94
REVIEW:   Two More Antenna System Measurement Devices: miniVNA/RigExpert 43-47
REVIEW:   A Look at Butane Powered Soldering Tools.......................47-49
REVIEW:   Amateur Radio/Video News Digital Voice for Amateur Radio DVD   64-64
SAFETY:   Obtaining Good Ground - 1st steps in hardening the repeater,...37-40
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #67-The Return of the Kit           69-70
TEACHING: Keeping Your HF Signal Where it Belongs                        68-68
August 2008

July 2008
ANTENNA:  Portable Two Element 15 Meter Yagi, Jack B. Morgan, KF6T       36-38
ANTENNA:  Getting on the Air: Your Second HF Antenna                     69-70
DOCTOR:   What is the optimum solution to grounding my station?          67-67
PROJECT:  Recycling Old Cabinets and Chassis Boxes                       30-32
PROPAGATE:Summer E-skip and the Magic Band .. catch it while you can     55-55
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems FLEX-5000A HF/50 MHz Receiver, [Home Page]   39-45
REVIEW:   Short Takes: QSL Maker - it's free! [Download1] - [Download2]  68-68
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #66-Mixer Basics                    71-72
TECH:     The Beauty of Spectrum Analysis, Part 2, to aid signal recept  33-35
TECH:     Lightning and the Electrical Distribution System               46-48
July 2008

June 2008
ANTENNA:  A No COmpromise Off-Center Fed Dipole for Four Bands, K1BQT    32-34
ANTENNA:  The Tee Pee V 20 and 40 Meter Antenna, Rober Giuliano/KB8RCO   42-44
ARES:     Public Service: Winlink to Go, |BuildIt|sewald|ar|rl|2|                 59-60
HINTS:    Homemade Oscilloscope Probes, Inexpensive Project Enclosures   81-82
MOBILE:   Going Mobile in Someone Else's Vehicle, George/|BuildIt|kb0bsa|ar|rl|1| 74-75
POWER:    Modern Portable Power Generators-Small Sleek & Super Stable!   45-48
REVIEW:   Toko Hy-Power HL-1.2KFX Linear Amplifier, |BuildIt|K1RO|ar|rl|2|        49-51
REVIEW:   M-Cubed Electronix Digital LCRZ Meter Kit                      51-53
REVIEW:   LDG Electronics RCA-14 Transceiver Accessory Port Breakout Box 54-54
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: CommCat 3, |BuildIt|sford|ar|rl|2| - logging program       73-73
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #65--Spectrum Modification          77-78
TECH:     The Beauty of Spectrum Analysis, Part 1, John O. Stanley/K4ERO 35-38
TECH:     An Audio Interface Unit for Field Day and Contesting, K0IZ     39-41
TECH:     Baluns-What's the Story? Dick Arnold, AF8X                     76-76
TECH:     An Easy to Make Desk Microphone, Geoff Haines/|BuildIt|N1GY|ar|rl|1|    79-80
June 2008

May 2008
ANTENNA:  Computer Simulation of 160 Meter Inverted L Antennas, by K3LC  30-32
ANTENNA:  Dual Band Handy Yagi, Thomas Hart, AD1B |BuildIt|tom.hart|ver|izon|1|   42-43
ARES:     Public Service: The Highly Versatile Orange Box                62-63
BOOK:     Discrete-Signal Analysis and Design, ISBN 978-470-18777-7 $125 70-70
HELP:     Getting on the Air: Selecting Your First HF Transceiver        71-73
HINTS:    Navy Tech Method to Prepare PL-259 UHF Connectors              77-77
HINTS:    Emergency Batteries, Phil Karras KE3FL |BuildIt|ke3fl|ar|rl|1|          77-78
HINTS:    Using Surplus: Avoid Reinventing the Wheel/Wayne Yoshida/KH6WZ 78-78
HINTS:    Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ: |BuildIt|wayne.yoshida|tyco|electronics|0|        78-78
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTM-10R Dual Band Mobile Transceiver                     44-47
REVIEW:   SteppIR 40-30 Meter Upgrade Kit                                47-49
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: Hendricks QRP Kits Long Wire Antenna Tuner        66-66
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment # -- Waveforms and Harmonics        74-75
TECH:     The TAK-40 SSB CW Transceiver, Jim Veatch, WA2EUJ              33-37
TECH:     A Very Special Mini Radio Installation, in small car, by AI6MD 38-41
TECH:     Nationa Electrical Code Considerations                         50-50
TECH:     Coupling Problems to Short Antennas                            50-51
TECH:     The Doctor & COnnecting Freq Counters & O-scopes to Circuits   51-51
TECH:     An Electronic Turns Counting Dial, Gent |BuildIt|shortwrench|com|cast|1|67-68
TECH:     Picking a Microphone for that New Station, Joel: W1ZR          76-76
May 2008

April 2008
AprilFool:Audio Frequency Enhancement, through microphone, Ant, & Spkr   57-58
ARES:     Eclectic Technology: Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System    80-80
HINTS:    Indoor Antennas and Fire Safety                                77-78
HINTS:    Rivited Chassis Mount Coax connectors, NN8R "Minitenna" System 78-78
HINTS:    Programmable Temperature Monitoring Set Points                 78-79
HINTS:    Planning for Shack During New Construction                     79-79
HINTS:    Paper Towel Tube Cord Covers, Another use for Paper Towel Rolls79-79
PACKET:   Outpost: Packet Radio for Emergency Messaging                  35-37
REVIEW:   First Look: Elecraft K3 HF/6 Meter Tansceiver                  41-45
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-D7A(G) Dual Band Handheld                           45-47
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: TigerTronics SignaLink USB Interface              68-68
SAFETY:   Lightning (Understand It or Suffer the Consequences) Part 2    30-34
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #63 -- About Capacitors             70-71
TECH:     Converting a Heathkit SB-220 Amplifier to 6 Meters             38-40
TECH:     PAVE PAWS Radar and the Amateur 70 cm Band                     55-56
TECH:     Those Type N Coax Connectors, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR             69-69
TECH:     Repair and Upgrade Low Cost Geiger Counters, Charles N1TEV     72-74
TECH:     The Switcher, for boat-anchor rigs, Tom Hamblin VE3TMH, VE3HIE 75-76
April 2008

March 2008
ANTENNA:  A New Spin on the Big Wheel, 2-m horizontal antenna            30-34
ANTENNA:  I Just Got My License and a Used HF Transceiver--Now What?     39-42
ANTENNA:  HF Antennas and Restricted Living by |BuildIt|kd1k|ar|ar|1|             56-58
ANTENNA:  Getting that Antenna Cable into the House                      68-68
DIGITAL:  Portable PSK Has Finally Arrived,  |BuildIt|w8nue|ar|ar|1|              37-38
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-950 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver                        46-51
REVIEW:   Array Solutions AS-AYL-4 Receiving Antenna                     51-52
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #62--About Resistors                66-67
TECH:     A Station for the ARRL Sponsored 500 kHz Experiment, WD2XSH    43-45
TECH:     Technical Correspondence -Operationally Ready--An ARES Perspec 53-55
March 2008

February 2008
ANTENNA:  Double-Cross - A NOAA Satellite Downlink Antenna               30-32
ANTENNA:  The W6TC DX Loop (add 30,40,60,80, & 160 to your SteppIR...)   37-39
ANTENNA:  Evolution of the Parasitic Beam Antenna                        57-62
HINTS:    Use Your MP3 Player for Code Practice, 2 Speed Soldering Iron  80-80
HINTS:    Determining Characteristic Impedance of Unknown Coax           81-81
HINTS:    An Old Trick--The "Gimmick" Capacitor                          81-81
PROJECT:  Transforming Your Vibroplex Bug into a Keyer Paddle            73-73
PROJECT:  External Full Break-In Transmit-Receive Switch for HF Amps     76-79
REVIEW:   Kenwood TM-D710A Dual Band Mobile Transceiver                  45-48
REVIEW:   AvMap G5 Personal Navigator ~$650 Geosat5                      48-49
REVIEW:   Yaesu VX-3R Miniature Dual-Band Handheld Transceiver           49-51
SAFETY:   Lightning (Understand It or Suffer the Consequences)           40-44
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #61 - Smith Chart Fun #3            74-75
TECH:     An Accurate S-Meter for Direct Conversion Receivers, WB9JPS    33-36
TECH:     13.56 Mhz as a Cancer Cure? (Ham inventor: John Kanzius, K3TUP)51-54
February 2008

January 2008
ANTENNA:  The Arch (A low profile HF mobile antenna for under low things)39-41
ANTENNA:  A Rugged VHF Beam ANtenna That Resists Ice Buildup             42-45
ANTENNA:  GETTING ON THE AIR: Your First HF or 6 Meter Antenna           65-66
ANTENNA:  The World Above 50 MHz: Stacking (Antennas)                    82-83
FEEDBACK: Experiment #58 Nov 2007, pp67-68 Table 1, change - to +, +to-  68-68
HISTORY:  TM Handy Wireless (not-so-portable radio for Japanese navy)    48-50
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Remember When? (6V6 slat-board transmitter, kit)    87-88
INFO:     Navigating Part 97, "I know it's in here somewhere" Reciprical 46-47
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: Nec2Go by Nova Plus Software $40                  57-57
REVIEW:   Product Review: ICOM IC-R9500 Communications Receiver          69-73
SOFTWARE  ECLECTIC TECH: Linux (and PSKMail) "Inside" WIndows            89-89
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #60 - Smith Chart Fun #2            62-63
TECH:     Modifying the COllins KWM-2 for Serious CW Operation           30-34
TECH:     Building the Tinker Box (an antique radio tramsnitter)         35-38
TECH:     Updating the Drake AC-4 High Voltage Power Supply              58-61
TECH:     CORRESPONDENCE: How to calculate dB without a calculator...    75-75
TECH:     MICROWAVELENGTHS: Microwave Amplifiers                         90-91
January 2008

                                 QST 2007 ARTICLES

December 2007
ANTENNA:  The Octopus - Four Band HF Antenna for Portable Use            36-38
ANTENNA:  Evans Engineering Tri-Band Portable Antenna                    45-45
DIGITAL:  The Skunk at the Digital Party (clean up those stinky signals) 50-50
HINTS:    Packet Radio and the Yaesu FT-221,                             51-51
HINTS:    Improving Aluminum Chassis Box Rigidity,                       51-52
HINTS:    Crackin' Wall Warts - A How-To Tip                             52-52
HISTORY:  GB3SSS - Marconi's Transatlantic Leap Revisited                40-42
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: When Homebrew was King                              71-72
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-450 HF and 6 Meter Transeiver Yaesu                   53-57
REVIEW:   M3 Electronix FPM-1 Frequency Counter/Power Meter Kit          58-59
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #59 -- Smith Chart Fun I            48-49
TECH:     The Hybrid Cascode - A General Purpose AGC IF Amplifier        30-33
TECH:     A Remotely Controlled Station for HF Digital Modes             34-35
TECH:     A Computer Interface for CW, Software: CwType   MixW           46-47
December 2007

November 2007
ANTENNA:  A Comparison of HF Mobile Antenna Designs                      30-33
ANTENNA:  The Handy Yagi Antenna, AD1B                                   37-38
APRS:     APRS Motorcycle Mobile, K7GPS                                  58-59
INFO:     Football: Fumbles, Field Goals and Frequencies, K1SFA          55-56
INFO:     Frequency Measuring Test 2007                                  57-57
PROJECT:  Simple Sideband, Another Approach, W6IBC                       39-44
PRODUCTS: Building Kits to Learn, N3III..................................
REVIEW:   Kenwood TM-V71A, ICOM IC-2820H Dual Band Mobile Radios         71-77
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #58--Double Stubs II                67-68
TECH:     Motorola VHF Micor Radio Modifications - Part 2                65-66
UHF/VHF:  Frequency Mixers, W1GHZ  (1296 MHz)                            92-93
November 2007

October 2007
ANTENNA:  An All-Band Attic Antenna                                      33-37
ANTENNA:  Blade antennas for use in the long Wavelength Array radio tel..86-86
BANDS:    Waiting for the Sun -When will HF improve, & what to do till...47-49
DIGITAL:  Digital Skeds on the Web                                       86-86
ECLECTIC: Emergency Power from a Hybrid Car?  WB8IMY / email             86-86
HINTS:    Replacing Defective Meter Movements, A Quick Ground Connection 62-63
HINTS:    Copper Tape on Glass, A New Way to make Antennas               63-64
HISTORY:  The Wake-Up Call - Sputnik launch W7ETS listens in, 1957       50-51
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Sputnik Launched October 4, 1957                    84-85
INFO:     Are You Using the Right-Sized Fuse?                            30-32
PROJECT:  A Low Cost Frequency Synthesizer                               38-42
PROJECT:  Technical Correspondence: Build Your Own 600W HF Amplifier     72-73
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-2000D HF and 6 Meter Transceiver                      65-71
REVIEW:   Changes to ARRL Receiver Tests                                 70-71
SOFTWARE  Short Takes: MicroLog                                          54-54
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #57 -- Double Stubs                 60-61
TECH:     Motorola VHF Micor Radio Modifications - Part 1                55-56
TECH:     Getting To Know Your Radio: ... Lid on with a Roofing Filter   57-56
TECH:     Keeping Safe with Generators and Starting Batteries            59-59
October 2007

September 2007
ANTENNA:  Maximum Gain Portable HF Yagi, by K9JM/James Michener          34-35
ARES:     The New Face of MARS                                           42-47
ARES:     QRR: The beginning of Amateur Radio Emergency Communications   48-50
ARRL:     The ARRL and Emergency Communications                          38-40
DIGITAL:  Operating D-Star, how it works  ICOM                           30-33
HINTS and Kinks: Traveling with Handheld Radio "Rubber Duck" Antennas    61-61
HINTS:    Automatic Emergency Power Transfer for your Ham Station        61-62
HINTS:    A Quick Ground Connection, Portable Battery Power              62-62
HINTS:    Keeping and Labeling a Supply of all Sizes of Hardware         62-62
POWER:    Power Packing for Emergencies, by John S. Raydo, K0IZ          54-56
PROJECT:  The Remote Power Controller, by Mike Bryce, WB8VGE             36-37
PROJECT:  A Resonance Probe for the Ham Shack, by Hwang Nam Chang, KE2HF 59-60
QRP:      Hendrick's QRP Kits FireFly Transceiver QRPKITS $149           65-68
REVIEW:   Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.5KFX Linear Amplifier   Ham Radio Outlet   63-65
REVIEW:   Hendrick's QRP Kits FireFly Transceiver QRPKITS $149           65-68
REVIEW:   Gamma Research HPS-1a Switching Power Supply                   68-69
SHORT:    TAKES: BeeLine GPS Tracker by BigRedBee $299                   53-53
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment 56--Design Sensitivities            57-58
TECH:     Eclectic Technology "Live" SSTV   Software  Live Sites         83-83
September 2007

ANTENNA:  Construct a Rugged, Easy to Build, 2 Element Yagi, HF          30-33
ANTENNA:  Six Band Loaded Dipole ANtenna, 160/80/40/30/17/12             34-36
ANTENNA:  An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters                          37-40
ANTENNA:  A Short Boom, Wideband 3 Element Yagi for 6 Meters             41-45
ANTENNA:  An HF through UHF Uni-Whip Antenna                             46-47
ANTENNA:  A Simple Broadband 80 Meter Dipole                             53-55
APRS:     APRS and High-Altitude Research Balloons                       48-49
BOOK:     So What's New in the New Antenna Book?                         58-59
DOCTOR:   Does a 3/8WL vertical antenna have advantages?                 50-51
DX:       Work Any DX Lately? We're Here to Help (tips, free QSL service)63-64
HINTS:    Hints & Kinks: Digging a Tower Foundation in Sandy Soil        65-65
HINTS:    An Imporoved Standoff Arm for Crank-up Towers                  65-66
HINTS:    Quick & Easy Portable Antenna Mount                            66-66
HINTS:    Protect the Butternut HF-6 Antenna 30 Meter Doorknob Capacitor 66-66
HINTS:    Securing Radial Wires and Other Lines to the Ground            66-66
PRODUCTS: Product Review: Three Antenna System Measurement Devices:      67-73
PRODUCTS: Array Solutions AIM4170 Antenna Analyzer                       68-70
PRODUCTS: Telepost LP-100 HF Digital Vector Wattmeter                    70-71
PRODUCTS: Wavenode WN-2 Station Monitoring System                        71-73
SOFTWARE  Short Takes: TinyCAD                                           52-52
SOFTWARE  Eclectic Technology: Decoding CW in Software  Fldigi  WiwW     89-89
SOFTWARE  Decoding CW in Software  CWLab04  CWGet  CWDecoder  MRP40      89-89
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #55-Current/Voltage Converters      56-57
TEACHING: Getting To Know Your Radio: One for the Road (mobile radio)    60-62
TECH:     Technical Correspondence: TEN-TEC Orion II Product Review      74-74
TECH:     Measure Motional Parameters of a Quartz Crystal                74-75
TECH:     Some Capacitor Substitution Notes                              75-75

July 2007
ANTENNA:  Balloon-Lift Full-Wave Loop Antennas                           34
KITS:     Hendricks QRP Kits DC-40 Transceiver, $#9 QRPKITS              49-49
PROJECT:  The Smart Keyboard, Build low cost keyboard keyer, paddles too 35-39
PROJECT:  A Simple Headset Adapter for the IC-706 Series Radios          50-51
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Omni-VI HF/6 Meter Transceiver                         58-64
REVIEW:   Elecraft K3 HF/6 Meter transceiver                             77-77
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #54 Precision Rectifiers            53-53
TECH:     Low Tones in High Places, If repeater ignors you use tone      52-52
TECH:     Is ANy Power Leaving my Rig?                                   55-55
TECH:     Technology: JT65A on the HF Bands Eclectic - software          85-85
UHF/VHF:  Getting on 24 GHz                                              28-30
UHF/VHF:  Getting Started in Microwaves                                  83-84
July 2007

June 2007
ANTENNA:  Add a 30 and 40 Meter Dipole to Your SteppIR Yagi              37-41
HINTS:    Powerpole Automotive Power Adapter, Lightning Protection for   62-62
HINTS:    Open Wire Feed Lines Revisited, Curing Alternator Whine        62-63
HINTS:    The KA3IXF Apartment Dweller's Antenna                         64-64
HISTORY:  Old Radio: Why SOS?                                            88-89
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  The Audible Antenna Bridge                                     30-32
PRODUCTS: Short Takes: The (LED) Light Fantastic - westmountainradio.com 52-52
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-V85 2 Meter FM Handheld Transceiver                    65-67
REVIEW:   National RF Vector-Finder VHF Direction Finding System  NRFI   67-69
REVIEW:   A Look at Battery Powered Soldering Tools                      69-71
SOFTWARE  AARA: 1, Murphy 0: Our Linux Logging Program at Field Day      42-43
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #53 -- RF Peak Detector             60-61
TEACHING: Learn to PIC with a PIC-EL -- Part 2                           33-36
TEACHING: Getting to Know Your Radio: The Next Step - "Sound Card" Modes 55-56
TECH:     ESD Control for the Radio Amateur                              28-29
TECH:     Terminating 75 Ohm, 7/8 inch Hardline with SO-239              53-54
TECH:     Measure Q with your Antenna Analyzer                           57-58
TECH:     I Just Wanted to Try Sound Cards, Now I have Hum!              59-59
TECH:     The Ultimate DX: An Around the Earth Path                      72-73
TECH:     Fuses for the Rig in your Car                                  73-74
TECH:     Eclectic Technology: Outpost (Packet Message Manager)  OUTPOST 85-85
TECH:     Fldigi News Puppy Linux, IRLP-Packaged and Ready to Go         85-85
UHF/VHF:  The World Above 50 MHz: From the Mailbag: Feed Lines for All   82-84
June 2007

May 2007
ANTENNA:  Adapting a 3 Element Tape Measure Beam for Power Line Noise Hu 28-31
ANTENNA:  A Super Duper Five Band Portable Antenna                       34-36
HINTS:    More on using a Coaxial Stub to Shift Antenna-System Resonance 61-62
HINTS:    Ten-Tec Power Supply Connector Hint                            62-62
MODES:    Why is it that CW Works so Well?                               56-56
REVIEW:   Short Takes: West Mountain Radio RIGtalk USB Interface         53-53
REVIEW:   Product Review Computer Sound Cards for Amateur Radio          63-70
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #52--SWR Meters ARRL Reflections    57-58
TEACHING: Learn to PIC with a PIC-EL -- Part 1                           37-42
TECH:     PRB-1 and CC&Rs--What Should I Do Now?                         44-46
TECH:     Explore USB with this USB to CI-V Interface                    54-55
TECH:     The Importance of Being "Square" Grid Locator  Buy Grid Map    59-60
May 2007

April 2007
ANTENNA:  A 2 Element Quad for 17 and 12 Meters Using a Combined Feed    32-36
ARES:     Emergency Communications and You                               52-53
DIGITAL:  Digital Meteor Scatter Equals Maximum Fun                      45-47
HINTS:    Battery Clamp for Mobile Radio Power Installation              68-68
HINTS:    More on the Tuning Fork as a CW Tuning Aid,                    68-68
HINTS:    Toothpic soldering aid, Fast Circuit Breaker, Anti-Static strip68-69
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO - The Hot Wire (old magazine, 1921...)               90-91
My Radio: What's That Extra Antenna Port on the Back of My Transceiver?  57-58
POWER:    MICROWAVELENGTHS - Microwave Power Measurements                87-88
PROJECT:  A Portable Equipment Support Frame                             59-60
PROJECT:  A Microphone Port for Those Sound Card Modes                   64-67
REVIEW:   Alpha 8100 HF Linear Amplifier, $4850 .........................70-72
REVIEW:   ALINCO DJ-V17T 2 Meter Handheld FM, SMA connector              72-74
SOFTWARE  Logbook of The World & Frequently Asked Questions are here     13-13
SOFTWARE  Remote Control of the Amateur Station, use available software  28-31
SOFTWARE  Life Could Be a DReamM-Inexpensive HF digital voice has arrived38-40
SOFTWARE  ECLECTIC TECHNOLOGY - Linux on Your Keychain (Jump-drive)      89-89
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment 51--Filter Design #2                62-63
TEACHING: A Practical Demonstration of Fourier Series                    37-37
TEACHING: Making Sense of Decibels                                       61-61
April 2007

March 2007
ANTENNA:  The DBJ-2: A Portable VHF-UHF Roll-Up J-pole for Public Service38-40
ANTENNA:  Compact 40 Meter HF Loop for your Recreational Vehicle         41-43
ANTENNA:  Calculating Antenna Headings |BuildIt|w9rjf|ya|hoo|0|                   44-46
ANTENNA:  The Quarter Wave Matching Section Revisited, W1ZR              57-57
ARES:     Emergency Communications Vehicles and Your Amateur Radio Org.  74-75
BOOK:     The General Radio Story, Building a Super Station - LULU       85-85
BOOK:     HI HI - A Collection of Ham Radio Cartoons LULU                85-85
BOOK:     The Third Element Book                                         85-85
DIGITAL:  Automatic Mode Identification MultiPSK                         84-84
HISTORY:  Old Radio: Found at the ARRL Auction, UTAH Junior Transmitter  80-81
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  Touch Paddle Keyer, Allen Baker, KG4JJH  |BuildIt|kg4jjh|ar|rl|1|       28-31
PROJECT:  The "At Last!" Radio TR Sequencerm (Transmit-Receive)          32-37
PROJECT:  Shower Head Microphone, AC5HM |BuildIt|caljack|fair|point|1|            52-54
REVIEW:   The bhi "Noise Away" Amplified Noise Elimination Module        51-51
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-7800 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver Revisited              60-65
REVIEW:   MFJ-1625 Window/Balcony Antenna ~$200 P: 662-323-5869          65-66
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #50--Filter Design #1, Butterworth  55-56
TECH:     Kill-A-Watt Electrinc Usage Monitor Revisited                  6768
March 2007

February 2007
ANTENNA:  A Tunable Vertical for 75 and 80 Meters                        28-30
ANTENNA:  Topband? No Way!... but Never say Never                        52-55
HINTS:    Soldering Taps onto a Coil                                     70-70
HINTS:    Using a Coaxial Stub to shift Antenna-System Resonance         70-71
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Monitoring the Monitors                             93-94
INFO:     End of an Era: FCC Drops Morse Testing Requirement             79-80
PROJECT:  The FCC-2 Frequency Synthesizer                                31-35
PROJECT:  Audio Readout for the MFJ-209 Antenna Analyzer                 36-39
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Par Electronics 20-Meter End-Fed Dipole Antenna   58-58
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-2000 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver                       72-78
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #49-Reading and Drawing Schematics  64-65
TEACHING: Getting to Know Your Radio, Dual Receivers-When 1 is Not Enough61-62
TEACHING: I Know What's Happening at the Shack-What's Happening at the   63-63
TECH:     A Simple Bluetooth Radio Interface                             66-69
February 2007

January 2007
ANTENNA:  A Two Element "Wonder Bar" Beam for 17 Meters                  34-36
ANTENNA:  Wire Antennas - Keeping Them Up                                60-60
ARES:     Public Service: Arizona Section Creates Emergency Database     77-78
HINTS:    MFJ Antenna Analyzer on/off switch (protection)                62-62
HINTS:    Cigarette Lighter Adapters, home made with 3/4" copper pipe    62-62
HISTORY:  The Golden Anniversary of the Collins KWM-1                    42-45
HISTORY:  How the FCC Helped to End World War II                         46-48
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: The 1926 Grebe CR-18 K2TQN Site                     90-91
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
NEW:      XTAL Set Society Crystal Radio Kit                             71-71
PROJECT:  A Simple Add-On RF Stage for Regenerative Receivers            28-30
PROJECT:  High Sensitivity Crystal Set, ..use zero-volt-threshold MOSFET 31-33
PROJECT:  Old Amplifiers--Boat Anchors or Bargain Basement Opportunities?37-41
PROJECT:  RF Activated Timer, build this & stop timing out your repeater 54-55
PROJECT:  Simple Audio Computer to Transmitter Morse Keyer               58-59
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R2500 Communications Receiver                          63-67
REVIEW:   ElmerRadio Crystal Radio Receiver Kit                          67-68
REVIEW:   MFJ-1164 AC Line Filter                                        68-69
SHORTAKES:K4AVU Coax Crimper, for PL-259s                                53-53
SOFTWARE  RufzXP-the Road to CW Speed 200 WPM                            83-83
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #48--Baluns                         56-57
TECH:     How to get your Electric Utility to fix Nocturnal RF Noise     79-71
TECH:     Another Power Lince Noise Hunting Idea                         71-71
TECH:     Eclectic Technology, An HF E-Mail Alternative?                 84-84
January 2007

                                 QST 2006 ARTICLES

December 2006
ANTENNA:  A Single Control Remote Antenna Tuner                          34-35
ANTENNA:  The Horizontal EWE Antenna, a new direction for noise reduction37-38
ANTENNA:  Make the MFJ-932 QRP Loop Tuner Even Better                    49-50
DIGITAL:  Patrick Lindecker, F6CTE, author of MultiPSK for Windows       73-73
DIGITAL:  Need QuickTime to listen to the digital modes files on-line    73-73
ERROR:    An Antenna Impedance Meter for High Freq Bands, more info.ZIP  56-56
HINTS:    Make Your Own 600 ohm Ladder Line, Small Lithium Cell Replace  55-56
INFO:     Solar Cycles and the Coming of Cycle 24: Part 1                70-72
NEWS:     FCC "Omnibus" Amateur Radio Report & Order convers...Territory 39-41
PROJECT:  The MicroT2-A Compact Single-Sideband SSB Transmitter          28-33
REVIEW:   ACOM 1010 HF Linear Amplifier, ICOM IC-91A Dual Band HT TX/RX  57-61
SHORTTAKE JO-COMM Red-Dee-2 Connect Power Distribution Blocks            48-48
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment 47--Toroids                         53-54
TEACHING: Getting to Know Your Radio: Automatic Level Control            51-52
December 2006

November 2006
ANTENNA:  An Antenna Impedance Meter for the High Frequency Bands        28-32
ANTENNA:  The Horizontal Loop-An Effective Multipurpose Antenna          42-44
HINTS:    A Power Source for Portable Operations                         68-69
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: WRL's Globe Scout 65, visit My Web Page             93-94
POWER:    Sun, Wind Energize Club Repeater                               45-46
PRODUCTS: Dual Radio Sound Card Interface From RD Technology, $65, $92   59-59
QRP:      A 30 and 80 Meter Module for the  Elecraft KX1 CW Transceiver  63-63
QRP:      Option Bypass Header Accessory for Elecraft K2 $17, UNPCBS.com 100
REVIEW:   Antenna Analyzers with a Different View, AEA, TIMEWAVE         70-74
REVIEW:   MFJ-852 Power Line Noise Meter, $110                           75-76
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #46-Two Cs: Crystal and Class       66-67
TEACHING: Understanding SWR by Example                                   37-41
TECH:     Command and Control-Talk to Your radio and it May Talk Back    33-36
TECH:     Laptop Computer Desk and Radio Support for Your Pickup         64-65
November 2006

October 2006
ANTENNA:  A 20 Meter Antenna for Sailboats...The Zepp antenna...         36-37
ARES:     Public Service: NIMS Training Opportunities                    81-82
KITS:     The MicroR2-An Easy to Build "Single Signal" SSB or CW Receiver28-32
PROJECT:  High Powered DC Load for Power Supply and Battery Evaluation   61-62
REVIEW:   microHAM Digi Keyer, operate any sound-card based mode, CW too 60-60
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-R1500 Communications Receiver, $700 & AH-7000 Antenna  69-73
REVIEW:   Green Heron RT-20 Rotator Controller, .........................74-74
SOFTWARE  Eclectic Technology: More Fun with Pocket PCs, Lynovation SW   90-90
SOFTWARE  HF Propagation Software-A Look at the Field                    41-44
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment 45-RF Amplifiers, Part1             63-64
TECH:     An Inexpensive Data Logger and Storage Scope                   33-35
TECH:     A Remote Reporting Solar Powered Weather Station               38-40
TECH:     Fighting Interference and Noise with Filters                   65-66
October 2006

September 2006
ANTENNA:  The Extended Double Zepp Revisited                             35-36
ATV:      Eclectic Technology, Hams Should be Seen as well as Heard!     83-83
CONTESTS: ARRL  CQC                                                      ??-??
INFO:     Renewing That Ham Ticket: Easier Than Ever                     44-45
PROJECT:  The NorCal Frequency Counter, FCC-1                            28-32
PROJECT:  An Uninterruptible Power System for 24/7 Operation             33-34
PROJECT:  A Low Cost Code Key for Your License Class                     37-38
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Orion II HF Tranceiver Model 566, $4000, tuner $300    59-64
REVIEW:   Heil Handi Mic Mobile Microphone                               64-65
SHORTtake:MFJ-4712 Two-Position Remote Antenna Switch                    48-48
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #44 -- RF Oscillators, Part2        52-52
TECH:     Getting Rid of Slugs (for Bird Wattmeters)                     49-50
TECH:     The Quest for Power (Alinco DM-330MV switching power supply)   51-51
TECH:     On Tunning, Matching, & Meas Ant System using SWR Analyzer     56-56
TECH:     On Measuring Base Station Antenna System Impedance             56-56
TECH:     Determining the Radiation Efficiency of a Center-Loaded M Whip 57-57
TECH:     Fast TR Switches, & their problems explained                   58-58
September 2006

August 2006
ANTENNA:  Building UHF Yagis--A Practical Approach                       28-31
ANTENNA:  Two Element Lazy Loozinana Loops for 15 or 20 Meters           32-34
ANTENNA:  The Compact Quad Multiband HF Antenna                          38-40
ANTENNA:  A Down to Earth View of Station Grounds                        48-49
ANTENNA:  A Neat Dual Band Antenna (VHF/UHF, 2m & 70cm)                  50-51
ANTENNA:  Medium to High Power Auto Antenna Tuners: LDG AT-1000          56-58
ANTENNA:  .Antenna Tuners: MFJ-994 Intellituner, Palstar AT-Auto         58-59
ANTENNA:  Shakespeare HS-2774-1 Wideband VHF Marine Antenna, $430        61-62
APRS:     Public Service: Operationally Ready Ready FEMA RedCross SCDF   69-70
CONTESTS: ARRL  CQC                                                      89-89
HINTS:    Making Your Own Adjustable High Voltage Capacitors Revisited   54-54
HINTS:    Tuning Fork as a CW Tuning Aid, Repaing A Damaged Boom         54-55
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO The 1928 Pilot Wasp Short-Wave Kit antiqueradio K2TQN79-80
MOBILE:   VHF/UHF Mobile Propagation                                     35-37
NEW:      LDG AT-7000 Antenna Tuner for IC-7000 LDG Electronics          85-85
SHORTTAKE FreeCharge WEZA Portable Energy Source ($277 recharge by foot) 47-47
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #43--RF Oscillators, Part 1         52-53
UHF/VHF:  Microwavelengths: What Frequency am I On? Down East MicroWave  76-77
August 2006

July 2006
ANTENNA:  Lowe's Loop for 432 MHz                                        28-31
ANTENNA:  Three Position Remote Coax Switch (uses coax for RF & DC power)41-43
ARES:     Public Service: Survival Packs, Jump Kits & Tool Bags E-Letter 73-75
COMPUTER: Linspire Five-O, a form of Linux, review cost: $60 linspire.com51-51
COMPUTER: A CAT5 Cable and Connector Tester                              52-53
DOCTOR:   Why were we only able to go 7 mi w 50W when my HT can go 50m ? 50-50
HINTS:    Pocket Mag Mount, Needle-Nose Pliers Vise, Cable Ties          56-57
HINTS:    Kenwood TS-940 Battery Replacement (CR2032 & 2450 wid tabs)    57-57
INFO:     Tune in a Beacon Station Time & Freq (dead?) Stations          44-45
NEW:      Solder-Free PL-259 Coax Cable Shield Connection coaxcrimper2   36-36
NEW:      RIGTALK USB Radio Control Interface westmountainradio.com      86-86
POWER:    Learning to Live with a Linear (care & feeding of that gorilla)37-40
PROJECT:  A Low Cost Automatic Curve Tracer                              32-36
REVIEW:   More Switching Power Supplies, Daiwa SS-330W, Kenwood KPS-15   58-59
REVIEW:   More Switching Power Supplies, MFJ-4125, TEN-TEC 963           59-61
REVIEW:   Alpha Power 4510 Wattmeter alpharadioproducts.com              62-64
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #42--Notch Filters                  54-55
TECH:     Crystal Oscillator Experiments, Hidden Wire Ants,              65-66
TECH:     Internet Robots, Love 'em or Hate 'em                          66-66
TECH:     Eclectic Technology: The Hinternet and openHSMM ARRL           84-84
TECH:     Eclectic Technology: More about Sound Cards test software      84-84
WEB:      Electronics Resources Web Site radio-electronics.com           43-43
July 2006

June 2006
ANTENNA:  An Effective 160 Meter Receiving Loop                          35-38
ANTENNA:  Technical Correspondence: Stacking 2 Meter Yagis               73-74
APRS:     "Micro-Local" Weather Available Globally via APRS              46-47
HINTS:    Notes on Lightning Protection for Open-wire Feed Lines         64-64
HINTS:    Add Some Grease to the Recipe, for wire nuts on outside ants   65-65
HINTS:    Another Solution to Emergency Power, automobile jumper batt... 65-65
HINTS:    Toilet Paper Tubes in the Ham Shack, organize those cables     65-65
HINTS:    Another Method for Easy Radio Installation, use a sod cutter   65-65
HISTORY:  The Microphone: A Short Illustrated History                    50-52
HISTORY:  Old Radio: W9CNN, a 1955 Dream Station                         83-84
INFO:     The Knots of Ham Radio, yes about tying knots                  57-58
INFO:     Getting to Know Your Radio: Receiver Gain Control              59-60
INFO:     How's DX? Revisiting the International Reply Coupon (IRC)      85-86
INFO:     New Products: Remote Station Control Over IP from Thinklogical 92-92
NEW:      Schartboard-EZ Prototyping Board Eases SMD Soldering WEB-Site  99-99
NEW:      MFJ-9982 High Power Antenna Tuner, $700 MFJ Enterprises        99-99
NEW:      IC-7000 Mini-Manual From Nifty Ham Accessories                 99-99
POWER:    Homebrew Solid-state 600 W HF Amplifier                        39-43
POWER:    No Fueling: Field Day with Hydrogen, so quiet it was in the ...44-45
PROJECT:  A Low-Cost Active Audio Filter for CW Reception                32-34
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Kill-A-Watt Electric Usage Monitor                61-61
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-1802M 2 Meter FM Transceiver                          66-68
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec/TAPR 6000 Vector Network Analyzer                      68-71
REVIEW:   Heil Pro Set Quite Phone Noise Canceling Headset               71-72
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #41--Damping Factor                 62-63
WINLINK:  Squeezing More from Winlink 2000                               28-31
June 2006

May 2006
ANTENNA:  A Quad Loop Revisited                                          39-40
ARES:     An Airborne Portable Amateur Television System                 28-31
FOX:      A Companion Tracker for the Miniature UHF Fox Transmitter      32-35
PROJECT:  Auto-bug Keyer with Message Memory                             36-38
PROJECT:  Interfacing an Audio Device to Your Transceiver                43-45
PROJECT:  Instrumentation Amplifiers and LCDs as Measurement Tools       55-58
PROJECT:  Blades on the Radio Workbench                                  61-61
REVIEW:   MFJ Model 4116 Bias Tee Power Injector                         54-54
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver                            64-71
REVIEW:   Heil SOund Traveler Dual Side Headset                          72-72
RFI:      That Noise--When to Call the Power COmpany                     41-42
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #40--VOX                            59-60
May 2006

April 2006
ANTENNA:  A Cool Beverage Four-Pack (touted as receiving antenna...).....33-36
ANTENNA:  Getting To Know Your Radio: Internal Antenna Tuners ...........66-67
ARES:     Is Your Emergency Kit Complete? [NTS Guidelines]...............85-85
ARRL:     "Hello"...Celebrating 100 Years of Voice over Radio Worldwide..49-52
EMI/RFI:  A Home-made Ultrasonic Power Line Arc Detector (Project).......41-45
ERROR:    "A Side-Mount Precision Rotator for Microwave..." Feb 2006.....97-97
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: The History of the RECO Key ........................91-92
INFO:     Topographic Maps--A Tool to Optimize Operating Locations ......37-40
POWER:    Battery Boost Regulator from TG Electronics $140 [Link]........32-32
POWER:    SHORT TAKES: Black & Decker Storm Station $168 [link]..........63-63
POWER:    MAHA Charger for NiMH or NiCd Batteries 8-individual $110 Link.
PROJECT:  FT-1000MP Memory Keyer Control ................................64-65
PROJECT:  A Simple Code Practice Oscillator Project [Schematic].[PC board].103
PRODUCTS: Kenwood TM-V708A Dual Band FM Transceiver $399 [Kenwood].......72-74
PRODUCTS: ICOM IC-P7A Miniture Dual Band Handheld Transceiver $240 ......75-77
PRODUCTS: Elecraft 2T-gen Two-Tone Test Generator (Kit) $59 [Elecraft]...77-78
QRP:      An Updated Universal QRP Transmitter (Project, buikd it!)......28-32
SAT:      SuitSat-1 (AO-54) "Tremendously Successful," ARISS Proclaims...79-80
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #39--Battery Charger, Part 2 .......68-69
TECH:     Riding the Magic Carpet (Hams can serve the public ... WWW)....53-54
TECH:     Keyboard-Free Digital Ragchewing (voice recognition)...........55-56
TECH:     Green Radio Round-Up (Old military type HF rigs+ PRC-47, 70...)57-60
TECH:     ECLECTIC TECHNOLOGY: Does the Sound Card Really Matter? (yes!).93-93
April 2006

March 2006
ANTENNA:  A Wire Antenna Combination for DX..............................28-30
ERROR:    Feedback: "A Low Cost DDS Function Generator" (Nov 2005).......99-99
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: Early Wireless (Art Ericson/W1NF)...................88-89
POWER:    More Power To You! (Anderson Powerpoles different sizes).......31-33
PROJECT:  A QRP Multimeter (Use a multimeter to measure RF power) .......54-55
PRODUCTS: Yaesu FTDX9000 Contest HF and 6 Meter Transceiver $5700 [Link].61-66
PRODUCTS: Alinco DR-635T Dual-Band FM Transceiver $369 [Link]............66-68
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #38--Battery Charger ...............52-53
TECH:     A Homebrew High Performance HF Transceiver--the HBR-2000 ......34-38
TECH:     SHORT TAKES: Advanced Receiver Research SP144VDA Preamplifier .50-50
TECH:     Soldering--Tips for Shopping, Survival and Success ............51-51
TECH:     Automatic Digital Interface Keying with Timing for Pulsed DMs..69-70
UHF/VHF:  Avoiding Lossy Feed Lines, With Gain...Perhaps ................86-87
March 2006

February 2006
ANTENNA:  The HyGain DX-88 Vertical, Refined                             36-38
ANTENNA:  A Side-Mount Precision Rotator for Microwave and mmWave Ants   42-45
APRS:     Teaching an Old APRS New Tricks                                39-41
DOCTOR:   Stacked Arrays, Windom antenna,                                59-60
HINTS:    preparing Coax, Cast-off Coax cleans Drains, Stealth Ant Base  69-70
INTERNET: Remote Control Over the Internet (RCoIP)                       62-64
PROJECT:  8877 "Lite"--A 50-MHz 20-Pound Travel Amplifier                32-35
REVIEW:   SGC SG-500 SmartPowerCube Linear Amplifier $1400 [SGC Info]    71-74
REVIEW:   Yaesu VX-120 and VX-170 2 Meter Handheald Transceivers [Yeasu] 74-77
SHORTAKE: Comet CHA-250A Vertical Antenna                                61-61
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #37--Decoding for Display           67-68
TEACHING: Morse Code Telemetry for Small Rockets and Aircraft            28-31
TECH:     Over to You--Transmit/receive Switching (Know Your Radio)      65-66
February 2006

January 2006
ANTENNA:  Elevation Angle Measurements During a Local Contest            28-30
HISTORY:  Vintage Product Review--The Collins 75A-4 receiver             36-39
HISTORY:  A Short History of Radio Transmitters                          40-43
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  A Sound Card-Multimode Controller Switch                       59-62
PROJECT:  National SW-54 (Rad Hat, Radii Radio's Next Generation) [Web]  92-93
PRODUCTS: Short Takes: Elecraft T1 Automatic Antenna Tuner               55-55
REVIEW:   Down East Microwave 144-28HP 2 Meter Transverter               66-70
REVIEW:   Array Solutions PowerMaster Wattmeter                          70-72
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #36--The Up-Down Counter            57-58
TECH:     VocalMaster--A Speach Processor for Low Power Operators        31-35
TECH:     Bridges--A Doorway to Modern Electronics, Part 2               73-74
UHF/VHF:  Microwavelengths: Microwave Transmission Lines                 94-95
January 2006

                                 QST 2005 ARTICLES

December 2005
PROJECT:  The HiMite--A RockMite Transceiver for the Higher Bands        28-30
PROJECT:  The SuperPacker HF Amplifier, QRP into 100W, WA3WDK & WA3LTJ   31-37
PRODUCTS: One Hour Battery Charger from MAHA [MaHa Info]                 30-30
PRODUCTS: Tuning Switch with Limited Indication for Screwdriver Antennas 52-53
REVIEW:   Yaesu VX-6R VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver, 144/222/440MHz YAESU 60-62
REVIEW:   RFSpace SDR-14 Software Defined Receiver & Moetronix SpectraVue63-66
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #35--Power Supply Analysis, Astron  54-55
TEACHING: Getting To Know Your Radio: Noise Limiters, Noise Blankers...  56-67
TECH:     What's the Deal About "NVIS"? antenna, mode, propagation       38-43
TECH:     RigExpert Plus USB Transceiver Interface [Rig Technologies]    51-51
December 2005

November 2005
ANTENNA:  Surprising Results with a Low, Hidden Wire Antenna             31-35
ANTENNA:  A Stub Directed 80 Meter Beam                                  36-39
ANTENNA:  The FoxFinder Antenna                                          66-70
ANTENNA:  MICROWAVELENGTHS: Parabolic Dish Antennas                      94-95
INFO:     The Ham's Essential Toolkit                                    63-63
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  Not Another Touch Key                                          28-30
PROJECT:  A Low Cost DDS Function Generator (Direct Digital Synthesis)   40-42
REVIEW:   ICOM ID-800H Dual-Band FM and Digital Transceiver ICOM         73-76
REVIEW:   LDG Electronics TW-1 Talking Wattmeter                         77-80
SOFTWARE  Electronics Genius (SHORT TAKES) Chester Electronics           62-62
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #34 -- Technical References         64-65
TECH:     Tune In the 2005 Frequency Measuring Test                      54-55
TECH:     TECHNICAL CORRESPONDENCE: Bridges-A Doorway to Modern Elect    79-80
UHF/VHF:  The Accidental EME QSO                                         52-53
UHF/VHF:  Non-Traditional Mechanisms of Transequatorial Propagation: P 2 89-91
November 2005

October 2005
INFO:     Recipe Rejuvenating Your Club                                  51-52
PROJECT:  Build an Automatic Antenna Switch Controller                   28-35
PROJECT:  A Low Cost Automatic Impedance Bridge                          36-39
PROJECT:  Using Networked Equipments for Remote Station Control          40-43
PROJECT:  A Fast TR Switch                                               56-59
REVIEW:   Short Takes: Wonn Engineering WTP-1 Wireless Touch Paddle      55-55
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems SDR-1000 HF+VHF Software Defined Radio Redux 66-71
REVIEW:   W4RRY Electronic Battery Booster  [Web site]                   71-72
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #33--The Transformer                62-63
TECH:     Getting To Know Your Radio RIT-XIT-VFO A/B-What Freq am I On   60-61
TECH:     Baluns & Balanced Feed Lines-More Q&A                          73-74
UHF/VHF:  Non-Traditional Mechanisms of Transequatorial Propagation: P 1 86-88
October 2005

ANTENNA:  A 20 and 40 Meter Vertical on 'Autopilot'                      28-30
ANTENNA:  Building the W8JK Beam                                         31-35
HISTORY:  The First Ham in Philadelphia, Tom Appleby                     89-90
INFO:     SETI: The Rolde of the Dedicated Amateur                       43-47
INFO:     The LOGBOOK of The World-75 Million QSOs Can't Be Wrong!       50-53
PROJECT:  A Simple Direction-Finding Receiver for 80 Meters              36-42
PRODUCTS: Short Takes: microHAM USB microKeyer                           60-60
REVIEW:   A Look at a New Generation of Antenna Rotators                 70-76
SAT:      A Satellite Tracker Interface                                  64-67
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #32--Thevenin Equivalents           62-63

August 2005
ANTENNA:  A Dual-Band Wire Beam for 17 and 12 Meters                     28-32
ANTENNA:  Dipoles for 160 Meters                                         33-34
ANTENNA:  A Weather Vane Antenna for 2 Meters                            35-38
ANTENNA:  Microwavelengths: Intro/Horn Antennas                          75-76
HINTS:    Wire nuts for dipole connections, Feed Line Entrance Traps     50-52
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTDX9000D HF and 6 Meter Transceiver   Web               53-59
SAT:      Where Are The Satellites? amsat predition sw: PC - MAC - UNIX  81-81
SOFTWARE  SHORT TAKES: ProLog2K, V 5.76 (Compatable with ARRL LoTW)      45-45
SOFTWARE  Digital Dimension: Make or Break, types your words:   PC - MAC 77-77
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #31--The Multivibrator              48-49
TECH:     Getting To Know Your Radio - VHF Squelch Modes                 46-47
August 2005

July 2005
ANTENNA:  The Ultimate Portable HF Vertical Antenna                      28-34
ANTENNA:  Switching the Discoverer 7-1, adding 30m to 40m antenna        57-58
DIGITAL:  IEEE 802.11 Experiments in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley        35-41
HINTS:    RE: RF Ground --Four Stories Up, USB-RS-232 converter          61-61
HINTS:    Heavy-Duty Standoff Insulators for Ladder Line                 62-62
HISTORY:  A Boatanchor Story for the Rest of Us                          47-49
HISTORY:  Old Radio: Bob Dennison, W2HBE, Designer, Builder, & Writer    83-84
PRODUCTS: Spider Beam Triband HF Yagi, 3-band: $350, 5-band: $400  63-66
PRODUCTS: Heil ClearSpeech DSP Speaker System, $210 [Heil Sound]         67-68
SAT:      HamSat-Just in Time 4 Field Day up: 435.225-75, Dn:145.875-925 85-85
SAT:      HamSat-CW and SSB only, FM is NOT allowed!                     85-85
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #30 --The Charge Pump               59-60
TEACHING: Morse Runner, PC CW contesting practice software               56-56
TECH:     The Transatlantic on 2200 Meters                               42-46
TECH:     How Wireless Will Save Wireless from BPL                       50-52
July 2005

June 2005
ANTENNA:  A Portable Inverted V ANtenna                                  36-39
ANTENNA:  Modernizing the V Antenna                                      40-44
HINTS:    Copper Wire Properties in your Head                            63-63
PRODUCTS: Short Takes: MixW RigExpert Tiny, USB - Rig controller [Link]  56-56
PRODUCTS: ICOM IC-V82 2 Meter Handheld Transceiver [ICOM] $230/200       65-67
PRODUCTS: D-START Digital Voice and Data--An Overview                    67-69
PRODUCTS: Instalation and Test of UT-118 Digital Voice Modules, ICOM     69-70
PRODUCTS: Operating with the ICOM UT-118 Digital Voice Unit              70-71
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #29: Kirchhoff's Laws               59-60
TECH:     Applications Using the PCI-Power Meter                         28-30
TECH:     Input Voltage Conditioner--and More--for the FT-817            53-55
TECH:     Geting to know your Radio: Speech Compression                  57-58
June 2005

May 2005
ANTENNA:  The Inverted-U, L.B. Cebik, W4RNL                              28-32
ANTENNA:  The Fan Dipole as a Wideband and Multiband Antenna Element     33-35
ANTENNA:  A Moterized Mag Mount for Mobile Antennas                      52-53
ARES:     Public Service, Honey, I Shrunk the Rigs!                      78-80
HINTS:    CAC-6 (Aluminium Shield) Versus Coaxial Connectors             60-60
HINTS:    A Help for Computer Monitor RFI, A Lighter Plug Mic Holder?    61-61
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-8800R Dual-Band FM Transceiver, $366                  62-65
REVIEW:   A Look as Some High-End Antenna Analyzers                      65-69
SOFTWARE  Weather Display [30 day free download], $70                    54-54
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #28: The Common Base Amplifier      58-59
TECH:     Beyond the VOM, Test Equipment for the Ham Shack               36-39
TECH:     Learning to Love Toroids                                       55-55
TECH:     What Can you Do with IRLP, web site: [IRLP.net]                56-57
UHF/VHF:  Microwavelengths, Home Station--Part 3                         87-88
May 2005

April 2005
ANTENNA:  An Efficient Tuner for Small 160 Meter Verticals               28-30
ANTENNA:  A Portable Masting System for Emergency Use                    36-37
ANTENNA:  A Low-Cost Remote Antenna Switch                               38-41
ANTENNA:  KU4AB 2-Meter and 70-cm Antennas (Short Takes)                 58-58
DIGITAL:  Am Improved Digital Communication Interface                    31-35
HINTS:    An Alternative Homebrew IAMBIC Key                             65-66
PRODUCTS: SDR-1000 Software-Defined HF/VHF Transceiver, FlexRadio        75-78
PRODUCTS: Elecraft XG1 Receiver Test Oscillator Elecraft                 78-79
QRP:      QRPpp on VHF (The World ABove 50 MHz)                          89-91
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #27: Scope Tricks                   63-64
TECH:     Passband Tuning (Getting to know your Radio)                   56-57
TECH:     Schematic Symbols Used in ARRL Circuit Diagrams (HELP DESK)    59-59
TECH:     The WudeeSay: Instant Replay for Your Transceiver              60-62
April 2005

March 2005
ANTENNA:  A Backpacker's Delight--The Folding J-Pole                     31-33
ANTENNA:  A 3 1/2 Band Yagi 10/15/20 & some "backwards" coverage of 12m  34-37
FOX:      A Miniature UHF Fox Transmitter                                28-30
HINTS:    RF Ground--Four Stories Up                                     53-53
HINTS:    A Strong, Flexible Mobile Antenna Installation                 53-55
HISTORY:  OLD RADIO: M. C. Jones and the Micromatch                      71-72
PROJECT:  A Compact Battery Pack for the SG-2020, or other low prw...    51-21
REVIEW:   ICE Model 475-3 AC Line Filter                                 48-48
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-756PROIII HF/6 Meter Transceiver                       56-59
REVIEW:   Ameritron ALS-600S HF Amplifier with Switching Power Supply    60-62
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #26: Solid-State RF Switches, PIN   49-50
TECH:     The Ubiquitous PL-259 Revisited                                47-47
TECH:     Technical Coorespondence: More About FM/PM -- |BuildIt|tc|ar|rl|2|      63-64
UHF/VHF:  Microwavelengths: The Home Station--Part 2                     76-77
March 2005

February 2005
ANTENNA:  A Rose Garden Array, elevated radials, phased vertical array   28-31
ANTENNA:  A Panel-Reflector Antenna for 70 cm                            36-39
ARES:     A New Packet Radio Client for Emergency Communicatins - Part 2 87-88
HISTORY:  Old Radio: 35 Years Ago, "One Small Step..."                   95-96
MOBILE:   Operating from Ocean Going Research Vessels                    47-50
MOBILE:   Father and Son Bicycle Mobile in Brookly                       57-59
PROJECT:  Homebrew Your Iambic Keyer                                     40-43
PROJECT:  The Morse Meter, VOM that reads out using Morse code           66-68
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-60R Dual-band Handheld Transceiver                    74-76
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio PWRgate and Computerized Battery Analyzer  78-80
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #25: Totem Pole Outputs             69-70
TECH:     The W6QIF Oscillator, temp stability vs component selection    32-35
TECH:     Locating Power Line Noise Using TV Waveforms                   44-46
TECH:     The Serial Port--Breakfast of Champions                        71-71
February 2005

January 2005
ANTENNA:  Protecting Antenna Tuners from Lightning Transients            45-46
ANTENNA:  A Portable NVIA Antenna                                        56-58
ARES:     Build Your Own Statewide Packet Network--Part 2                82-84
HISTORY:  A 1931 "State of the Art" Transmitter                          20-21
HISTORY:  The Crystal Set                                                33-38
HISTORY:  The Lone Ranger (II) Rides Again! ...classic transmitter       39-44
HISTORY:  A Short History of the Handheld Transceiver                    47-50
HISTORY:  How Much is Enough? OLD RADIO receivers                        92-93
INFO:     Electrifying Thoughts, House wiring, safety                    63-63
KE3FL:    Field Org Reports: 92                                          92-92
PROJECT:  An Audio Intelligibilty Enhancer                               28-32
PROJECT:  The Home Microwave Station--Part 1                             88-89
REVIEW:   An Ant Tuner & Audio DSP for Elecraft K2 & /100 Transceivers   69-73
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-C7T Pocket-sized VHF/UHF FM Transceiver, $170        73-75
SOFTWARE  EasyLog5                                                       59-59
SOFTWARE  EchoLink for Beginners *                                       60-61
SOFTWARE  Linux Apps Automate Your Shack                                 95-95
TEACHING: Hands-On Radio  Experiment #24: Heat Management                64-65
January 2005


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Ham Distribution, Inc. (Alinco)
15-B5 S Trade Center Pkwy
Conroe TX 77385
P: 936-647-1497
F: 936-647-1303
@: |BuildIt|alinco|alin|co|0|
W: [Home Page]


Alpha Radio Products
6185 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder CO 80303
P: 303-473-9232
F: 303-473-9660
W: Alpha Home Page
I: HF Linear Power Amplifiers


FlexRadio Systems
8900 Marybank Dr.
Austin TX 78750P: 512-250-8595
@: |BuildIt|sales|flexr|adio|0|
W: [Home Page of flexradio.com]
I: SDR-ASM/TRA 100 W SW defined transceiver: $1325, also as part kit.


P.O. Box 69
Aptos CA 95001-0069
P: 831-662-0830
W: [elecraft.com Home Page]
I: XG1 Receiver Test Oscillator $39
I: 30 & 80 Meter Module ~$65 - KXB3080


Put Linux on a jump drve & boot from it (IF your PC allows booting
from a jump-drive.)
PSKLive with Linux ISO image

ISO Recorder Software

Buy Linux on a Jump Drive


ICOM America
2380 116TH Ane NE
Bellevue WA 98004
P: 425-454-8155
F: 425-454-1509
E: |BuildIt|75540.525|compu|serve|0|
W: [ICOM Home Page]
I: IC-V82 $230, IC-V82 Sport (AA batt case): $200
I: UT-118 $200
I: IC-R2500 Receiver, has 2 receivers, #2 olny for VHF/UHF
I: IC-7800 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver
I: IC-V85 2 Meter FM Handheld Transceiver
I: D-STAR digital radio/repeater [ICOM D-STAR page]


Rig Technologies
61 Krouse Ct
Aberdeen MD 21001
P: 410-272-9110 (10AM - 6PM Eastern time)
W: [Home Page]
I: RigExpert Tiny $119 + $9/shipping



Vertex Standard (Yaesu)
10900 Walker St
Cypress  CA  90630
P: 714-827-7600
W: [Yaesu Home Page]
I: Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V
I: FT-8800R Dual Band FM Transceiver $366, remote kit: $60
I: VX-6R VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver, $256
I: CMP-460A waterproof speaker-mike: $60
I: CD-15A rapid charger $35
I: VX-120 $130, VX-170 $140, VAC-370 drop-in charger $65
I: FT-2000 HF & 6M


The Wire Man
261 Pittman Rd.
Landrum, SC 29356
P: 864-895-4195
W: [The WireMan Home Page]
I: Three band beam kit: $350
I: Five band beam kit: $400


Heil Sound Ltd
5800 North Illinios
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
P: 618-257-3000
W: [Heil Sound Home Page]
I: SlearSpeech Speaker $210


Leo L. Lehner
5811 E Crocus Dr
Scottsdale  AZ  85254
@: |BuildIt|w4rry|co|x|1|
W: [Leo's Home Page]
I: $100 Battery Booster


Chester Electronics Supply Co.
311 Missouri Av N
Largo  FL  33770
P: 727-585-4736
W: electronicsgenius.com
I: Electronics Genius software identifies parts & values $50


Maha Energy Corp.
1647 Yaeger Ave.
La Verne, CA 91750
P: 800-376-9992
P: 909-392-1568
W: [Maha Energey Home Page]
I: One Hour NiMH AA/AAA recharger with eight indipendent charging circuits!
I: Price: $85 & automatically operates from 110 - 240VAC at 50 - 60 Hz


Rig Technologies
61 Krouse CT
Aberdeen, MD 21001
P: 410-272-9110
@: |BuildIt|info|rigex|pert|0|
W: [Rig Technologies Home Page]
I: RigExpert Plus USB Transceiver Interface $449 with special SW from
I: MixW. Also included is SW from Digipan.


RFSpace, Inc.
P.O. Box 3356
Lilburn, GA 30048
@: |BuildIt|info|moet|ronix|0|
W: [RFSpace, Inc., Moetronix Home Page]
I: RFSpace SDR-14 Software Defined Receiver & Moetronix SpectraVue
I: Spectrum Analyzer Software, $999 includes the SpectraVue software


13737 SE 26th St
Bellevue, WA 98005
P: 425-746-6310
F: 425-746-6384
W: [SGC Home Page]
I: SGC SG-500 SmartPowerCube Linear Amplifier $1400
I: PS-50 $460, & Cooling fan kit: $300


Kanga US
3521 Spring Lake Dr
Findly, OH 45840
@: |BuildIt|n8et|kang|aus|0|
W: [Kanga US Home Page]
I: PC boards & parts kits


microHAM America
PO Box 1257
Geneva, FL 32732
@: |BuildIt|info|micro|HAM|0|
W: [microHAM Home Page]
I: Digi Keyer, $289


Green Heron Engineering
1107 Salt Rd
Webster, N.Y. 14580
P: 585-217-9093
W: [Green Heron Engineering Home Page]
I: RT-20 Rotator Controller


W: [Lynovation Home Page]
I: CTR-remote transceiver-management software for Pocket PCs


RD Technology
W: [RD Technology Home Page]


AEA Technology Inc
1489 Pointsettia Ave, Suite 134
Vista, CA 92081
P: 800-258-7805
F: 760-798-9689
W: [AEA Home Page]
I: VIA Analyzer $625 see the: [K1CRA Radio Store]


Timewave Technology Inc
1025 Selby Ave, Suite 101
St Paul, MN 55104
P: 651-489-5080
F: 651-489-5066
W: [Timewave Home Page]
I: TIMEWAVE TZ-900 ANTENNASMITH antenna Analyzer $1300


MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
300 Industrial Park Rd
Starkville, MS 39759
P: 800-647-1800
P: 662-323-5869
F: 662-323-6551
W: [MFJ Home Page]
I: MFJ-852 Power Line Noise Meter: $110
I: MFJ-1164 AC Line Filter, $60
I: MFJ-269 PRO Version Antenna Analyzer ~$410 1.8 - 170 MHz & 430 - 520 MHz
I: MFJ-927 Automatic Antenna Tuner ~$260
I: MFJ-4416 Super Booster  $140


Atlas Circuits Company
1500 Old Lake Rd
P.O. Box 892
Lincolnton, NC 28092
P: 704-735-3943
@: |BuildIt|atlas|conn|inc|0|

I: PC card for the 103 penny whistler code practice oscillator


1413-1/2 West Kenneth Rd #122
Glendale  CA  91201
555 W Lambert Rd
Brea  CA  92821
I: PS-1 & PS-4 Plus @ $15, PS-8 @ $25


I: Crystal Radio Kit $17
W: [XTAL Set Society's Home Page]


XTAL Set Society
I: Crystal Radio Kit $17
W: [XTAL Set Society's Home Page]


Paul Marsh, K4AVU
200 Garden Trail Ln
Lexington, SC 29072
@: |BuildIt|k4avu|hoo|ya|0|
I: PL-259 Coax Crimper $37 includes shipping


844 E Silver Shadow Dr
Murry, UT 84107
@: |BuildIt|elmerdude|sion|xmis|0|
W: [ElmerRadio's Home Page]
I: Crystal Radio Receiver Kit, $26


AN HF-Email Alternative
W: ISO CD Recorder Software
W: PSK Live ISO CD Image file


Par Electronics
PO Box 645
Glenville, NC 28736
P: 828-743-1338
@: |BuildIt|par|par|electronics|0|
[Par Electronics Home Page]
I: 20-Meter End-Fed Dipole Antenna, $44



Antique Wireless Org
[AWO Home Page?]


I: Books, downloads, etc
W: [LULU Home Page?]
I: The General Radio Story, by Frederick Van Veen - book
I: Building a Super Station, by David Robbins - download
I: HI HI - A Collection of Ham Radio Cartoons, by Dick Sylvan - book


Walter J. Legowski, WA1KKM
@: |BuildIt|wa1kkm|k2|ct|1|
I: Programmed a Linux Logging Program & used it without a single
I: crash during Field Day 2006


National RF Inc
7969 Engineer Rd, #102
San Diego CA 92111
P: 858-565-1319
F: 858-571-5909
W: [Home Page]
I: National RF Vector-Finder VHF Direction Finding System


Hendricks QRP Kits
862 Frank Ave
Dos Palos  CA  93620
P: 209-704-3522
W: [QRPKITS Home Page?]
I: DC-40 QRP single frequancy kit $39, ~800mW output


Ten-Tec Inc
1185 Dolly Parton Prkwy
Sevierville  TN 37862
P: 800-833-7373
@: |BuildIt|sal|e|s|0|
W: [Ten-Tec Home Page?]
I: Omni-VII HF/6 Meter Transceiver


SSTV Software links
W: [MMSTV, analog SSTV free]
W: [HamPal Digital SSTV: DSSTV]
W: [DigTRX Digital SSTV]


SSTV Live sites
W: [KE5RS FTP Widget software] to automatically upload (or ftp) images from your computer to a remote server
W: [HamPal Digital SSTV: DSSTV]


@: |BuildIt|gwj|spam|cop|1|
I: An Accurate S-Meter for Direct Conversion Receivers, QST Feb 2008
I: pp: 33-36


P.O. Box 2490
Grants Pass, OR 97528
P: 800-822-9722
W: {Home Page
I: SignaLink USB Interface


SteppIR Antennas
2112 116th Ave NE, Suite 2-5
Bellevue, WA 98004
P: 425-453-1910
W: Home Page


I: Just enter the ISBN number in the search box to
I: the right of the left box with Amazon.com in it & click [Go]
W: Home Page


Tokyo Hy-Power Labs, Inc-USA
28301 Tomball Pkwy, Suite #500-210
Tomball, TX 77375
P: 713-818-4544
W: Ham Radio Outlet web site
@: |BuildIt|thpsupport|air|mail|0| = thpsupport@airmail.com


M-Cubed Electronix, Inc.
4300 Winchester Southern Rd
Circleville, OH 43113
F: 740-420-9060
W: [M-Cubed Home Page]


LDG Electronics
1445 PArran Rd
St Leonard, MD 20685
P: 410-586-2177
W: [LDG Home Page]


Public Service article links
September 2008
   Blue Star Antennas
   Canine Search and Rescue


8378 Granite Mountain Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89129
W: Byonics Home Page


Articles by Joel Hallas, W1ZR
Contact Joel at: |BuildIt|jhallas|ar|rl|2|
or |BuildIt|w1zr|ar|rl|2|
West Mountain Radio
MFJ Enterprises
Power Werx


Hands On Radio Links
W: QST Sep 2008, Phase Locked Loops, the Basics: LM565.pdf
P: Parts: At ARRL
P: Parts: At Kanga US


Search on: "Kazimierz Siwiak" or the ISBN number below
Radiowave Propagation and Antennas for Personal Communications, Third Edition 2007
Author: Kazimierz (Kai) Siwiak, KE4PT
Publisher: Artech House
Norwood MA
ISBN: 978-1-59693-073-5
Cost: $139


Larry Coyle, K1QW
@: |BuildIt|lmcoyle1|ver|izon|1|


Jim Kocsis
@: |BuildIt|wa9pyh|ar|rl|1|


Olivia Digital Mode
I: Popular frequencies:
F: 14.107.50 MHz (20 m calling freq, 1000/32 format generally)
F:  7.072.50 MHz (40 m calling freq, 500/250/125 Hz bandwith format generally)
F: 10.133.65 MHz (30 m calling freq, 500/250/125 Hz bandwith format generally)
N: NOTE: These frequencies are dial settings meaning the
N:        freq that your transceiver would display on the upper sideband.
N:        For the 500/250/125 Hz bandwidth formats the waterfall position
N:        (center marker) should be set for 750 Hz.
N:        On the 1000 Hz bandwidth format the waterfall position should
N:        be set at 1000 Hz, and for the 2000 Hz bandwidth format it should
N:        be set at 1500 Hz.
N:        These "channles" and not set in stone. See: HF Link Site


L: [Public Service Forms]
L: [FSD-157 Form, Public Service Activity Report]
L: [ARES Registration Form]
L: [Technical Information Service]
@: Email: |BuildIt|emergency|ar|rl|1|
L: Other Links...
L: [Emergency Power Backup Systems]
L: [Solar Power Systems]
L: [Solar/Wind Power Generators]
L: [Ham Radio Emergency Generators]
L: [Batteries for Amateur Radio Emergency Service]

Marc van Stralen, DK4DDS
@: |BuildIt|dk4dds|t-|online|5|

John Stanely, K4ERO
@: |BuildIt|jnrstanely|alum.|MIT|4|

Paul Stone/KQ6RJ
@: |BuildIt|kq6rj|ar|rl|1|

Bob Bellini, N2IGU
@: |BuildIt|rbellini|com|cast|1|

Keith E. Miller, Sr
@: |BuildIt|n9dgk|ar|rl|1|
I: Also send examples to: Steve, WV1X |BuildIt|n9dgk|ar|rl|2|
I: and to: Dennis, K2DCD |BuildIt|k2dcd|ar|rl|2|

David R. Pennes MD
@: |BuildIt|dpennes|hot|mail|0|

Tex K. Monroe, KJ4DU
@: |BuildIt|kj4du|ar|rl|1|

Steve Van Sickle, WB2HPR
@: |BuildIt|wb2hpr|ya|hoo|0|

Rick Karlquist, N6RK)
@: |BuildIt|n6rk|ar|rl|1|

Phillip J.Mikula, WUAP
@: |BuildIt|wu8p|char|ter|1|

@: |BuildIt|n7kbc|ar|rl|1|

Dave Wilson, KU4B
@: |BuildIt|david|ww|ns|0|

Geoff Haines, N1GY
@: |BuildIt|n1gy|ar|rl|1|

Steve Hunt, G3TXQ
@: |BuildIt|steve|kari|nya|1|

Frank Ingle, KG4CQK
@: |BuildIt|kg4cqk|com|cast|1|

Steve Ray, K4JPN
@: |BuildIt|sbralr|co|x|1|


Greg Tyre, WX0E
@: |BuildIt|wx0e|embar|qmail|0|


Howard "Skip" Teller, KH6TY
@: |BuildIt|kh6ty|com|cast|1|


QST Contributing Editor:
Phil Salas, AD5X - |BuildIt|AD5X|ar|rl|1|


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@: Al Yerger, WA2EHI - |BuildIt|ayerger|bird-|technologies|0|

ARRL Product reviews

W: Members Only Section
I: Product Review Editor: Mark J. Wilson K1RO |BuildIt|k1ro|ar|rl|2|

Four Output Bench Supply Tutorials
Maxim Application Notes
National Application Info

Wayne Woshida, KH6WZ - |BuildIt|kh6kine|earth|link|1|

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R. Dean Straw, N6BV - |BuildIt|N6BV|ar|rl|1|

Joe Wonoski, N1KHB - |BuildIt|N1KHB|a|ol|0|

KL7CE - |BuildIt|KL7CE|ar|rl|1|

Dave Robertson, KE5QWP - |BuildIt|drobertson|zix|corp|0|

Jack Morgan, KF6T - |BuildIt|jackmorgan|gm|ail|o|
I: Note: also wrote an entenna article in July 2008, link that to this location as well!

Richard Henset, N8WLC - |BuildIt|N8WLC|ar|rl|1|

Poul-Erik Karishoj, OZ4UN - |BuildIt|pka|tek.|tele|gl|

David Friedman, KE7GOV - |BuildIt|dfnow|ver|izon|1|


ARRL Test Engineer,
Bob Allison, WB1GCM - |BuildIt|WB1GCM|ar|rl|2|


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Frederick Glenn, K9SO - |BuildIt|K9SO|ar|rl|1|


Paul Danzer, N1II - |BuildIt|N1II|ar|rl|1|


Jean-Yves Morin, VE2MHZ - |BuildIt|fmfitzlite|hot|mail|0|


A.J. "Buzz" Hopkins, WB3FXW - |BuildIt|WB3FXW|ar|rl|1|


H. Robert (Bob) Schroeder, N2HX - |BuildIt|rschroeder|ie|ee|2|


Robert Patzlaff, W9JQT - |BuildIt|rocklessqrp|com|cast|1|


Richard Arnold, AF8X - |BuildIt|AF8X|com|cast|1|


W: LTspice User's Group


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