QST 2015 - 2019 ARTICLES

First Issue of QST, December 1915September 2015, pages 56-57

August 2019
100/50/25 QST AUG Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                     W1AB 102
ANTENNA:  Airborne Antenna Inspection KK4EOU                             71-71
ARES:     Disaster Area Deployment Considerations Part 2: Nutrition K1CE 80-81
CLASSIC:  The Collins KWM-380 Pro-Mark Transceiver                 KE8RN 82-83
DOCTOR:   Stealthy V/UHF FM Antennas Can be Pretty Easy to Do       W1ZR 56-57
DOCTOR:   Stealthy V/UHF FM Antenna * Does salt water help HF? *         56-57
DOCTOR:   Does my 12/17-meter dipole need a balun when using coax?       57-57
ECLECTIC: The QRSS Super Grabber - wa5djj & WSPRnet               WB8IMY 58-58
ECOMM:    Disaster Area Deployment Considerations Part 2: Nutrition K1CE 80-81
EVENT:    The Hiram Percy Maxim 150th Birthday Operating Event 8/31-9/08 85-95
HINTS:    Easy Tap Fabrication, Gripping Rusty Screws * Useful Keyer Tips 60-1
HINTS:    An RF Tap Fabrication KL0S * Getting a Grip WC3O *             60-61
HINTS:    No-Fuss Mic Hooks WA2ILY * Easy Keyer Tips W2DM                61-61
NEW:      DX Enginering ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filter                      57-57
PODCAST:  InARRL's The Doctor is                                         -----
PODCAST:  ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  -----
PROJECT:  Recreate or Modify PCB Layouts with Open-Source Software VK5HSE 30-5
PROJECT:  Build a Digital Voice Keyer Using Readily Available SW   W4IU  36-37
PUBLICSRV Disaster Area Deployment Considerations Part 2: Nutrition K1CE 80-81
QEX:      GPS oscillator * phase-locked loop * 3D printing * pi networks 35-35
QEX:      receiver step attenuator * coax loss calculations * T-network  35-35
QEX:      calcualtor * using OCTIVE for complext impedance calc *        35-35
QEX:      tuning short antennas * editor: KE4PT                          35-35
REVIEW:   QRP Labs QCX CW Transceiver Kit $49, case: bamatech ~$36+8ship 44-48
REVIEW:   NEX-GEN XD4 Portable Spot II (hotspot) $225, hamradio1         48-51
REVIEW:   HecKits LC Meter Kit $65 + ~$8 shipping                        51-53
REVIEW:   PCBgogo Prototype Printed Circuit Boards, viewer: ViewMate     53-55
TECH:     Optimizing Propagation on 630 and 2200 Meters NZ5A             38-43
August 2019

July 2019
100/50/25 QST July Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                    W1AB 102
ANTENNA:  Superior Performance from a Unique HF Vertical W6NBC           39-41
ARES:     Disaster Area Deployment Considferations (Part 1) Water   K1CE 81-82
CLASSIC:  Denmark's World War II Radio Resistance                  K6HRU 83-84
CW:       The Vibro-Debugger, clean up sound of Vibroplex bug WB8VGB     35-38
DOCTOR:   Don't Let Low Sunspot Numbers Stop you                    W1ZR 59-60
DOCTOR:   Trying to WAS What's the best way? * What is SWR effect on RX? 59-60
ECLECTIC: Toward an Improved Definition of Time                   WB8IMY 63-63
ECOMM:    Disaster Area Deployment Considferations (Part 1) Water   K1CE 81-82
HINTS:    A Signal Generator Turned VFO and an Ameritron ARI-500 Mod     61-62
HINTS:    Signal Generator VFO for Vintage Transmitters VE3AIH           61-61
HINTS:    ARI-500 Mod for Restoring MFJ-998 Auto-Tuner's Amp Bypass W4TZ 62-62
HISTORY:  The Legacy of Radio at Grimeton Station, SAQ                   66-69
INFO:     5 Way to Find True North WB3LHD                                42-44
NEWS:     Hams Help Trace "Mystery" Signal Disrupting Keyless Entry...   75-75
PODCAST:  InARRL's The Doctor is                                         -----
PODCAST:  ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  -----
PROJECT:  Add Automatic Gain Control to Your Receiver K1BQT ubitx        45-46
PUBLICSRV Disaster Area Deployment Considferations (Part 1) Water   K1CE 81-82
REVIEW:   CommRadio CTX-10 80-10 Meter QRP Transceiver ~$1000            47-51
REVIEW:   AnyTone AT-D878UV Dual-Band DMR/FM Handheld Transceiver ~#239+ 52-54
REVIEW:   SainSmart DS212 handheld Mini Oscilloscope ~$100 Amazon ~$107  54-56
REVIEW:   Amble Task Light from LightCorp ~$220-$388 QST 60%-Dec 2019    57-57
REVIEW:   Amble: I went to the lightcorp website & found it difficult to 57-57
REVIEW:   Amble: buy it, they want to quote it to you best to use email  57-57
REVIEW:   MFJ-566M Micro Key by CW Morse ~$30                            58-58
TECH:     Toward an Improved Definition of Time WB8IMY                   63-63
July 2019

June 2019
100/50/25 QST June Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                    W1AB 102
ANTENNA:  A Compact 20-Meter Vertical Dipole for Stealth and Portable... 30-32
ANTENNA:  Mini Antenna for 630 Meters N1DAY & W4IOE                      33-36
ANTENNA:  3D-Printed Fixture Simplifies Ground-Plane Antenna Construction37-38
ANTENNA:  HF Loop for 80 Throught 20 Meters W3HX                         39-42
ANTENNA:  Double-Topped Flagpole HF Antenna W1EJM                        43-46
ARES:     After-Action Report/Imnprovement Plan, and a Case Study   K1CE 82-83
CLASSIC:  The Hallicrafters S-76 Receiver                          KE8RN 84-85
DOCTOR:   Current Draw is Only Half the Story                       W1ZR 60-61
DOCTOR:   Explain using 100W Transceiver + 500W amp doesn't blow fuse    60-60
DOCTOR:   Is using two tuners a good idea or does case power loss?       60-61
DOCTOR:   Can I get rid of L-network to match Vertical Antenna?          61-61
DOCTOR:   What is the Best coax for 160 feet distant tower set up LMR600 61-61
ECLECTIC: ARM Radio SDR from #497-16140-ND $30 at DigiKey         WB8IMY 66-66
ECOMM:    After-Action Report/Imnprovement Plan, and a Case Study   K1CE 82-83
FIELDDAY: Electric Vehicle Power for ARRL Field Day, N0MTI               74-75
HINTS:    External Field Day Speaker, Antenna Sleeve for HTs, and More   62-64
HINTS:    An Easy Portable External Speaker, WB3CEH                      62-62
HINTS:    Wooden Battery Pack Holders, VE3CQH                            62-63
HINTS:    Safety Vest Antenna Sleeve, KE5ZDZ                             63-63
HINTS:    Protecting Antenna Support Rope from Wildlife, K2QWQ           63-64
HINTS:    Installing Heavey-Duty Power Plugs (use a vise & C-clamp) W6YE 64-64
NEW:      Mastrant's New Size of Guy Rope                                64-64
NEWS:     ARRL and FCC Sign Memorandum to Implement New Monitor Program  79-79
NEWS:     DOD to Transmit Interoperability Exercise Info via WWV/WWVH    80-80
NEWS:     WWV and WWVH transmit on: 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz           80-80
PODCAST:  InARRL's The Doctor is                                         -----
PODCAST:  ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  -----
PUBLICSRV After-Action Report/Imnprovement Plan, and a Case Study   K1CE 82-83
QEX:      QEX Morse Input Design Challenge (code key input to computer)  78-78
QEX:      W6PAP characteristic impedance of coax                         78-78
QEX:      KZ1W Antenna to cover 160-meter in 4 segments                  78-78
QEX:      WW6RAG How to hunt and track weather balloons                  78-78
QEX:      DC9ST Describes a TDOA system for transmitter localization     78-78
QEX:      WB9LVI Turns arbitrary waveform generator into a WSPR transmitter 78
QEX:      VE5FP Measures crystal parameters using a vector impedance meter  78
QEX:      KC7CJ Constructs a receiver step attenuator                    78-78
QEX:      AJ6BC Describes THEMIS, experimental GPS-disciplined oscillator   78
QEX:      N5DF Calculates coax loss directly from impedance measurements 78-78
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-890S HF and 6-Meter Transceiver ~$3900              47-54
REVIEW:   Shark-RF openSPOT2 Multimode Digital Hotspot $230, Istonia     55-57
REVIEW:   Precise RF HG-1 Nagnetic Loop Antenna ~$300, Delux $435 ++++++ 57-59
YL:       Following Radio to Space, College, & Beyond/Laura Floyd/KC3GWL 85-85
June 2019

May 2019
100/50/25 QST May Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                     W1AB 98-98
ANTENNA:  K1FM's HF Magnetic Loop, Alain De Carolis, K1FM                30-33
ANTENNA:  The Moxy Antenna, Dave Ahlgren, K1BUK                          34-36
ANTENNA:  Use Your Tower as a Dual-Band, Low-Band DX Antenna, N9NB/W5JAW 41-45
ANTENNA:  The P Antenna, Jose Carlos Leon Ortega, CP6CL                  56-47
ARES:     Designing amd Executing Effective Exercises               K1CE 80-81
CLASSIC:  The McElroy Stream Key                                    K2RP 82-83
DOCTOR:   A Sloper is Very Different from a Horizontal Dipole       W1ZR 60-61
DOCTOR:   What are those 3-8KHz wide whistles or hetrodynes, how remove? 61-61
DOCTOR:   Which is the correct feed point connection on a J-Pole ant?    61-61
ECLECTIC: Your Own Microgrid                                      WB8IMY 64-64
ECOMM:    Designing amd Executing Effective Exercises               K1CE 80-81
HINTS:    Weatherproofing Wood, a Tool for Easy Ground Radial Install... 65-66
HINTS:    A Handy Tool for Ground Radials * Weatherproofing Wood         65-66
HINTS:    Clearly Marked Meters                                          66-66
NEWS:     The Windsor Mystery Hum, Dallas Taylor                         72-74
NEWS:     5G: Hope or Hype? WB8IMY                                       75-76
PODCAST:  ARRL's The Doctor is In                                        -----
PODCAST:  ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  -----
PUBLICSRV Designing amd Executing Effective Exercises               K1CE 80-81
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-4XR Dual-Band Handheld FM Transceiver, $100           49-50
REVIEW:   Buddipole POWERplus and POWERmini DC Power Management System   51-54
REVIEW:   MFJ-1780 Box Fan Loop Antenna ~$350                            55-56
REVIEW:   INRAD W1 Headset see: vibroplex $179+$15+$15 adapter+footswch  57-58
REVIEW:   QRPGuys Digital Field Strength Meter Kit $30+shipping          58-59
RFI:      Identify and Track Down RFI, Randy E. Standke, KQ6RS           36-40
TECH:     FT8 vs. RTTY and Unique Frequency Calibration                  62-63
TECH:     FT8 in the RTTY Roundup, Barry Feierman, K3EUI                 62-63
TECH:     Heterodyne Frequency Calibration Method, Robert Birdsong, KB4A 63-63
TECH:     Close Up Inside the MFJ-998 Automatic Antenna Tuner            67-67
TWA50MHz  The Quiet Sun May Get Even Quieter                        N0JK 92-93
VHF/UHF:  Introduction to VHF+ Roving                               N0AX 69-71
May 2019

April 2019
100/50/25 QST Apr Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                     W1AB 102
ANTENNA:  A High-Power 160 and 80-Meter Transmitting Loop Antenna VK5SFA 30-36
ANTENNA:  A Reversable LF anf MF EWE Receive Antenna fort Small Lots TTS 37-43
ANTENNA:  The 3/8-Wavelength Vertical - A Hidden Gem, W1JR               44-47
ANTENNA:  VSWR, Return Loss, and Antennas  W1GHZ                         62-64
ARES:     Partners of Excellence in Service: A Roundup of Current E K1CE 83-84
CLASSIC:  Six-Meter AM Radios of the 1960's                         K2RP 85-86
DOCTOR:   How do I ground to my Monopole? * Autotuner poor results? W1ZR 60-61
ECLECTIC: Whither Digital Radio Mondiale?                         WB8IMY 65-65
ECOMM:    Partners of Excellence in Service: A Roundup of Current E K1CE 83-84
HINTS:    Tool-Free Mobile Radio Installation, Folding Antenna Support.. 66-68
HINTS:    Install or Remove Mobile Radios Without Tools, K4BKI           66-66
HINTS:    New Life for Weller Soldering Guns, VE3CMQ                     66-66
HINTS:    A Foldable Wooden Antenna Support, KO8S                        66-68
NEWS:     2019 Straight Key Night results                                93-93
OPERATE:  State and Regional QSO Parties, Something for Everybody, N4GG  72-74
PODCAST:  InARRL's The Doctor is                                         -----
PODCAST:  ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  -----
PUBLICSRV Partners of Excellence in Service: A Roundup of Current E K1CE 83-84
PUBLICSRV Partners of Excellence in Service: A Roundup of Current Events 83-84
REVIEW:   Xiegu Communication X5105 HF/6-Meter QRP Transceiver, @ MFJ    48-53
REVIEW:   Antennas Disconnectors from Paradan and INRAD div of Vibroplex 53-56
REVIEW:   Heil Parametric Receive Audio System (PRAS) and Power Speaker  56-58
REVIEW:   Mortty Morse Code and RTTY Keying Interface Kit, or Mortty     58-59
STATION:  WWV 100th anniversary special event - comming soon!            81-81
TECH:     The Joy of Soldering, Building a Dipole, N6CL                  69-71
W1AW:     W1AW Schedule                                                  94-94
April 2019

March 2019
100/50/25 QST March Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                   W1AB  -102
ANTENNA:  A Portable End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 80 Meters K1BQT       32-33
ANTENNA:  Build a 9 to 1 Unun Transformer W0SJ Stan Johnson              34-35
ANTENNA:  3D-Printed Coax-to-Wire Connection Blocks W6NBC John Portune   37-38
BANDS:    US Amateur Radio Bands (Band Plan Chart)                        -101
CLASSIC:  The EICO 720 Transmitter                                  K2RP 86-87
DOCTOR:   A Wire 80-Meter Dipole Won't Cover the Whole Band with... W1ZR 58-59
DOCTOR:   A Wire 80-Meter Dipole Won't Cover the Whole Band with Low SWR 58-59
DOCTOR:   Where do I find Conductive Grease? NOALOX Al connections Buy?  59-59
ECLECTIC: Here Comes Wi-Fi 6                                      WB8IMY 64-64
FEEDBACK: Product Review Update: KecKits FET Dip Meter kit (Feb 2019)    79-79
HINTS:    Revamping an Analog Voltmeter's Power Supply KL0S              62-62
HINTS:    Stop Transceiver from Keying Amp During Auto Tune Cycle W4TZB  62-63
MEMBER:   QRZ Founder Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ                                  13-13
MICROPs:  An Arduino-Powered RF Detector AC5YL Teri Bloom                30-31
NEW:      ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  70-70
NEW:      Digital Radio Amateur Work Station frm North West Digital Radio  -79
PODCAST:  ARRL's The Doctor is In                                        -----
PODCAST:  ARRL's New Podcast for New Hams      Sponsor: LDG Electronics  70-70
PROJECT:  Improve Workbench Safety with CFGI ans a Kill Switch KC7O      36-36
PROJECT:  Super Simple 6-Meter SDR Transceiver WA3TFS James Forkin       39-44
PROJECT:  Soldering Surface-Mount Devices KL0S Dino Papas                44-45
QRP:      Choosing Gear for Portable Activation N2EI Skip Arey           77-79
REVIEW:   Elecraft KPA1500 Legal-Limit HF and 6-Meter Linear Amplifier   46-49
REVIEW:   Harger Uni-Shot Exothermic Ground Connection Welding Kits      50-52
REVIEW:   W4OP Magnetic Loop Antenna with Remote Tuning ~$444            52-54
REVIEW:   MFJ-1708SDR and MFJ-1708B-SDR TR Switches ~$80                 55-56
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna Low-Pass Filter Kit ~$18 at QRP Kits           57-57
TECH:     Finding Interference with SDR                                  60-61
TWA50MHz  Operating WSJT-X with Legacy Radios                       N0JK 96-97
March 2019

February 2019
100/50/25 QST Feb Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                     W1AB 102
ANTENNA:  Remotely Switched Directional FoG Array AC0RL                  36-38
ANTENNA:  A Field Deployable Mini-K9AY Loop W4ATM                        39-41
ARES:     Profiles in Public Service Rob Macedo, KD1CY (a Q&A)      K1CE 85-86
BANDS:    US Amateur Radio Bands (as of 09/22/2017)                      84-84
BOOK:     Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader - Amazon $5.99 by KD8PKR      99-99
CLASSIC:  The Hammarlund SSB Transmitters                           K2RP 87-88
DIGITAL:  Who's Using FT8? W2/JR1AQN                                     72-74
DOCTOR:   Antenna Performance Depends on Surroundings               W1ZR 59-60
DOCTOR:   Off-Center-Fed 40-meter dipole + house gutter effects?         59-59
DOCTOR:   Why all the SSB splatter on the HF Bands?                      59-60
DOCTOR:   Using Only the microphone of a speaker-mic, use an extender    60-60
ECLECTIC: The "Loon" Project (Rural Internet mesh networking) WB8IMY     64-64
ECOMM:    Profiles in Public Service Rob Macedo, KD1CY (a Q&A)      K1CE 85-86
HINTS:    Portable Racks for Radio Gear Jim HalfpennyK9YNP               61-62
HINTS:    Cutting Light-Gauge Aluminum Sheet Stan Ekiert/K3KKH           62-63
MONITOR:  Radio on the Rails (Listen with a radio you may have) WB8IMY   70-71
NEWS:     Amateur Radio from Antarctica, a ham is asked to help          65-67
NEWS:     A New Mentor Makes a New Ham KW4GF                             68-69
PROJECT:  Change Audio Volume Using Keyboard Shortcuts AB1ZQ             30-33
PROJECT:  A Force-Sensing CW Paddle Art/K8CIT                            42-43
PUBLICSRV Profiles in Public Service Rob Macedo, KD1CY (a Q&A)      K1CE 85-86
QEX:      Innovative CW Keyer * PIC prgms for VoIP board * build two-    38-38
QEX:      tone test generator for IMD testing * other measurements using 38-38
QEX:      an antenna analyzer * ecperimental impedance measuring device  38-38
QEX:      * trimming a wire dipole using remote measurements *           38-38
QEX:      using two orthogonal antennas to extract signals from noise *  38-38
QEX:      build a portable, wide dynamic range RF field strength meter * 38-38
QEX:      automate a simple toaster oven for reflow soldering * make a   38-38
QEX:      base-band quardrature modulator operates over multiple bands * 38-38
QEX:      QEX editor: Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak/KE4PT                       38-38
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6400M HF and 6-Meter SDR Transceiver 3K 47-54
REVIEW:   HecKits FET DIP Meter Kit $85+shipping WA7OIB                  55-56
REVIEW:   RM Italy BLA600 500W HF and 6-Meter Linear Amplifier DXEng     56-58
TEACHING: Installing Coax Crimp Connectors KL0S                          44-46
TECH:     The Basics of Fan Cooling NW2M                                 34-35
TWA50MHz  DXpeditions Provide Ne Grids and DXCC for 6-Meter Ops     N0JK 96-97
February 2019

January 2019
100/50/25 QST Jan Issue for: 1919, 1969, & 1994                     W1AB 100
ANTENNA:  The 2-Meter Slot-Cube Antenna W6NBC                            35-36
ANTENNA:  Matching Antenna Polarization AA7HH                            37-38
ARES:     Hurricane Michael: Epic Trial for New SEC                 K1CE 86-87
CLASSIC:  Restoring the Hellicrafters S-40B                        N4DLR 88-89
DIGITAL:  JS8Call Builds Upon the  Popularity of FT8 (KN4CRD)            47-47
DOCTOR:   One Radial Ground Plane Directivity * ZS1FJ * SDR Direct. W1ZR 61-61
DOCTOR:   SDR Direct Conversion vs heterodyning IF                       61-62
ECLECTIC: JS8Call Builds Upon the  Popularity of FT8 (KN4CRD)     WB8IMY 47-47
ECOMM:    Hurricane Michael: Epic Trial for New SEC                 K1CE 86-87
HINTS:    Stealthy Cabler Feed-Through & Tips for Tight Connectors AG1YK 65-66
HINTS:    Thin Cables for Stealth Feed-Throughs WA5MD                    65-66
HINTS:    Mounting an SO-239 Connector Without Nuts W6YE                 66-66
MICROPs:  QSL Card Display Using a Raspberry Pi AJ8B                     32-34
PROJECT:  Build a portable DC Power Box N2ZLC                            30-31
PROJECT:  The Cell Patch (need two cell phones) K5PA & WB2REM            39-41
PROJECT:  Protecting Shack Equipment from Electrostatic Discharge KL0S   42-43
PUBLICSRV Hurricane Michael: Epic Trial for New SEC                 K1CE 86-87
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-818ND HF, VHF, and UHF Transceiver ~$1K w CW filter   48-53
REVIEW:   SteppIR UrbanBeam 40- to -Meter Antenna VA2PV ~$1770           54-56
REVIEW:   KKmoon 600X Digital Microscope N1II ~$70/Amazon                57-59
REVIEW:   Four State QRP Group Murania Broadcast Band Receiver Kit $35+S 59-60
SDR:      Advantages of Software-Defined Radio for... Satellite Op W5RKN 44-46
TECHCORR: Embedding Frequency Information in APRS Beacons          AG1YK 63-64
VHF/UHF:  3D-Printed Antennas see: antennatestlab                  W1GHZ 67-68
January 2019

December 2018
100/50/25 QST Dec Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB   100
ANTENNA:  The Hourglass Loop Antenna, VHF/UHF bidirectional * K4ERO      35-37
ARES:     Event Operating: Top 20 Training Tips and Techniques      K1CE 66-67
CLASSIC:  The Pierson-Holt KE-93 Mobile Receiver                    K2RP 68-69
DIGITAL:  Making Digital Contacts Through the ISS WD9EWK/VA7EWK          56-57
DOCTOR:   When to Change Long Coax to Window Line...                W1ZR 51-52
DOCTOR:   How do I test a damaged antenna trap? *                        51-52
DOCTOR:   Is this the best way to tune an antenna tuner?                 52-52
DOCTOR:   I found 3 of 10 AA batteries reverse polarity is this normal?  52-52
ECLECTIC: The Importance of Time                                  WB8IMY 55-55
ECOMM:    Event Operating: Top 20 Training Tips and Techniques      K1CE 66-67
HINTS:    Wall Plate, Preamp for Dynamic Mics, Easy Mobile Mount   AG1YK 53-54
LETTERS:  Historical Frequencies: Martime Radio Historical Society       24-24
PROJECT:  A Versdatile T/R Switch for SDRs and Vintage Radios * W9RAN    30-34
PUBLICSRV Event Operating: Top 20 Training Tips and Techniques      K1CE 66-67
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTM-7250DR Analog and System Fusion Dual-Band Transceiver38-41
REVIEW:   Four State QRP Group Hiltopper QRP Transceiver Kit ~$90+ship   42-44
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio Epic PWRgate DC Power Manager/Charge Contr 44-46
REVIEW:   SOTABEAMS WSPRlite Antenna and Propagation Tester, dxEngineer  47-50
TECH:     About Cognitive Radio N0AX Tutorial                            58-60
December 2018

November 2018
100/50/25 QST Nov Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB -104-
ARES:     The Microwaves and a Mesh Mashup                               86-87
BANDS:    US Amateur Radio Bands                                         102
CLASSIC:  Reviving the Kenwood TS-530SP Hybrid  N4NRW                    88-89
DOCTOR:   The Mast Holds Up Your Vertical Yagi - no pattern help    W1ZR 65-66
DOCTOR:   W4CPT/Does Vertical UHF dipole above 4-EL Yagi change pattern? 65-65
DOCTOR:   W4BAY: Can I safely use old AM TXer with newer transceiver/RX? 65-66
DOCTOR:   K0BSR: How can put up an antenna and be lightning safe?        66-66
ECLECTIC: Rediscovering Real COnversation with Olivia (digital)   WB8IMY 38-38
ECOMM:    The Microwaves and a Mesh Mashup                               86-87
FUN:      The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Operate That Contest                 74-74
HINTS:    Go Portable with a Fake Mobile Mount Portable Antenna KN4FKSHH 67-68
HINTS:    Color-Coded Gear (used colored electrical tape) W8RWK          68-69
HINTS:    Cleaning and Protecting RF Connectors KI5FJ                    69-69
INFO:     Under Radio-Quiet Skies, Allison McLellan                      75-77
INFO:     From Best Seller to Big Screen, Caroline Kenney                78-80
LETTERS:  Ham Contribution During Pearl Harbor Don/K7SDF                 24-24
OPERATE:  US Amateur Radio Bands - chart                                 102
PROJECT:  A Low-Cost Homebrew CW Keyer W7ITR                             30-31
PROJECT:  Build an Inexpensive 150W Dummy Load with Wattmeter/Oil W8TAC8 32-35
PUBLICSRV The Microwaves and a Mesh Mashup                               86-87
REVIEW:   AnyTone AT-D868UV Dual-Band DMR/FM Handheld Transceiver ~$200  39-42
REVIEW:   Palstar LA-1K 160-6 Meter Amplifier ~$3500                     44-47
REVIEW:   MFJ-1836H Cobweb Antenna 1836 300W ~$230, H 1.5KW ~$360, 1838? 48-50
REVIEW:   Clamp-On Ammeters/Multifunction Meters ET820 CL210 R5040 ELS2A 51-54
REVIEW:   RigExpert AA-35 Zoom 0.06-35MHz Antenna Analyzer $270          55-59
REVIEW:   QRPme X-Checker Kit for Grinding Crystals $50 Accessory Pk $30 59-61
REVIEW:   Evans Engineering EE-3Y Triband Portable VHF/UHF Antenna ~$24  62-63
REVIEW:   Update: Apache Labs ANAN-8000DLE PureSignal Operation (fixed)  63-64
STATS:    Quick Stats                                                    NA
TECH:     RF Gain: Doing More with Less, WB8IMY                          36-37
November 2018

October 2018
100/50/25 QST Oct Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB -104-
ANTENNA:  An Active Dipole for Long- and Medium- Wave Frequencies W6SFH  30-34
ANTENNA:  Microwavelengths: From a Parabolic Dish to an Antenna    W1GHZ 60-61
CLASSIC:  The Heathkit AT-I CW Transceiver                         KE8RN 89-90
DIGITAL:  Go Digital with your Classic HF Transceiver  AD7I              38-43
DIGITAL:  The WSJT-X Appliance W9MDO                                     44-44
DOCTOR:   Switches Aren't Perfect (Measure port-to-port isolation)  W1ZR 58-59
DOCTOR:   I reduced my antenns SWR from 1.5 to 1.1SWR did I have to?     59-59
HINTS:    No More Sliding Keys, Easy Remote Tuning, and More       AG1YK 62-64
HINTS:    Stop Keys from Sliding N5LB * Easy Alpha Loop Remote Tuning K1 62-63
HINTS:    Meter Magnet Magic OZ8CHT *                                    63-64
HINTS:    A 12 to 9V DC Adapter for MFJ-299 Desk Mic VA3DDN              64-64
HISTORY:  The Ghost in the Machine, debunking radio as depicted AMCLELLA 65-68
NEW:      Mastrant's Universal Stainless-Steel Mast Clamp ~$19-$27/sizes 57-57
OPERATE:  A Reconfigurable Station Component Switching Unit  KE1IU       35-37
REVIEW:   Icom IC-7610 HF and 6-Meter Transceiver ~$3400+                45-52
REVIEW:   SteppIR SDA 2000 OptimizIR Controller ~$900                    53-55
REVIEW:   IkaScope WS200 Wireless Oscilloscope (30MHz) ~$300             55-57
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths: From a Parabolic Dish to an Antenna    W1GHZ 60-61
October 2018

September 2018
100/50/25 QST Sep Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB   104
ANTENNA:  Small Gap-Resonated HF Loop Antennas KE4PT & W4RQ              30-33
ANTENNA:  Inexpensive Indoor HF Antenna for Apartments KG6HM Read OET#65 34-35
ARES:     Positioning ARES for Serving in Today's World N1RSN            68-69
CLASSIC:  The National HRO-60 receiver                              K2RP 81-82
DOCTOR:   Baluns Can Serve Multiple Purposes, Lee/K1LEE             W1ZR 53-55
DOCTOR:   How does high SWR cause damage to power finals? Keith/KE4TH    53-54
DOCTOR:   Can I use two 450 Ohm feed-lines to same antenna? Steve/W9XF   54-54
DOCTOR:   What does Intercept-Point Optimization (ipo) do? Ted/K6HI      54-54
DOCTOR:   What is the optimal height of a Vertical antenna? Sandy/WB4EVH 54-55
ECOMM:    Positioning ARES for Serving in Today's World N1RSN            68-69
HINTS:    Simple +/- Power Supplies KC0ZNG * Anderson Powerpoles     H&H 60-60
HINTS:    Anderson Powerpoles for Keys NV4RT * LED Light Pipes W8MQW     60-61
HINTS:    Simple Self-CLinching Nut Extractor WA4WDL                     61-62
HINTS:    Use a Smart Watch to FInd Grayline DX AJ4BB / DL6ZM / DU3ZM    62-62
HINTS:    A Unique Storage Solution NW2M                                 62-62
OPERATE:  QSL Cards via Email: use paint.net                             24-24
POWER:    Power Gadgets from USB Sources with this Switching supp N0GSG  36-39
PUBLICSRV Positioning ARES for Serving in Today's World N1RSN            68-69
QEX:      Arduino synthesizer RF generator WB0OEW * Enhance speech K2LYV 52-52
QEX:      Circuitry to enhance speech signals James/K2LYV                52-52
QEX:      Loses in reversible L network antenna tuner David/K2LYV        52-52
QEX:      Investigation of ionospheric propagation phenomena Steve/WA5FRF   52
QEX:      Make a dipole broadbanded various techniques Dave/W6NL         52-52
QEX:      Protect high-power Amplifier from power transients Phil/AD5X   52-52
QEX:      Tune Dipole knowing feed-line end impedances Luiz/CT1EOJ       52-52
QEX:      Editor: Kai Siwiak, KE4PT                                      52-52
REVIEW:   Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station $600/sun$750 40-42
REVIEW:   WiMo PicoAPRS APRS Transmitter/Tracker $230 HamRadio           43-45
REVIEW:   Geochron Digital 4K UHD World Time Clock $400                  45-48
REVIEW:   QRPGuys Lidia 40-Meter Receiver Kit $35 Digitasl Dial kit: $15 48-49
REVIEW:   Cushcraft A270-6S VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna $130                    50-51
SOFTWARE: New Windows Software for APRS WB8IMY                           59-59
TECH:     Technical Correspondence:                               AG1YK  56-58
TECH:     High-Efficiency Switching Regulator K2AOP                      56-57
TECH:     and Precautions for Mobile Operations K0BG ARRL Mobile Policy  57-58
September 2018

August 2018
100/50/25 QST Aug Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB 102
ANTENNA:  Versatile Transmit/Receive Swicth and Active Antenna KU6X      30-33
ANTENNA:  A Two-Element Yagi for 18MHz SM0DTK                            38-40
ANTENNA:  A Novel Approach to Using Window Line W6NBC                    41-43
ARES:     ARRL Partner Roundup: The Salvation Army ans SATERN            81-82
CLASSIC:  The Clegg Thor 6 for 6-Meter AM and CW                   KE8RN 83-84
CLASSIC:  From the Archives Ameco Classics                               75-75
DOCTOR:   You Can Measure Both Signal and Noise at Your Station     W1ZR 57-59
DOCTOR:   How can I measure the noise levels at different stations?      57-58
DOCTOR:   Can I use or modify an Amplifier for SSB for an FM signal?     58-58
DOCTOR:   My meter & Oscilloscope measure my AC line at 120 & 170V why?  58-59
DOCTOR:   A "woodpecker" HF Radar uses dipole of conical cages can we?   59-59
ECLECTIC: Hope for Ransomware Victims                             WB8IMY 60-60
ECOMM:    ARRL Partner Roundup: The Salvation Army ans SATERN            81-82
HAMVENT:  Hamvention 2018 in Pictures                                    70-74
HINTS:    Fixing Touch Lamp RFI, Repairing Antenna Resonators, & More HH 61-63
HINTS:    Revisiting Touch-Sensitive Lamp Circuit Interference K4GTR     61-62
HINTS:    Magnet Keeps Drill Press Chuck Key Handy W6YE                  62-62
HINTS:    An Easy Way to Document Computer Settings N3TTE                62-62
HINTS:    Repairing Hustler Antenna Resonators W4MEC                     62-63
HINTS:    Using a Flashlight to Find Tiny Parts NW2M                     63-63
HINTS:    Inexpensive Window Line Support W1HBS                          63-63
HISTORY:  Decoding Symbolism in the FCC's Seal, KE0OG Dave's Web Site    64-65
HISTORY:  "Time and Distance Annihilated" Allison McLellan               66-69
NEW:      Coaxial Cable Crimp Connector Tools from DX Engineering        40-40
NEW:      Model 1938 Straight Key from Bigelow & Son  ~$400              65-65
NEWS:     ARRL Drone Transmitters Complaint Spurs $2.8E6 FCC Penalty     76-77
OPERATE:  US Amateur Radio Bands - chart                                 85-85
PROJECT:  An In-line Spectrum Analyzer Station Interface AD5X            34-37
PUBLICSRV ARRL Partner Roundup: The Salvation Army ans SATERN            81-82
REVIEW:   HF Signals BITX40 40-Meter SSB Transceiver Kit ~$59+10shipping 44-48
REVIEW:   RigExpert AA-30.ZERO Antenna Analyzer Board ~$85               48-52
REVIEW:   Lights for the Workbench by N1II                               52-55
REVIEW:   NTE Electronics Heat-Shrink Self-Solder Butt Splice Connectors 55-56
August 2018

July 2018
100/50/25 QST JUL Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB -100-
ANTENNA:  An Antenna for 630 to 10 Meters                          VE7CA 36-39
ARES:     Public Service Prep for Hurricane Season 2018                  77-78
CLASSIC:  The Simpson 260 Multimeter                                K2RP 80-81
DOCTOR:   Ground Matters for Vertical Antennas in Two Ways          W1ZR 56-57
DOCTOR:   Do water kogged Radial help or Hurt my Vertical antenna? *     56-56
DOCTOR:   Would a band preselector be an advantage on my Vitage radio?   56-57
DOCTOR:   Is there an Optimal Height for a Ground Mounted Vertical feed? 57-57
ECLECTIC: WSPR Down Low, get WSJT-X to listen from k1jt/wsjtx.htm WB8IMY 60-60
ECOMM:    Public Service Prep for Hurricane Season 2018                  77-78
HINTS:    MFJ Antenna Analyzer Mod, Increase CW Speed on the Go, & AG1YK 61-62
HINTS:    An MFJ-259C Modification * Generate Morse Code MP3s with fldigi  -61
HINTS:    Magnetic Dish * Automating fldigi's Macro Functions *          61-61
HINTS:    Cleaning an SO-239 Coaxial Connector                           61-61
ISS:      Hams Solve a ham Radio Interoperability Problem for the ISS N6 71-72
MOVIES:   Yippee-Ki-Yey: The Role of Radio in Die Hard  Jen Glifort      68-70
OPERATE:  US Amateur Radio Bands - chart                                 35-35
PROJECT:  Go No-Go Continuity and Leakage Detector                 K2CBY 40-41
PUBLICSRV Public Service Prep for Hurricane Season 2018                  77-78
QEX:      Tunes and matches HF Loop using Smith Chart *                  -101-
QEX:      AE7PD Hw location of resonating cap affect small HF loop pattern 101
QEX:      KE4PT Improved formulas for small HF loop current & impedance  -101-
QEX:      K4ERO compares stacked VHF & UHF rectangle, hourglass, diamond -101-
QEX:      AE7PD Report on effects of ground on RF exposure etc           -101-
QEX:      KE4PT Lists equivalent Q-factor equations and their uses       -101-
QEX:      PY2EAJ construction details for a mm wave prescaler & doubler  -101-
QEX:      KD0QYN Deployable PiGate system with Winlink2000 email system  -101-
QEX:      W6KAN stabilizes freq of vitange rig using Arduino based DDS   -101-
QEX:      N6LF measures live-tree dielectic parameters                   -101-
QEX:      K0ABP uses missle miss distance to determine sat distance & v  -101-
QEX:      QEX Editor: Kai Siwiak, KE4PT                                  -101-
REVIEW:   Monitor Sensors TVTR1 630-Meter Transverter ~$660+$60shipping  44-48
REVIEW:   BridgeCom Systems BCM-144 2-Meter Mobiule Transceiver ~$240+50 49-52
REVIEW:   Rainbowkits EBTS-10 Touch Switch Kit ~$13                      52-53
REVIEW:   MFJ-828 Digital SWR/Wattmeter ~$250                            54-55
TECH:     Technical Correspondence: Transceiver Audio Quality Specs K8KI 63-64
TECH:     Microwavelengths: Noise Figure, Noise Temperature, and G/T GHZ 58-59
TIPS:     Troubleshooting 101: A Digital Dilemma - RF into DSL?   WB8IMY 42-43
TWA50MHz  Getting Started on FT8 - My Story using WSJT-X FT8 mode   N0JK 95-96
July 2018

June 2018
100/50/25 QST Jun Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB -100-
ANTENNA:  A Two-Element Wire Beam Antenna for 20 Meters  N4HA            30-31
ANTENNA:  A Stacked 16-Element Collinear Array for 6 Meters  K7CW        32-34
ANTENNA:  40-Meter Dipole on a Yagi Boom  K0DK                           35-37
ANTENNA:  Wire Yagi for 40 Meters with a Suspension harness  N2CN        38-39
ANTENNA:  2-Meter and 70-Centimeter Antenna (Balloon Experiments)  DG3AL 40-42
ARES:     Using Plug-in Hybrid Power for Amateur Radio Operation N8HKU   66-68
ARES:     The Heat is On Part 2: Keeping Your Cool                       77-78
DOCTOR:   The G5RV is a Compromise Antenna *                        W1ZR 55-56
DOCTOR:   Why such poor E-layer propagation in the summer in USA? *      56-56
DOCTOR:   Why does turning the pre-amp off lower the noise on 40m?       56-56
ECLECTIC: New Life for Lithium-Ion Batteries (rejuvinton possible) JOEL  57-57
ECOMM:    The Heat is On Part 2: Keeping Your Cool                       77-78
HINTS:    Pulling Antenna Wire into Trees Tangle-Free WB4AKA       AG1YK 58-60
HINTS:    Stable Cable Support W1MBS * Battery Tote Bag NC4RT *          58-59
HINTS:    SUpporting Antennas Masts with Fence Post Brackets WA5MD       59-60
HINTS:    Easy Power Resistor Clip VE3CMQ * Offset Error Prevention K0KS 60-60
HINTS:    Turnbuckle Mobile Mount W4TZB                                  60-60
HISTORY:  Tales of a World War II Voluntary Interceptor                  79-80
INFO:     Nature-Friendly Amateur Radio  N7RR                            64-65
OPERATE:  US Amateur Radio Bands - chart                                 81-81
POWER:    Using Plug-in Hybrid Power for Amateur Radio Operation N8HKU   66-68
PUBLICSRV The Heat is On Part 2: Keeping Your Cool                       77-78
QEX:      May/June: Optomized grounded base oscillator for VHF and UHF * 34-34
QEX:      Itro to the Arduino ecosystem * Impedance-measuring system *   34-34
QEX:      Making a better RF voltmeter probe                             34-34
QEX:      QEX Editor: Kai Siwiak, KE4PT                                  34-34
REVIEW:   Expert Electronics ColibriNANO SDR Receiver  VA2PV  NSI Comm   43-47
REVIEW:   Heil PR 781 Microphone                                         47-48
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna KD1JV Survivor 75-Meter SSB Transcvr Kit $125  49-51
REVIEW:   Elenco Capacitor Substitution Box Kit ~$19                     52-53
REVIEW:   N1KDO's LoTW Look App for Android Devices ~$3 donation         54-54
TWA50MHz  Aircraft Scatter - more at: nitehawk                      N0JK 93-94
VHF/UHF:  Nets on the High Frontier                               WB8IMY 72-73
June 2018

May 2018
100/50/25 QST May Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB  98-98
ANTENNA:  Printed Circuit Board Antenna Traps for HF  W6NBC              30-32
ANTENNA:  A Remote RF-Level Annunciator  WB6FDY                          33-37
ANTENNA:  Build a 2-Meter Quadrifilar Helix Antenna  N7LRY               38-42
ANTENNA:  The Super Slinky Inverted-L Antenna for Top Band K1BUK         43-45
ANTENNA:  A Moterized Inverted-L Antenna for 80-10 Meters W1EJM          46-49
APRS:     APRS on the Grand Tour  N1RM                                   64-66
ARES:     The Heat is On (Heat potential health hazard)                  79-80
CLASSIC:  The Collins KW-1 King of the Transmitters                 NP2B 81-82
DOCTOR:   There are a Number of Ways to Increase the Gain of a Yagi W1ZR 60-61
DOCTOR:   Which is better Trapped Dipole or off-center-fed dipole?       61-61
ECOMM:    The Heat is On (Heat potential health hazard)                  79-80
HINTS:    JTAlerts Sent to Your Cell Phone (Receive Text Messages) N8XTH 62-63
PORTABLE: Satellite Roving  NJ4Y                                         67-69
PORTABLE: APRS on the Grand Tour  N1RM                                   64-66
PORTABLE: First Steps on the Road  WZ8C                                  70-71
PORTABLE: Land Ops - Off Road and On the Air  K6JKB                      72-73
PUBLICSRV The Heat is On (Heat potential health hazard)                  79-80
QRP:      Up Front: Mntana Cabin QRP (about Terry Smith, NE4AM)          20-20
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-991A HF, VHF, and UHF Transceiver $1400, tuner $275 + 50-57
REVIEW:   Depstech Wireless Endoscope (Amazon ~$40)                      57-58
REVIEW:   Yaesu M-100 Dual-Element Microphone ~$460                      59-59
SATS:     Satellite Roving  NJ4Y                                         67-69
TWA50MHz  A Portable Gain Antenna for 50 MHz                        N0JK 92-93
May 2018

April 2018
100/50/25 QST APR Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB -100-
ANTENNA:  A Vertical Antenna for 160 Meters W1JR                      30-32+74
ANTENNA:  A 6-Meter Portable Yagi Antenna W3MEO                          33-35
ANTENNA:  An Ultra-Simple 2-Meter Antenna (Coat hangers & PVC!) W6NBC    36-37
ANTENNA:  Microwavelengths: Parabolic Dishes                       W1GHZ 57-58
ARES:     ARES Training for Medical Helicopter Evacuations  KD7OWN       80-81
CLASSIC:  The Drake 2-C Receiver                                   KE8RN 82-83
DOCTOR:   High Power Transmitter/Receiver Switching Solution *      W1ZR 54-55
DOCTOR:   20-meter 5/8-wave vertical antenna radials *                   55-55
DOCTOR:   Can I use my 40-meter dipole on 60, 80, & 160 meters?          55-55
ECLECTIC: New Software Ofers Keyboard-to-Keyboard QSOs 630/220 M  WB8IMY 56-56
ECOMM:    ARES Training for Medical Helicopter Evacuations  KD7OWN       80-81
HINTS:    Threading PL-259 Connectors * A Handheld Holder *        AG1YK 59-61
HINTS:    Cocoa Tin Enclosures * MFJ-452 Keyer Modifications *           60-60
HINTS:    Radial Ring for the Claw (claw mount by Quicksilver for ant)   61-61
INFO:     The Inventory List (preparing to be a Silent Key)  K8NB        62-63
INFO:     2018 Straight Key Night Results W9JJ                           90-90
NEWS:     Canadian Radio Amateur Finds Resurrected NASA Satellite WW1ME  79-79
PUBLICSRV ARES Training for Medical Helicopter Evacuations  KD7OWN       80-81
REVIEW:   Apache Labs ANAN-8000DLE HF and 6-Meter SDR Transceiver ~$3950 42-49
REVIEW:   K1EL Systems PaddleStick CW Keyer with Base Kit  $59           49-50
REVIEW:   MFJ-1886 Receive Loop Antenna ~$250  MFJ Enterprises           50-51
REVIEW:   Elenco XP-720K Workbench Power Supply Kit ~$84 built: $125     52-53
TEACHING: The Consortium  W1YRC                                          67-68
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths: Parabolic Dishes                       W1GHZ 57-58
WX:       The Personal Space Weather Station  W0AX  WXQA                 38-41
April 2018

March 2018
100/50/25 QST Mar Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB -100-
ANTENNA:  A Delta Loop for 160 Meters, WA6W                              30-32
ANTENNA:  A Three-Element Moxon-Style Vertical Yagi for 75-M Band, K3RR  33-36
ANTENNA:  A Durable, Low Profile 2Meter Mobile Antenna, W6NBC            37-39
ANTENNA:  "Cat Whiskers" The Broadband Muilt-Loop Antenna  Jacek/SP3L    40-44
ANTENNA:  Hanging a Treetop Antenna with a Drone W3MAS / KB3ZED          67-69
ARES:     A New Era for ARRL and the American Red Cross Partnership K1CE 81-82
BOOK:     Disrupted - When the Internet of Things Takes Over: PE1MFU $4  95-95
CLASSIC:  Knight Kit and the Rise of Kit-Built Radios               K2RP 83-84
DOCTOR:   Height Above Ground is the Major Driver for Horizontal    W1ZR 60-61
DOCTOR:   Antenna's Elevation Pattern WA6SZE *                           60-60
DOCTOR:   Coax moved from underground to above will it work? AC8LP *     60-61
DOCTOR:   How long can I run 100W from my Car Battery? K0BSR             61-61
ECLECTIC: The Future is Quantum                                   WB8IMY 62-62
HINTS:    A Pencil Box Power Pack Scott/K6TAR                      AG1YK 63-64
HINTS:    and Desoldering Tips Chris/VA7PK                               64-64
MEDICINE: RF Treatment Offers Hope for Alzheimer's Patients WW1ME        74-75
MEMBER:   Mike Dell, K8LMJ member of: International Order of Krazies     13-13
OPERATE:  US Amateur Radio Bands (chart)                                 89-89
QEX:      KW level HF bandpass Filter Designs Jeff/K0ZR                  44-44
QEX:      Optimizes an eight-circle vertical antenna array Al/K3CL       44-44
QEX:      Insulated vs. bare copper wire for vertical antenna radials N6LF -44
QEX:      Resistor search Program to increase ur resistor inventory KG4HNS -44
QEX:      Quadrature-direction finding method Chuck/W8MQW                44-44
QEX:      Optimized grounded base oscillator design for UHF/VHF N1UL/AC2KG -44
QEX:      QEX Editor: Kai Siwiak, KE4PT                                  44-44
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-70DR Analog & System Fusion 2-Band Handheld TR VE5EIS 47-50 ~$200
REVIEW:   M2 6-Meter HO Loop Antennas WB1GCM                             51-53
REVIEW:   TelePost LP-500 Digital Station Monitor AA6E  $650             54-58
REVIEW:   QRPme PocketPal Hamfest Component Tester Kit N1II ~$35         58-59
TECH:     Techniocal Correspondence: Breathable Weatherproofing  AR9RM   65-65
TECH:     and Test Set for Matching L-Network Antennas  K5QY             65-66
VINTAGE:  A Wide-Range Coupler for Balanced Transmission Lines           45-46
March 2018

February 2018
100/50/25 QST Feb Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB X
ANTENNA:  Live Trees Affect Sntenna Performance KE4PT                    32-37
ARES:     LEDs Light Up Your Field Operations                       K1CE 82-83
CLASSIC:  The Shure 55 Microphone                                   NP2B 84-85
DOCTOR:   The 1/12-Wave Transformer May Be Just the Right Length    W1ZR 58-59
DOCTOR:   Can I use #14 or #12 AWG Insulated Wire for my quad antenna?   58-59
DOCTOR:   Is the best RX antenna also the best TX antenna? (maybe but SN)59-59
ECLECTIC: Antenna Reporting with WSJT-X                           WB8IMY 63-63
ECOMM:    LEDs Light Up Your Field Operations                       K1CE 82-83
HINTS:    Organization Under teh Radio Desk, LED Flashlight Mod, + AG1YK 60-62
HINTS:    Transformer Covers from IKEA Toothbrush Holders W6YE NOT? 9/18 60-61
HINTS:    Small Call Sign Pin KI4MUG                                     61-61
HINTS:    Diagnosing Problems with Sound-Card-to-Radio Connections KE5XV 61-62
HINTS:    Modifying a 27-LED Flashlight (ALL LEDs ALWAYS come on) N3TTE  62-62
HISTORY:  The CIA, The Cold War and Amateur Radio WW1ME                  64-68
OPERATE:  Split/Decisions (operating Split) WB8IMY                       76-77
PROJECT:  Fan Controller for Your Classic Radio WB8VGE                   30-32
PROJECT:  An Audio Switching Unit K5PA                                   38-40
PROJECT:  5 & 10 MHz WWV TRF Receivers for Frequency Counter Cal WD8DAB  41-45
PUBLICSRV LEDs Light Up Your Field Operations                       K1CE 82-83
REVIEW:   TYT MD-2017 Dual-Band Analog and DMR Handheld Transceiver VA2VP46-49
REVIEW:   Heil PR 10 Home-Station Microphone Package W1ZR $277+cable     50-51
REVIEW:   Elenco DT-100 Diode/Transistor Tester Kit N1II ~$27kit $45Blt  52-53
REVIEW:   HamGadgets Universal Keying Adapter 3+ Kit K1RO ~$25+case $40b 54-55
REVIEW:   AlexMic Speaker Microphone for the Elecraft KX2 and KX3  $125+ 55-56
REVIEW:   SOTABEAMS Click2Tune Accessory for Icom Transceivers $16/28kit 57-57
STRAYS:   Hedy Lamarr Documentary Highlights Radio Invention film arrl   45-45
STRAYS:   Hedy Lamarr Documentary PBS Newshour 7:28 Utube                45-45
STRAYS:   Hedy Lamarr Documentary Hedy Lamarr--1969 TV Interview 8:49 Utube 45
February 2018

January 2018
100/50/25 QST Jan Issue for: 1943, 1968, & 1993                     W1AB   100
ANTENNA:  Double Duty Mobile Screwdriver Antenna W0IH  (use coil 4 base) 45-47
ARES:     Add an Inverter to your Field Operation Kit                    85-86
BuildIt   The Pine Board Project (5W AM Transmitter) K9EID               31-34
CLASSIC:  The Davco DR-30 Solid State Receiver                  KE8RN    87-88
DIGITAL:  Join the FT8 Revolution K3EUI (Free prgm wrk DX wid few Watts) 41-44
DOCTOR:   RIT - XIT, What's IT? (Incremental Tuning) KD2JSS *       W1ZR 61-61
DOCTOR:   Vertical Monopole Impeadance NN5T *                            61-62
DOCTOR:   What is a Vector Network Analyzer? WD8SBB                      62-62
ECLECTIC: Is FT8 a "Killer App?"                                  WB8IMY 69-69
ECOMM:    Add an Inverter to your Field Operation Kit                    85-86
HAMSCI:   Testing the Eclipse's Effect on 80 Meter with WSPR  K6RM       75-76
HINTS:    Improving SWR and Battery Isolators (for safe charging)  AG1YK 63-64
NEW:      BITX40 QRP SSB Transceiver Kit, see HFSigs                     37-37
NEW:      Force 12 Antenna Designs from JK Antennas                      37-37
NEW:      BridgeCom Systems BCH-270 Dual-Band Handheld $95+$25 prgm cabl 92-92
NEW:      Begali Sculpture Janus Paddle ~$600.00 I2RTF Site              92-92
NEWS:     HamHacks Group Tackles Maker Fair and More AMCLELLAN           77-79
PROJECT:  A Low-Distortion Digital Audio Oscillator K8KK                 35-37
PROJECT:  Troubleshooting 101: Sky-High SWR WB8IMY also see: ARRL TIS    48-48
PUBLICSRV Add an Inverter to your Field Operation Kit                    85-86
QEX:      Variable cap diode replace var caps WB9LVI *                   34-34
QEX:      Design 10 GHz waveguide K5TRA * KW band-pass filters K0ZR *    34-34
QEX:      Square element antenna design VHF & UHF KK7B *                 34-34
QEX:      Resistor search program KG4HNS                                 34-34
REVIEW:   Breadboard Radio Splinter II QRP Receiver/Transmitter Kit N1II 49-51
REVIEW:   INRAD M628 and M629 Desk Microphones W1ZR ~$60/$80+adaptr+clip 51-53
REVIEW:   Elenco SP-1A practical Soldering Project Kit N1II $12          54-54
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna Easy Field Strength Indicator WB8IMY $15+ant   55-55
REVIEW:   Rexwood 1000W Receiver Kit N1II $42 qrpme                      56-57
REVIEW:   Hayseed Hamfest Re-Cap Kit K1RO ~$45+$8 resistor upgrade kit   58-59
REVIEW:   Aven Adjustable Circuit Board Holder K1RO ~$13 (Min Order=$25) 60-60
SATS:     Repurpose Your Station for Satellite Operation K7JA            70-72
TECH:     Technical Correspondence: A VNA/HF SDR Transceiver      TECCOR 67-68
VHF/UHF:  The Best Antenna to Get You on the Air                   W1GHZ 65-66
WEB:      Web-Hosted Software-Defined Radio KC1ATT, online everyones use 38-40
January 2018

December 2017
100/50/25 QST December Issue for: 1942, 1967, & 1992                W1AB 106
ANTENNA:  Computer Controlled Antenna Rotator NV1Q                       36-38
ANTENNA:  One Balun is Usually Enough                               W1ZR 57-58
ARES:     Amateurs Step In for Spat of Epic Disasters                    71-72
ECOMM:    Amateurs Step In for Spat of Epic Disasters                    71-72
CLASSIC:  Restoring a 1950's Rig to Become an SKCC Centurion       W4DNN 103-4
DOCTOR:   One Balun is Usually Enough                               W1ZR 57-58
ECLECTIC: When Audio Cables Go Virtual (uses VB-Audio)            WB8IMY 63-63
ECOMM:    Amateurs Step In for Spat of Epic Disasters                    71-72
HAMSCI:   Solar Eclipse QSO Party Update N0AX                            39-40
HAMSCI:   The Great American Solar Eclips at 70 Centimeters              39-40
HANDS-ON: Experiment #179 Maxwell's Equations - The Wave Emerges    N0AX 59-60
HINTS:    Powerpole Conversions, a Crossover Crimper, and More     AG1YK 61-62
HINTS:    Heliax Cutting Tool * Window L:ine Strain Relief *             61-62
HINTS:    Crossover Crimper (w PowerPoles) * Coax Cable-Stripper Tip     62-62
HINTS:    Holding Components on a Perfboard (use tape)                   62-62
NEW:      Antenna Insulators frm SOTABEAMS $2 or $4 types                38-38
NEW:      ColibriNANO 0.01-500MHz SDR USB Receiver ~ $300  NSI Radio     38-38
OnTheAir: New Ham Bands Spring to Life, Contact UTC to operate low bands 68-68
REVIEW:   Icom ID-4100A VHF/UHF Dial-Band FM/D-Dtar Transceiver ~$400 +  41-46
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-25R 2-Meter Handheld Transceiver ~$110 +$30 ear/mic + 46-50
REVIEW:   Sawdust Regenerative Receiver Kit ~$25 breadboardradio         50-52
REVIEW:   Wolphi-Link Interface and DroidPSK App for Android ~$40+$8+$8  52-54
REVIEW:   Four State QRP Group Cricket Transceiver Kit ~$30+shipping     54-56
December 2017

November 2017
100/50/25 QST M?? Issue for: 1942, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 108
ANTENNA:  75-Meter Dipole Stretcher, cover all 8u0m band K1BQT           32-33
ANTENNA:  Using a Drone for Antenna Installation at TI5W - N3KS          85-86
ARES:     Best Water and Hygiene Practices for ARES Responders           91-92
BuildIt   Low-Cost Arduino UHF Morse Code Beacon KC1ENN                  30-31
BuildIt   Build Your Own Arduino-Based Antenna Analyzer W8TEE K2ZIA      40-44
CLASSIC:  The RCA ACT-150 Transmitter, 1937 N1II & W1GIG                 104-5
DIGITAL:  Work the World with WSJT-X, Part 2: Operating Capabilities K1JT34-39
DOCTOR:   There Are Ways to Get Coax Through Walls *                     75-76
DOCTOR:   Meanings & origins of CQ & 73? * Vertical Antenna Radiation R  76-76
ECLECTIC: Good King Harald, Danisd King called blatand/Blue Tooth WB8IMY 46-46
ECOMM:    Best Water and Hygiene Practices for ARES Responders           91-92
HANDS-ON: Experiment #178 Maxwell's Equations - Grad, Div, Curl     N0AX 77-78
HINTS:    Cell Phone Headset Interface * Tool for Cutting PVC *    AG1YK 79-80
HINTS:    High-Voltage Covers                                            80-80
ONLINE:   Online Contest Scoreboards K5ZD                                82-84
PUBLICSRV Best Water and Hygiene Practices for ARES Responders           91-92
REVIEW:   Icom IC-R8600 Communications Receiver AA6E                     47-54
REVIEW:   Tytera MD-380 Analog and DMR Handheld Transceiver VE5EIS       55-58
REVIEW:   LNR Precision Mountain Topper MTR-5B Multiband QRP TXR K1ZK    58-62
REVIEW:   RigExpert AA-55 ZOOM 0.06-55MHz Antenna Analyzer AD5X          62-67
REVIEW:   QRPworks K-Board & SideKar Accessories for Elecraft TXRs KB1HQS68-70
REVIEW:   MFJ-914 AutoTuner Extender WB8IMY                              70-71
REVIEW:   Satellite Ham Radio (HamSat) App for iOS Devices, iTunes store 72-72
REVIEW:   Borden One-Tube AM Broadcast Band Radio Kit ~$75 + $30 + $30   73-74
STATS:    Quick Stats                                                    138
November 2017

October 2017
100/50/25 QST Oct Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 108
CLASSIC:  Hallicrafters Model HA-1 "T.O. Keyer"  NP2B               N1II 106-7
CW:       First CW From Space: Sputnik Turns 60  W4DNN, Dennis Lazar     84-85
DIGITAL:  Work the World with WSJT-X, Part 1: Operating Capabilities K1JT30-36
DOCTOR:   Antennas and Radio are Usually Compatible                 W1ZR 67-68
DOCTOR:   Common Mode Current on balanced Line? * Use a Q-Multiplier?    67-67
DOCTOR:   My Power Seems Low when I transmit SSB, why is that?           68-68
ECLECTIC: Is Anyone Still Using Dial-Up Internet? HDTV ATSC 3.0?  WB8IMY 66-66
HANDS-ON: Experiment #177 Feed Line Comparison                      N0AX 71-72
HINTS:    Easy Headphone Cushion Repair, Circuit Board Badges, etc AG1YK 73-75
HINTS:    Circuit Board Badges * More Easy-Off Connector Seals *         73-74
HINTS:    Headphone Cushion Repair * Radial Plate Reference              74-74
HINTS:    APRS Image (frequency) reception                               74-75
HISTORY:  First CW From Space: Sputnik Turns 60  W4DNN, Dennis Lazar     84-85
PROJECT:  HamClock Keep track of more than time w this WiFi device WB0OEW42-4
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-65R Dual-Band Handheld Transceiver WB1GCM  RTSystems  50-54
REVIEW:   SharkRF OpenSPOT Hotspot WV2PV ~$240                           54-57
REVIEW:   SDRplay Radio Spectrum Processor 2 Pro  WB8IMY $170, or $193   58-61
REVIEW:   W4OP Magnetic Loop Antenna  N2CX ~$330 plus at Precision       61-63
REVIEW:   Pro Audio Engineering Kx33 Power Supply, 14V @ 4A max  WB1GCM  63-64
REVIEW:   EZ Hang Square Shot Kit  WB8IMY ~$100                          65-65
TEACHING: The ABCs of a Digital Multimeter, N1II                         37-41
TEACHING: Understanding Propagation with JT65, JT9, and FT8, K9LA        45-47
TEACHING: Troubleshooting 101: Where's the Buzz? WB8IMY                  48-49
TECH:     Understanding Propagation with JT65, JT9, and FT8, K9LA        45-47
VHF/UHF:  Microwaves Without a Wheelbarrow of Money - Part 2       W1GHZ 69-70
VHF/UHF:  Evolution of JT65 to FT8, N0JK                                 99-01
October 2017

September 2017
100/50/25 QST Sep Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB --106
ANTENNA:  The Flag on Ground (FoG) Antenna, low noise receiving antenna  30-31
ANTENNA:  The Flag Pole Antenna NP2B                                     33-34
ANTENNA:  Am Improved 160/80-Meter Matching Network for 43' Vertical WX2S39-41
ANTENNA:  Phasing Antennas Can Have Omnidirectional Results * SquareLoop 59-60
ANTENNA:  Dipole Feed Points N0AX Experiment #176                        61-62
ARES:     Supporting DoD Following a Very Bad Day  WD8DBY K7UXO     K1CE 69-70
ARES:     Applying the Lessons of Field Day All Year Long KI1U           71-72
DOCTOR:   Phasing Antennas Can Have Omnidirectional Results * SquareLoop 59-60
ECLECTIC: Vacuum Tubes May Return...Sort Of * PC Board Software   WB8IMY 58-58
ECOMM:    Supporting DoD Following a Very Bad Day                   K1CE 69-70
ECOMM:    Applying the Lessons of Field Day All Year Long           K1CE 71-72
ECOMM:    Healthcare Facilities' Communication Needs for Disaster Respon 82-83
FIX:      The Nose Knows, can smell when things go wrong! WB8IMY         42-42
HANDS-ON: Experiment #176 Dipole Feed Points                        N0AX 61-62
ANTENNA:  Dipole Feed Points                                             61-62
HINTS:    Makshift Faraday Cage * Pants Hanger Portable Antenna *  AG1YK 64-64
HINTS:    Mount for Radios with Bottom-Fire Speakers *                   64-65
HINTS:    Removing Flex-Weave Insulation                                 65-65
INFO:     Questions and Answers About Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters     32-32
NEWS:     Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 * Seeed hardware/SDRs/SpectrumAnalzr 76-77
PORTABLE: Portable Keyboard Interface for CW and Data Modes AI8Z         35-38
POWER:    Questions and Answers About Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters     32-32
PUBLICSRV Healthcare Facilities' Communication Needs for Disaster Respon 82-83
QEX:      WSJT-X modulation * water into PL-259 * LC trap sizes * etc    57-57
REVIEW:   K7DYY Super Senior 80- and 40-Meter Legal Limit AM TX K1RO     43-48
REVIEW:   GOCHANGE Function Generator Kit (1Hz-1MHz Sine/Square/Tri)~$17 48-50
REVIEW:   GOCHANGE No longer available Amazon find: XR2206 Function Generator Kit
REVIEW:   Bioenno Power 12 V LiFePO4 Batteries                           50-52
REVIEW:   WEN Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft                            52-53
REVIEW:   OCI VHF and UHF Band-pass Filters                              53-55
REVIEW:   HamGadgets Ultra PicoKeyer Kit $35 w enclosure, $29 w/o        55-57
STATION:  Comfort Design for Your Station, W3IZ                          73-75
STATS:    Quick Stats                                                    NA
TEACHING: Questions and Answers About Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters     32-32
TECH:     Technical Correspondence: DSO138 Case Construction and  AG1YK  65-66
TECH:     Infrared Temperature Measurement                               66-66
TWA50MHz  The Rise of WSJT - brought changes to operating on 50MHz  N0JK 94-95
September 2017

August 2017
100/50/25 QST Aug Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB --108
ANTENNA:  Feed Lines, Decibels, and Dollars, WB8IMY                      44-45
ARES:     Nationwide First Responder Broadband Network/ARES Changes WW1ME  -80
BOOK:     Summer Reading: Consider..the Unassuming Battery               09-09
CLASSIC:  Heathkit SB-610 Monitor Scope, NP2B                       K2RP 104-5
DOCTOR:   The Doctor is In... (see below)                           W1ZR 63-64
DOCTOR:   (Antenna ) ground plane 2 meters can be used on 440 (MHz Band) 63-63
DOCTOR:   Does...wire gauge used to wind a toroid alter the inductance.. 63-63
DOCTOR:   gate dip oscillator MPF102 FET which is drain which is source? 63-64
DOCTOR:   The Gate & Drain of the MPF102 are interchangeable frm docs    63-64
DOCTOR:   How best to match 75 Ohm line to 50 Ohm 2m, L-match or tuner?  64-64
DOCTOR:   ESR Equivalent Series Resistance meter for electrolytic caps   64-64
HANDS-ON: Experiment #175 Dissimilar Metals, galvanic series list   N0AX 65-66
HINTS:    Hose reel used for a rope reel WC3O *                    AG1YK 67-67
HINTS:    Microphone Cord Repair VE6CMM *                                67-67
HINTS:    Heatsink and Jig for Microphone and DIN Connectors N7CFO *     67-68
HINTS:    Self-Amalgamating Silicone Tape NE4W *                         68-68
HINTS:    Plastic Case Shielding KB3VZL * Hose Strain Relief AC7CD       68-68
HINTS:    Call Sign License Plate KK5R *                                 68-69
HINTS:    Mounting Modifications for Butternut Vertical Doorknob Cap K6OKE -69
NEW:      Filters for the FT-817 from SOTABEAMS, ~$46                    43-43
NEW:      Messl and Paoloni Coaxial Cables from MFJ                      43-43
NEW:      BCS-200 Speaker Mic from BridgeCom Systems, $30+shipping       93-93
NEW:      Pacific Antenna Field Strength Indicator Kit, QRP Kits qrpkits 93-93
NEWS:     Hamvention 2017 - So Long, Dayton; Hello, Xenia!               77-79
OPERATE:  The Streak: 23 Years of Daily Contacts, K3WWP                  73-74
PROJECT:  WA3TFS Companion SSB Transmitter for the All-Mode SRD Receiver 34-40
PROJECT:  Aircraft Tracking, FlightAware, and How U Can Be of Servc KG5Q 41-43
PUBLICSRV Working Through Difficult Situations                      K1CE 84-85
PUBLICSRV FEMA IS: FEMA Independent Study                                85-85
PUBLICSRV Workplace Violence Awareness Training 2017 (IS-0106.17)        85-85
REVIEW:   QRPme RockMite II QRP Transceiver Kit $50/kit $30/enclosure    47-50
REVIEW:   Micro-Node International Nano-DV Digital Voice Node $495 + ops 50-53
REVIEW:   JYE Tech FG085 Function Generator Kit $50 (sparkfun.com)       53-55
REVIEW:   Cushcraft R9 80-6 Meter Vertical Antenna $640 Tilt Base: $80 + 56-58
REVIEW:   MFJ-17758 40- and 80-Meter Dipole Antenna $90                  59-59
REVIEW:   KIO Technology Broadband Hexagonal Beam Antenna, $599, 6-m:$55 60-62
SPOTLIGHT Ruth Willet, KM4LAO (Teenager)                                 13-13
TECH:     Microprocessors and Cosmic Rays, WB8IMY                        46-46
August 2017

July 2017
100/50/25 QST Jul Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 106
AM Op:    Inaugural AM Rally a Hit, WW1ME                                74-75
ANTENNA:  Rout 66 Adventures on the Bridge, as an antenna! KD7RCJ        64-65
ARES:     Note from the Road - from real experiences                K1CE 80-81
BOOK:     Murder on Frequency, Author: KE5FVS, Review: WW1ME             65-65
BOOK:     Communication Receivers Principles and Design by: DJ2LR et el  103
CLASSIC:  The Hammarlund HQ-170 and HQ-180                         KE8RN 100-1
DIGITAL:  The Raspberry Pi Anternative for WSJT-X N4FWD                  34-37
DOCTOR:   A Dipole Doesn't Always Act Like a Dipole, W3DIY          W1ZR 56-57
DOCTOR:   Are QSL cards still used? KW4ZN                                56-57
DX:       How's DX? W3UR                                                 93-94
ECLECTIC: Consider Your Keyboard                                  WB8IMY 40-40
ECOMM:    Note from the Road - from real experiences                K1CE 80-81
HANDS-ON: Experiment #174 Switching Amplifiers Sparkfun BOB-11044)  N0AX 58-59
HINTS:    Hose as Strain Relief, KG1Q *                            AG1YK 62-62
HINTS:    Fused Plug for Johnson Equipment, AA4PG *                      62-62
HINTS:    Wilderness Antenna, W3MEO * Managing Frequency Memories, K0KAN 62-63
HINTS:    Tiny Screws ( & beeswax ), KD9HL *                             63-63
HINTS:    Test Infrared LEDs with your Digital Camera, KE4PT *           63-63
HINTS:    SB-200 80-Meter Loading Fix, WA1LJY                            63-63
NEWS:     FCC Personal Radio Service Revisions for GMRS, FRS, CB, prt 95 75-76
PROJECT:  An Arduino-Contolled Digital VFO for Vintage Tube Txers N2HTT  30-33
PUBLICSRV Note from the Road - from real experiences                K1CE 80-81
REMOTE:   Why I Operate Remote K5PA, Gene Hinkie                         66-67
REVIEW:   Rigol Technologies DSA705 Spectrum Analyzer AD5X ~$700         41-44
REVIEW:   RigExpert AA-30 0.1 to 30 MHz Antenna Analyzer AD5X ~$250+     45-47
REVIEW:   Elenco XK-150 Digital/Analog Trainer N1II ~$142 on-line NoJoy! 48-50
REVIEW:   TKEY-1 CW Touch Key Paddle Kit WB8IMY ~$20 +$30 box +$12 ship  50-51
REVIEW:   Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet 1000 & Bullet Mini Antenna $125 51-53
REVIEW:   Rainbow Kits TT-16 DTMF Decoer and RELAY-5 Kits N1II ~$35      54-55
TEACHING: Troubleshooting 101: RF Mayhem WB8IMY                          38-39
TWA50MHz  The 45th Anniversary of the First 50 MHz EME Contact      N0JK 95-97
VHF/UHF:  Microwaves Without a Whellbarrow of Money                W1GHZ 60-61
VHF/UHF:  The 45th Anniversary of the First 50 MHz EME Contact, N0JK     95-97
July 2017

June 2017
100/50/25 QST Feb Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 106
ANTENNA:  The Rhombic Loop Twofer, 80-6 Meters WU0I                      43-46
ANTENNA:  An Easy-to-Make Three-Band Dipole for ARRL Field Day W1ZR      47-50
ARES:     Review: The ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course 85-6
CLASSIC:  The Astatic D-104 Microphone                              K2RP 102-3
DIGITAL:  AREDN-A High Speed Data Network K6AH                           36-40
DOCTOR:   Splicing Coax with PL-258 UHF-Type Barrel Connector       W1ZR 68-69
DOCTOR:   How do Pine Trees change my 40 & 20 M antenna characteristics  69-69
DX:       The Southern California Club Introduces the Doctor DX program  101
ECLECTIC: The Outernet - on APRS contains the word "OUTERNET"     WB8IMY 70-70
ECOMM:    Review: The ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course 85-6
HANDS-ON: Experiment #173 The PC Trace at RF                        N0AX 71-72
HINTS:    GPS Interface for the Icom ID-880H Mobile rig            AG1YK 73-74
HINTS:    Dolloar Dummy Load * Wise Word Connectors * More on Load Bank  75-75
NEW:      RFinder Now Offers Point-and-Click DMR Talkgroups Android DMR  105-5
NEW:      Callsight Illuminated Call Sign Display Radio Haus America ~$50 105-
NEW:      WSPRlite Antenna Testing System from SOTAbeams DXplorer        105-5
NEWS:     Ham Radio gains Two New Bands! WW1ME 472-479 & 135.7-137.8 kHz 82-82
NEWS:     International Crystal Manufacturing going out of business      83-83
OPERATE:  6-Meter Polar Es - An Underutilized Propagation Mode JA1BK     41-42
PUBLICSRV Review: The ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course 85-6
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-891 HF and 6-Meter Transceiver ~$700                  51-56
REVIEW:   Apache Labs PiHPSDR Controller for ANAN SDRs ~$600 downloads   58-62
REVIEW:   Micro-Micro-Node International Nano-AE AllStar Nano-Node $495+ 62-65
REVIEW:   Efactor Dual-Band 144/432 MHz Antenna ~$69                     65-66
REVIEW:   Xuron TK3500 Home Electronics Tool Kit $37, from qsource       66-67
SAFETY:   Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Operator's Home     30-35
June 2017

May 2017
100/50/25 QST Feb Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 106
ANTENNA:  Flying Saucer Resonators for the HF Bands W9UCW                39-40
ARES:     Mini Scaffolding for Mobile Solar Power                   K1CE 85-86
BLOG/WEB: Ham Nation                                                     13-13
CLASSIC:  The National NCX-5 Transceiver KE8RN                           102-3
CW:       Increase Your CW Speed with Wordsworth K1IG                    74-75
DOCTOR:   Connecting the Center pf Yagi Elements to the Boom        W1ZR 60-61
DOCTOR:   144/222 MHz Yagi the 144 is attached to the boom 222 is not?   60-60
DOCTOR:   ESR, Equivalent Series Resistance meters, how do they work?    60-61
DOCTOR:   When does audio frequency become rdio frequency?               61-61
ECOMM:    Mini Scaffolding for Mobile Solar Power                   K1CE 85-86
HANDS-ON: Experiment #172 Wire Characteristics at RF (MFJ-269 used) N0AX 62-63
HINTS:    Generator Cable Pass-Through, Contest Tuning Comfort, +  AG1YK 66-66
HINTS:    Generator Cable Pass-Through KE5HDF                            66-66
HINTS:    Tuning Extension Arm KE5HDF                                    66-67
HINTS:    Coax-Seal Substitute N2DF, Mortite Waether Strip Caulking Cord 67-67
NEW:      openSPOT Digital Radio Gateway from SharkRF ~$240 hamradio.com 34-34
NEW:      AM Radio Log from the Natonal Radio Club                       38-38
OPERATE:  A Portable Full-Duplex Satellite Ground Station N1MDJ          35-38
OPERATE:  WSPR Weekends WB8IMY                                           41-43
OPERATE:  Get in Gear with Portable Operations VE6AB                     71-73
OPERATE:  Field Day 2017: Forms/Scores * Locator * Info-Packet * Rules   93-93
POWER:    Overvoltage Protection a Modern Approach AI2Q & W3NA           32-34
PODCAST:  Valeris Hotzfeld, NV9L co-host Ham Nation                      13-13
PROJECT:  A Low-Pass Filter for HF Operations IK0VVG                     30-31
PUBLICSRV Mini Scaffolding for Mobile Solar Power                   K1CE 85-86
REVIEW:   Elecraft KX2 HF QRP Transceiver 80-10 m, SSB/CW/Digital ~$750  45-50
REVIEW:   LNR Precision MTR-3B QRP CW Transceiver $260 3-Bands 40/30/20  51-54
REVIEW:   Alpha Antenna 10-40 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna ~$300 + stuff  55-56
REVIEW:   Mastrant Antenna Guy Rope and Accessories                      57-58
REVIEW:   FlexRadio's SmartSDR for iOS ~$50 for iPhone etc               58-59
SATS:     A Portable Full-Duplex Satellite Ground Station N1MDJ          35-38
TECH:     Upper or Lower SB, RF Exposure for Loops, & more         AG1YK 64-65
TECH:     LSB/USB Tradition in Amateur Radio *                           64-64
TECH:     RF Exposure Compliance Distances for TX Loops, & Loop Current  64-65
TECH:     Antenna-Trimming Technique *                                   65-65
TECH:     Specifying Capacitor Temperature Coefficients                  65-65
WSPR:     WSPR Weekends WB8IMY                                           41-43
May 2017

April 2017
100/50/25 QST Apr Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 110
ANTENNA:  An Omnidirectional 6-Meter Horizontally Polarized Antenna K4ERO38-41
ARES:     Field Solutions: A Mini Utility Trailer for Your Station  K1CE 90-91
CLASSIC:  The Mosley TA-33 Tribander, a 1950s antenna               N1II 106-7
CW:       2017 Straight Key Night Results                           W8JJ 98-98
DOCTOR:   More on Using a 40-Meter Dipole on 15 Meters              W1ZR 65-66
DOCTOR:   I can't Transmit on the JT65 frequencies used on 60-Meters?    66-66
ECLECTIC: WSJT-X in the Plam of Your Hand                         WB8IMY 71-72
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service                                       K1CE 90-91
ECOMM:    Field Solutions: A Mini Utility Trailer for Your Station  K1CE 90-91
HANDS-ON: Experiment #171 AC Power Distribution                     N0AX 67-68
HINTS:    RIGblaster Interface, Mystery Balun, & Neutral No Longer AG1YK 73-75
HINTS:    Take Advantag of the Data Socate AI4IC *                       73-74
HINTS:    Identifying a Balun W5TA * Power Line Neutral Fault W2DM *     74-75
HINTS:    Storing QSTs KG5AR * More on the Load Bank N5LB                75-75
NEW:      Low Band Preamplifier from Array Solutions * Feedback          80-80
PROJECT:  RF Current Sensor W7SZS                                        34-37
PROJECT:  A Bluetooth Interface for Fldigi W8WKE                         45-47
PROJECT:  A WSPR Transmitter for 30 Meters ZL4SAE                        48-50
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-D74A Analog and D-STAR VHF/UHF Transceiver ~$620    51-58
REVIEW:   Eoncore USB Digital Microscope at amazon ~$66, 4 left 5/10/17  56-58
REVIEW:   Peak Atlas LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter ~$120                 59-61
REVIEW:   Tac-Comm TRC-1 Tactical Radio Carrier ~$60 + parts             61-63
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna 10 W Single-Band Amplifier ~$55 qrpkits        63-64
TECH:     DIY Remote Radio Now WB2REM & K5PA                             30-33
TECH:     Putting You SDR to the Test AA8K                               42-44
TWA50MHz: Amateur Radio Loses a Propagation Pioneer-Pat Dyer/WA5IYX N0JK 101-3
VHF/UHF:  Small Dishes and Digital EME                             W1GHZ 69-70
April 2017

March 2017
100/50/25 QST Feb Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                     W1AB 106
ANTENNA:  Does Your Antenna Need a Choke or Balun? W4RQ& KE4PT           30-32
ANTENNA:  A Homemade Five-Element 222 MHz Beam WB9YBM                    33-34
ANTENNA:  A Tri-Band Antenna without Radials for 2m, 1.25m, & 70cm WB6IQN35-40
ANTENNA:  A Simple Antenna for the Entire 75/80-Meter Band  K7HIL        41-42
ANTENNA:  The Lazy M: A Vertical Antenna for the Low Bands CO8DM         43-44
ANTENNA:  Safety First! Part 3 - Climbing Safety                         45-57
ANTENNA:  A Technical Adventure with Helical Antennas AF7ZT              72-74
ANTENNA:  Beach Ball Antenna Project KD2ESI Heidi's Web site             75-76
CLASSIC:  The Central Electronics Multiphase 20A K2RP                    101-2
DOCTOR:   Making Your Signal Stronger as that DX Location           W1ZR 62-63
DOCTOR:   Is using an Amplifier worthwhile? KB5DON/Don                   62-62
DOCTOR:   Are different antennas needed for digital modes? Dan/N1GJK (No)62-63
ECLECTIC: Yes, You Can Still Hack Your Router WB8IMY                     64-64
ECOMM:    The Ultamate Portable/Mobile Field Station Operating Plat K1CE 86-87
HANDS-ON: Experiment #170 Noise Figure N6AX                              67-68
HINTS:    TH-F6A Programming Adapter, Paiter's Pole Portable Positioner, 65-66
HINTS:    and Non-Neutral Neutral * TH-F6A HT Prgming Adapter: USB-K5D   65-66
HINTS:    TH-F6A HT Prgming Adapter using the USB-K5D cable John/KA9CAR  65-65
HINTS:    Painter's Pole Antenna Deployer Scott/W3MEO                    65-66
HINTS:    More On Confirming Your Coax Paul/KI4MPZ                       65-66
NEW:      Heil Sound PR 77 Microphone                                    42-42
PUBLICSRV The Ultamate Portable/Mobile Field Station Operating Plat K1CE 86-87
PUBLICSRV The Ultamate Portable/Mobile Field Station Operating Platform  86-87
REVIEW:   BridgeCom Systems D-500 70cm DMR & Analog Handheld Transceiver 48-52
REVIEW:   MFJ-269C HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer ~$400                         52-55
REVIEW:   Low Band Systems HF Triplexer and Band-pass Filters DX-Engring 55-58
REVIEW:   Array Solutions RA-S1 Rotator Controller ~$425                 58-60
REVIEW:   Pro'sKit Electronics Master Kit Tool Set ~$243 Amazon          61-61
TECH:     Phase and Zero Beat Indicator and "Mobile" UHF Interference    69-71
March 2017

February 2017
100/50/25 QST Feb Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                          110
ANTENNA:  6-Meter Halo Antenna for DXing, classic Mobile, VE6AB          30-33
CLASSIC:  A Classic First Step: The Collins KWM-1 SSB-CW Transceiver     106-7
DOCTOR:   Some Amateurs Operate Outside of Our Bands, W1ZR               66-67
DOCTOR:   Legal limit Tuner on low power, efficient?                     67-67
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service - SKYWARN Recognition Day 2016        K1CE 95-96
HANDS-ON: Experiment #169, Gas Discharge Tubes-Putting Lid on Lightning  68-69
HINTS:    Weatherproofing a Coax Switch,K3KKH * Resistor Load Bank,N5LB  70-72
HINTS:    A Better Cable Cutter, from Comercial Electric, K4AVU          72-72
INFO:     The Solar Eclipse QSO Party, August 21! N0AX                   82-84
PROJECT:  A Panadapter for your Transceiver or Receiver, WA9PYH          34-38
PROJECT:  A WSPR Receiver for 30 Meters, ZL4SAE                          39-42
PROJECT:  A Resonent Soeaker for CW, K5LN                                43-45
PROJECT:  Consideration for Audio Ascillators, WB9YBM                    46-47
PUBLICSRV ARES/Public Service - SKYWARN Recognition Day 2016        K1CE 95-96
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6500 SDR Transceiver & Updated SW       53-59
REVIEW:   SDRPlay RSP1 Radio Spectrum Processor ~ $150                   59-63
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna Easy TR Switch Kit ~$20 qrpkits                63-64
REVIEW:   Hamcrafters K16 Keyer Kit ~$20                                 64-65
SAFETY:   Gas Discharge Tubes - Putting the Lid on Lightning, N0AX       68-69
TECH:     A Panadapter for your Transceiver or Receiver, WA9PYH          34-38
TECH:     Intro to Twitter, jglifort                                     73-75
February 2017

January 2017
100/50/25 QST January-2017 Issue for: 1917, 1967, & 1992                 108
ANTENNA:  How Long Half-Wave Dipoles Should Be The DOCTOR                70-71
CLASSIC:  The Hallicrafters SR-160, covers ONLY the active bands of time 103-4
DOCTOR:   How Long Half-Wave Dipoles Should Be                           70-71
DOCTOR:   Adjusting Antenna Tuner using RF Ammeter                       70-71
DOCTOR:   PEP Maximum Output Power? * Loops for RF Chokes?               71-71
ECLECTIC: Texting Off the Grid, using "goTenna"                          72-72
ECOMM:    ARES - Writers on the Storm: The After-Action Report      K1CE 93-94
HANDS-ON: Experiment #168, Evaluating Filters                            75-76
HINTS:    Connector Wrap, protecting a splice W8DD                       79-79
HINTS:    Repairing Astron Connector Blocks, bad set screws K1WCC        79-80
HINTS:    Opening Secur Torx Screws KS5KIP * Handheld Holder W3MPG       80-80
HINTS:    Pipe Plug Mobile Mount, Plastic test plug fits cup holder KI7L 80-80
MAKER:    Maker Faire Success for Ham Radio Clubs W6DTW                  81-83
PROJECT:  A Small Lightweight High-Voltage Switch-Mode power Supply N0KC 30-34
PROJECT:  A 222 MHz Transverter for the Yaesu FT-817 - Revisited W1GHZ   35-37
PROJECT:  Squelch Delay Lights, LED Indicators for Signals W6RYO         38-39
PROJECT:  Arduino CW Serial IDer  AA5OY                                  40-43
PROJECT:  Telescoping Motorized Mast and Controller  KD6X                44-49
PROJECT:  Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio  VE7DXW                 50-57
PUBLICSRV Writers on the Storm: The After-Action Report             K1CE 93-94
QEX:      300th Issue, Recreated the 1st issue                           43-43
QEX:      QEX Celebrates 300th Issue                                     84-84
REVIEW:   Elecraft PX3 Panadapter for the KX3 Transceiver AD5X           58-60
REVIEW:   Excelvan M6013 Capacitance Meter N1II Amazon price ~$29        61-62
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna Easy Audio Bandpass Filter Kit                 62-64
REVIEW:   Carson optical Pro Series Magnifying Visor with LED Light ~$28 64-65
REVIEW:   DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Preparation Tools K1RO ~$20       65-67
REVIEW:   HamLog Logging App for iOS N0SSC iTunes ~$1, visit: pignology  68-69
TECH:     IR Thermometer Accuracy N0KC                                   77-78
TECH:     Solar Power Optimization RFI HB9AZO                            78-78
TECH:     Pico-fuse Project Protection KC2LNC                            78-78
VHF/UHF:  Don't Wait for Contests (need more UHF activity!)              73-74
VHF/UHF:  ARRL Repeater Directory now leverages Crowdsourcing Technology 89-89
VHF/UHF:  Routes RFinder * Demo of RFinder * Subscribe to RFinder $10/yr 89-89
VHF/UHF:  Report Radio Jamming * Coordinators Jamming Reports            89-89
VHF/UHF:  The Worl Above 50 MHz: HackRF One, a Liniux SDR 1MHz-6GHz T/RX 99-00
YL:       Geek Girl Makes Good, W1BXY                                    85-86
January 2017

December 2016
100/50/25 QST December-name Issue for: 1916, 1966, & 1991                106
ANTENNA:  Weatherizing Outdoor Inductors and Traps, K5QY                 33-36
BuildIt   A Simple APRS Tracker, F4GOH & his HamProjects site            30-32
BuildIt   A Long-Wave Upconverter, W6HPH                                 37-38
CLASSIC:  The Heathkit AT-1 Novice * Transmitter ~ 30W in 2-tubes  W1ZR  102-3
DOCTOR:   Can I use my 40-Meter Dipole on 15 Meters?                     53-54
DOCTOR:   Why does my S-Meter go up as I turn the gain down?             54-54
ECOMM:    ARES * Field Notes on Solar Power, Reader tips            K1CE 71-72
ELMERING: A "Steadi" Road to Relicensing, young mentor older mentee N3CB 59-61
HANDS-ON: Experiment #Clean Audio Makes for Comfortable Listening        55-56
HINTS:    Easy Homerbrew PTT, WA7BRL * Repairing IF Transformer, K9BF    57-57
HINTS:    Locking Powerpoles. N7CFO * Buried Cable water Wick, WT6C      57-58
HINTS:    Intraoral Camera Magnifier, K6TAR * Mic Clip Fix, K1MTD        58-58
HINTS:    More of J-38, W3HBM                                            58-58
INFO:     Cheers for College Amateur Radio: Sis-boom-bah! NY2RF          09-09
INFO:     Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott, KD9XB - VOA Radiogram Net, JGILFORT    13-13
NEW:      Keyer Cables from Aloha Radio * QRP J-36 Telegraph Key         36-36
NEW:      Easy TR Switch Kit from Pacific Antenna - QRP Kits             36-36
PUBLICSRV . Field Notes on Solar Power, Reader tips                 K1CE 71-72
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTM-3200DR Digital/Analog 2-Meter Transceiver, ~ $200    42-44
REVIEW:   DV4mini Multimode Digital hotspot SW & HW Linux reflect DMR DS 46-48
REVIEW:   Arlan Communications Radiosport RS60CF Headset ~$300 + $79-99  49-49
REVIEW:   Pacific Antenna 40-Meter Easy Receiver Kit - qrpkits ~$25      50-51
REVIEW:   QRPme AM Broadcast Interference Filter Kit  BCI doc            52-52
SAFETY:   Safety First! Part 2 Grounding                                 39-41
TECH:     A Simple APRS Tracker, F4GOH & his HamProjects site            30-32
W1AW:     W1AW Schedule                                                  105
December 2016

November 2016
100/50/25 QST November Issue for: 1916, 1966, & 1991                     108
ANTENNA:  A Multi-band Antenna for Kayaks and Boats KD6JUI               30-32
ANTENNA:  Controlling Unwanted Feed Line Resonance in VHF Vertical K4ERO 33-36
CLASSIC:  .                                                              104-5
CLASSIC:  The Gonset G-66 and G-77 Mobile Receiver and Transmitter KE8RN 104-5
DOCTOR: It's Better to Choke than Dissipate Common-Mode Current          71-71
DOCTOR:   Coax better in PVC or not underground? * Baud vs Bit-Rate      71-72
DOCTOR:   Measure Impedance of open-wire/antenna w coax antenna analyzer 72-72
ECLECTIC: .The Scourge of Ransomware  WB8IMY                             44-44
FEEDBACK: June 2016 "Eclectic Technology" LED DS1 50mA max needs 330Ohm  32-32
HANDS-ON: Experiment #165 Optimizing Placement of Stubs                  73-74
HINTS:    TS-440 Connection Upgrade (to Anderson Power Poles)            75-75
HINTS:    Ladder Line Construction * Bench Helper *                      75-75
HINTS:    Float Supply Fire Danger (Power supply has crow-bar on output) 75-75
NEW:      Low Pass Filter Kit from Pacific Antenna (QRPkits) $15         36-36
QEX:      Articles list, lunar echos * low pass Chebyshev designs *      70-70
QEX:      grayline propagation investigation * ionosphere ionization     70-70
QEX:      L-network matching * long path echoes *                        70-70
REVIEW:   Elecraft K3S HF and 6 Meter Transeiver, ~ $2900 - $4100        45-51
REVIEW:   BridgeCom Systems BCM-220 222 MHz FM Transceiver ~$240-290     52-54
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems Maestro Control Console  ~$1200              54-58
REVIEW:   KN2C DDF2020T Radio Direction Finder ~$400 w GPS, $350 w/o GPS 59-62
REVIEW:   Siglent Technologies SSA3021X Spectrum Analyzer+ 2.1GHz ~$1600 63-66
REVIEW:   QRP Labs Ultimate 3S Multimode Beacon Transmitter Kit ~$90 all 66-69
REVIEW:   PackTenna Mini End-Fed Wire Antennas - Contact: Support ~$90   69-70
SAFETY:   Safety First! Part 1 Station Power. (From 2017 Handbook).      39-43
SOFTWARE: Online Log Upload for ARRL Contests     N0AX                   82-83
TECH:     Frequency Measuring Test November 2016 2000L-EDT 11/02         95-95
November 2016

October 2016
100/50/25 QST October Issue for: 1916, 1966, & 1991                      108
ANTENNA:  Near Fields of a Mobile Mounted 2 Meter Antenna  KI6BDR        33-35
ANTENNA:  Omnidirectional Microwave Antennas, W1GHZ Slot Ant Spreadsheet 56-57
CLASSIC:  What is Classic Radio? Exploring how a radio becomes a classic 104-5
DOCTOR:   CB Antenna for 10m Spring adds length * PSK interferes wid SSB 54-55
DOCTOR:   HF Linear Amp, how get it in operation? Prob Tube Amp tune it! 55-55
ECLECTIC: Battery Technology & the Pitfalls of "Conventional Wisdom"     60-60
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service: CERT Comms - Voices From the Field   K1CE 91-92
HANDS-ON: Experiment #165: Propagation Prediction beacons VOACAP predict 58-59
HINTS:    Improve Your Ameritron, Cub & L-4B Tuning * Build Coax Checker 64-65
HINTS:    Ameritron Modification: add 2 20-turn pots better tuning W7WOO 63-64
HINTS:    Confirming Your Coax - Build a coax checker  KC7O              64-65
HINTS:    MFJ Cub Tuning Upgrade (10-turn pot) KM7Q                      65-65
HINTS:    Drake L-4B Precision Tuning Scale, use plastic protractor W3EX 65-65
NEW:      Digital Rotator Controller from Array Solutions RA-S1: $425    35
NEW:      Sienna XL Transceiver Kit from The DZ Company  $2995 - $5345   35
NEW:      Audio Filter Modules from SOTABEAMS var exchange rate so ~$58  37-37
OPERATE:  The Reverse Beacon Network  N4ZR and N0AX                      30-32
PROJECT:  Build the Infinite Looper, replay on-air audio  WM6H           36-37
PROJECT:  A Wide Range Audio Oscillator  N1II                            42-43
PUBLICSRV CERT Comms - Voices From the Field - K1CE                      91-92
REVIEW:   Expert Electronics SunSDR2 Pro HF/VHF SD Transceiver ~$2100    44-49
REVIEW:   SSB Electronic SP-200 and SP-70 RX-preAmplifiers 2m 70cm  $?   49-51
REVIEW:   Alinco DR-735T VHF/UHF FM Transceiver ~$370 Distributor        51-53
TECH:     Safe Mobile Mounting * Diode Voltage Drops * Batt Pwr Demand   61-62
October 2016

September 2016
100/50/25 QST September Issue for: 1916, 1966, & 1991                    107
ANTENNA:  Activate Your Loop Receiving Antenna  DK6ED                    36-38
APPS:     Keeping an Eye on APRS Telemetry, software &  TW Group  NA6BR  30-31
ARES:     Cascadia Rising 2016: Pacific NW Amateurs Called to Serve KX7YT65-68
ARES:     Reviving Your ARES Training Net WB4ZKA                         71-73
ARES:     2016 Simulated Emergency Test WV1X                             78-78
DOCTOR:   Best Coax for Frugal Engineer? * How 1/4-wave matching work?   56-57
ECLECTIC:When a Signal is Barely a "WSPR"  WB8IMY                        60-60
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE:                            83-85
ECOMM:    Cascadia Rising 2016: Pacific NW Amateurs Called to Serve KX7YT65-68
ECOMM:    Reviving Your ARES Training Net WB4ZKA                         71-73
ECOMM:    2016 Simulated Emergency Test WV1X                             78-78
ECOMM:    Power to the Public Service Operator - Part 3 K1CE             83-85
HANDS-ON: Experiment #164 Dividers (Voltage, Current)                    58-59
INFO:     Facebook Basics  Jen Gilfort - JGILFORT                        74-76
LONGWAVE: A Simple Low-Power Transverter for 472 - 479 kHz  G3XBM        32-35
NEW:      DV4mini USB Hotspot supports D-STAR, C4FM, DMR, dPMR & P25     45-45
PROJECT:  Arduino CW Trainer  N4TL                                       39-41
PROJECT:  Web-Controlled Receiver Antenna Switch  KE2ZT                  42-45
PUBLICSRV Power to the Public Service Operator - Part 3 K1CE             83-85
QEX:      microwave assemblies, printed horn antennas, crystal test      45-45
QEX:      oscillators, low freq receiving antennas, & RF filters         45-45
REVIEW:   BridgeCom Systems BCH-220 222 MHz Handheld FM Transceiver  $85 46-48
REVIEW:   Comet CAA-500MarkII Antenna Analyzer - list: $449.00           49-51
REVIEW:   DX Connection QSK 2500 High-Power External QSK Switch $375?    52-55
TECH:     Simpler Solar * SDR Receiver Upgrades * MFJ Tuner Feedback AG1 61-62
September 2016

August 2016
100/50/25 QST August Issue for: 1916, 1966, & 1991                       101
ANTENNA:  Antenna Analyzers - The Basics, W1ZR                           32-34
ANTENNA:  A Stealthy Quad Vertical Antenna K3KKH                         37-40
ARRL:     ARRL, Community Associations Institute Find Common Ground      76-79
DOCTOR:   High Dynamic range is Good for You - Explain it & intercept pt 51-52
DOCTOR:   How do I start an SSB 40m Net? * Digital Modes & the ALC Meter 52-52
DX:       3C7A - Equatorial Guinea, getting on the air w high security   95-96
ECLECTIC: The Flavors of PSK                                             53-53
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE: Get With the Program K1CE  81-82
HAMSCI:   HAMSCI: Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation N0AX           68-71
HANDS-ON: Experiment #163  E- and H-Field Probes                         54-55
HINTS:    Mobile Hook Mount, VA3DDN * Fitting Ferrite Beads K9DJT        56-57
HINTS:    Two-Range AC Power Supply K2AOP * Moldable Mount WT4K          57-58
HINTS:    Silver Tape Inductor W9JEF * More on PVC - UV sensitive -paint 58-58
INFO:     Kickstart your Group with aClub Contesting N3FJP               61-63
NEW:      Portable Torsion Bar Key from W1SFR  $175                      34-34
NEW:      Low-Power End-Fed Half-Wave Tuner Kit from SOTABEAMS  ~$9      40-40
NEW:      Siglent SSA3000X Series Spectrum Analysers ~ $1595             50-50
NEW:      New at Hamvention: IC-7300, * DPM6000 * KX2 * Sienna XL etc    74-75
OPERATE:  National Parks on the Air - August 2016                        67-67
PROJECT:  Convert an Aviation Headset for Amateur Radio Use KB3VZL       35-36
PUBLICSRV ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE: Get With the Program K1CE  81-82
QRM:      Wind Profilers: Our VHF/UHF Neighbors NA4CW                    64-66
REVIEW:   Icom IC-7300 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver ~$1500                 41-47
REVIEW:   JYE Tech Ltd Capacitance Meter DIY Kit ~$10 buy from sparkfun  47-49
REVIEW:   MyAntennas OCF-4010E-3K Off-Center Fed Dipole Antenna ~$140    49-50
RFI:      A Tale of Two Air Conditioners, W0GXA                          30-31
RFI:      Wind Profilers: Our VHF/UHF Neighbors NA4CW                    64-66
TEACHING: Antenna Analyzers - The Basics, W1ZR                           32-34
TECH:     Antenna Analyzers - The Basics, W1ZR                           32-34
TECH:     Wind Profilers: Our VHF/UHF Neighbors NA4CW                    64-66
VHF/UHF:  Wind Profilers: Our VHF/UHF Neighbors NA4CW                    64-66
VHF/UHF:  Worst Sporadic E Season Ever? N0JK                             97-99
August 2016

July 2016
100:      1916: An Induction Excitation Transmitter                      106
50/25:    50: W1CER transistor 6-m TX * Intro to Digital Signal Process  106
ARRL:     Centennial QSO Party QSL Cards                                 74-75
CLASSIC:  The Lysco Model 600 K2RP (Transmitter of its time)             101-2
DOCTOR:   Making COM Ports Communicate * 5/8 Moble, Something shorter?   53-54
ECLECTIC: VOA Radiogram                                                  42-42
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE: Online Resources, Training 82-83
ECOMM:    2015 Simulated Emergency Test Results WV1X                     70-71
HANDS-ON: Experiment #162 - Oscilloscope Triggering and RF  N0AX         55-56
HINTS:    Patriotic Tower, QSL Replies, and Remembering Your Memories *  62-63
HINTS:    Flying the Flag * Postage Sticker * Rotate Your J-38 *         62-63
HINTS:    Remembering Repeaters * Hocky Puck Rig Raise                   63-63
PROJECT:  The ZZRX-40 Direct Conversion 40 Meter Receiver AA0ZZ          34-37
PROJECT:  Auditory Gimmicks and Testers for the Blind WA6NPC             38-41
PUBLICSRV Online Resources, Training, and Services for the Public Srv Op 82-83
QEX:      July/August * PLL, Beverage Antennas, RF Filters, Coax         37-37
REVIEW:   Icom IC-7851 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver ~$13k                  43-49
REVIEW:   SPE Expert 1.3K-FA Solid-State Linear Amplifier ~$3.8k-$5k     50-52
TECH:     A Cabinet for the DS0138 Digital Oscilloscope * Wall Wart Batt 57-58
TECH:     Wall Wart Battery Backup Improvements (01/16p49 by N1II) * Pr  58-59
TECH:     Protoboard Battery Safety (This is GOOD!) WA6IVG               59-59
VE:       Extra Pool Update and Maintaning VE Accreditation              103
VHF/UHF:  Microwave Impedance Matching W1GHZ                             60-61
W1AW      Schedule                                                       99-99
July 2016

June 2016
100:      Bigger Antennas, QST $0.10 price, RadioRelay Bulletin, etc     106
50:       66: Field Day Cover * Build SSB Transmitter * Pres Hoover W6ZH 106
25:       91: Field Day Cover * - Min Power Problems * Builf HF VFO W1FB 106
ANTENNA:  Verticals on the Beach - Some Modeling Results KZ1W            32-34
ANTENNA:  The Case of Declining Beverage-on-Ground Ant Performance N6LF  38-41
ANTENNA:  If You Can Hang a Full-Size Vert Loop, Then Hang a Dipole KM2KM45-46
ANTENNA:  HF Portable in Your Own Back Yard WB8IMY                       47-47
ARRL:     A Rainbow of Badges, AG1YK                                     79-79
ARRL:     A New Era begins at ARRL Headquarters, WW1ME New CEO NY2RF     80-80
ARRL:     ARRL Review & Improve OO Program * SBE Urges FCC to Improve    80-81
ARRL:     SBE Urges FCC to Improve Medium-Wave Noise Environment         80-81
ARRL:     ARRL MF Experiment Coordinator Sees Ongoing Research Role      81-81
ARRL:     Jamboree * Awards * Silent Keys * Summer Olympics              82-83
ARRL:     Commenorative ARISS Slow-Scan TV Transmission a Success        83-83
DOCTOR:   Every Part of an Antenna Can Count * Compute AHr I need? W8CRO 63-64
DOCTOR:   Isotropic Antenna vs Dipole gain? W2BFJ.                       64-64
ECLECTIC: A Digital Interface in Time for Field Day WB8IMY see: g4ilo.com67-67
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE: Inside Madison County EOC  84-85
ECOMM:    Madison County EOC The Inside Story, rural EOC small dedicated 84-85
FIELDDAY: June: 25-26, Field Day with Limited Space, W4MC                73-74
HANDS-ON: Experiment #161 Transistor Subtleties N0AX Miller Effect       65-66
HINTS:    Installing Antenna Ropes with a Fiberglass Mast, W1VT          68-69
HINTS:    Two Meter Mag-Mount Ground Plane, KB3VZL                       69-70
HINTS:    Matching Aluminum Tubing to PVC Fittings, W6NBC                70-70
HINTS:    Copper Wire Tie-DownN0TW * Cell Phone Safety Belt, AC6SL     70-70
HINTS:    Project Box Covering, EI8FH                                    70-70
HISTORY:  The Evolution of the ARRL Traffic System, 1914 - Present       101-2
NEW:      Bridgecom Systems, BCH-220 1.25 Meter Handheld 5/2W $85        31-31
NEW:      Station Automation Products from 403A, force12                 31-31
NEW:      Lightweight Baluns from SOTABEAMS, Pico Balun                  41-41
NEW:      DXtreme reception Log X Software                               41-41
NEW:      Wi-Fi Antenna Antenna Switch from SnapTekk Technologies $40    49-49
OPERATE:  Tuning Up Your Station W1ZR (on the air but make it better)    50-52
OPERATE:  US Amateur Radio Bands - Effective Date March 5, 2012          62-62
OPERATE:  National Parks on the Air - June 2016, KX9X                    75-76
PODCAST:  Podcasts (How to find, stream, download, & listen...) JGLIFORT 77-78
PROJECT:  Build This Counterpoise Tuner AB0VI                            30-31
PROJECT:  The Courteous Timer for Repeater ID WB9YBM                     48-49
PROJECT:  A Digital Interface in Time for Field Day WB8IMY see: g4ilo.com67-67
PUBLICSRV Madison County EOC The Inside Story, rural EOC small dedicated 84-85
REVIEW:   MFJ-5008 Ultrasonic Receiver, ~$180                            53-56
REVIEW:   LabNation SmartScope Model A14 ~$230 ~10MHz tequipment circuit 56-57
REVIEW:   MFJ-845 SWR/Wattmeter $100    * QSK 11c TP-1 Touch Paddle $159 58-60
REVIEW:   Leo Bodnar Electronics GPS-Disciplined Oscillator $227/$271    60-61
TECH:     Radio Frequency Measurements with a Digital Oscilloscope WA2BVK42-46
June 2016

May 2016
100:      1916: New Cover * The Audion Detector * Naval Radio Service    98-98
50/25:    '66: W1CER's Varimatcher swr bridge * '91: EME Dish of SM2CEW  98-98
ANTENNA:  A Field-Portable Multi-Band Rotatable Dipole Antenna, N1KDO    30-32
ANTENNA:  A Ham gentelman's VHF/UHF Walking Stick Antenna, W6NBC , W6ND  33-35
ANTENNA:  A Lightweight Rotary Dipole for 40 Meters, K8CIT               40-41
ANTENNA:  Another Look at the Full-Wave HF Loop Antenna, W1ZR            42-45
ANTENNA:  Improved Antenna Matching and Direct Frequency Dongle, AG1YK   61-62
ARRL:     A Final Word, K1ZZ (David Retires & give us a parting shot)    09-09
CLASSIC:  A Hallicrafters Novice Station: The HT-40 and SX-140 WB1GCM    93-94
DOCTOR:   Simple Wire Antenna for 30, 17, & 12m? * Measuring PEP         57-58
DOCTOR:   Coax to window line to loop antenna questions                  58-58
DX:       What Time Is It? W3UR                                          87-88
ECLECTIC: Can Your Hear Me Now?K8YSE EIDX Network Satellite site         46-46
ECLECTIC: JTMSK: Software Suite K2MO JTMSK comm youtube video w VE1SKY   46-46
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE:                            77-78
ECOMM:    AUXCOMM-Intense Training for Incident Communications K1CE      77-78
FEEDBACK: March 2016 pgs 37-38, 2m Antenna from TV Sat Dish, Figure 5 prob -62
FEEDBACK: Feb 2016 pg 30-6, Understanding Con Envelope SSB mislabeled axis -62
FEEDBACK: Mar 2016 p 64, Figs 4 & 9 is 12V in Quick Coax Checker N5RPZ   62-62
HANDS-ON: Experiment #160 Transistors at High Frequencies                59-60
HINTS:    Sound Detector K8CMD * Anchoring Tape Measure Elements WB8SVS  63-63
HINTS:    Stand-up Radio (HT) N1YPS * Mic Cord Protector DU1EV           63-64
HINTS:    Lever Nuts K1APJ * Where Am I At? W2BEE * Surface Saver VA3DDN 64-64
LETTERS:  QST on Talking Books, loc * Straight Key Century Club, skcc    24-24
MEMBER:   Jerry Clement, VE6AB, by jglifort                              13-13
MOBILE:   Parachute Mobile: In the Air, On the Air - Jen Glifort         69-71
NEW:      Ground Braid from ABR Industries Start: $7 1.5, 3, 5, & 10' OR 39-39
NEW:      Dual Time Zone App for the Pebble Smartwatch                   39-39
NEW:      Custom cable Builder from DX Engineering                       41-41
NEW:      RFinder Now Includes Coverage Maps, CloudRF  subscribe         45-45
NEW:      Fused DC Distribution Panel from SOTABEAMS ~$28kit/$43+Box/$67 60-60
PUBLICSRV AUXCOMM-Intense Training for Incident Communications K1CE      77-78
REVIEW:   ELAD FDM-DUO SDR HF and 6 Meter Transceiver ~$1300, QRP        47-52
REVIEW:   Aerial-51 Model 404-UL Asymmetrical Inverted V Antenna ~$125+  52-53
REVIEW:   Emtech ZM-2 Z-Match Low Power Antenna Tunner ~$65/$90 Kit/Built54-55
REVIEW:   SOTABEAMS Band Hopper 2, 3, or 4 Dipole, ~$73 + $60/Mast+ $13  55-56
VHF/UHF:  Portable Operation in the Great Outdoors N0JK                  89-91
May 2016

April 2016
100:      1916: Unlicensed Amateurs urged to get their licenses          104
50/25:    '66 ARRL Convemntion, Invisable Tower / Connectors, ESD damage 104
ANTENNA:  Ground Influence on Antenna Patterns, KE4PT                    41-42
ANTENNA:  Antenna Modeling - What's it All About? W1ZR                   43-45
ANTENNA:  Artful Antennas, Sheila Clarke, KI4WKY                         74-75
BOOK:     The Radio Boys and Girls, McFarland ISBN 978-1-4766-6354-8 $40 47-47
DOCTOR:   How to Choose - Pi or T? * Antenna Modeling Free space vs real 59-60
ECLECTIC: Rasberry Pi 2: Maximum Processing Power for Minimum Dollars    48-48
ECOMM:    ARES/Public Service/PUBLICSRV/K1CE: Getting Started with CERT  84-85
EVENT:    Snapsshots from HamCation 2016 Florida                         79-80
HANDS-ON: Experiment #159, More L Network Design, N0AX                   61-62
HINTS:    The KX3 Grows Legs W6JHB * Homebrew USB Hub KM4BLG             65-66
HINTS:    Radial reel W3MEO                                              66-66
HISTORY:  The Radios that Started and Ended WWII in the Pacific, AH6CY   70-72
HISTORY:  The B&W 6100 - unique transmitter design, K2RP                 99-00
IN ONE:   CW Tone Detector, N1II                                         46-47
PROJECT:  PICAXE-Based Timer, KT4WX, Darrell Davis                       30-32
PROJECT:  The PropKeyer IV - A Multimode CW Keyer, K1QW                  38-40
PROJECT:  Makerspaces, get into a group for microwaves etc  W1GHZ        63-64
PROJECT:  Artful Antennas, Sheila Clarke, KI4WKY                         74-75
PUBLICSRV Getting Started with CERT, K1CE                                84-85
REVIEW:   HobbyPCB RS-UV3 Radio Shield (for Arduino), K1RO               49-51
REVIEW:   RM Italy HLA 305V 160-10 Meter Amplifier, $700, WB1GCM         51-54
REVIEW:   Siglent SDS1102X Oscilloscope - 100 MHz, $500 - N1II           54-57
REVIEW:   Seek Compact Thermal Imager ~$250 connects to smartphone       58-58
SOLARPWR: Can Home Solar Power and Ham Radio Coexist? K1KP, Tony Brock   33-37
April 2016

March 2016
100/75:   1916: Radio Communication by Amateurs * 1966 Varactor Multipli 99-99
50/25:    1991 Log-periodic dipole array cover photo * Plane Crash & 2m  99-99
ANTENNA:  A Shortened 60 Meter Dipole That Also Covers 15 Meters, LA8OKA 30-32
ANTENNA:  Four-Band UHF Contest Antenna, KI5WL                           33-36
ANTENNA:  An Efficient 2 Meter Antenna Disguised as a TV Satellite Dish  37-38
ANTENNA:  A Compact Multiband Dipole, W1VT                               45-46
ARRL:     Changes, New President, New CEO, ect.                          09-09
ARRL:     Inside HQ: Special Event Stations                              13-13
CLASSIC:  The Gonset G-76, K9OCO a unique radio with innovative pedigree 94-95
DOCTOR:   Steel Wire for Radials? KF0SY * Top-Fed Wire Vertical? K1RF    57-58
DOCTOR:   Update: Protecting Transceiver's Outputs Linear Amp short KD1I 58-58
ECLECTIC: Listening for EPIRBs (Emergency Position-Indicating Rescue     61-61
ECLECTIC: Beacons) - EPIRBs EPIRB PLOTTER                                61-61
FEEDBACK: Typos, Figure 4, "Antenna Gain Part III" QST Jan 2016 pp 45-48 46-46
FEEDBACK: Formula, "Microwavelengths"  QST Oct 2015, pp 57               46-46
FEEDBACK: Typos, "All-Mode 1kHz to 1.f GHz SDR Receiver" QST Jan 2016p30 46-46
FEEDBACK: Drawing, "Battery Backup for Your Wall Wart" QST Jan 2016 p49  46-46
FEEDBACK: 741 OpAmp Pins 1 & 2, "Battery Backup Wall Wart" QST 01/16p49  46-46
FEEDBACK: Fig 1, "Desk Microphone Power-On & PTT Indicator" QST 01/16p43 46-46
HANDS-ON: Experiment #158 Test Sets, Dummy Load, RF Analyzer, It Worked? 59-60
HINTS:    Tuner inside plastic rock K8JHR * Coax Checker N5RPZ           64-65
HINTS:    Keyboard Feet KD0HKD  *  Lead-free solder N3TTE                65-65
HISTORY:  The Irish Hurdy Gurdy Vintage Radio Museum, W5ZAX - film       69-70
MICROS:   Arduino: A Modular 40 Meter CW Transceiver with VFO, W8TEE, +  39-44
NEW:      Spyverter Extended Range Frequency Converter VLF-LF-MF-HF      68-68
PROJECT:  A Modular 40 Meter CW Transceiver with VFO, W8TEE  K2ZIA  W6DQ 39-44
PUBLICSRV Education - The Foundation of Preperation - FEMA * Auxcomm     81-82
REVIEW:   Alinco DR-B185HT VHF FM Mobile Transceiver 5/85W ~$???         47-49
REVIEW:   M2 LEO-Pack Satellite Antenna System ~$600                     60-61
REVIEW:   MyAntennas End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 80 - 10 Meters $150   52-53
REVIEW:   RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM 0.1-230 MHz Antenna and Cable Analyzer   54-56
TEACHING: ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology                 73-73
TECH:     Measurement techniques, Capacitances ~20mfd, Internal R, Tuner 62-63
March 2016

February 2016
100/75:   1916 Plain Cover Record of long distance reception             105
50/25:    1966 Stack of Log Sheets * 1991 Astronaut in Orbit             105
CLASSIC:  A Hot Water Revival (HW101MM years in the making) WU0L         100-1
DOCTOR:   Loop for 160 Meters, Warm Balun Concern, W1RZ                  62-63
ECLECTIC: HF ARPS with Robust Packet Radio, WB8IMY                       64-64
ECOMM:    ARES, Public Service (PUBLICSRV:) Power for ALL (Anderson) K1CE90-91
ECOMM:    Power for ALL (Anderson Powerpoles), K1CE                      90-91
HANDS-ON: Experiment #157, Matching Network - Design and Build, N0AX     65-66
HINTS:    Rewindable Radial Idea WA7JII * Phone Patch Revisited KA6GSE   68-69
HINTS:    Powerpole Crimping Problem N2DF * Aluminum Tubing Source AF7W  69-69
HINTS:    Powerpole Fuse Holder N1RFK                                    69-69
IN ONE:   Software Oscilloscopes, N1II                                   47-48
OP ED:    Ham Radio - New Century, New Skills, W2IY                      102
PUBLICSRV Power for ALL (Anderson Powerpoles), K1CE                      90-91
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTM-100DR and FT2DR Dual-Band Transceivers, K1RO         49-53
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT2DR Handheld Transceiver, W1BXY                        53-55
REVIEW:   Signal Hound USB-SA44B 4.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and    AD5X   55-60
REVIEW:   Signal Hound USB-TG44A Tracking Generator, AD5X                55-60
REVIEW:   RT Systems radio Programming Software Kit  RFinder  RadioRef   60-61
TECH:     Understanding Controlled Envelope Single Sideband, W9GR        30-36
TECH:     Radio Wave Propagation: how Waves Attenuate with Distance KE4PT37-40
TECH:     Meter Bands and Megahertz - Wht We Use Both, K4ERO             41-42
TECH:     An Introduction to Coaxial Cable for RF Applications, W1ZR     43-46
February 2016

January 2016
100/:     1916 * List of Stations Book * Oscillating Audion              -102
50/25:    1966 * W1AW's transmitter panel * 1991 * 20 m station on rocks -102
ANTENNA:  Amntenna Gain Part III: How Much Signal Gets Received? W1ZR    45-48
BOOK:     Radio Frequency Interference Pocket Guide $20                  48-48
DOCTOR:   Splicing Window Line * Multi-Band Verticals No Radials *       65-66
DOCTOR:   20 m Dipole add wire for 40 m, doesn't work on 20 m now, why?  66-66
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:) VOAD                        84-84
ECOMM:    VOAD-Another Way to Serve, National Volutntary Organizations   84-84
ECOMM:    VOAD - Volutntary Organizations Active in Disaster             84-84
ECOMM:    Basic Public Service Operating - AndersonPower, Wire Antennas  84-85
HANDS-ON: Experiment #156 Designing a Broadcast-Reject Filter, N0AX      69-70
HINTS:    Heil Headset Adapter for Icom-7100 * EnergyBar Booster LiFePO4 74-75
HINTS:    Magnetic Fan Control * Storing Battery Back * Coax Cutter      75-75
HISTORY:  When Shortwave Was the Gateway (to amateur radio) WB8IMY       97-98
NEW:      Alpha S9 vertical Antenna                                      37-37
NEW:      Headset for Handheld Transceivers from Heil Sound              41-41
NEWS:     Radiocomm Conference Approves Global 60 Meter Allocation WW1ME 80-80
OPERATE:  Using Unmodified Command Set ARC-5 Radios on d Ham Bands K4ERO 38-41
OPERATE:  You, Too, Can Work 630 Meters, WD8DAS                          76-78
PROJECT:  All-Mode 1 kHz to 1.7 GHz SDR Receiver, WA3TFS                 30-34
PROJECT:  A 3D Printed Key for Straight Key Night, W2MDW                 34-37
PROJECT:  The Double-Nickle QRP Key, K5RCR                               42-42
PROJECT:  Desk Microphone Power-On and PTT Indicators, VA3DDN            43-44
PROJECT:  Battery Backup For Your Wall Wart, N1II                        49-50
PUBLICSRV VOAD-Another Way to Serve, National Volutntary Organizations   84-84
PUBLICSRV VOAD - Volutntary Organizations Active in Disaster             84-84
PUBLICSRV Basic Public Service Operating - AndersonPower, Wire Antennas  84-85
REVIEW:   Ameritron ALS-ALS-1306 HF and 6 Meter Power Amplifier          55-58
REVIEW:   MFJ-939I Automatic Antenna Tuner                               58-60
REVIEW:   Rowetel SM1000 FreeDV Adapter by aliexpress                    60-62
REVIEW:   JYE Tech Ltd DSO138 DIY Oscilloscope Kit at accudiy            62-64
TECH:     About SSB, N0AX                                                51-54
TECH:     A Feedback Primer, W1GHZ                                       67-68
TECH:     Accurate Time with WSJT-X, KE4PT                               72-72
TECH:     Power to the Public Service Op - an update by WB4SON           72-73
TECH:     Putting up a low hanging 75/80 Meter Dipole, KD6SF             73-73
TIPS:     Essential Ham Tools - The Nibbler, WB8IMY                      50-50
VHF/UHF:  A Feedback Primer, W1GHZ                                       67-68
January 2016
Done in one, 49-

December 2015
100/75:   Dec 1915 First Issue Ever * Dec 1940 Rotary Spark pag at work  102
50/25:    1965 Looking back at 50 Years * 1990 Looking at 75 yreas       102
ANTENNA:  Orthogonal Loops - A Medium Wavelength Receiving Antenna KI5FJ 30-32
ANTENNA:  Antenna Gain, Part II: How Do We Get real Antenna Gain?, W1ZR  33-36
DOCTOR:   Help your Transceiver Survive a Short in your Amplifier        49-49
DOCTOR:   Will Grounding my Equipment one a strip casue Ground Loops?    49-50
DOCTOR:   Contesting Contact Numbers, where do I get one?                50-50
ECLECTIC: AllStar Link with a Raspberry Pi 2 * Eye Candy at Public Event 51-51
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:)                             67-68
ECOMM:    Getting Started in Public Service - Part 1, K1CE               67-68
FUTURE:   The Past, Present, and Future of the Elser-Mathes Cup (Mars)   59-60
HANDS-ON: Experiment # 155 - Negative-Voltage Circuits                   52-53
HINTS:    Coiled Cord Cable Control * RJ45 Mic Extension *               54-54
HINTS:    Cutting Epoxy-glass PCBs * Quick Solder Gun Tip *              54-55
HINTS:    Supporting Balanced Window Line * More on Furnace RFI          55-55
HINTS:    Indicator Lamps Help with Remote Troubleshooting               55-55
HISTORY:  The Past, Present, and Future of the Elser-Mathes Cup (Mars)   59-60
NEW:      Alpha Delta Model TLM Tower Leg Grounding Mount ~$70           36-36
PUBLICSRV Getting Started in Public Service - Part 1, K1CE               67-68
QST 100:  Dec 1915: Pictured Electro-Magnetic Waves                      37-38
QST 100   A Century of QST, AG1YK                                        61-63
REVIEW:   MFJ-226 Graphical Antenna Impedance Analyzer, AD5X             39-42
REVIEW:   SSB-Electronic MHP-200 & MHP-70 VHF/UHF Preamps & DCW-2004B ...43-44
REVIEW:   DX-Engineering DXE-RG-5000 & DXE-RG-5000HD Receiver Guards     45-47
REVIEW:   Down East Microwave 2MLDPA75 2 Meter Amplifier                 47-48
TECH:     Dec 1915: Pictured Electro-Magnetic Waves                      37-38
VINTAGE:  The Conar Twins, rigs from the mid 1960s                       96-97
December 2015

November 2015
75/50/25: W1JEP 2.5m Osc'40/W1CER helical beam ant'65/N6TU's Field Day'90 84-84
ANTENNA: Antenna Gain, Part 1, What do the Numbers Really Mean? W1ZR      42-44
APRS:    Staying on Course with Pascket Trackers, AK4FA                  79-81
DOCTOR:  What to Do if You Don't Live on a Flat Earth, Antenna/hills W1ZR 69-70
DOCTOR:  6 & 2 Meter quad & double shielded coax and choke banun, W1ZR    70-70
DOCTOR:  "Full Quieting" defined (I don't think W1ZR answered this)       70-70
HANDS:   Experiment #154, Power Factor and Phase Angle, N0AX              72-73
HINTS:   Filament Rejuvenation * Make a Tuning Knob Dimple                77-78
HINTS:   Antenna Mount Drilling Holes * High Power Sunds an Alarm RFI     78-78
HINTS:   Torx Screws with Center Pin Removal                              78-78
HISTORY: Ross Hull, Amateur Radio Innovator, K4XAR                        82-83
NEW:     bhi Compact In-Line Noise Cancelling Module                      44-44
NEW:     HobbyPCB RS-UV3 VHF/UHF Radio Module, hobbypcb, $90              68-68
NEW:     Ladder Snap Open Wire Feed Line Insulators from 73cnc.com        68-68
PROJECT: The Digital Fist Recorder, N2HTT                                 38-41
QST 100: Editorials DE American Radio relay League, Nov 1919              84-84
REVIEW:  Yaesu FT-991 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, $1550                       45-51
REVIEW:  Icom IC-2730A Dual-Band FM Transceiver, $340                     51-54
REVIEW:  LNR Precision LD-5 QRP Transceiver, $575                         54-57
REVIEW:  Elecraft KSYN3A Synthesizer Upgrade for the K3 HF/VHF TXRX, $220 58-59
REVIEW:  M2 6M-1K2 High-Power 6 Meter Amplifier, $2699/$3299              60-62
REVIEW:  SARK-110 Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer, $389                 62-65
REVIEW:  SCS Tracker/DSP TNC for HF APRS, $350  in US: farallon or white  66-68
TECH:    Introduction to the Arduino Microcontroller, KW5GP               30-32
TECH:    High-Speed Wireless Networking in the UHF & Microwave Bands W2LNX33-37
TECH:    The WristRig, WB8IMY                                             71-71
TECH:    ARRL Laboratory Handheld Transceiver Testing, WR1B               74-76
TIPS:    HF Digital and Audio Overdrive, WB8IMY                           102
VINTAGE:  The Cosmophones, K9OCO                                          100-1

October 2015
100 YRS:  The Making of an Amateur Packet-Radio Network, K8MMO, W4RI     42-44
75/50/25: 1940, Amateur Television Camera * 1965 Photos ARRL DX Contest   -104
75/50/25: 1990, Photo 3Y5X Team Bouvet DXpedition                         -104
ANTENNA:  "Rotating Antennas" without Moving Parts, WB8IMY               59-59
ARRL:     The Value of ARRL Membership                                   76-79
BOOK:     Electronics from the Ground Up - Learn by Hacking, KI6AZB      35-35
BOOK:     The CW Geek's Guide to Having Fun with Morse Code, KB6NU       35-35
CHART:    US Amateur Radio Bands, Effective on March 5, 2012             75-75
DMR:      Intorduction to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), W2XAB              30-34
DOCTOR:   Ways To Shorten an Antenna, KD6SF                              55-56
DOCTOR:   Fifth Wheel RV Antenna Mounting, W1JD - backrack               56-56
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:)                             87-88
ECOMM:    Power to the Public Service Operator - Part 2, K1CE            87-88
FEEDBACK: WA3TFS Audio Patch Filter resistor location update QST Aug 2015  -41
FEEDBACK: Repair and Restore your Mosley beam, K5QY QST July 2015 website  -41
HANDS-ON: Experiment #153 Learn by Fixing, N0AX                          60-61
HINTS:    Wireless Remote Antenna Switch, VA3DDN                         62-63
HINTS:    HW-100 Dial Indicator Repair, KC2REN * TO-3 Top Hat, W0PPF     63-64
HINTS:    Button Battery Testing, W3GIS * Mobile HF Power RFI, W0LTL     64-64
HINTS:    Bungee That Mast, KD6SF                                        64-64
IN ONE:   One Switch Does it All, N1II Multiple devices on One Switch    40-41
NEW:      Crimp Tools for LMR-500 & LMR-600 - Times Microwave Systems    39-39
NEW:      KF7P Metalwerks Pully Block, KF7P * QRP Dummy Load frm SOTAbeams -41
QST 100:  The Making of an Amateur Packet-Radio Network, K8MMO, W4RI     42-44
REVIEW:   Apache Labs ANAN-100D SDR HF/6 Meter Transeiver, AA6E ALSupport45-52
REVIEW:   MFJ-2910 80/160 Meter matching Network for 43-Foot Verticals   52-54
TECH:     Five Myths of Propagation Dispelled, K9LA                      36-39
TIPS:     That Flea Market Classic Mic - What to Do With it?, W1ZR       39-39
VHF/UHF:  DX at Microwaves and Higher, W1GHZ - MicrowaveUpdate Site Path 57-58
VHF/UHF:  Predicting Tropospheric Openings, N0JK                         92-94
VINTAGE:  The 60's Novice, WJ1B                                           -100
October 2015

September 2015
100 YRS:  First Annual Field Day Report, 1933                            75-75
75/50/25: 1940 Parabolic UHF Antenna * 1965 Radio Astronomy Antenna       -104
75/50/25: 1990 LASER Communication Station                                -104
ANTENNA:  Take-Down Yagi for the 2-Meter band, VE6AB                     30-33
ANTENNA:  Antenna Tuners as Preselectors, Loop Skywire WV3E              61-61
ANTENNA:  High Pass Antenna Tuning Unit as a Preselector, K4ERO          61-61
ANTENNA:  Grounding Issues in Antenna Switches, VA3DDN                   61-62
DIGITAL:  FSQ - Fast Simple QSO, ZL1BPU                                  34-39
DOCTOR:   Electret Mic needs Bias Voltage, Bill, WB0BBO                  56-56
DOCTOR:   Half-wave telescoping HT Antenna used indoor? Ken N2DF         56-57
DOCTOR:   Grid Square map for Gulf of Mexico? Daryl, KC5SL!Q             57-57
DOCTOR:   Motorola Standars and Guidelines for Communication Sites-Pub R56 -57
DOCTOR:   Lightning Protection Grounding, Motorola Publication R56       57-57
ECLECTIC: Water, Water Everywhere, Flash Flood Coating Video buy $45     60-60
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:)                             67-70
ECOMM:    A Generalized Structure for Deployment Planning, KD9LA, KF7VBO 67-70
ECOMM:    Starting (or Restarting) an ARES Group, K1CE, ARES Manual      79-80
FEEDBACK: Hands On Radio August 2015, Puzzle 1 Pg 60 should be 4A/0.25A  57-57
HANDS-ON: Experiment #152, Improvisation (An Interesting Antenna)        58-59
HINTS:   Dollar Continuity Checker, NJ1X * Thrust Bearing Template WA3SRU63-64
HINTS:    Plating Nichrome Wire, AF2RF * Cooling a Hot RF Problem, W0ZX  64-64
HINTS:    Handheld Hanger, NM1K                                          64-64
NEW:      Compact High Frequency Receiver from National RF               33-33
NEW:      Power Supply Module for Raspberry Pi  from GeppettoElectronics 33-33
OnTheAir: Transmit and Receiver on Frequency, K4TAX                      44-45
PROJECT:  Build a Rapid Deployment Radio Go-Box, KW5GP                   40-41
PROJECT:  An Anderson Powerpole Adapter for Your Power Supply, AD5X      42-43
QST 100:  First Annual Field Day Report, 1933                            75-75
REVIEW:   Wouxun KG-UV8D Dual band Handheld Transceiver, NJ1Q            46-49
REVIEW:   West Mountain TARGETuner Screwdriver Antenna Controller, N0AX  49-51
REVIEW:   Heil Sound Pro 7 Headset, W1ZR                                 51-52
REVIEW:   Audio Filters MFJ-752D Signal Enhancer II & Idiom Press SCAF-1 53-55
TECH:     Antenna Tuners as Preselectors, Loop Skywire WV3E              61-61
TECH:     High Pass Antenna Tuning Unit as a Preselector, K4ERO          61-61
TECH:     Grounding Issues in Antenna Switches, VA3DDN                   61-62
TECH:     Repairing "Tinsel Wire" (Foil/Cloth) Connections 09/2014 KF9CI 62-62
VINTAGE:  The E. F. Johnson Viking II AM and CW Transmitter, W1ZR        96-97
September 2015

August 2015
75/50/25: 1940-RC Airplane, 1965-Morse Typewriter, 1990-Youth & Ham Radio -101
100 YRS:  The Beverly Hills Disaster, August 1977 QST - Not just an fire 72-73
APPS:     Program Android Amateur Radio Apps with MIT Inventor 2, WB5KIA 39-42
APPS:     Dire Wolf: A Virtual TNC for APRS & Other Applications, WB8IMY 74-74
BOOK:     The Art of Electronics, Third Edition ISBN:9780521809269 $120  38-38
DIGITAL:  Dirty Digital, WB8IMY                                          43-46
DOCTOR:   Making Sense of RF Ammeter Readings * HF Vertical Tuning       57-58
DOCTOR:   TNC vs Sound Card Interface                                    58-58
ECLECTIC: Dire Wolf: A Virtual TNC for APRS & Other Applications, WB8IMY 74-74
ECLECTIC: HDMI "Stick" Computers, Windows: $150, Linux: $90              74-74
ECOMM:    ARES:  Interfacing with Local Emergency Officials, K1CE        79-80
FEEDBACK: Don't Blow Up Your Balun, June 2015, p 32 corrections          56-56
FEEDBACK: Kenwood TS-590SG Transceiver Review, July 2015, p47-53 update  56-56
HAMVENTN: Hamvention 2015: It's a Wrap                                   68-71
HANDS-ON: Experiment #151 Quist Quizzes, 1956 - 1961                     59-60
HINTS:    Bad But Not Blown - Fuse (Looks good but isn't), KD4SFD     HK 61-61
HINTS:    Hacksaw straight cut - use two blades, K8CMD                HK 61-61
HINTS:    Advantages of Binaural Reception, K6KZM                     HK 61-62
HINTS:    Moldable Plastic PTT, W8MQW, RS "U Mold Plastic" #2770161   HK 62-62
HINTS:    Rotator Wiring, N0TW * Headphone Holder, WA1ZJL             HK 62-63
HINTS:    Amertron Repair Connection, N2HO                            HK 63-63
NEW:      Powerpole Power Distribution Blocks from Powerwerx $24/$35     35-35
NEW:      DX Engineering Skyhawk, Skylark, & Butternut Yagi Antennas     35-35
NEW:      Wide Band Analog/Digital Receiver from AOR, AR-DV1 0.1-1300 MHz   42
NEW:      Common Mode Choke from SOTAbeams ~$20                          42-42
PROJECT:  WA3TFS Audio Notch Filter and Clipper, WA3TFS                  33-35
PROJECT:  headphone Amplifier for the Hearing-Impaired Ham, W7IEQ        36-38
PUBLICSRV Interfacing with Local Emergency Officials, K1CE               79-80
QST 100:  The Beverly Hills Disaster, August 1977 QST - Not just an fire 72-73
RADIOTIPS Essential Ham Tools - The Nibbler, N2EI                        46-46
RADIOTIPS The Volt-Ohm Meter, WB1GCM                                      -103
REMOTE:   The PocketShack Project, KH6TY                                 30-32
REVIEW:   ACOM 600S 160-6Meter Linear Amplifier, $2800, K1RO             47-50
REVIEW:   MFJ 1742 Extended Double Zepp Wire Antenna, ~$80, WB8IMY       50-51
REVIEW:   MDFJ-618 Dual Channel Speech Intelligibility Enhancer $220 W1ZR51-52
REVIEW:   Quicksilver Radio Products Q-PWR Micro Meter, ~$20, WJ1B       53-54
REVIEW:   Micro-Node International IRLP/EchoLink Nano-Node, $495, VE5EIS 54-56
TIPS:     Essential Ham Tools - The Nibbler, N2EI                        46-46
TIPS:     The Volt-Ohm Meter, WB1GCM                                      -103
VHF/UHF:  Transatlantic Tropo, N0JK                                      93-95
VINTAGE:  Atlas Radio, Part 2, K90C0                                     98-99
August 2015

July 2015
75/50/25: 2.5 m Transmitter * ARRL National COnvention * Computer Contest 104
ANTENNA:  Building a Receiving Flag Antenna for 160 Meters, WB6RSE       35-38
ANTENNA:  Log Periodic Basics, Experiment #150, N0AX                     61-62
DOCTOR:   Peak Angle Elevation * Fan Dipole * Transmitting Capacitor     57-58
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:) Outside the Go Box, K1CE    79-80
HANDS-ON: Experiment #150, Log Periodic Basics, N0AX                     61-62
HINTS:    Vertical Antenna Truck Mount * Quick Auto Power Tap            66-67
HINTS:    12 V DC Power Strip * Clothspin Spreaders                      67-67
HOMEBREW: The Joys of Homebrewing, WB8IMY                                20
PROJECT:  Repair and Restore Your Mosley Beam, K5QY  www.k5qy.net        39-40
PROJECT:  More Uses for the Webcam Microscope, WA4WZP                    41-42
QST 100:  That's a Hot One (funny)                                       74-74
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-590SG HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, W1RZ              47-53
REVIEW:   RadWAV SkyPi-40 Transmitter Kit, AA6E                          53-54
REVIEW:   YouKits MT-1 QRP Antenna Tuner Kit, WB1GCM or: vibroplex       55-56
SPACE:    Fox-1: The New Era of Amateur Radio Satellites, AA4KN          43-45
SOFTWARE: Eclectic Technology: Windows 10, WB8IMY                        46-46
TEACHING: Handiham Program: Ham Radio Learning 4 People wid Disabilities 68-69
TECH:     Effect of Small HF Loop Near Fields on Direction Finding, WR1B 63-65
VHF/UHF:  Affordable Microwave Test Equipment, W1GHZ                     59-60
VINTAGE:  Atlas Radio, K9OCO                                             99-00
July 2015

June 2015
75/50/25: 1940, 1965, 1990                                               104
ANTENNA:  Don't Blow Up Your Balun, N6BV R. Dean Straw, N6BV             30-36
ANTENNA:  Field Day Antenna Patch Panel, KW5GP                           45-46
ATV:      DVB-T: A solution for ARES Television Operations, KH6HTV       42-44
BOOK:     Arduion Projects for Amateur Radio, W6DQ, and W6TEE, Amazon    44-44
DOCTOR:   Stacked Antenna Phase, KD6SF * Working Split Frequency AC2CM   62-62
DOCTOR:   Dipole Counterpoise doesn't radiate? KV7AC                     62-63
DOCTOR:   Difference in 40 meter signals then and now? K5ZOI             63-63
DOCTOR:   Installing Solar Panels and EMI to my antenna? W3ULS           63-63
ECLECTIC: Ham Radio Tweets, SKYWATCH Windoo or Amazon                    64-64
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:)                             84-85
FIELDDAY: Field Day Antenna Patch Panel, KW5GP                           45-46
HANDS-ON: Experiment #149 - Accidental Mixers, N0AX                      65-66
MORES:    Are Your Code Skills Qualified? WB8IMY                         77-78
NEW:      Portable 6 Meter Antenna from SOTAbeams                        41-41
OPERATE:  Hotel Alpha Mike - Getting Your Call Across, AH6CY             70-73
OPERATE:  High School Hams Reachable By Satellite, KC5EES.               73-74
OPERATE:  10 Meters - The Band Between, AG1YK                            79-80
PROJECT:  Add Full Break-in QSK Keying to Your Linear AMplifier, W8ZR    37-41
PROJECT:  The Mute-Til Later, KC70                                       47-48
PUBLICSRV Tips for Drafting an Emergency/Disaster Response Plan, K1CE    84-85
QST 100:  What Does My S-Meter Tell Me?, W1FB (SK)                       49-51
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-500T Dual Band Handheld FM Transceiver, W1BXY, $140  52-54
REVIEW:   RF Communications Elecronics AT-615B Remote Balanced Ant Tuner 54-57
REVIEW:   YouKits EK1A 40 and 20 Meter QRP CW Transceiver Kit, $149      57-60
REVIEW:   AntLion Audio ModMic Headset, $43                              61-61
VINTAGE:  Vintage Field Day                                              101-2
June 2015

May 2015
75/50/25: 1940: Electric Key * 65: Homebrew RX * 90: Convention          100
APRS:     APRS In Your Pocket, Jerry Clement VE6AB                       30-31
ARES:     Into the Field, Ditch the Rubber Duck, Hide Radios, K1CE       80-81
BOOK:     Radio Receiver Technology - Priciples, Archit & Apps, OE3RAA   43-43
DOCTOR:   Sideband Reversal or Not?, WB6RSE * TV Antenna for Ham? K0KS   61-62
DOCTOR:   HT as Mobile Radio Coax Grounding? KF6EOJ                      62-62
DONE IN:  Done in One (Or Perhaps Two): Key Your Rig Without a Wire N1II 44-46
DX:       US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations, W3UR                   89-90
ECLECTIC: State-of-the-Art Homebrewing, WB8IMY                           50-50
ECOMM:    Into the Field, Ditch the Rubber Duck, Hide Eadios, K1CE       80-81
FIELDDAY: 2015 Field Day Announcement                                    88-88
HANDS-ON: Experiment #148, Proof of Performance                          63-64
HISTORY:  A Portable Power Supply for WERS (War Emergency Radio Service) 47-49
INFO:     Short Delayed Echoes Continue to Amaze, Gene Greneker, K4MOG   41-43
MOBILE:   The Modern Mobile, Alan Applegate, K0BG                        35-36
PROJECT:  Done in One (Or Perhaps Two): Key Your Rig Without a Wire N1II 44-46
PROJECT:  A 100 Hz to 10 MHz Signal Generator, WA2EUJ                    37-40
PROJECT:  A Voltage Power Monitor, Mert Nellis, W0UFO                    32-34
PUBLICSRV Into the Field, Ditch the Rubber Duck, Hide Eadios, K1CE       80-81
REVIEW:   Alinco DX-10 10 Meter Transceiver, WB1GCM                      51-53
REVIEW:   Aspect Solar EnergeyBar 250 & EP-55 Solar Panel Charger, K1CE  54-56
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio DC-to-Go Battery Box with RIGrunner4008 &  56-58
REVIEW:   Spiderbeam Amuminum Telescopic Mast, KX9X  $buy in pieces!     58-59
REVIEW:   Phonema KSP3 Ham Speaker, A1ZR                                 59-60
TECH:     Considerations for Wire Size in Wire Antennas, WR1B            65-66
TECH:     US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations, W3UR                   89-90
VHF/UHF:  Predicting Meteor Scatter Using TV Video Carriers, N0JK        91-93
VINTAGE:  Collecting and Restoring Vintage Radios, K2RP                  98-99
May 2015

April 2015
75/50/25: 1940: W2ILE Electric Keyer, 65: W1ICP Transmitter, 90: Launch  100
ARES:     Practical Operating Tips frm the Field, K1CE                   81-82
ARRL:     Member Input Sought on Draft HF Band Plan Proposals, K1ZZ      69-71
ARRL:     ARRL Library Goes Live                                         77-77
ARRL:     Radar Sharing Schemes Could Displace Amateur Radio at 76-81GHz 78-78
DOCTOR:   Vertical Monopoles Can Indeed Be Directional, W1ZR             59-60
DOCTOR:   40 neter Monopole Radial Arrangement? Rich, K1OF               59-60
DOCTOR:   Early 2 meter Transceiver adding CTCSS? Jon, WN4V              60-60
DOCTOR:   Why do Transceivers use 50 Ohm Impedance? Tom, AB2FG           60-60
ECLECTIC: Prototypeing a "littleBit" at a time * Rise of the SSD, WB8IMY 61-61
ECOMM:    ARES:  Public Service (PUBLICSRV:)                             81-82
FCC:      The FCC's "Paperless" License Policy is in Effect              77-77
HANDS-ON: Experiment #147 Capacitors at RF, N0AX                         64-65
HINTS:    Wart Reducer, Ameritron Repair, Fishing Reel Stake             66-68
HINTS:    Plugging the Power Leak, KE3FL * Ameritron Amp. Repair, N2HO   66-67
HINTS:    Fishing Reel Support Stake, W3MEO * S-Biner Mic Hook, K3TA     66-67
OPERATE:  The 500 Milliwatt Man, JQ2UOZ by Steve Ford, WB8IMY            76-76
PROJECT:  Mini-CT: A Curve Tracer for he Ham Shack, N7VK                 34-36
PROJECT:  Voltage Reducer for Lithium-ion Polymer Four-Cell Batts AD5X   39-41
PROJECT:  Ameritron ALS-600 Band Switch Modification, K2DLJ              42-44
PUBLICSRV Practical Operating Tips frm the Field, K1CE                   81-82
QST 100:  A Radical Approach to Single Sideband, WIOU Larson E. Rapp ;)  45-46
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6300 Transceiver,FLEX-6700 Transceiver, 47-58
REVIEW:   and SmartSDR for Windows Software, AA6E                        47-58
TECH:     Measuring Frequencies at VE3GSO ~zero-cost frequency measure   37-38
VHF/UHF:  Untangling Digital Voice Above 50 MHz, K1IW                    30-33
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths: Dynamic Range, W1GHZ                         62-63
VINTAGE:  The R.L. Drake 4-Line Twins-1960's SSB Technology Leaders W1ZR 96-97
W1AW:     W1AW/p - The Year in Review                                    72-75
April 2015

March 2015
75/50/25: 1940: Antenna Switching * 65: 18-foot Dish * 90: Microwave     104
ANTENNA:  The DK6ED Double Loop (for top band), Chris Kunze              34-40
ANTENNA:  The W0IH Tunable 80 Meter Dipole, Michael Foerster             38-40
ANTENNA:  Easy Two=Band Ground Plane for Other Band Combinations, W1ZR.  41-23
ANTENNA:  Modeling Coupled Resonator Antennas                            42-42
ANTENNA:  An Off Center End Fed Dipole for Portable Op... 40 & 6 m KE4PT 44-46
ANTENNA:  Force 12 XR6 20 - 6 Meter Yagi Antenna, Price: ~$1600, K1RO    54-57
ANTENNA:  MFJ-1896 6 Meter Moxon Antenna, Price: ~$70, WB8IMY            57-58
ANTENNA:  Cubex Mosquito-6 70cm Quad Antenna, Price: $73, WB8IMY         58-59
ANTENNA:  HobbyPCB Hardrock-50 Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner, AD3X    59-62
ANTENNA:  More on Sag in Wier Antennas, WR1B                             69-71
ARES:     Power to the Public Service Operator (Choosing battery), K1CE  87-88
DIGITAL:  PSK63 Rising? WB8IMY                                           66-67
DOCTOR:   Roll Up Your Sleeves and Make a Sleeve Dipole, KC2MM *         64-64
DOCTOR:   One instead of Two Transmission lines? VE3BHQ *                65-65
DOCTOR:   Dual Receive Dual Transmit Radios? N1EQG                       65-65
ECLECTIC: PSK63 Rising? WB8IMY                                           66-67
ECOMM:    ARES: Public Service (PUBLICSRV:) - see ARES above             87-88
FEEDBACK: A Solid State 1.25 kW Linear Amplifier, CORRECTION, zener anod 63-63
HANDS-ON: Experiment #146 Notes on Bonding and Shielding, N0AX           67-68
HINTS:    Converting Camouflage Spreaders and an Antenna Wheel Well Mnt  72-73
HINTS:    Converting Camouflage Spreaders, W8TER                         72-72
HINTS:    Mobile Antenna Lip Mount, WA8MHO                               72-73
HISTORY:  The Transistor - Or 25 Miles on a Hunk of Germanium, K2AH      50-53
NEW:      RANVerter PI SDR Upconverter Kit from Hayseed Hamfest Co       43-43
NEW:      RF Products Catalog from Pasternack Enterprises                43-43
PROJECT:  A Talking Frequency COunter,                                   30-33
QST 100:  The Transistor - Or 25 Miles on a Hunk of Germanium, K2AH      50-53
REVIEW:   Force 12 XR6 20 - 6 Meter Yagi Antenna, Price: ~$1600, K1RO    54-57
REVIEW:   MFJ-1896 6 Meter Moxon Antenna, Price: ~$70, WB8IMY            57-58
REVIEW:   Cubex Mosquito-6 70cm Quad Antenna, Price: $73, WB8IMY         58-59
REVIEW:   HobbyPCB Hardrock-50 Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner, AD3X    59-62
REVIEW:   bhi Desktop Amplified DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker, W1ZR W4RT  62-63
TEACHING: Teaching the Future with Ham Radio, N2ZRW Edith Lennon         81-82
TEACHING: The ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology, K1DMJ      83-83
TECH:     Standing Wave Ration - What Does It Really Mean? W1ZR          47-49
TECH:     More on Sag in Wier Antennas, WR1B                             69-71
VINTAGE:  Toy Telegraph Keys, WJ1B                                       100-1
March 2015

February 2015
75/50/25: February 1940, 1865, 1990 (Simple Directional Wattmeter)       104
APRS:     Free Maps for UIView, zero-cost, PA7RHM                        36-38
DOCTOR:   Phased Arrays Must be Connected in the Correct Phase, W1ZR     66-67
ECLECTIC: Deconstructing the Tower of Babel, WB8IMY (HF digital modes)   55-55
HANDS-ON: Experiment #145, Grounding and Bonding Systems, N0AX           68-69
HINTS:    Junk Box Porta-Paddle, W1VIV * Mini TNC Case, N0BII            70-70
HINTS:    Antenna Stretcher, W6OEK * DMM Field Strength Meter, KB3VZL    70-71
HINTS:    Reverse Sawtooth Generator, SV3ORA *                           71-71
HINTS:    Power Pole Rotator Upgrade, KB1NXE *                           71-72
HINTS:    More on the Meter Shunt, AG1YK                                 72-72
NEW:      Tracking Signal Generator from DS Instruments, $725            32-32
NEW:      6 Meter Yagi from JK Antennas, see: DX Engineering             36-38
NEW:      Codeman Smartphone App * DX Engineering Mast Laod Estimator    97-97
PROJECT:  Measure Your Receiver's Digital Noise Reduction, K8KI          30-32
PROJECT:  A Homebrewed Shock-Mounted Boom Microphone, N1GY               33-35
PROJECT:  Make Homebrewed Look Factory Built, KF7PB                      39-42
PROJECT:  Test Setup for Measuring Traps,                                43-44
PROJECT:  A Direct-Reading mw Power Sensor for Your Dig Wattmeter, AD5X  47-50
PROJECT:  A Prototyping Technique, AA1WZ                                 51-54
PUBLICSRV First Aid and Physical Fitness for Public Service Operators    89-90
QST 100:  On the Air with Single Sideband                                76-77
REVIEW:   Icom ID-5100A Dual Band VHF/UHF FM Transceiver, mobile, K1CE   56-59
REVIEW:   YouKits TJ2B Handheld HF Transceiver, WB1GCM                   59-63
REVIEW:   Heil HM-12 Base Station Microphone, W1ZR                       63-65
REVIEW:   RigExpert WTI-1 Wireless Transceiver Interface, WB8IMY         64-65
RFI:      Hunting Down RF Noises, W0IH                                   45-46
STATION:  Grounding and Bonding Systems, N0AX                            68-69
VHF/UHF:  Analog FM Repeaters - an Overview, AG1YK                       82-83
VINTAGE:  The DenTron Story, W9COC                                       99-100
February 2015

January 2015
75/50/25: 1940, 1965, 1990,                                              102
ARRL:     The ARRL Library: A New Online Resource, KX9X                  80-80
DOCTOR:   A Low Yagi Can be Better than No Yagi, Negative Line Fuse      61-62
DOCTOR:   Two U/VHF ANtennas One Tower,                                  62-62
ECLECTIC: Analog to Digital at 400 Gigabits Per Second, WB8IMY           69-69
ECOMM:    PUBLICSRV: Planning and Operations Special Event Comm, K1CE    87-88
HANDS-ON: Experiment #144 The Myth of the RF Ground                      63-64
HINTS:    Watching Your Voltage, Winding Yoy Wire, & Mobile Mount Maint  70-71
HINTS:    A Handy Digital Voltmeter, N0GSG * Antenna Wire Winder, KD6SF  70-71
HINTS:    K400 Mount Problem,  *                                         71-71
HISTORY:  WAR COMES! We Take Our Posts in the Country's Defense, 12/1941 76-79
NEWS:     ARRL to FCC: Continue Making Official Paper Licenses Available 82-85
PROJECT:  A Five-Way Remote Antenna Switch, G8NDL                        30-35
PROJECT:  Hybrid HF Transmitter, 4Z1VC                                   36-41
PROJECT:  A Solid State 1.25 kW Linear Amplifier, K2OP See: March pg 63  42-46
PROJECT:  An Easy WSPR 30 Meter Transmitter,                             47-50
QST:      QST Centennial Photo Contest,                                  81-81
QST 100:  WAR COMES! We Take Our Posts in the Country's Defense, 12/1941 76-79
REVIEW:   Beko-Elektronik HLV-1100 70 Centimeter Amplifier, WA2TEO Array 51-54
REVIEW:   MFJ-223 Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer, AD5X                55-57
REVIEW:   Portable Rotation 12PR1A Ultra-Portable DC Antenna Rotator KX9X 57-9
REVIEW:   Palstar SP30H Ultimate Communicatinos Speaker, W1ZR            59-60
TEACHING: Resources for Volunteer Examiners,                             98-98
TECH:     The NVIS Myth - A Modeling Study, WR1B                         67-68
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths, Microwaves - The DIY Bands, W1GHZ            65-66
VINTAGE:  From Separates to Combos to Transceivers, K2RP                 99-00
January 2015

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Ellis, KF7PB - |BuildIt|kf7pb|ar|rl|1| * PA7RHM Chris van Gorp, PA7RHM - |BuildIt|pa7rhm|gm|ail|0| * N1GY Geoff Haines, N1GY - |BuildIt|n1gy|ar|rl|1| * K8KI Bob DePierre, K8KI - |BuildIt|k8ki|com|cast|1| * VE6AB Jerry Clement VE6AB - |BuildIt|stormchaser|sh|aw|6| or - |BuildIt|ve6ab|sh|aw|6| * W0UFO Mert Nellis, W0UFO - |BuildIt|mertnellis|ms|n|0| * K0BG Alan Applegate, K0BG - |BuildIt|k0bg|plate|autel|1| * WA2EUJ Jim Veatch, WA2EUJ - |BuildIt|wa2euj|ar|rl|1| * K4MOG Gene Greneker, K4MOG - |BuildIt|k4mog|ar|rl|1| * Ralf Rudersdorfer, OE3RAA - no email Radio Receiver Technology - Priciples, Architectures and Applications Print:$149.95 - Kindle: $85.49 * N2ZRW Edith Lennon, N2ZRW - |BuildIt|edithmlennon|gm|ail|0| * WA8MHO John H. Lehman, WA8MHO - |BuildIt|wa8mho|ar|rl|1| * W8TER Stephen Bellner, W8TER - |BuildIt|w8ter|ar|rl|1| * W0IH Michael Foerster, W0IH - |BuildIt|w0ih|ar|rl|1| * DK6ED Chris Kunze, DK6ED - |BuildIt|dk6ed|da|rc|5| * ZL2PD Andrew Woodfield, ZL2PD - |BuildIt|zl2pd|ya|hoo|0| * KC5EES Ronny Risinger, KC5EES - |BuildIt|kc5ees|ar|rl|1| * AH6CY Hiroki Kato, AH6CY - |BuildIt|ah6cy|ar|rl|1| * KW5GP Glen Popiel, KW5GP - |BuildIt|kw5gp|ar|rl|1| * KC70 Allen Wolff, KC70 - |BuildIt|ajwolff|earth|link|1| * KW5GP Glen Popiel, KW5GP - |BuildIt|kw5gp|ar|rl|1| * W6DQ Dennis Kidder, W6DQ - |BuildIt|w6dq|ar|rl|1| * W6TEE Dr Jack Purdum, W6TEE - |BuildIt|w6tee|pac|bell|1| * KH6HTV Jim Andrews, KH6HTV - |BuildIt|kh6htv|ar|rl|1| * W8ZR James C. Garland, W8ZR - |BuildIt|w8zr|ar|rl|1| * N6BV R. 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Rohde, DJ2LR and Jerry C. Whitaker and Hans Zahnd, DJ9CBU Review: Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, KE4PT available from Amazon.com ~$115 * KE5FVS Patricia Smith Wood, |BuildIt|KE5FVS|ar|rl|1| * KD7RCJ Jack Lunsford, |BuildIt|j.lunsford|q||0| * WA1LJY Ed Diagnault, |BuildIt|ediagnault|net|zero|1| * KD9HL Steve Mollman, |BuildIt|KD9HL|yah|oo|0| * K0KAN Todd Brandenburg, |BuildIt|K0KAN|ar|rl|1| * AA4PG Pat Griffin, |BuildIt|AA4PG|ar|rl|1| * KG1Q Mark Burton, |BuildIt|KG1Q|ar|rl|1| * N4FWD Thomas Kocourek, |BuildIt|N4FWD|yah|oo|0| * N2HTT Mike Aiello, |BuildIt|N2HTT.mike|gm|ail|0| * NP2B John Ellis, |BuildIt|John.NP2B|gm|ail|0| * qrpkits QRP Kits, |BuildIt|qrpkits.com|gm|ail|0| * BridgeCom Systems Contact: |BuildIt|ContactUs|BridgeCom|Systems|0| Tech Support: |BuildIt|TechSupport|BridgeCom|Systems|0| Phone: 816-532-8451 * K3WWP John Shannon, |BuildIt|K3WWP|ar|rl|1| * WC3O Bob Bastone, |BuildIt|WC3O|ar|rl|1| or |BuildIt|radiofreebob|gm|ail|0| * VE6CMM Clint Millett, |BuildIt|VE6CMM|se|crs|0| * N7CFO Lynn Burlingame, |BuildIt|N7CFO|n7|cfo|1| * NE4W Benson Wills, |BuildIt|NE4W|ar|rl|1| * AC7CD Jon Sumpter, |BuildIt|jonsmptr|m|sn|0| * KK5R Bob Lunsford, |BuildIt|nocrud222|ya|hoo|0| * K6OKE Thomas Huston, |BuildIt|Huston.Thomas|gm|ail|0| * KG5Q Kevin Parmenter, |BuildIt|KevinParmenter|exce|lsys|0| * K7UXO David McGinnis, |BuildIt|david.k.mcginnis|gm|ail|0| * WD8DBY Paul English, |BuildIt|englishp|hot|mail|0| * WX2S Steve Masticola, |BuildIt|WX2S|ar|rl|1| * AI8Z Mike Mussler, |BuildIt|mmussler|wispe|rtel|1| * N2CX Joe Everhart, |BuildIt|N2CX|ar|rl|1| * WV2PV Pascal Villeneuve, |BuildIt|WV2PV|ar|rl|1| * WB0OEW Elwood Downey, |BuildIt|wb0oew|ar|rl|1| * K1JT Joe Taylor, |BuildIt|joe|princ|ton|4| WSJT-X article coauthors: Steve Franke, K9AN and Bill Somerville, G4WJS * K9AN Steve Franke, |BuildIt|s.j.franke|ic|loud|0| * G4WJS Bill Somerville, |BuildIt|bill.8|class|design|0| * W1GIG Tim Walker, |BuildIt|timw1gig|gm|ail|0| * N3KS Kam Sirageldin/N3KS, |BuildIt|kamal.sirag|gm|ail|0| * K5ZD Randy Thompson/K5ZD, |BuildIt|K5ZD|ar|rl|1| * KB1HQS Stuart Thomas/KB1HQS, e-mail not given check QRZ * K1BQT Rick Littlefield/K1BQT, |BuildIt|K1BQT|ar|rl|1| * KC1ENN Charles E. Webb/KC1ENN, e-mail not given check QRZ * W4DNN Dennis Lazar, W4DNN, e-mail not given check QRZ * NV1Q Juergen E. Malner, NV1Q, |BuildIt|NV1Q|ar|rl|1| * K6RM Barry Pfeil / K6RM, |BuildIt|barrypfeil|gm|ail|0| * K7JA Chip Margelli / K7JA, |BuildIt|chipk7ja|hotm|ail|0| * K3EUI Barry Feierman / K3EUI, |BuildIt|K3EUI|a|ol|0| * KC1ATT G. Keith Cambron / KC1ATT, |BuildIt|gkcambr|yah|oo|0| * K8KK Keith Kunde / K8KK, |BuildIt|K8KK|ar|rl|1| * K9EID Bob Heil / K9EID, |BuildIt|bob|heil|sound|0| * KE5XV Bill Pellerin KE5XV, |BuildIt|KE5XV|ar|rl|1| * KI4MUG Phil Minch KI4MUG, |BuildIt|KI4MUG|gm|ail|0| * W6YE Barry Shackleford W6YE, |BuildIt|W6YE|ar|rl|1| * VA2VP Pascal Villeneuve VA2VP, |BuildIt|va2vp|ar|rl|1| * WB8VGE Mike Bryce WB8VGE, e-mail not given check QRZ * WD8DAB Don Kirk, |BuildIt|WD8DAB|ao|l|0| * PE1MFU Book: Disrupted - When the Internet of Things Takes Over Author: Robert J. Heerekop / PE1MFU - download book from Amazon Kindle $3.99 September 2018 Reviewer: Rick Lindquist / WW1ME * KB3ZED Joseph Warwick / KB3ZED, |BuildIt|runwarwick|g|mail|0| * W3MAS Michael Shanblatt / W3MAS, |BuildIt|W3MAS|ar|rl|1| * AR9RM Bob Mudra / AR9RM, |BuildIt|AR9RM|ar|rl|1| * VA7PK Chris Parker / VA7PK, |BuildIt|parkerca|ie|ee|2| * K6TAR Scott Reaser / K6TAR, |BuildIt|sreaser|ver|izon|1| * W6NBC John Portune, |BuildIt|jportune|ao|l|0| web site: W6NBC * K3RR Joe Johnson, |BuildIt|Joe.k3rr|gm|ail|0| and Al Christman, K3LC For updates to this article see: http://www.arrl.org/feedback * WA6W Ted Algren, |BuildIt|WA6W|ar|rl|1| For updates to this article see: http://www.arrl.org/feedback * KD7OWN Bob Willey, |BuildIt|kd7own|com|cast|1| * W1YRC Bob Beaudet, |BuildIt|w1yrc|veri|zon|1| * K8NB Noel Beardsley, |BuildIt|k8nb|ar|rl|1| * W1JR Jow Reiset, e-mail not given check QRZ * Space/Personal Weather Station Network Links WXQA Weather Underground station spaceweather.com Amateur Data Interchange Format Cabrillo Data Format Reverse Beacon Network PSKreporter WSPRnet HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station * K6JKB Jim Biram, |BuildIt|K6JKB|ar|rl|1| * WZ8C Laura Steinberger, e-mail not given check QRZ * NJ4Y Maththew Stevens, e-mail not given check QRZ * N1RM Rick Miller, |BuildIt|n1rm|ar|rl|1| * N8XTH Deron Boring, |BuildIt|n8xth.oh|gm|ail|0| * W1EJM Don Crosby, |BuildIt|w1ejm|ar|rl|1| * Honorable Mention in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition 80 - 10m * K1BUK Dave Ahlgren, |BuildIt|k1buk|ar|rl|1| Third-place winner in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition for greater than = 160m * N7LRY David P. Finell, |BuildIt|n7lry|ar|rl|1| Second-plave winner in 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition for greater than = 6m * WB6FDY Ron Lisiecki, |BuildIt|rslisiecki|gm|ail|0| * NE4AM Terry Smith, |BuildIt|ne4am|ar|rl|1| * N8HKU David Treharne, |BuildIt|n8hku|ar|rl|1| * N7RR Bruse Prior, |BuildIt|n7rr|ma|il|0| * W4TZB Wayne Waller, |BuildIt|w4tzb|ar|rl|1| * K0KS Ken Shubert, |BuildIt|k0ks|k0|ks|0| * VE3CMQ Clinton Millett, formerly: VE6CMM, |BuildIt|ve6cmm|se|crs|0| * WA5MD Tim Brannon, |BuildIt|wa5md|ar|rl|1| * NC4RT Randy Tompson, |BuildIt|rtompson|triad|.rr|0| * W1MBS Lee Williams, |BuildIt|leewimbs|bells|outh|1| * WB4AKA Bob Haynes, |BuildIt|rhaynes5|tamp|abay.rr|0| * VA2PV Pascal Villeneuve, |BuildIt|va2pv|ar|rl|1| * DG3AL Axel H. Lehmann, |BuildIt|dg3al|da|rc|5| * Honorable Mention in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition Less than = 6m * N2CN Andrew Siegel, e-mail not given check QRZ * Honorable Mention in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition 80 - 10m * K0DK Richard Kiefer, e-mail not given check QRZ * Honorable Mention in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition 80 - 10m * K7CW Paul Kiesel, |BuildIt|k7cw|ar|rl|1| * Third-place winner in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition Less than = 6m * N4HA Herb Allred, |BuildIt|n4ha|ar|rl|1| * Third-place winner in the 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition 80 - 10m * NW2M Al Rabassa, |BuildIt|NW2M|ar|rl|1| * AJ4BB * DL6ZM * DU3ZM Matthias Zapoatka / AJ4BB / DL6ZM / DU3ZM, |BuildIt|zapamatt|ya|hoo|0| * WA4WDL John M. Franke / WA4WDL, |BuildIt|WA4WDL|ar|rl|1| * NV4RT Randy Tompson, |BuildIt|rtompson|triad|.rr|0| * KC0ZNG Bryant Julstrom, |BuildIt|KC0ZNG|ar|rl|1| * QRPGuys QRPGuys email: |BuildIt|QRPGuys|gm|ail|0| * KG6HM Al Sweet KG6HM, |BuildIt|allensweet|aasweet|phd|0| * OZ8CHT Peter Ravn, |BuildIt|fasan5|pri|vat|10| * K1ZK Zach Manganello, |BuildIt|zmangane|com|cast|1| * W9MDO/VE1MDO Chuck Kelly, e-mail not given check QRZ * AD7I Paul Newland, |BuildIt|AD7I|ad|7i|1| * KE1IU Mark C. Noe, |BuildIt|KE1IU|ar|rl|1| * W6SFH Bob Dildine, e-mail not given check QRZ * W1HBS Harvey Serreze, |BuildIt|W1HBS|ar|rl|1| * W4MEC Charlie Liberto, |BuildIt|W4MEC|ar|rl|1| * K4GTR Kevin Scott, |BuildIt|K4GTR|at|t|1| * SM0DTK martin Hedman, |BuildIt|SM0DTK|ic|loud|0| * KU6X John Hurst, e-mail not given check QRZ * KE0OG Dave Casler, |BuildIt|KE0OG|ar|rl|1| * N4NRW Roder Williamson, |BuildIt|N4NRW|ar|rl|1| * KN4FKS Allen Padgett, |BuildIt|no_rope|wind|stream|1| * W8RWK Richard Koharik, |BuildIt|W8RWK|ar|rl|1| * 8000DLE Apache Labs Support, |BuildIt|support|apache-|labs|0| * EE-3Y Beach Bob, |BuildIt|beach_bob|ms|n|0| * AC8GY Al Peter, |BuildIt|afp.ac8gy|gm|ail|0| * W7ITR Ron Chandos, e-mail not given check QRZ * WD9EWK/VA7EWK VA7EWK WD9EWK Patrick Stoddard, |BuildIt|Patrick|wd9|ewk|1| * W9RAN Robert Nickels, |BuildIt|W9RAN|ar|rl|1| * W6YE Barry Shackleford/W6YE, |BuildIt|W6YE|ar|rl|1| * WA5MD Tim Brannon/WA5MD, |BuildIt|WA5MD|ar|rl|1| * KN4CRD Jordan Sherer/KN4CRD, developer of software JS8Call, look up in http://www.QRZ.com * W5RKN Ronald G. Parsons/W5RKN, |BuildIt|w5rkn|w5|rkn|0| * KL0S Dino Papas/KL0S, |BuildIt|KL0S|ar|rl|1| or |BuildIt|KL0S|co|x|1| * AA7HH Adeline F. Hillier/AA7HH, |BuildIt|AA7HH2000|gm|ail|0| * AJ8B Bill Salyers/AJ8B, |BuildIt|AJ8B|ar|rl|2| * N2ZLC Scott Skinner/N2ZLC, |BuildIt|N2ZLC|ar|rl|1| * KD8PKR Emily Calandrelli (author) and Illustrations by Renee Kurilla "Take Me to Your Leader" is one in a series of Ada Lace adventures aimed at ages 6 - 10. * W2/JR1AQN Masaaki Maeda / W2/JR1AQN, |BuildIt|maeda|al|oan|4| * KW4GF Ed Gibbs, |BuildIt|malignswine|gm|ail|0| * K9YNP Jim Halfpenny/K9YNP, |BuildIt|trackdoctor|track|nature|0| * WA7OIB Darrel Heck/WA7OIB, |BuildIt|darrelheck|ic|loud|0| * HecKits * K8CIT Art Heft/K8CIT, |BuildIt|artandkaren|gm|ail|0| * W4ATM Bob Lombardi/W4ATM, No email supplied try the: feedback page. * AC0RL Jerome Kahn/AC0RL, No email supplied try the: feedback page. * NW2M Al Rabassa/NW2M, |BuildIt|NW2M|ar|rl|1| * AB1ZQ Kevin P. Chandler/AB1ZQ, |BuildIt|AB1ZQ|ar|rl|1| * W4TZB Wayne Waller, |BuildIt|W4TZB|com|cast|1| * W0SJ Stan Johnson, |BuildIt|w0scavengesjunk|gm|ail|1| * K1BQT Rick Littlefield, K1BQT - no email given check QRZ * AC5YL Teri Bloom, |BuildIt|AC5YL|am|sat|2| * N4GG Hal Kennedy, |BuildIt|n4gg|ar|rl|1| * N6CL Joseph L. Lynch, |BuildIt|n6cl|ar|rl|1| * KO8S Karl Schwab, |BuildIt|ko8s|ar|rl|1| * VE3CMQ Clint Millett, VE3CMQ, |BuildIt|cmillett|prairie|mobile|0| * K4BKI Joe Hopkins, K4BKI, |BuildIt|jhopkins1938|gm|ail|0| * W1JR Joe Reisert, |BuildIt|w1jr|ar|rl|1| * TTS WA3TTS Michael K. Sapp, WA3TTS, |BuildIt|wa3tts|ver|izon|1| * VK5SFA Steve Adler, |BuildIt|steve_adler|net|space|21| * KB4A Robert Birdsong, KB4A, |BuildIt|kb4a|hot|mail|0| * K3EUI Barry Feierman, K3EUI, |BuildIt|K3EUI|a|ol|0| * CP6CL Jose Carlos Leon Ortega, CP6CL, |BuildIt|JoseCarlosLeon|yah|oo|0| * W5JAW Jim Parnell, W5JAW - no email given check QRZ * N9NB Theodore (Ted) Rappaport, N9NB, |BuildIt|tsrwvcomm|ao|l|0| * KQ6RS Randy E. Standke, KQ6RS, |BuildIt|r55stan|dm|ail|0| * K1BUK Dave Ahlgren, K1BUK, |BuildIt|djahlgren|c|ox|1| * K1FM Alain De Carolis, K1FM, |BuildIt|alain|al|ain|22| * N0MTI Janelle Brisbine, N0MTI, |BuildIt|n0mti.ht|gm|ail|0| * K2QWQ Doug NcCray, |BuildIt|K2QWQ|com|cast|1| * KE5ZDZ Peyton Barnes, KE5ZDZ, |BuildIt|skaevola|hot|mail|0| * VE3CQH Charles Hooker, VE3CQH, |BuildIt|chuckcynthia|gm|ail|0| * WB3CEH Don Varner, WB3CEH, |BuildIt|WB3CEH|yah|oo|0| * W1EJM Don Crosby, |BuildIt|w1ejm|ar|rl|1| W1EJM's Web site * W3HX John Chappell, |BuildIt|jchappell|cer|icon|0| * N1DAY David Day, N1DAY, |BuildIt|davidday|yah|oo|0| * VE3AIH Art Horovitch, VE3AIH, |BuildIt|susanandart|gm|ail|0| * LightCorp LightCorp, Amble Task Light QST 60% discount till Dec 2019: |BuildIt|suctomerservice|light|corp|0| LightCorp Website * WB3LHD Ron Berry, WB3LHD, |BuildIt|WB3LHD|ar|rl|1| * WB8VGB Mike Bryce, WB8VGB, |BuildIt|prosolar|sss|net|0| * KK4EOU James Hull, KK4EOU, |BuildIt|KK4EOU|gm|ail|0| * WA2ILY Bill Kerber, WA2ILY, |BuildIt|wa2ily|char|ter|1| * NZ5A Robert S. Logan, NZ5A, |BuildIt|bob.logan47|yah|oo|0| * W4IU Jum Kauffman, W4IU, |BuildIt|james|kauf|man|2| * VK5HSE Dr. Eric S. Heinzle, |BuildIt|a1039181|gm|ail|0| NOTE: If no email address is given try the author's call on QRZ.com * = END OF THIS FILE ============================= * ***end***end*** *