Phil Karras
Circle Science Consulting was a vision when I was first working as an electro-optics physicist at Gardner Labs working on appearance measurement devices. Now that I'm retired from software development I find myself doing more tests, and experiments in the area of antennas, electronic circuits, and battery life claims.

A number of articles have come out of these interests as well as some small consulting jobs.

Recently I've been doing tests on Ham Radio and Television antennas, as well as other tests on things such as Li batteries and writing articles for magazines such as Nuts & Volts, CQ, and QST on some of these tests as well as amateur radio related topics.

This site came about because of the generosity of Michael Moncur and our work together. This site will have various JavaScript programs that I have worked on to demonstrate various features of JavaScript and problems that people from Michael's site: [JavaScript Workshop] ask and I think are interesting enough and cause me to develop a demonstration program.

My electronics and antenna experiments are on the KE3FL section of this site since these are more amateur radio related than software related.

As you can see, at least at present, the current home page is mostly various web software related tests and programs.

If you find a missing help example just send me an email and let me know that it is missing and I'll get it up ASAP.

More examples will no doubt follow.

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