Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer with 16 years of related experience in software development of a total of 27 years of experience, specializing in real-time and embedded software.

University of Southern California
MA Physics

Elizabethtown College
BS Physics

C, C++, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, Basic, SQL, B-trieve, db_Vista, Oracle, SAS, VxWorks, ClearCase, DHTML, HTML, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and Java/applets

Motorola 6800, 6809, 68340; Intel 8080, 8085, 8088, 80186, 80286, 80486; Microchip PIC16C843; NEC Vr4310; PC/DOS, Windows 3.1, 95/98, 2000, NT, XP


2009 - Present  Future Technologies, Inc.

Added reporting features to LSAM, using C# and DevExpress Reports. Debugged, upgrading, and developing C# and C#.NET applications

Some tools used were MS SQL, LINQ to SQL used for Database access, Nhibernate, and Developerís Express (DevExpress) used for the user interface and DevExpress was also used for the reports which replaced reports that had been done in Crystal Reports.

2008 - 2009  MJO Services, LLC

MS SQL: Designed and developed a membership database and tables. Imported data and cleaned up problem data in the new database.

Developed both a PHP and a C#.NET application to collect filled-in written form data into an HTML/C# form which was then saved into a CSV file which could be imported into Excel. Once the data was in the CSV database file the C#.NET application was extended to allow data record/field corrections.

Debugged various programs and fixed them using CSS, JavaScript, and/or the language they were written in whichever was needed.

2003 - 2008  Business First Networks, LLC

Visual Basic 6.0 programming on contract to the NRH moving Military Medical information into the private sector: "ANAM Clinic View"

Web Master for ElderSong Publications, Inc. programming using Perl, CGI, HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript.

IT consulting installing and setting up LANs for small businesses in Frederick, Carroll, and Baltimore conuties in Maryland.

1999 - 2003  Syntek Systems Corporation

For a major provider of satellite communication services, worked on testing the new software for their major satellite communications system.

For a major provider of satellite communication services, worked on the Fax Interface Module (FIM) to add V.23 communications capability. Embedded software development using Microsoft C on a proprietary RTOS as well as VAX based conversion tools, and the Paradigm emulator/debugger to find and correct long standing software problems.

Using assembly language under VxWorks on the NEC Vr4310, performed software development of design verification test for the motherboard of a commercial satellite-to-ground station packet transmitter/receiver with multimedia functionality. Specific tasks included developing software to test serial communications ports, audio ports, and timing clocks, and assisting in tracking down and resolving hardware problems. Also used ClearCase under UNIX for version control. Developed a Perl DB_File database for the ElderSong web site. Also enhanced the web site with DHTML and JavaScript. In 2003 I added shopping cart support to the Perl programs, database, and developed a JavaScript client-based shopping cart program.

Was technical editor on the book, Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours, 3rd Edition by Michael Moncur, publisher: SAMS. Other technical articles I've written.


1998 - 1999    Innovative Solutions Group

Using C on Windows NT, performed software development concentrating on feature extraction algorithms for wetlands, rivers, shorelines, lakes, and ponds. Wrote image file importation functions. Developed texture analysis tools/functions for image quality checking. Created texture tools for feature extraction. Designed a road smoothing algorithm using curve fitting concepts.

1997 - 1998    SFA, Inc.

Using Boland's Turbo C++, performed software development for laboratory experiment control, rotational stages, data accumulation and analysis. Used SAS and ORACLE SQL programs for MQSA data reduction and evaluation. Performed data conversion programming in C. All work was done on Windows 95.

1995 - 1997    Marsh-McBirney, Inc.

Developed extensive body of embedded software and firmware on the 68340 for the Flo-System family of water flow meters, including calculations for correction factors and equations for flow calculations, and software for drill positioning for specialized flow sensors. Performed analog/digital electronics design as needed. Also performed optical design and other studies of flow measurement sensors, and RF Studies and antenna design for underground remote data communication. Also developed other software for internal and customer use. Software was developed with a variety of tools, including Windows 3.1/95, DOS, C, BASIC, and the PIC C Compiler for the PIC16C843.

1995 - 1995    NIST

Built a high-powered IR laser. Subsequently developed programs to interface to the positioning stages for experimentation, and modified these programs for experimental data accumulation. All software was developed in Windows 3.1, using Visual C++, C and Basic.

1986 - 1995    NACE International

Developed an extensive family of programs, including 5 databases using BASIC, C, C++, SQL in ORACLE, B- trieve and db_Vista. Two of these are still the best-selling databases in NACE and NIST history. Also used Physics and Math skills to test and develop necessary algorithms. Managed projects and standards. Developed useful methods to reuse substantial amounts of C code on the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) projects. Was also responsible for managing consultants. Also assisted with assembly programming on the 8088, 80286, 80386, and 80486. Software development also used UNIX, DOS, Windows 3.1, B-trieve, and Visual Basic.

1986 - 1986    Lobbyist Systems Corporation

Managed program development and data entry personnel. Wrote programs to update and correct the Congressional database. Assisted in the management of the database. Installed computer systems and the Novell network. Created and managed the Novell system back-up procedures. Wrote system utilities as needed in C. Documented all back-up and updating procedures, as well as all new programs written. Performed trouble-shooting of clients' computer systems. Software development was performed in DOS BASIC and C.

1983 - 1986    Hunter Associates Lab, Inc.

Designed Concave Holographic grating based spectro-colorimeter. Devised a solution for a filter- crystallization problem. Wrote optical design software. Wrote energy transfer software. Designed the optical alignment procedure for the spectro-colorimeter and helped convert it into software. Software development was performed in DOS BASIC and C.

1982 - 1983    Dynatech Laboratory

Solved optical problems on ELISA-readers, medical instruments. Coordinated consulting software efforts. Wrote interface software for desktop computers to Dynatech optical, microprocessor-based instruments, using RS232, 8-bit parallel, and BCD. Wrote applications programs in various medical disciplines (allergy, blood-typing). Designed and implemented hardware interfacing circuits. Performed 8080 and 8085 embedded programming for an instrument simulator. Also used HP BASIC and programmable calculator language.

1977 - 1982    Pacific Scientific, Gardner/Neotech Instrument Division

Performed optical design for colorimeters, hazemeters, and glossmeters. Developed secondary optical standards in color, gloss, and haze. Developed algorithms for measuring distinctness of reflected image. Solved viscosity standards problems. Wrote colorimeter filter design, ray-trace, and energy transfer software. Also used HP BASIC, programmable calculator language, and assemblers for the 8080, 6800, and 6809.

1976 - 1977    Scanner Systems Division, MRC Corporation

Designed Laser Scanner systems. Designed Laser Scanner optics. Performed endurance and environmental testing of the scanner systems. Performed the studies for the laser compliance to the Bureau of Radiological Health regulations. Software development was performed in BASIC and HP programmable calculator language.


UNIX C, PERL, PHP, AJAX, DB_File, JavaScript, CSS
Windows Servers, XP, 2K, 98, 95, NT C++, C, SAS, Oracle, Java, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, VB 6.0, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NAT, MS SQL
Windows 3.1 C++, C, Basic, Visual Basic, Visual C++
DOS C, Basic, B-trieve, Oracle
8080, 8085 Assembly
8088, 80186, 80286, 80386, 80486 Assembly, Basic, C
80386, 80486 Visual C++, Visual Basic
Pentium C, Borland C++
6800, 6809, 68340 Assembly
68340 C
NEC Vr4310 VxWorks, Assembly

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