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Karras' Corner - Check out this link to read about TV antennas, testing, building, & some seat of the pants reviews. etc. (Started Sep 2012, Last article: Aug 2021)

Hints & Hacks: An Ad-Hoc Heatsink QST August 2021 p 53
Hints & Hacks: Turn a Pair of Pliers Into a "Third Hand" On The Air Mar/Apr 2021 p 30
Hints & Hacks: Colorful Cable Holders On The Air Jan/Feb 2021 p 30
Battery Pack Failure Modes I Have Known Nuts & Volts Digital Edition, Dec 11, 2020 Issue-2, p55-63
Make Your Anderson PowerPoles Reusable On The Air, Nov/Dec 2020, Hints & Hacks, p 30
Build an Adjustable Voltage Add-On for your Power Supply CQ August 2020 p 42-44
Hints & Hacks: Helpful Wooden Spacers QST January 2020 p 65
Super Simple Projects for Learning Soldering and More Nuts&Volts September/October 2018, p 40-44
Bogus Batteries Abound on the Internet CQ June 2018, p 46-49
Two Handy Mods for Your UPS QST September 2013, p 32
An Omnidirectional DTV Antenna - With Gain! * * (My Web Version of this Buid It article) Popular Communications, February 2013, p 10-16
Correspondence from Readers, 1) Perhaps Some More'Neighborly' DTV Assistance?
2) Wanted: Details On the High-Gain UHF DTV Antenna
Popular Communications, November 2011, p 44&45
A Made-For-DTV Mystery (Continued...Part 2) Popular Communications, September 2011, p 21-28
To A Neighbor's Rescue: Now She Can See Her DTV (A Primer on Digital Signal Reception...Part 1) Popular Communications, August 2011, p 12-19
Set Up Your Own Home FM Radio Transmitter Popular Communications, July 2009, p 22-25
The Stealth Loop Antenna (Throw a little more wire in the air) Popular Communications, February 2004, p 6-7
Sometimes The Best Antenna is Not The Best Antenna
Popular Communications, September 2003, p 8-12
ARES/RACES HTML/JavaScript Membership Database WORLDRADIO, April 2003, p 6&7
Phil's Easy Way To Improve Your UHF TV Reception Popular Communications, January 2003, p 6-10
Another Cheaper Automatically 'Safe' Charger   [More] QST Dec 2002 p 72 (Technical Correspondence)
Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours, Michael Moncur Pub: SAMS, June 2002, I was the Technical Editor
Build Phil's CB Semi-Flexible Walkie-Talkie Antenna Popular Communications, Sept 2001, p 14-16
Reusing that Wall Wart Popular Communications, August 2001, p 12-13
Reusing that Wall Wart WORLDRADIO, October 2000, p 24-25
Building an Emergency J-Pole (June 1999, Members Only web site page) The Members Only page was dropped in 2009
Kit Info from KE3FL On-line Article on Keynote # 12, 1997

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Keeping It Simple CQ     March 2020, p 5 & 64 (Our Reader's Say...)
Helpful Wooden Spacers QST   February 2020, p 65 (Hints & Kinks)
Handy Parts Holders QST   October 2019, p 62 (Hints & Hacks)
Plugging the Power Leak (using switching power supplies Wall Warts) QST   April 2015 p 66 (Hints & Kinks)
Emergency Power Switchover Relay QST   August 2014 p 60-61 (Hints & Kinks)
Two Handy Mods for Your UPS: Updates and Comments (September 2013) QST   May 2014 p 58 (Technical Correspondence)
Taking the Heat QST   July 2013 p 62 (Hints & Kinks)
#9129 09/2012 My FM Radio Hates My New High Output Fluorescent Lighting Nuts and Volts   November 2012 p 80 (Answer#3)
Consistent Color Coding Nuts and Volts   July 2012 p 9 & 53 (Reader Feedback)
TechForum: Incandescent Panel Lamp To LED Nuts & Volts, May 2011, Page 78/79 (Question: #2114, Feb 2011)
Yaesu FT-530 Alkaline Battery Pack Repair QST   Feb 2011, p 67-68 (Hints & Kinks)
Powering Your Radio in an Emergency (QST Cover Photo #2) QST   Sep 2008 p 73-73 (Hints & Kinks)
Emergency Batteries QST   May 2008 p 77-78 (Hints & Kinks)
Tuning a Wire J-Pole Antenna QST   Nov 2004 p 65 (Hints & Kinks)
Use a Drip Loop to Keep Water Out QST   Aug 2002 p 56 (Hints & Kinks)
Some JavaScript to Foil Spammers QST   Dec 2001 p 69 (Hints & Kinks)
More on an Improved Connection to RG-6 CATV Coax QST   Nov 2001 p 61 (Hints & Kinks)
Regarding Save-A-Battery--Save $40 QST   Dec 1999 p 65 (Hints & Kinks)
Longer Dial-Lamp Life QST   Aug 1999 p 64 (Hints & Kinks)
QST and Libraries QST   Feb 1998 p 24 (Correspondence)

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