QST 2014 ARTICLES

December 2014
75/50/25  December 1939, December 1964, December 1989  W1AB              102
BOOK:     Make Your Own Tube Testers and Electronic Tube Equipment, AF8L 40-40
BOOK:     Practical Communication Theory, 2nd Edition by Dave Adamy, W1ZR  -51
DOCTOR:   What's the Gain of a 1/4-Wave Monoploe?, W4EJ                  52-53
DOCTOR:   How to measure Transmission Line Loss w Antenna Analyzer N1EQG 53-53
ECLECTIC: Listening for Lightning at VLF, WB8IMY                         54-54
ECOMM:    PUBLICSRV: ARRL Centennial Year in Review, KC1E                66-67
HANDS-ON: Experiment #143 - Delay Circuits, N0AX                         55-56
HINTS:    Mobile Antenna Carrying Case N1AW * Homebrew Mic Stand KD7CLO  57-58
HINTS:    Cleaning Rotary Switch Contacts W4YOK * Till-up Feet KB3VZL    58-58
HINTS:    Code Key Covers AD4W                                           58-58
INSIDE:   The ARRL Laboratory Part 3 - Industry Relations, WJ1B          13-13
INSIDE:   Technical Information Service: TIS                             13-13
NEW:      Cycle 24 Saddle Clamps from DX Engineering                     35-35
PROJECT:  1500 W Centennial AMplifier for the 80-6 Meter Bands, N0KC     30-35
PROJECT:  Transceiver Power Control Accessory, AD5X                      36-40
PROJECT:  HobbyPCB Hardrock-50 160-6 Meter 50W Amplifier Kit, AD5X       44-47
RADIOTIPS Split Frequency Operation, N2EI                                100
REVIEW:   CommRadio CR-1a Communicatinos Receiver, WB8IMY                41-43
REVIEW:   MFJ-4403 Transceiver Voltage Conditioner, AD5X                 48-50
VINTAGE:  Signal/One, Alpha, and Dick Ehrhorn, K9OCO                     98-99
December 2014

November 2014
75/50/25  November 1939 * November 1964, November 1989, W1AB             105
DOCTOR:   Three-wire folded dipole, K4AME * HF Propagation Program N3TTE 65-67
DOCTOR:   Amateur Radio Bands vs Frequencies, N3BGI                      67-67
ECLECTIC: FreeDV Goes Portable, WB8IMY                                   70-70
ECOMM     PUBLICSRV: Operating in Winter, K1CE                           83-85
HANDS-ON: Experiment #142, Inductors at RF, N0AX                         68-69
HINTS:    Build a Current Shunt Resistor, W7SZS *                        73-74
HINTS:    Karo Corrosion Cure, KQ7T * Powerpole Soldering Jig, W7DWS     74-74
HINTS:    Plotting Your ANtenna, WA6CDO                                  74-74
HISTORY:  The USS Shenandoah, cross-continent airship flight,        78-78
NEW:      Multi-Mode Digital Signal Decoder from AOR                     39-39
PROJECT:  Add USB Connectivity to Your Kantronics KPC-3, K5DCM           40-42
REVIEW:   Hilberling PT-8000A MF, HF, and VHF Transceiver, W1ZR          43-52
REVIEW:   OM Power OM2500A HF Power Amplifier, W3IZ Array Solutions      53-56
REVIEW:   ERC-M Rotator Controller & PSTRotatorAZ Control Software, N4ZR 56-57
REVIEW:   Smart Tweezers ST5 LCR Meter, AD5X                             58-59
REVIEW:   MFJ-4603 Antenna Window Feedthrough Panel                      60-61
REVIEW:   Telewave 44AP RF Wattmeter                                     61-63
REVIEW :  Radio Works Caroline Windom 80 Antenna                         63-64
RFI:      Locating RF Interference at HF, W0IVJ                          33-39
SHACK:    Motors and Mechanisms in the Ham Shack, KL7AJ                  30-32
TECH:     Antenna Notes, WR1B                                            71-72
TIPS:     Radio Tips, HF Digital and Audio Overdrive, WB8IMY             42-42
VHF/UHF:  An End-of-Season Look at Trends, N0JK                          94-96
VINTAGE:  The Drake TR-7 Transceiver, WB8IMY                             99-100
November 2014

October 2014
ANTENNA:  Add 40 Meters to a 24-Foot Boom Yagi,                      40-41
ATV:      DATV-Express - A New Low-Cost Digital TV Treansmitter,   30-33
DOCTOR:   Wood Fence Antenna, K0KS * Terminator vs Dummy Load,     55-56
DX:       WebDX Remote Station System, AJ4XM                             53-54
E-COMM:   National Public Safety Telecommunications Council, K1CE        85-86
ECLECTIC: BeagleBone Black does ALE -Automatic Link Establishment WB8IMY 42-42
ECLECTIC: Portable Fresnel Rings (for UHF RF focusing) AC7ZL             42-42
HANDS-ON: Experiment #141 Window Comparaors and Null Detectors           57-58
HINTS:    Light Emitting Noisemaker, W4KDN * Ryobi Power Adapter, VE6BGL 62-63
HINTS:    2 Meter Vehical Vertical Beam, W6ND * KX3 Mount Bracket, KF6KFG63-63
HINTS:    Coax Connector Plate, N8ERF * More on the Switchover Relay     64-64
HISTORY:  The FM Revolution, WA6ITF                                      98-99
HISTORY:  75, 50, and 25 Years Ago, Al Brogdon, W1AB                     102
NEW:      bhi Dual In-Line Noise Reduction Module, or: gap - w4rt        61-61
NEW:      Pasive Audio CW Filter Kit from the Xtal Set Society midnight  61-61
NEW:      Amateur Television Application Notes from KH6HTV               61-61
NEWS:     ARRL's Role in Canada, K1ZZ                                    80-81
PROJECT:  A CW Adapter for the Collins KWM-2A Transceiver, F6DFZ         36-39
REVIEW:   Alinco DX-SR9T HF Transciever, remtronix distributor           43-48
REVIEW:   Elecraft KXPA-100 Amplifier & KXAT100 Automatic Antenna Tuner  48-52
TEACHING: The Decibel, W1GHZ                                             59-60
October 2014

September 2014
ANTENNA:  Antenna Masts: Safety and Selection, K4ZA                      30-32
COMPUTER: XP to Linux: The "Why" for Hams, WA6SAZ                        33-36
DOCTOR:   Top loading on 160 m Vertical? * Old plug with cloth help?     59-60
DOCTOR:   Making Baluns * Advantages to matching antenna to RX input?    60-61
DOCTOR:   Best sequence using equalizer and audio filters?               X
ECLECTIC: Communication Without Infrastructure, WB8IMY                   48-48
ECOMM:    Memoranda of Understanding, K1CE                               79-80
HANDS-ON: Experiment #140, RF Measurement Tools, N0AX      *****         64-66
HINTS:    ARPSdroid $4.95 * Does the Case Fit? Modify ur case 4 voice in 67-68
HINTS:    Tensioner Weight COntrol * See that SMD                        68-68
HISTORY:  The Dawn of Single Side Band & the Story of the Drake 1-A K2RB 95-96
HISTORY:  75, 50, and 25 Years Ago, Al Brogdon, W1AB                     104
INFO:     Radio Tips, Picking a Microphone, W1ZR                         47-47
NEW:      SigTrax Signal Tracking App $4, sigtrax *                      43-43
NEW:      Cable Entry Wall Plates from KF7P Metalwerks, $9, 10, $16      43-43
PROJECT:  A CTCSS Generator and 12/24 Hour CLock, W5ET                   44-47
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTM-400DR & FT1DR Dual Band Analog/Digital Transceivers  49-57
REVIEW:   Hy Power Antenna Company LD8073 (80m Short Dipole) $60 + ship  57-58
TECH:     A New Life for an SB-610 Montor Scpoe, WA0TTN                  37-43
TECH:     Wideband Digital Quadrature LO Generator, WR1B                 62-63
VHF/UHF:  2 Meter Sporadic E Lights Up June, N0JK                        88-90
September 2014

August 2014
ANTENNA:  A Tape Measure Vertical Antenna, KF5FNP                        33-35
DOCTOR:   How Do You Get 120V AC to Your Station, WA9PIE, W1ZR           55-55
DOCTOR:   Information on Horizontal HF Loop Antennas, N9ACQ, W1ZR        55-56
DOCTOR:   What is it with a fuse on the Negative Wire?, WA6LVC, W1ZR     56-56
ECLECTIC: Faster Than a Speeding Spqacecraft, WB8IMY                     57-57
HAMVENTN: Hamvention 2014 Recap, W1BXY                                   65-67
HANDS-ON: Experiment #139 Digital Code Basics, N0AX                      58-59
HINTS:    Emergency Power Switchover relay, KE3FL                        60-61
HINTS:    SignaLink USB Modifications, AB8VJ                             61-61
HINTS:    A Part-Cleaning Jig, KC0ZNG * Whistling Whip fix, WA1OUI       61-62
HINTS:    Underlight Improves TS-990 Visibility, WA2IKL                  62-62
HINTS:    Dog Chow Rig Protection, KE5HDF                                62-62
HISTORY:  Giuseppe Biagi: Forgotten Radio Operator, WN1M                 63-64
POWER:    Emergency Ppower Switchover relay, KE3FL                       60-61
PROJECT:  A Tube-Based Bench Supply for Tube Projects, KC0ZNG            30-32
PROJECT:  Antenna Feed Line Control Box, AD5X                            40-44
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Rebel Model 506 Transceiver, KW5GP                     45-48
REVIEW:   Tecsun PL-880 Multiband Portable Receiver, WB1GCM              49-51
REVIEW:   DX Engineering AAPS3-1P Receiving Array, N0AX                  51-54
TECH:     Noise-Dealing with the Buzz, W1ZR & AA6E                       36-39
VHF/UHF:  An App for E-Skip - Android at Google Play Store               57-57
VHF/UHF:  New 902 MHz Tropo Record! N0JK                                 92-94
VINTAGE:  The TEN-TEC Power Mites, WB8IMY                                97-98
August 2014

July 2014
DOCTOR:   How to I test/adjust my double Zepp? Bob KA7IJJ                55-56
DOCTOR:   How do I eliminate noise in my radio? Larry HK2LS              56-56
DOCTOR:   Mobile operation grounding/connecting the frame                56-56
ECLECTIC: Crowdfunding for Amateur Radio Technology, WB8IMY              61-61
FUTURE:   Personal Visions: Wonder and Discovery, K1CE                   97-97
HANDS-ON: Experiment #138, E Versus V - N0AX                             59-60
HINTS:    Grounding Tubes, Radial Plates, & Dipping Coils                65-66
HINTS:    An Improved Ground Connection, N3DQ * Radio Plate, N5LB        65-66
HINTS:    Homebrew Dip Coils for MFJ-259/269, W6NBC *                    66-66
HINTS:    Recycle Wire Spreaders, EA4DUT * Cable Control, AD4W           66-66
HISTORY:  Clarence D. Tuska: Radio Pioneer, ARRL Founder, K6VK           67-69
PROJECT:  Improving S-Meter Linearity for Collins S-Line Receivers, W5QN 34-37
PROJECT:  Build a Ribbon Microphone, W6LX                                42-44
REVIEW:   Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, N0AX                      45-51
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Blue Interface, WB8IMY ~$200    52-54
REVIEW:   K4TR 30, 17, and 12 Meter G5RV Antenna, KI1U                  54-54
TECH:     Crystal Phasing Revisited, WR1B                                62-64
TEST:     Using Triangular Waves to Test & Tune Linear Amplifiers, K4ERO 38-41
VHF/UHF:  MMIC Low-Noise Amplifiers, W1GHZ                               57-58
VINTAGE:  The Gonset Communicator, WB1GCM                                95-96
July 2014

June 2014
ANTENNA:  A Portable Two-Element 6 Meter Quad Antenna, N8PR              30-32
ANTENNA:  A Low Profile Two-Element 40 Meter Wire Beam, N6NC             36-37
ANTENNA:  High Performance Antenna Systems for the Motivated Ham, K5RC   66-69
DOCTOR:   Does a Vertical's Height or Electrical Length Tell the Story   53-54
DOCTOR:   Ten-Tec trips on 40m but not on 80m both with 4:1 SWR, why?    54-54
DOCTOR:   Considering all the computers in a car is the power still bad? 54-54
ECLECTIC: Just in Time for Fieldday: More CubeSats!                      57-57
HANDS-ON: Experiment #137 Choosing a Feed Line, uses TLW SW, N0AX        55-56
HINTS:    Antenna Pully from Discarded CDs W6YE *                        58-58
HINTS:    Bow and Arrow Tips WA8MHO * More on Remote RFI K8TMP *         58-59
HINTS:    An Inexpensive Wire Antenna Winder N9YPN *                     59-60
HINTS:    Laser PCB Locator IV3TEK                                       60-60
HISTORY:  Polar Exploration, WN1M                                        63-65
PROJECT:  A Vacuum Variable Antenna Coupler, ZL2AL                       33-35
PUBLICATN Publications for Members, WJ1B * ARRL Letter * Audio News *    13-13
PUBLICATN The ARES E-Letter * CONTACT! on web site                       13-13
REVIEW:   SSB Electronic Zeus ZS-1 Software Defined MF/HF Transceiver    43-47
REVIEW:   Oscium iMSO-204 Portable Oscilloscope, N1II                    48-50
REVIEW:   SteppIR CrankIR Portable HF and VHF Monopole, W1ZR             51-52
RFI:      Grow Lights and Other Annoyances, K1ZZ (Lumatek LK-1000 balst) 09-09
SAFETY:   Field Dat Teardown: Keeping it Safe, N2EI                      70-71
SOFTWARE: ...Improved Version of Transmission Line for Windows, W1ZR     38-40
TECH:     The J Factor, Complex Impedance isn't Complicated, AG1YK       41-42
June 2014

May 2014
ANTENNA:  A Monobander for Going Mobile on 17 Meters, VE6AB              30-32
ANTENNA:  Fishing for DX with a Five Band Portable Antenna, AB4QL        36-41
ANTENNA:  A Motorized Mobile Antenna Flip-Up Mount, WB5VNX               42-44
ANTENNA:  A Coaxial Cable vertical Dipole Antenna, K2ATY                 45-47
APRS:     The HandiTracker: An Automatic Packet R.S. Tracker, NJ7C       33-35
APRS:     The HandiTracker: An APRS Tracker, NJ7C Automatic Packet       33-35
DOCTOR:   What benifit is there to adding more vertical antennas?        60-61
DOCTOR:   What are the consequences of using two different types of coax?   61
DOCTOR:   Is it benificial to use a tuner to input of linear amplifier?  61-61
DOCTOR:   What is the gain of my VHF/UHF antenna, are these numbers real?   61
ECLECTIC: High-Speed Multimedia Goes Beyond the Linksys WRT54G, WB8IMY   65-65
HANDS-ON: Experiment #136  End-Fed Antennas, N0AX                        63-64
HINTS:    Rope Snagger, WA1QKT * Thrust Bearing Umbrella, W8REH *        66-66
HINTS:    ADI Mic Repairs, W9MT * Burying Radials, W8HGH *               66-67
HINTS:    Yaesu MH-34 Mic, KF6EOJ * More on Remote RFI, K8TMK *          67-67
HINTS:    No Hemingways Needed (for Hints pieces) hk                     67-67
HISTORY:  The Transatlantic Tests, WN1M                                  72-73
MOBILE:   Temporary Mobile Installations, N1GY                           48-50
NEW:      MFJ HF/VHF/UHF Triplexers  (MFJ-492S, MFJ-4762C, MFJ-4936S...) 49-49
REVIEW:   Palstar HF-Auto High Power & 6 Meter Automatic Antenna Tuner   51-53
REVIEW:   iPortable iP60z Antenna Analyzer ~$250 (one-hand operation)    54-55
REVIEW:   Array Solutions AS-RXFEP Receiver Front End Protector          56-57
SHORT:    Timewave Navigator Digital Interface, WB8IMY                   62-62
TECH:     UPS and Audio Updates, A UPS Between Your Generator and        58-59
TECH:     sensitive Equipment is a Good Idea, K3YZ (2/14)                58-59
TECH:     Two Handy Mods for Your UPS: Updates and Comments KE3FL (9/13) 58-59
TECH:     Done in One: Voltage-Controlled Audio Oscillator WA6IVG(10/13) 58-59
TIPS:     Coaxial Cable, WB8IMY                                          47-47
VINTAGE:  Gotham Memories, WB8IMY                                        93-94
May 2014

April 2014
ANTENNA:  A 10 Meter Moxon Antenna, K4ZLE                                44-45
ANTENNA:  Omnidirectional Hentenna, N1II                                 48-50
DIGITAL:  D-Terminal: Arduino Meets D-STAR, N3BAH                        30-32
DIGITAL:  A Tiny Python Panadapter, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi micro, AA6E 33-38
DIGITAL:  Chat with the H4FSK Virtual TNC, WB8IMY                        64-64
ECOMM:    High-Speed Networking: Time to Net Its Benifits, K1CE          80-81
REAL?:    Crystal Phasing, a control on vitange receivers, KL7AJ         42-43
HANDS-ON: Experiment #135 Crimp Connectors, N0AX                         65-66
HINTS:    Paper Clip Paddle, N2OH * The Buzz on CW, KE2HF *              67-68
HINTS:    Stabilizing a Portable Key, AE5KA * Run HamCalc on Ubuntu AD1B 68-68
HINTS*:   Tunetenna* AG1YK                                               69-69
HISTORY:  Extending the Limits, WN1M (Decades surrounding WW I)          72-74
HISTORY:  75, 50, 25 Years Ago, W1AB                                     100
NEW:      MFJ-266C HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer                           32-32
NEW:      bhi Desktop DSP Noise Canceling Speaker, destributer USA1 USA2 43-43
NEW*:     IIGOOS, New type of coax*, W6NBC                               45
OPERATE:  Log-less Logging, computer logging software, AG1YK             75-75
OPINION:  Personal Visions - Amateur Radio: The Next 25 Years, VE6SH     95-95
PROJECT:  A Series Resistance Meter Using Operational Amplifiers, KG4BZW 39-41
REVIEW:   Wouxun KG-UV920P-A Duel Band FM Transceiver, $260/mobile KN4AQ 51-54
REVIEW:   Array Solutions AS-SAL-20 Shared Apex Loop Array RX Ant K9LA   55-58
SHORT:    MFJ-902B Antenna Tuner, WB8IMY                                 61-61
VHF/UHF:  Diffraction, Scattering, and Reflections, W1GHZ                62-63
VINTAGE:  The Heathkit DX-60 Transmitter, WB1GCM                         96-97
WEB:      .      G4HUA                                                        X
          * - April Fools Stories
April 2014

March 2014
ANTENNA:  Designing a Shortened Vertical for 75 and 160 Meters, DK6ED    30-34
ANTENNA:  A Simple 40 Meter Vertical Antenna for DX  K4ZHM               35-37
ANTENNA:  160Meters - or Bust!, WB2HTO                                   38-39
ANTENNA:  Nested Loop Antennas (20, 17, 15, 12, 10m) N3FJP               40-41
BANDS:    US Amateur Radio Bands                                         77-77
BOOK:     Wireless At War, VK2AQJ, ISBN: 978-1922013477  $28.45+Kindle   37-37
DOCTOR:   Best practice for coating, not coating connections? KF7JCK     52-52
DOCTOR:   Which is better Tube or Solid State Amplifiers? Ken, KC8Y      52-53
DOCTOR:   Screw Driver Antenna with hat, How important is whip? N1IOK    53-53
ECLECTIC: 3D Printing Arrives, WB8IMY                                                         59-60
EDITOR:   Personal Visions: Ham Radio 2.0 (The next 100 years) N0AX      95-95
ECOMM:    Public Service: Observations on Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines    81-83
FUTURE:   Personal Visions: Ham Radio 2.0 (The next 100 years) N0AX      95-95
HANDS-ON: Experiment #134 Effects of Junction Temperature N0AX           55-56
HINTS:    Transceiver Conversion for the R-390A, N8ZRY                   58-59
HINTS:    DX to NVIS, mobile whip, WB6AGR * RFI by Remote, K0ABP         59-60
HINTS:    Fixing LED Flashlights, W4MEC * Hang Your Mic, VA3DDN          60-60
HISTORY:  The League During World War I, WN1M                            64-71
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-252 and FT-257 Handheld Transceivers N0AX             42-45
REVIEW:   MFJ-225 Graphical Antenna Analyzer AD5X                        45-48
SHORT:    InnovAntennas DESpole 20/15/10 Meter Rotary Dipole, K1RO       54-54
TECH:     Antenna Issues: Balls of Fire, on the antenna, ideas? WB1EEU   49-49
TECH:     Use Your Mobile Station as a Base Antenna Platform K0BG        49-49
TECH:     Predicting Sag in Wire Antennas AA7FV & More on same W1DQ      49-51
TECH:     A Battery Monitor for 12 V Systems VA3DDN                      51-51
VINTAGE:  The Reinartz Tuner, K2TQN                                      96-97
March 2014

February 2014
ANTENNA:  A Stealth Antenna for HF, 160-10m W9LD                         30-32
ANTENNA:  A 40-Meter Vertical Antenna for Small Spaces, W6NBC            46-48
ARRL:     ARRL Helps Manufacturer to Resolve Arc Fault Circuit problems  83-83
COMMENT:  Reflecting on the Thrill of Amateur Radio, N5ZGT               98-98
DOCTOR:   Generator and UPS, Mobile NVIS antenna, Fastening cables       62-63
DOCTOR:   Two Band Trap Dipole, Cabon Composition resistor replacements  63-64
DOCTOR:   Short mismatched transmission lines less loss than matched     64-64
DX:       Father and Son DXpedition to St Barts, N5WR                    76-77
DX:       Pileup Misbehavior, W3UR                                       90-91
ECLECTIC: FreeDV Evolves (free Digital voice software) WB8IMY            52-52
ECLECTIC: Inflatable Antennas in Space * The Grand Satellite List WB8IMY 52-52
ECOMM:    Wildfire Communications: Fog and friction, K1CE                85-86
FCC:      Plans Announced to Update the Communications Act of 1934       81-82
HANDS-ON: Experiment #133 Extended Double Zepp Antenna, N0AX             66-67
HINTS:    Vacuum Variable Capacitor Substitute/Oil filled, W5THT         68-69
HINTS:    Induction Coupling of Transceiver Audio to hearing aid AI6G    69-69
HINTS:    Framing Bracket Mast Support, N5LB * HamCall on Ubuntu AD1B    69-70
HINTS:    Whip Tip N5QO * Removing Old Coax Sealant WA9UKW               70-70
HINTS:    Removing Wire Corrosion W1MTX * LED Meter Light Upgrade N2HO   70-71
HINTS:    Saw Horse Solution (temp antenna mounting) KK4RVL              71-71
HISTORY:  Hiram Percy Maxim (A look into the life of the old man) W2PA   72-75
HISTORY:  75, 50, and 25 Years Ago, W1AB                                 101
NEW:      Journal of the Cave Radio and Electronics Group                61-61
NEW:      Solderless BNC Connectors for LMR-400 Cable, Times Micro Sys   61-61
PROJECT:  A 10 Meter Beacon Transmitter, W7JI                            33-35
PROJECT:  Two Encoders for the TEN-TEC Orion Band-Output Signals, AD5X   43-45
RADIOTIP: Dummy Loads                                                    97-97
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-990S HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, WW1ME.             53-61
SPACE:    Solar Banners-A Propagation Resource, AG1YK                    78-79
SHORT:    HF Projects HF Packer-Amp, WB1AAL $260 Home Brew Project       65-65
TECH:     Using Your Grid Dip Oscillator, KL7AJ                          40-42
TECH:     Real Signal Reports in Real Time, WB8IMY                       49-51
VHF/UHF:  November Conditions Spawn Spectacular F2 Opening, N0JK         92-94
VINTAGE:  The Life of John L. Reinartz, K6BJ, 1XAM, 1QP * K2TQN          96-97
WEB:      Solar Banners - A Propagation Resource, AG1YK                  78-79
February 2014

January 2014
ANTENNA:  Screwdriver Antenna Atop a Light Stand, WA7BSR                 35-37
ANTENNA:  WRAPS: A Portable Satellite Antenna Rotator System, WA8SME     43-45
ARRL:     More Thoughts on PIOs, KX9X                                    X
DOCTOR:   Forecasts are Best Guess - Here's Why It Pays to Listen, W1ZR  60-61
ECLECTIC: "Toys" for the New Year, WB8IMY * Mobilinkd * DVRPTR * CQ-DATV 50-50
ECLECTIC: "Toys" for the New Year, WB8IMY, more * SSB Pile Up Trainer    50-50
ECOMM:    Major Oregon SET Leads Officials to Call for More Hams, K1CE   79-80
HANDS-ON: Experiment #132 Resistor Networks, N0AX                        63-64
HINTS:    SMT Soldering Hints W7IEQ * Fuse Audit K6YR *                  67-68
HINTS:    Equipment Drying Tip KC9SYN                                    68-68
HISTORY:  The Beginning, WN1M                                            69-70
HISTORY:  A 1922 Transatlantic Story, K2TQN WebSite                      94-95
NEW:      Light Rover Portable Mast Kit $300 and more                    57-57
NEW:      Lightweight An tennas from SOTAbeams                           64-64
PAPER:    One Thousand Miles Per Watt, N2EI                              71-72
PROJECT:  Cooking Up an HF Amplifier from Microwave Ovens, W0XEUK4ERON0A 30-34
PROJECT:  Virtual Radar from a Digital TV Dongle, W9RAN R820T, RTL2832   38-42
PROJECT:  A Modern Keyed VFO for Vintage Transmitters, AA8V              46-49
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTDX1200 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, W1ZR                51-57
SHORT:    Kolin Industries 2Q-Lite Headset, W1ZR                         62-62
TECH:     Use a Signal Sampler to Monitor Your Transmitted Signals, WR1B 58-59
VHF/UHF:  Bandscopes, Waterfalls, and Software Defined Radios, W1GHZ     65-66
VHF/UHF:  Long Path on 6 Meters, N0JK                                    89-91
VINTAGE:  A Modern Keyed VFO for Vintage Transmitters, AA8V              46-49
January 2014
                                 QST 2013 ARTICLES

December 2013
ANTENNA:  Coax to Open-Wire Line Balun, N0AX - Baluns.pdf                 49-50
ANTENNA:  An Easy to Make Two Band HF Ground Plane, W1ZR                 35-37
DOCTOR:   Horizontal Antennas have an Edge *                             46-47
DOCTOR:   Why does my 100' horizontal dipole do so well?                 46-47
DOCTOR:   Does Paint Efftect the performance of a vertical antenna?      47-47
ECLECTIC: First Amateur Radio App for Google Glass, WB8IMY               51-51
ECLECTIC: WSJT-X Has Gone "Bilingual" - JT9 & JT65, WB8IMY               51-51
HANDS-ON: Experiment #131 Coax to Open-Wire Line Balun N0AX              49-49
HINTS:    Simple Solar Power for AM Radio, N8ERF                         52-53
HINTS:    A Piano Palys Radio, Piano Wire Antenna, W3BIF                 53-53
HINTS:    More on the One Trim Dipole, AG1YK the error is fixed here -pk 53-53
HINTS:    Using Fldigi for VFO Control, http://ubuntuforums.org/ AD1B    X
HINTS:    Mag Mount Sealer, N1YPS * Heavy Duty Altoids Tin, W9WGV        53-53
MODES:    How Much "Punch" Can You Get from Different Modes? KE4PT N0ADL 30-32
PROJECT:  Making the Switch to LEDs, Kenwood SAW-2000 SWR Meter, WA2HMM  X
PROJECT:  Modern Breadboarding Tools and Techniques, N9NP                38-41
REVIEW:   Icom ID-51A Dual Band Handheld Transceiver with D-STAR K1CE    42-45
SOFTWARE: Short Takes: DXLab Suite, WB8IMY                               48-48
December 2013

November 2013
ANTENNA:  Easy Operation of the G5RV ANtenna on 160 Meters, K0BXB        40-41
ANTENNA:  Center Feed Support for a Dipole Antenna, WB5TGF               50-51
ANTENNA:  The AlexLoop Walkham Portable Antenna AD5X                     67-67
DOCTOR:   Why Match Impedance to Deliver Max Power?                      65-65
DOCTOR:   Antenna Analyzer for 5o Ohm measureing 75 Ohm system error     65-66
DOCTOR:   Vertical Yagi on metal mast interactions                       66-66
ECOMM:    Editorial Strikes a Chord, It only takes one screwup! K1CE     85-86
HANDS-ON: Experiment #130 A Double-Duty Communications Speaker N0AX      68-69
HINTS:    Wire Joining/Splicing Techniques, KG4CQK                       71-71
HINTS:    Chalk Real Antenna KN1O * Inner Tube Waterproofing N5VTU       71-72
HINTS:    RFI from Electronic Lighting Ballast N3ARU                     72-72
HINTS:    EchoLink on Linux AD1B * Off the Shelf Expander W2TAC          72-72
HISTORY:  The Telegrapher's "Mill" WB2LQF                                75-77
HISTORY:  A Lost Treasure returns, Novice TXer back at ARRL K2TQN        98-99
LETTERS:  Letters from Our Members, Musical Morse, Dumbing Down...Or Not 24-24
MOBILE:   Up Front: Have Trike Will Travel, K1JAO                        20-20
MOBILE:   Resonate Your Mobile Antenna with a Variometer, K7RQ           34-36
OPERATE:  CW Skimmer, $75 computer program, VA7DZ                        42-43
OPERATE:  Adventure Portable, Part III: Rocky Mountain High, KC0MAX      73-74
POWER:    Your Portable Generator to the rescue, W1MG                    44-49
POWER:    Green Power Sparks Radio Excitement, Romainian hams KR0CK      78-80
PROJECT:  A Digital Dial Update for the Kenwood TS-520S Transevr, VW7BQO 37-39
PROJECT:  A Cascaded Current Transformer RF Coupler, 40 dB level, N0KC   52-53
PROJECT:  A Double-Duty Communications Speaker N0AX                      68-69
REVIEW:   SPE Expert 2K-FA Solid State Linear Amplifier  $5000 & $8000   54-56
REVIEW:   Peaberry V2 Software Defined Transceiver, Kit & Case +3dwnlods 57-59
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio CBA-IV Battery Analyzer ~$160              59-61
RFI:      RFI from Electronic Lighting Ballast N3ARU                     72-72
SPACE:    "Ham Video" Transmitter Now Abord the ISS WW1ME                83-83
SEEMS2US: Distracted Driving Legislation: Proceed With Caution, K1ZZ     9-9
SOFTWARE: CW Skimmer, $75 computer program, VA7DZ                        42-43
SSTV:     SSTV Video Beacon at 88,000 Feet, K7GGG                        30-33
TECH:     More Citizen Science (Measuring Noise) WR1B                    62-64
UPGRADE:  Upgrading Your License, WJ1B                                   13-13
November 2013

October 2013
ANTENNA:  Dipoles Atop a Vertical, N7FF                                  30-35
ANTENNA:  The Cookie Tin Antenna - Making it Work, W6NBC                 39-41
ANTENNA:  The Mixing Bowl Special, N9MW                                  46-47
ATV:      Amateur TV...By Laser!, WB8IMY                                 64-64
BOOK:     World War II Radio Heroes - Letters of Compassion (2nd Ed)     X
DOCTOR:   It Takes More than Two Antennas to Make an Omnidirectional A   57-58
DOCTOR:   Combining Power Amps or Transmitters? * Two Antenna Tuners...  57-57
DOCTOR:   Using Radials with Vertical? * End Fed Dipole? * W1ZR          57-58
HANDS-ON: Experiment #129 Wye-Delta and Pi-T Circuits                    62-63
HINTS:    Swapping Batteries, Remote Control and Trimming a Dipole       65-67
HINTS:    Battery Replacement Yaesu DVS-2, KT4AD                         65-66
HINTS:    Low Hassle Remote control, W0IH * Installing Coax, K6BUK       66-67
HINTS:    A One Trim Dipole, W7PV * Powerpole Clip, KB1NXE               67-67
HINTS:    Mobile Mic Holder, KD8HYT * Altoids Mini Tins, N4ZHG           67-67
HINTS:    Oversized Punches, K3ZEY                                       67-67
HISTORY:  Pioneers of Wireless, WN1M                                     68-71
HISTORY:  K2TQN's Mobile Museum  A wealth of vintage gear in an RV...   99-100
HISTORY:  75, 50, and 25 Years Ago, Al Brogdon, W1AB                     104
INFO:     Light Bulbs and RFI - A Closer Look, W1MG                      42-45
IN ONE:   Voltage-Controlled Audio Oscillator, N1II                      48-48
NEW:      MFJ-2910 80/160 Meter Matching Network for 43' Verticals #2908 35-35
NEW:      NHRC-2.1 Repeater Controller                                   35-35
NEW:      DX Engineering Deburring Kit, DXE-UT-KIT-DBR                   47-47
NEW:      DESpole Multiband Antenna from InnovAntennas                   56-56
NEW:      2Q-lite Headset from Kolin Industries * MacLoggerDX Ver 5.48   71-71
NEWS:     Scouts Snare Spacecraft, KD5PDN                                80-82
NEWS:     ARRL to FCC: Receiver Immunity Standards Unnecessary, WW1ME    83-84
NEWS:     Teachers Get Hands-On technology Training Robots Radio, WW1ME  84-85
OPERATE:  Adventure Portable, Part II: Rocky Mountain High, KC0MAX       75-76
PROJECT:  Solar Cooper, solar power your radios in your car, KJ6JAY      20-20
PUBLIC:   Search and Rescue, K1CE                                        87-88
QEX:      210MHz Four-Square, Blood Lead Levels in Australian AR Ops     41-41
QEX:      A Model for Sporadic E: Meteors + Wind Shear + Lorentz Force   41-41
QEX:      Frequency Synthesis and Impacts on Receiver Performance...     41-41
QEX:      Line of Sight Signal Path Analysis Using Google Earth.         41-41
REVIEW:   Rigol DS1052 and Tektronix TBS1042 Oscilloscopes, AD5X         49-52
REVIEW:   Anytone AT-5888UV Dual Band FM Transceiver, KN4AQ              53-56
SHORT:    Hamcrafters WinKeyer USB Memory Keyer, WB8IMY $79              59-59
STRAYS:   A YL Report on "The Day of YLs", KU6F                          105
VHF/UHF:  EME-A New DXCC Challenge, WA6MQF                               36-38
VHF/UHF:  EME-Easier Than You Think, W1GHZ                               60-61
VHF/UHF:  Remote Stations & ethical questions, N0JK                      96-97
VINTAGE:  K2TQN's Mobile Museum  A wealth of vintage gear in an RV...   99-100
YL:       Strays: A YL Reports on "The Day of YLs", KU6F                 105
October 2013

September 2013
ANTENNA:  Protecting Your Rotator, WB0EQ/VE6EQR                          30-31
ANTENNA:  A 21 MHz Four Squar Beam Antenna, G3NPC                        33-40
ARES:     Public Service APRS with the Garmin Montana, WB8IMY            48-48
ARES:     Taking the Mystery Out of ARES-The Role of the PIO, KO1F       66-67
ARES:     NBEMS Today: New features Improve Usability, W3YJ              70-71
ARES:     2013 Simulated Emergency Test, Lunchbox Go Kit, WV1X  FORMS    72-72
ARES:     Public Service: Hams at Hazard, K1CE                           77-77
APRS:     Public Service APRS with the Garmin Montana, WB8IMY            48-48
DOCTOR:   Inverted V or Horizontal Dipole, What's the Difference?, W1ZR  56-57
DOCTOR:   Antenna Analyzer and sign of Impedance? * Extra Mobile Coax?   57-57
DOCTOR:   500 Foot Hill 5500 feet away, is it blocking my signal?        57-58
ECOMM:    Public Service APRS with the Garmin Montana, WB8IMY            48-48
ECOMM:    Taking the Mystery Out of ARES-The Role of the PIO, KO1F       66-67
ECOMM:    NBEMS Today: New features Improve Usability, W3YJ              70-71
HANDS-ON: Experiment #128 Phasers, Part Three, N0AX                      60-61
HINTS:    Shack in the Rack, K3QF * Color Coded Cables, KB5HOV           62-63
KIT:      FiFi Software Defined Receiver, K1RO FUNKAMATEUR               49-51
KIT:      MeterBuilding MB-1 Programmable RF Power Meter, WR1B           52-55
NEWS:     Changes to Encryption Rules Not Necessary, HAARP to shut down  74-75
NEWS:     Canada Seeks New 472-479 kHz Ham band                          75-76
OPERATE:  Adventure Portable, Part I: Rocky Mountain High, KC0MAX        68-69
POWER:    Two Handy Mods for Your UPS, KE3FL                             32-32
PROJECT:  Two Handy Mods for Your UPS, KE3FL                             32-32
PROJECT:  Done In One: Audio Voltmeter, N1II                             41-41
PROJECT:  Build An Audio Distribution System, KF7PB                      42-45
SHORT:    I.C. Engineering Digi-Field, Field Strength Meter, WB8IMY $239 59-59
STRAYS:   "Stack Exchange" Needs Your Help * NYC and the World of Radio  89-89
TEACHING: Decibels and dBm Demystified, W1ICW Converter, Chart           46-47
TECH:     Fun With Old Style Simple Transmitters, N7KSB                  64-65
TECH:     Set your Radio & Software for Proper RTTY Operation, KE4PT     65-65
VHF/UHF:  Comments on the 4 Meter Band, N0JK                             90-91
VINTAGE:  Earl Abbott, W2FTT (SK), K2TQN                                 96-97
W1AW:     Visiting W1AW, WJ1B                                            13-13
September 2013

August 2013
ANTENNA:  Build this Two Element 30 Meter Beam W0WP, W3ACO               37-39
DOCTOR:   Why do Mixers Need to be Nonlinear? * Vertical Antenna Phasing 50-51
ECOMM:    Oklahoma Hams Respond Following Devastating Tornado, WW1ME     67-69
ECOMM:    HQ's Emergency Response Team, K1CE                             71-72
HANDS-ON: Experiment #127 Phasors, Part Two N0AX                         53-54
HINTS:    Curing Erratic Tuning, KI4RK* Rescue Plug Saves Battery, AB8VJ 55-56
HINTS:    Small Antenna Mount N9MW * Mobile Pass-through Panel K5XY      56-56
HINTS:    Angle Bracket Panel Supports, K1SG *                           56-56
HINTS:    Improvised Radial Tie Point W9RS * More On Battery B+ AG1YK    56-57
NEW:      Lightweight HF Vertical Antennas from MFJ MFJ-2982 & MFJ-2980  57-57
OPERATE:  There's a Ham Band at 900 MHz? WB4U                            34-36
OPERATE:  Don't Blame the Sun! KL7AJ                                     40-41
OPERATE:  More Meteors SpaceWeather RoswellMeteor RadioMeteors Group     42-42
OPERATE:  Ragchewing 101, WB4ZKA                                         65-65
PROJECT:  A Bluetooth Radio Headset Adapter, KG4JJH                      30-33
REVIEW:   TEN-TEC 539 Argonaut VI HF QRP Transceiver W1ZR  ~$1000        43-45
REVIEW:   WF5Y Battery Booster, by GrumpyShop - AD5X (Not so good)       48-49
SHORT:    Ham Radio Delux Versino 6.0 - WB8IMY - $99                     52-52
VINTAGE:  Hollywood Meets Hallicrafters, in the movie: "Paranoia", K2TQN 97-98
August 2013

July 2013
ANTENNA:  The Real 2 Meter Q-Pole, April Fool's to REAL antenna, KL7AJ   37-38
ANTENNA:  Magnetic Loop Antennas, WR1B, web calculators: AA5TB/66PACIFIC 51-53
BOOK:     Build Your Own Transistor Radios, KI6AZB, ISBN:9780071799706   43-43
DOCTOR:   Want new antenna for 10m to reach 70 miles, good explination   54-55
ECLECTIC: More Satellites on the Way, WB8IMY                             59-59
ECLECTIC: Part 97 Map App for iPhone * A Printed Paddle, WB8IMY          59-59
ECOMM:    Staying the Course, experiences at 2013 Boston Marathon, W1EVE 65-67
ECOMM:    2012 Simulated Emergency Test Results, WV1X                    70-72
ECOMM:    Heartbreak Hill, attack at 2013 Boston Marathon, K1CE          77-79
HANDS-ON: Experiment #126 Phasors, Part One, N0AX                        60-61
HINTS:    Keeping Cool, Keeping Quiet and Keeping Covered, AG1YK         62-64
HINTS:    Taking the Heat, KE3FL * Flame Soldering, WB8FEC *             62-62
HINTS:    Repairing the IC-27/37/47 Squelch, W9MT *                      62-63
HINTS:    Dollar Store Key Cover, KA3IXF * StepperIR Storm Safety, N4DK  63-64
HISTORY:  Handheld PTT, W3EX                                             64-74
MOBILE:   Use your Mobile Station as a Base Antenna Platform, W1ZR       39-40
OP-ED:    A Different Approach to Poor Propagation, WA6ARA               98-98
PROJECT:  A Miniature SSTV Camera to PIC Interface, WA8SME               34-36
PROJECT:  LED Facelift for Digital Displays, WD4MKL                      41-43
REVIEW:   Antenna Tuners: MFJ-9982, Palstar AT2K and AT2KD               44-48
REVIEW:   Array Solutions VNAuhf Vector Network Analyzer, Phil SalasAD5X 49-50
SAT:      It Seems To Us: CubeSats, K1ZZ                                 9-9
SAT:      More Satellites on the Way, WB8IMY                             59-59
SHORT:    Comet CMX-2300 Dual SWR/Power Meter, WB8IMY                    56-56
VHF/UHF:  Sun Noise - A Valuable System Measurement, W1GHZ               57-58
VHF/UHF:  The 4 Meter Band - A New Challenge for VHFers?  N0JK           91-95
VINTAGE:  The "Murphy bench", K2TQN                                      96-97
July 2013

June 2013
ANTENNA:  The Hairpin Match, N6MW                                        30-33
ANTENNA:  The "Singapore Sling" Antenna Support Launcher, DM5CQ          41-42
ANTENNA:  Field Day Towers - Doing it Right, K4ZA & N0AX                 67-69
DOCTOR:   J-Pole Antenna Designs show connectino of center to 3/4?       54-55
DOCTOR:   RF Sampling methods                                            55-55
ECLECTIC: Remote Station Control with Google Chrome KB9MNM               59-59
ECLECTIC: Filtering for RTTY W7AY                                        59-59
ECOMM:    Radio Amateurs Provide Comms in Boston Marathon Boombings K1SFA75-75
FEEDBACK: Overvoltage Protection for AC Generators Revisited 2 different 33-33
FIELDDAY: Bagging the Field Day QRP Multiplier, KX0R & KT5X              66-66
HANDS-ON: Experiment #125 - The Schmitt Trigger N0AX                     57-58
HINTS:    Pool-tenna WA7BSR, Hearing Help & Computer Case ConversionW6DZT60-62
HINTS:    T-Coil hearing Help W1VIV, Mast Bracket for Rotator Replac N8DP61-62
HINTS:    Give your Rigs some Room W4AS, Fishing with a Magnet K4KQZ     62-62
HINTS:    J-38 Backpacking Modification W3MEO                            62-62
HISTORY:  The SSB Legacy of W9DYV, W1LSB                                 70-70
NEW:      MFJ Adventure Radios dor 17 and 12 Meters, mfj-9417 mfj-9412   44-44
NEW:      High Performance Sub-receiver for TEN-TEC Orion Transceiver    62-62
NEW:      Solderless BNC Connectors for Times Microwave LMR-400 Cable/EZ400-97
NTS:      State of the National Traffic System: A View from Within K1CE  77-78
NTS:      Winlink 2000 (WL2K) used for NTS                               77-77
OPERATE:  Field Day on the Highest Frontier, WB8IMY  satellite contacts  34-35
OPERATE:  Op Ed: The Joys of Wilderness Radio, GM0WEZ                    98-98
POWER:    A Battery Monitor for 12V Systems, W0UFO                       43-44
PROJECT:  Done In One: Build a Hidden Switch (Radi opower), N1II         45-46
REVIEW:   ACOM 1500 HF and 6 Meter Linear Amplifier, W3IZ US Distributor 47-48
REVIEW:   Elecraft KAT500 autmatic Antenna Tuner, AD5X                   49-51
REVIEW:   Array Solutions AS-419 Switched Band-pass Filters, N0AX        52-53
RFI:      The Great RFI Hunt, NT0A                                       37-40
SHORT:    Elk Antennas 2M/440L5 Dual-Band Log Periodic Antenna ~ $125    56-56
SPACE:    Forty-Three Million Miles per Watt, KD6JUI                     63-64
TECH:     Straining to Hear: Why Filters are Our Friends, WW1ME          73-73
June 2013

May 2013
ANTENNA:  An Easy to Build High Impedance Choke Balun, K4ZHM             46-47
DIGITAL:  Adding Frequency Shift Keying 2 TigerTronics SignalLink WB3LHD 44-45
DIGITAL:  SDR at the Summit, W4DNN - SOTA (Summit On The Air)            69-71
DOCTOR:   There's Always Room for Some Kind of Antenna, S-Meter,         57-58
ECOMM:    Public Service: Operation RADAR II, K1CE, Folorida's Interop   77-79
FIELDDAY: Score Reporting, Operating Tips, Questions, Locator Page       85-85
HANDS-ON: Experiment #124 The Beta Match, SimSmith software by AE6TY     60-61
HINTS:    Magnifying SMTs AB8VJ, Battery B+ K4AMN                        63-64
HINTS:    and a Field Day Dipole K6KH                                    63-64
HINTS:    Seperating Aluminum Tubing (rubbing Al) W7VN                   64-64
NEW:      A New Smartphone/Tablet Interface zindello ~ $48 + Shipping    62-62
PIC:      Microcontrollers - No Experience Necesary, KA9NAH              39-43
PROJECT:  Build a Linear 2 Meter 80 W All Mode Amplifier, W6PQL          30-34
REVIEW:   Hendricks BitX17A 17 Meter SSB Transceiver Kit, WB1GCM         48-52
REVIEW:   M2 2M-1K2 High Power 2 Meter Amplifier, WA2TEO                 52-54
REVIEW:   RemoteHamRadio Station Network - membership/year = $3K - $5K   59-59
SDR:      Digital Modes for Your SDR, W9RAN                              35-38
TECH:     Contributing to Science, elevation angle, VE3LC LEDs, WR1B     55-56
TECH:     Eclectic: SDR Marches On, WB8IMY                               62-62
VINTAGE:  The reluctant Rescue WB1GCM - IP-501 receiver & Audio Amp      94-95
May 2013

April 2013
ANTENNA:  April Fool: The 2 Meter Q-Pole, KL7AJ                          33-33
ANTENNA:  The Garden Beam, AA7JV                                         34-36
DOCTOR:   How Close is Too Close? (Two antennas), G5RV, RTTY Purity      54-55
DX:       How's DX? V84SMD - Brunei 2012, W3UR                           90-91
ECLECTIC: HF Digital Voice with FreeDV * More Tiny Computers, WB8IMY     59-59
ECOMM:    Global Planning and Preparation for Disasters, K1CE            82-83
HANDS-ON: Experiment #123: Battery Characteristics - Part 2, N0AX        57-58
HINTS:    Johnson Dial Cover Restoration/W0EAJ* Safer Easier Hazer W5THT 62-63
HINTS:    Cutting Circular Pads, WB2NFO * COIl Wire Supplier, WA4WZP     63-64
HINTS:    Quick Disconnects for Window Line K9SQG* Storing Crystals NZ5A 64-64
HINTS:    All Electric Tower, AG1YK                                      64-64
HISTORY:  75 years of W1AW, NJ1Q                                         65-67
IN ONE:   Done In One: Temperature Alarm, N1II                           47-47
NEWS:     A Ham Radio Celebration in Hollywood, NN6JA Event Video        71-72
NEWS:     ARRL Board of Dirctors Convenes in New Orleans for 2013...     75-77
NEWS:     ARRL Board Bestows Awards at 2013 Annual Meeting               76-76
NEWS:     FCC Adopts Sweeping ChangesNew Experimental Radio Service K1SF 79-61
OPERATE:  Field Day the Solo Way, NU9R                                   73-73
POWER:    Over Voltage Protection for Generators, WB8IOW                 43-46
PROJECT:  An MCW Keyer for V/UHF FM, W1TLZ (Send CW on 2 meter FM...)    37-38
PROJECT:  An Audio Tone SWR Meter for the Visually Impaired, WA6NPC      39-42
REMOTE:   Remote Control of Accessories via the Internet, W0JEC          30-32
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTdx3000 HF and 6 Meter Transeiver, W3IZ ~$2700          48-53
SHORT:    Palm Radio Mini-Paddle mtechnologies ~$105                     56-56
TECH:     Managing Your Modulation, AG1YK                                74-74
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths: Microwave Construction Practices, W1GHZ      60-61
VHF/UHF:  The World Above 50 MHz: More Magic in January, N0JK            92-94
VINTAGE:  Heathkit SB-240 2 kW Amplifier, K2TQN                          96-98
April 2013

March 2013
ANTENNA:  A Different Way to Make a Tilt-Over Mount and Mast, N1GY       30-33
ANTENNA:  A Wideband Dipole for 75 and 80 Meters, WA6RNC                 34-36
ANTENNA:  Two Simple Antennas for 1200 MHz, VA3DDN                       37-38
ANTENNA:  A Tilt-Over Antenna Mast Born of Necessity, N1BCB              43-44
ANTENNA:  The Case for Stacking yagi Antennas, W1ZR                      45-45
ANTENNA:  The Technician 6 and 10 Meter Special, N5AFY                   46-47
DIGITAL:  It Seems to Us: Going Digital, K1ZZ                            09-09
DIGITAL:  A New Digital Mode for Low Frequencies, JT9 by K1JT            66-66
DX:       PT0S - Radio on "The Rocks", W3UR                              91-92
HANDS-ON: Experiment #122: Battery Characteristics - Part 1, N0AX        63-64
HINTS:    Is Your Antenna Bugged? K9ARZ, Quick trim Your Dipole - KT7AZ, 67-67
HINTS:    Hearing Aids as Headphones K2BIO, High Voltage Parts KB5MT,    67-68
HINTS:    Drill Chuck helping Hand KH6UX, Fixing Ceramic Caps W4YOK,     68-68
HINTS:    No-Scratch Mount KJ4YEV, Going Straight - mic cords, VA7TF,    68-68
HINTS:    Banishing Birds - off an antenna, W7HX                         68-68
HISTORY:  RSGB Celebrates 100 Years, K1SFA                               97-97
HISTORY:  Vintage Radio: PR-35 Spy Radio, K2TQN                          98-99
INFO:     The 11 Square Foot Ham Shack, it takes some planning, WB2LQF   69-71
NEW:      DC Power Panels from WF5Y #IMPP 7 OLDU $80, others low as $30  38-38
NEW:      Tinned Copper Antenna Roap from ABR Industries 100' $ 5 etc.   50-50
NEW:      SolderBuddy Hobbyist HAM, holds things to be soldered $42      62-62
PROJECT:  Dual-Band Homebrew (6 & 10 Meter SSB/CW), N8ZRY                39-42
REVIEW:   MFJ-976 and Palstar BT-1500A High Power Balanced Ant Tunners   53-58
REVIEW:   MFJ-976 High Power Balanced Antenna Tunner, W1ZR               53-55
REVIEW:   Palstar BT-1500A High Power Balanced Antenna Tunner, W1ZR      56-58
RFI:      Noise Problems for Broadcast and MF/HF Receivers, WR1B         59-59
SUN:      The Sun and the Ionosphere, K9LA                               48-50
SHORT:    SSB Electronic ACS 2004-N Remote Antenna Switch, $380, WB8IMY  65-65
TEACHING: Better Educated Teachers Graduate Better Educated Students SME 78-78
TEACHING: Amateur Radio Goes to School, Disaster Management workshp K1CE 82-83
TECH:     3D Printing? Now typical printers are ~$2K Solidoodle Review   66-66
TECH:     Your On-the-Air Sound, Not all audio is created equal. WW1ME   76-76
VHF/UHF:  To The Moon and Back at 24 GHz, W5LUA                          77-77
VHF/UHF:  Six Meter Holiday Magic, N0JK                                  93-95
March 2013

February 2013
ANTENNA:  A Remotely Band Switched Tower Shunt Feed for 160 & 80m WB6RSE 33-36
ANTENNA:  How High Should You Hang that Wire Antenna? W1ZR               50-51
ARRL:     Expanded Site Index: ARRL Site Index & Contact Page            13-13
ATV:      Modern ATV System Design, Jim Andrews, KH6HTV Very Good! more? 46-47
BANDS:    United States Frequency Allocations, The Radio Spectrum pdf    83-83
BANDS:    United States Frequency Allocations, The Radio Spectrum html   83-83
BOOK:     Kurt N. Sterba Antenna Book from Palomar Engineers $19 + $8S&H 38-38
DOCTOR:   How much power do I need to run my radio? W1ZR                 59-60
ECLECTIC: Watching Meteors - Among Other Things,  WB8IMY                 65-65
ECOMM:    Disaster on Long Island, K2TV                                  78-79
ECOMM:    Hurricane Sandy Debriefing, Public Service, K1CE               86-87
ECOMM:    ARRL Lessons Learned link, K1CE see above link to K1CE         86-86
HANDS-ON: Experiment #121 Transient Protection, N0AX                     62-63
HINTS:    Splicing Tubing, Retiring #47 Lamps, & Watch Which Rotary Swtc 66-68
HINTS:    Cardboard Wire Separator, E-mail Alerts dxmaps.com             68-68
HINTS:    Easy Rotator Correction Calculator, out of a CD                68-68
HISTORY:  A Professional Approach to Amateur History, WN1M               69-71
NEW:      RF and Microwave Components from Braacke Manufacturing         38-38
NEW:      DX Engineering 160 Meter Vertical Antenna ~ $840 + $170/winch  103
OPERATE:  The Considerate Operator's Freqency Guide, & Band Plans Chart  48-49
PROJECT:  A Three to One Dummy Load, Mike Bryce, WB8VGE -too much grease 30-32
PROJECT:  The Power of Starting Small, N8MS - build small circuit card   76-76
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Model 418 100W HF & 6 Meter Linear Amplifier, K1RO     52-54
REVIEW:   Rigol Technologies DSA815-TG Spectrum Analyser, WB1GCM         55-58
SHORT:    Arrow Antenna GP146/440 Ground Plane, WB8IMY  $39              61-61
SHORT:    PAR Electronics OA-50 6-Meter Antenna, WB8IMY  $99             64-64
TEACHING: The Power of Starting Small, N8MS - build small circuit card   76-76
TECH:     Q and the Energey Stored Around Antennas, KE4PT                37-38
TECH:     The Penticton Solar Flux Receiver, John White, VA7JW           39-44
TECH:     Amateur Radio Science, KL7AJ how to help scientists ur data    77-77
TECH:     Digital Detective, AG1YK, What is it from your headphones?     80-80
February 2013

January 2013
ANTENNA:  Down Periscope, Keep vertical out of seight... K2STV           36-38
ANTENNA:  A Uniquely Tuned 2 Meter Transmitter Hunting Loop, W6NBC       44-45
ANTENNA:  Build a Legal Limit Bias T that Covers 1.8 1o 230MHz, AD5X     46-48
ANTENNA:  For Best results, Consider a Balun in UR Antenna System, W1ZR  49-50
ANTENNA:  Alpha Delta DX-EE Four Band Dipole Antenna, $140, WB8IMY       62-62
ARES:     The Future of ARES is CERTain, K1CE                            85-86
e-BOOK:   Profiles inAmateur Radio, Kindle * RF, Microwave, Fiber Optics 72-72
CW:       Spreading the Joy of CW, K6RG & W5JQ                           73-74
DIGITAL:  New PSK-31 Apps for the iPad and iPhone * WSPR or Slow WSPR    65-65
DOCTOR:   Feed Lines Do Work Both Ways, But... *                         60-60
DOCTOR:   Third Order Intercept Point * Missing half of PSK31 QSO, why?  60-61
ECLECTIC: New PSK-31 Apps for the iPad and iPhone * WSPR or Slow WSPR    65-65
HANDS-ON: Experiment #120 Power Polarity Protection, N0AX                63-64
HINTS:    T/R Delay for the Eagle, K3AJ * Coil Core Removal, W9NJD *     68-69
HINTS:    Stripping Coax, W2ET, Inexpensive Microphone Boom, W8DCQ *     69-69
HINTS:    Setting True North, NN4RB                                      69-69
INFO:     Radio in Retirement - One Ham's Tale, W3GB                     70-72
NEW:      Compact Low Power Antenna Accessories from MFJ-9213, MFJ-9231  43-43
PEOPLE:   A Trip to Homebrew Heaven, about Dr. Suding/W0LMD, K2YY        75-77
PROJECT:  Cheap and Easy SDR, from RTL2832 & E4000 USB dongals W9RAN     30-35
PROJECT:  A Sampling Down Converter 4 Low Frequency oscilloscopes W6SRFH 39-43
PROJECT:  Build a Legal Limit Bias T that Covers 1.8 1o 230MHz, AD5X     46-48
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-2300H 2 Meter FM Transceiver, $260                     51-53
REVIEW:   LNR Precision FX-2 40/30 Meter QRP CW Transceiver, $185, K0BOG 54-56
SHORT:    Alpha Delta DX-EE Four Band Dipole Antenna, $140, WB8IMY       62-62
TECH:     Another Delta Loop Idea, K1QW * Light Duty Metal Brake, KB1KOY 57-58
TECH:     Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) EMI ..., VE3EDY    58-59
VE:       Exam Info: Exam Fees $15, Question Pools and VEC Stats ARRLVEC 101
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths: Antenna Measurement: Methods & Equipment GHZ 66-67
VINTAGE:  The ARRL Emblem, K2TQN                                         97-98
VINTAGE:  75, 50, and 25 Years Ago                                       102
January 2013

                                 QST 2012 ARTICLES

December 2012
ANTENNA:  Delta Loop Collinear Antennas, James K. Boomer, W9UJ           32-34
ANTENNA:  vertical or Horizontal HF Antennas-What's Best for You? W1ZR   45-445
BOOK:     Tubes and Circuits, Bruce Rozenblit ISBN-978-1477532867        51-51
DIGITAL:  PSK31 operation on 2 Meter FM, Dave Holdeman, N9XU             37-38
DOCTOR:   What Happens if You Bend or Twist that Yagi?                   46-46
DOCTOR:   Better to use a pair of coaxial arrestors on balancend line?   46-47
DOCTOR:   Which is better, Tuned trap vertical or a pipe same length?    47-47
ECLECTIC: Universal Digital Radio, WB8IMY Droopy LEDs and Tiny Vac Tubes 52-52
ECOMM:    Public Service: Hurricane Isaac: ARRL HQ Lessons Learned K1CE  67-68
ECOMM:    K1CE for a Final: Transporting Your Gear (Pelican cases)       68-68
HANDS-ON: Experiment #119 The Q3Q balun Redux, H Ward Silver, N0AX       49-50
HINTS:    Quick Dit Tamer, VE3HIE * Project Boxes, VE3DCU *              53-54
HINTS:    Repairing Rubber keypads, VE6CMM * Quick EMP Protection, K3NFU 54-54
HINTS:    Comb Coil Form, W7VN * Clip-N-Tune, W0HZR                      54-54
HISTORY:  Recapturing the Thrill AC-1 Novice Transmitter K2TQN           97-98
KE3FL:    Field Day Results 2012 Class B 10 QSOs @lt; 150W, 200 points MDC  79
PROJECT:  Super Simple Digital Voice Keyer, Jack Morgan, KF6T            35-36
PROJECT:  Recapturing the Thrill AC-1 Novice Transmitter K2TQN           97-98
REVIEW:   Elecraft KX3 HF and 6 Meter QRP Transceiver, Joel Hallas, W1ZR 39-44
SHORT:    Glowbug Kits AC-1 Junior Transmitter, Steve Ford, WB8IMY       48-48
December 2012

November 2012
ANTENNA:  Ploar Plot Projection of Your Yagi Response, Rober/W7LRD       36-36
ANTENNA:  Extending that High Power Remote Auto Tuner to 160 Meters/AD5X 50-52
BOOK:     Riding the Shortwaves: Exploring the Magic of Amateur Radio DK 49-49
DIGITAL:  PSK31 - A Different View, Thomas W. Brooks, KE1R               37-40
DOCTOR:   Using electret mics, connections                               68-68
ECLECTIC: Club Meetings in the Internet Age, WB8IMY                      72-72
HANDS-ON: Experiment #118 - The Laws at Work (electromagnetic laws)      70-71
HINTS:    Soldering Iron Tips/WT6C * DX Quick Check/AA5VU *              73-73
HINTS:    Iambic Key Cover/AA5OZ * Magnetic Panel Markers/WA2SON *       74-74
NEW:      Compact Low Power Antenna Tuner from MFJ-9201, 80-10m $50      33-33
NEW:      Array Solutions Band-Pass Filters                              49-49
POWER:    Power Inverters and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, frankgu 64-64
POWER:    Ground fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Failure, W1FJW         65-66
PROJECT:  Building Inexpensive HF Power Attenuators, Gary WA0SPM         32-33
PROJECT:  A Different Way to Assemble PL-259 Coax Plugs, Robert/WC3O     34-35
PROJECT:  A Club Project - Automatic Mobile Power Control, Jim/W8WKE     43-45
PROJECT:  Have Fun Building the Simplest Transmitter, Martin/K0BXB       46-48
PROJECT:  Boat Anchor Buddy, Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT                    53-56
REVIEW:   Arry Solutions AIMuhf Vector Impedance Analyzer ~$900          57-60
REVIEW:   DZKit HT-7 40 Mter AM Handheld Transceiver ~$370 w everything  61-63
SAFETY:   Distracted Driving and Amateur Radio-A Civil (Law) Perspective 81-82
SAFETY:   Public Safety Moves toward 22nd Century Communications / K1CE  89-90
SHORT:    West Mountain Radio Rigrunner 4005i, ~$280 + 50 for WiFi       69-69
TEACHING: Reaching for the Stars with Radio, Kaci Heins/KF7RCV           75-77
TECH:     Emission Designators Deciphered, Kai Siwiak, KE4PT             41-42
TECH:     Power Inverters and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, frankgu 64-64
TECH:     The Uncooperative Tree (Sep 2012), . Applying Wire Clips, N4GG 66-66
TECH:     Current Measurement Adapter/KC9NVP * HDMI FRI (solved)/ K8GVK  74-74
November 2012

October 2012
ANTENNA:  The Shared Apex Loop Array - compact directional widebnd KB7GF 44-48
ANTENNA:  6 + 2 = 1 * Enjoy 6 & 2 m wid single antenna U build, WB8IMY   49-49
DOCTOR:   Over Voltage Protection, Auto Patch, TUC, TV 300 - 75 adapter  57-58
DOCTOR:   Bulkhead vs through the wall which is SWR better?              58-58
DX:       The Evolution of DX Spotting, From 2 m to the smart phon K3BEQ 71-72
DX:       Zombie Bands - Dead bands can get up and walk, AG1YK * Beacons 81-81
DX:       WSPRnet beacons, Spotting net: DX Summit                       81-81
ECLECTIC: A Peek at Windows 8, RFI and Electric Cars WB8IMY              62-62
HANDS-ON: Experiment #117 - Laying Down the Laws/RF Electromagatism N0AX 60-62
HINTS:    Arching Caps, Whipping Coax and Low-voltage RFI          AG1YK 65-67
HINTS:    Heathkit Drive Belts, Tower Mount a TV Rotator           AG1YK 66-66
HINTS:    Improved Deburring Tool, Door Stop Mount,                AG1YK 67-67
HINTS:    Lightweight Surplus Headset                              AG1YK 67-67
HISTORY:  RSGB Opens Showcase for Amateur Radio at Bletchley Park K1ZZ   96-96
INFO:     RSGB Opens Showcase for Amateur Radio at Bletchley Park K1ZZ   96-96
NEW:      DX Engineering Stealth Antenna, Portable Antennas SuperAntenna 100
PROJECT:  Solid State 1 kW Linear Amplifier for 2 Meters, 1 RF Dev W6PQL 32-36
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-V57T handheld Dual Band FM Transceiver * easy GRE    50-52
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-K20A Handheld 2 Meter FM Transceiver K1CE           53-56
SAT:      Satellite CAT Interface for Working the Analog Birds, WA8SME   40-43
SHORT:    Scout regen receiver by Hendricks QRP Kits WB8IMY              59-59
TECH:     Those Mysterious Signals, may sound like noise to us... W7ACD  37-39
VHF/UHF:  Microwaves: Antenna measurements - the Antenna Range W1GHZ     63-64
VINTAGE:  McMurdo Silver's Super Gainer, K2TQN                           97-98
October 2012

September 2012
ANTENNA:  The Uncooperative Tree, How to put 75m NVIS ant in small W1AGP 30-32
ANTENNA:  "Your Antenna Is on Fire!" big Amp & plastic flowers, NY4I     63-64
ECLECTIC: Great Things in Small Packages, CubeSat, Portable H2O Purifier 44-44
ECOMM:    2012 Simulated Emergency Test, EC forms: Public Service        72-72
ECOMM:    At Ground Zero, Disaster at the World Trade Center by W2IK     76-78
ECOMM:    Op-Ed: Now-More Than Ever/still ill prepared 4 terrorist N8QQN 98-98
HANDS-ON: Experiment #116 The Quarter-Three-Quarter Wave Balun, N0AX     57-58
HINTS:    Mini Go-Box/NX5Z, Tiny Trickle Charger/W9CJS, Quick-Whip/W6NBC 59-60
HISTORY:  A Life in Letters: W6ISQ - John G. Troster        ARRL Archive 65-65
HISTORY:  Wireless on His Mind, W1BXY about Mort Rogoff/W2EE             66-67
HISTORY:  Historic Wireless Station "MSC / WSC" Marconi Station * K2TQN  93-94
INFO:     How Much Radio gear Do You Need?, WW3DE                        69-69
INFO:     2011-2012 School Roundup Results, SCR-L yahoogroups.com        70-70
NEW:      Plum Valley Systems High Temperature Alarm, $62                32-32
NEW:      MFJ-4128 28 Amp Switching Power Supply, $85                    32-32
NEW:      SwapMyRigs Radio Seperation Kit * TAK-tenna Compact HF Antenna 64-64
NEW:      Compact Switching Power Supply w Meter from MFJ, MFJ-4230 $90  64-64
POWER:    Power Carts for Scouts and Field Operations, N8QNM/N8VAR/more  36-40
POWER:    Storage Battery Planning for Publick Service, Joel, W1ZR       43-43
PROJECT:  Radio in a Bag (Publick Service Go-Kit), Tim factor, HT7F      41-42
REVIEW:   TEN-TEC R4040/YouKits HB-1B Four Band CW QRP Transceiver $300  45-48
REVIEW:   N6BT Q-52 portable HF Yagi $550                                49-51
SHORT:    Comet CHV-5X HF Multiband Rotatable Dipole, KI1U               56-56
TECH CR:  Changing to a Delta, WR1B, Nested Full Wave Delta Loops 4/2011 52-53
TECH CR:  An Inexoensive 4:1 Air Cor Balun That You Can Build, VA3QY     53-53
TECH CR:  Using a Noise Bridge (Mar 2011), N9WL                          53-53
VHF/UHF:  Tone Magic, Your FM Transceiver sends more than . voice WB8IMY 33-35
VHF/UHF:  Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ * by N0JK (Gene member of MARC?)          88-89
September 2012

August 2012
BANDS:    ARRL Board of Directors Approves 9 cm Band Plan                72-72
ECLECTIC: 60 Meter PSK31, WB8IMY                                         56-56
ECOMM:    Beyond Our Bands, CB, FRS, GMRS, & MURS, AG1YK                 70-70
ECOMM:    ARRP Partner: The National Communications System, K1CE         75-76
FCC:      Expands Part 95 MedRadio Rules to Allow Devices in 13 cm Band  71-72
HANDS-ON: Experiment #115 All About Tapers, N0AX                         57-58
HINTS:    Leg o' Ham, using leggos to mount a mobile rig, Mike, KB1LKH   60-60
HINTS:    Rebuilding a Broken Wafer Switch, Rick Lindquist, WW3DE        60-61
HINTS:    Repairing Stuck Pots, W4MEC * Digital QSL Display, KB8UUZ      61-62
HISTORY:  100 years of Amateur radio Licensing, K1SFA                    68-69
HISTORY:  Vingate Radio: Making AM a Bit Better, James O'Neal, K4XAR     97-98
NEW:      PTC-IIIusb HF Radio Modem from SCS Pactor I, II, & III $1148   35-35
NEW:      QSL Card Scanner from DX Engineering $90                       38-38
NEW:      Updated Features for N3FJP Logging and Contest Software $25/55 38-38
NEW:      Barabolic Dish Kit for 40 kHz Ultrasound Applications $130 MSi 43-43
POWER:    Rethinking Electrical Power for the Ham, Bob WB4APR            41-43
PROJECT:  The DSP-610 Transceiver, Jim WA2EUJ                            30-32
PROJECT:  A Homebrew, Light Duty Metal Brake Revisited, George K4EOR     33-35
PROJECT:  Digital Interface for Fldigi, David Spearing, KB9CSW           36-38
PROJECT:  Remote Radio Control Made Easy, John Raydo, K0IZ               39-40
REVIEW:   MFJ-994BRT and MFJ-998RT Remote Automatic Antenna Tuners, AD5X 47-80
REVIEW:   ICOM ID-31A 70-cm Handheld Transceiver with D-STAR, WB8IMY     51-53
SAT:      Backpacking with Satellites, David Palmer, KB5WIA  Video       65-67
SHORT:    iDVM Wireless Multimeter, WB8IMY                               59-59
TECH:     Quick Coax Test, Sometimes a high SWR can be good news. WB5IZL 44-45
TECH:     My Tuner Tuned My Antenna - But Now it Doesn't!, Joel W1ZR     46-46
August 2012

July 2012
ANTENNA:  A Dipole doesn't Have to be Straight, Jeffery Brone, WB2JNA    36-37
ANTENNA:  Making the 43 Foot Vertical Monoploe Play Nicely on Higher Frq 42-43
ANTENNA:  Pixel Tecnologies RF Loop-1B Active Receiving Loop W1ZR ~$450+ 61-61
DOCTOR:   EchoLink Accounts                                              54-54
ECOMM:    ARES, EmComm and Mental Health Risks, Rick Palm, K1CE.         75-76
ECOMM:    ARES, ...Three Band Station-In-A-Box and Antennas, AA2NI       76-76
HANDS-ON: Experiment #114: recording Signals, Radio SkyPipe II  N0AX     58-59
HINTS:    Low Cost Radil Ring KE6PXU * Cure T-90A Wobbles W4MEC          62-62
HINTS:    Hearing Loss help W3NJZ * Paper Roll Coil Forms NT4C           62-63
HINTS:    Mount That Mic AD1B * Window-mount Antenna VE2AOW              63-63
HISTORY:  A Transceiver Comes Home, WB8IMY "Project Goodwill"            65-65
INFO:     Making Time for Ham Radio WW3DE                                67-67
NEW:      DX Engineering Complete Coax Cable Prep Tool Kit, $175         43-43
NEW:      PicoKeyer Chip from HamGadgets for the Rockmite Transceiver $7 53-53
NEW:      10 Meter vertical Antenna from MFJ                             53-53
OPERATE:  Our recent Solar Minimum and Sunsport Cycle 24 Progress, K9LA  33-35
PROJECT:  SDR Upgrade for Analog HF Radios, Alex Schwarz, VE7DXW         38-41
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-G29T Dual Band Handheld transceiver, Bob/WB1GCM $360 44-47
REVIEW:   WaveNode WN-2d Station Monitoring System, Joel/W1ZR       $450 47-50
TECH:     Gimme an X, Gimme an O (Dec 2010) - Correction, Eric/KL7AJ     51-51
TECH:     A Fair Comparison Between Solar Power & Electric Utilities WB4 51-51
TECH:     Convenient large Battery Over-Current Protection & Cover AA3S  51-52
TECH:     How High Should Your HF Vertical Be?-Part 2, 10 m (11/11)N7KSB 52-53
TECH:     Eclectic: Voice Recognition for FM Repeaters WB8IMY            60-60
TECH:     Eclectic: A COM port too far                 WB8IMY            60-60
VHF/UHF:  Parabolic Dish Focusing Paul Wade/W1GHZ  (equations etc.)      56-57
July 2012

June 2012
ANTENNA:  The 43 Foot vertical Monopole - What's the Magic? - W1ZR, Joel 30-31
ANTENNA:  An Easy to Built read Mount 2 Meter Yagi, Zack Lau, W1VT       39-40
ANTENNA:  A 160 and 75/80 Meter Folded Monopole, Dennis Johnson, KF0QR   44-47
ANTENNA:  Whip It! Steve Ford, WB8IMY put together in less than 10 min   48-48
BANDS:    US Amateur Radio Bands - ARRL Band Plan Sheet                  67-67
ECLECTIC: Keeping Your Station Computer Clean, USB Drivers, Solar BackPk 62-62
HANDS-ON: Experiment #113  Radiation Patters (using EZNEC)               61-61
HINTS:    Space Blanket Antenna, Vernon/W7GGM, Rigpod, Phillip/N1YPS     64-65
HINTS:    Hole in one Antenna, Stan/WB2LQF, Antenna Helper, Julian/WA2WMJ64-64
HINTS:    CD Antenna Insulators, Randy/WR7R, Let People Know, Karl/KO8S  65-65
HINTS:    Bug Screen, Doyle/W9NJD * Coax Connector Covers, Kevin/KB4RTR  65-65
HINTS:    Airdux Coil Cutter Whitey/K1VV, Printing Certificates Roy/KV8KV65-65
NEW:      MFJ QRP 4:1 Current Balun, BNC connector: ~$20 800-647-1800    35-35
NEW:      COMTEK W2FMI Series Baluns by DX Engineering ~$50-$70, SO-239  38-38
POWER:    Build a Portable Mount for Your PV Panels - Richard, AA4RH     32-35
POWER:    A Cooler Battery Box with a Digital Meter, Jerry N8KLX         36-38
PROJECT:  A Spice Bottle Logic Probe, Alan Bloom, N1AL                   41-43
REVIEW:   A Look at Gasoline powered Inverter Generators                 49-53
REVIEW:   Generators: All have 12V DC charging port DO NOT USE to run    49-53
REVIEW:   Generators: Name             kWh/G RFI' CirSaw dBa             49-53
REVIEW:   Generators: Champion 73536i, 4.333  30    No'  61-74           50-51
REVIEW:   Generators: Generac IX2000   4.390  50   Yes   69-74           51-51
REVIEW:   Generators: Honda EU2000i    4.480       AOK   62-71           51-52
REVIEW:   Generators: Yamaha EF2000iS  5.347  30                         52-53
REVIEW:   A Look at HF Triplexers and Bandpass Filters                   54-56
REVIEW:   Triplexers, & Bandpass                                         54-56
REVIEW:   Dunestar 333 HF Triplexer, 300 Bandpass Filter                 54-55
REVIEW:   Inrad HF Triplexer, W3NQN Single Band Bandpass Filters         55-56
SHORT:    Byonics Micro-Trak AIO - Self-Contained APRS Beacon, $260      59-59
June 2012

May 2012
DIGITAL:  From Analog to D-STAR, Gary Pearce, KN4AQ                      36-39
DIGITAL:  RMS Express-SW for Automatic Digital Messaging on HF, WB4AKK   40-43
DIGITAL:  Who's on JT65?, Steve Ford, WB8IMY                             44-44
DOCTOR:   Single-Wire Tuner used to feed other systems, Carl K8CM        54-55
DOCTOR:   Oscilloscope output from Antenna Tuner, Joe, N3TTE             55-55
DOCTOR:   How do I use, RF Gain, ATT, and IPO RF Preamp? JD K6RDO        55-55
ECLECTIC: FUNCube to Launch this Year, WB8IMY                            59-59
HANDS-ON: Experiment #112 RFI Hunt, N0AX                                 56-57
HINTS:    Under-Table Radio, Finding Sneaky RF                           60-61
HINTS:    Marine "Under Table" Mount, Don VA3DDN                         60-60
HINTS:    Switching Supply Receiver Noise, Hal N4GG                      60-61
HINTS:    Hold the Solder (after a stroke) Jim, KE7OW                    61-61
HINTS:    Simple Crowbar Circuit (Protect your rig!), Roger W0KWJ        61-61
HINTS:    Portable Yagi Update (Better Banana plug socket) Richard W9PE  61-61
HISTORY:  Who Was Bill Orr, W6SAI? by: eric KL7AJ                        73-73
HISTORY:  Payroll Tax Bill UIncludes Provision for Amateur Radio Study   75-75
NEW:      WRC-12 Results in New Amateur MF Allocation                    62-66
OO:       Observation Post: OOs and the Amateur Auxiliary, K1CE          67-69
OPERATE:  Field Day 2012 or contact Dan Henderson: N1ND Reporting online 85-85
QSL:      The QSL Card - Still Relevant, Still Fun, T.J. N2EI            71-72
REVIEW:   Kenwood TM-281A 2 Meter FM Transceiver, 65/25W                 45-47
REVIEW:   Tokyo Hy-Power Labs HL-350VDX 2 Meter Linear Amplifier, 250W   48-49
REVIEW:   Network Scineces/AC0C Roofing Filter for the Yaesu FT-2000     50-51
SHORT:    RemoteShack RBC-212 Remote Station Controller, WB8IMY          58-58
TEACHING: ARRL Education and Technology Program Space/Sea Buoy, WA8SME   33-35
TECH:     An AFSK Interface for Android Smartphones, Martin Huyett K0BXB 30-32
TECH:     Perseverance Tracks Down Some Odd Problems, Larry WR1B         52-53
TECH:     PN Junction = Photodetector, Barry Shackleford, W6YE           52-52
TECH:     A Ham Radio Detective Story (Finding an ODD RFI Source) N1GY   52-53
VINTAGE:  Collins Radio 30FX, K2TQN                                      93-94
May 2012

April 2012
ANTENNA:  Adventures in Adaptive Mobile operations, Chris Blake, NX4N    34-37
ANTENNA:  Balanced Line SWR Measurement, Paul Danzer, N1II               46-47
BANDS:    A New Band is Born! (472 to 479 kHaz, or 630 meter band.) K1ZZ 09-09
BANDS:    New Privileges on 60 Meters, Dan Henderson, N1ND               74-75
BANDS     Amateur Radio Get Secondary MF Allocation at WRC-12, K1SFA     77-77
DOCTOR:   Gound Reflections add to support low angle radiation K7TBM     58-58
DOCTOR:   Use 1/4 wave 20m vertical on 10m without installing... WB2HYO  58-59
DOCTOR:   How far apart do wires in balanced line need to be K9KR        59-59
DOCTOR:   Is using two tuners to match a good practice? HI3/KL7JR        59-59
ECLECTIC: Managing Power (and Saving Money) in the AM Carrier, WB8IMY    60-60
ECOMM:    FCC Staffer talks on Emcomm at ARRL/TAPR Conference, Rick/K1CE 81-82
ECOMM:    Conference Video: Amateur Radio Video News, ARVN AR Video News 82-82
FEEDLINE: Balanced Line SWR Measurement, Paul Danzer, N1II               46-47
HANDS-ON: Experiment #111, Coiled-Coax Chokes                            61-62
HINTS:    Wax Finds Waning Transistor, Gregg Howe, KI6IUJ                63-64
HINTS:    Breath-Activated Key, Lee/W5IG * Mini Paint Roller, Tom/AD1B   64-64
HINTS:    Boat Anchor Noise, Dick/K6BZZ * Switch Shaft Extension K0BXB   65-65
HINTS:    Hair Dryers in the Shack Ron Wagner, WD8SBB                    65-65
HINTS:    Pipe Insulation Feed Through, Bob Steinberg, WA2KHR            65-65
HISTORY:  Radio's Role in the Titanic Disaster, Commander Richard Paton  30-31
HISTORY:  An Operator to remember harld Cottman, Wireless Hero * K2TQN   93-94
MODES:    Join the Conversation Today, IRLP, Alexia Steffen, KE7UWU      70-71
PROJECT:  Home Brew Challange III - And the Winner Is... Joel, W1ZR      32-33
PROJECT:  Level Converter to Allow Full Control of Peripherals, AD7HM    38-40
PROJECT:  A Tube Tester for High Power Transmitting Tubes, WA5FAC-KM4UK  41-45
PROJECT:  Balanced Line SWR Measurement, Paul Danzer, N1II               46-47
PROJECT:  A Transceiver to Amplifier Interface, Ed Toal, N9MW            48-49
PROJECT:  Xtal Set Society SADL RF Attenuator Kit, Rich Arland, K7SZ     50-50
QEX:      March/April 2012: "Aimple SDR Project",                        49-49
QEX:      Vertical Antennas with Elevated Ground Systems                 49-49
REVIEWS:  ICOM IC-9100 MF/HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, Video Mark Wilson K1RO 51-57
TEACHING: All the Time in the World, Steve Sant Andrea, AG1YK            72-72
uWAVE:    Microwave Beacons, Paul Wade, W1GHZ                            95-96
VHF/UHF:  Microwave Beacons, Paul Wade, W1GHZ                            95-96
VHF/UHF:  The World Above 50 MHz: F2 Forward Scatter, Jon Jones, N0JK    88-90
April 2012

March 2012      Antennas...  A Ham's Best Friend
ANTENNA:  A Coaxial vertical for 160 and 80 Meters, Scott Harwood, K4VWK 30-32
ANTENNA:  Remote Tuning for a 43 Foot Monopole, Shef Robotham, WA1RHT    33-37
ANTENNA:  Your 2 Meter Mobile Antenna - What's the Best Mounting, W6NBC  43-45
DOCTOR:   A bunch of Antenna Questions. W1ZR                             57-58
DX:       Where's is the DX Now? Stephen J. Gradijan, WB5KIA  dxsummit   67-67
ECLECTIC: PSKimmer and other software, Homebrew UR Own Supercomputer SW  97-97
ECOMM:    Training and Certifications for ARES Operators, Rick Palm/K1CE 79-80
HANDS-ON: Experiment #110, PCB Layout - Part 4, H. Ward Silver, N0AX     59-60
HINTS:    DIY Open-Wire Line, K6KH * Measuring Unknown Coax Traps, W1IQW 62-63
HINTS:    Ladder Line Standoff, KJ6VX * Givg You radials an Edge, WB4WMY 63-63
HINTS:    Fixing Shorted Connectors, K4FJK * Tower Horses, NN1N          63-63
HISTORY:  Pauline Raser, W2QCC (SK), W2ZI Radio Museum, John Dilks K2TQN 98-99
NEW:      MFJ 600W and 300W Remote Automatic Tuners, ~$400 & ~$300       37-37
NEW:      MFJ Universal Vertical Antenna Tilt Base, ~$70                 39-39
PROPAGATE:Three Wrong Assumptions about the Inonosphere, Eric KL7AJ      40-42
PROJECT:  Webcam Microscope for the Radio Amateur, Wayne Smith, WA4WZP   38-39
REVIEW:   A Look at Four Antenna Analyzers, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR         46-52
REVIEW:   Comet CAA-500, MFJ-266, Rigexpert AA-54, & YOUkits FG-01       46-52
REVIEW:   Bravo-7K Portable Vertical Dipole, H. Ward Silver, W0AX ~$290  52-53
SHORT:    MP Super-M Classic Mobile Antenna, Steve Ford, WB8IMY          610-
TECH:     Hands-On Radio Experiment #101 Rotary Encoders, 06/11, W2ORO   55-56
March 2012

February 2012
ANTENNA:  Up Front: Portable/Emergency 2 Meter Antenna System, K4JIH     20-20
ANTENNA:  Doubling Your Mobile Antenna Use, R. "Andy" Wiedeman, WA0AW    41-43
ANTENNA:  Type-N Plugs for the dedicated UHF Plug User, Joel, W1ZR       51--51
DOCTOR:   VHF Mobile Trap?, Attenuating Tap Circuit, 80 m dipole VS Fan  60-61
ECOMM:    Putting Amateur Radio in Context in the EOC, Rick Palm, K1CE   88-89
HANDS-ON: Experiment #109  PCB Layout - Part 3                           63-64
HINTS:    AN AC Power Failure Alarm for Repeaters, a 555 circuit, WW3O   65-66
HINTS:    Checking Toroids, using MFJ SWR Analyzer + circuit, KC7O       66-66
HINTS:    A T-connector L-match, N1AW                                    66-66
HINTS:    Soldering Station Safety Timer, AD4W,                          67-67
HINTS:    Ground Removal Tool, KB3QQT * Mobile Mic Mount, K1WCC          67-67
HISTORY:  50 Project OSCAR, Bob Allison, WB1GCM  Space-Communication     80-81
HISTORY:  Wireless Pioneer W2ZI - Part 2, John Dilks, K2TQN              99-100
MOBILE:   Doubling Your Mobile Antenna Use, R. "Andy" Wiedeman, WA0AW    41-43
MOON:     A Beginner's QRP Moonbounch Adventure, Clair Cessna, K6LG      73-74
OP-ED:    CS - A New Signal Reporting System, Bruce Prior, N7RR          77-77
POWER:    Characterizing Solar Panels for Amateur Radio Applications W0U 33-36
POWER:    Going Totally Green, Dave Gauger, W9CJS                        37-40
PROJECT:  A Relay-Based Full Break-in TR Switch 4 ur Vintage Station AD5 44-46
PROJECT:  Link Coupled Tuners for HF, Steven Pituch, W2MY, AAR6CX        47-50
REVIEW:   Elecraft KPA500 HF/6 Meter Power Amplifier, Phil Salas, AD5X   52-55
REVIEW:   Four 25 A Switch Mode Power Supplies, Mark Wilson, K1RO        56-59
REVIEW:   Jetstream JTPS30M, Powerwerx SS-30DV, QJE DX PS30SWII, Ten-Tec 56-58
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Model 941                                              58-59
REVIEW:   HamGadgets PicoKeyer-Plus, YouTube, ~$18 + $8 for enclosure    62-62
SATTs:    QRP to the ISS, Doug Cook, KD5PDN                              68-70
TEACHING: ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology Delivers, K1DMJ 78-79
TECH:     The ARRL Technical Service Forums, TIS, Periodicals, Reviews   13-13
TECH:     Avoiding Problems in the RF Chain, Dee Logan, W1HEO            30-32
TECH:     Characterizing Solar Panels for Amateur Radio Applications W0U 33-36
TECH:     Going Totally Green, Dave Gauger, W9CJS                        37-40
TECH:     Type-N Plugs for the dedicated UHF Plug User, Joel, W1ZR       51--51
TV:       Tim Comedian Allen Stars as radio Amateur on New TV Show K1SFA 85-86
February 2012

January 2012
ANTENNA:  A 2 Meter and 70 cm Portable Tape Measure Beam, John W6NBC     37-39
DX:       DXing fot the Little Pistol, Robert S. Logan, NZ5A             65-66
ECLECTIC: A "Fanless" PC Power Supply, UHF Cloth Antennas, WB8IMY/sford  96-96
ECLECTIC: A New Approach to Long Range WiFi? see: onrampwireless         96-96
HANDS-ON: Experiment #108 PCB Layout - Part 2 ExpressPCB, Eagle, Kicad   60-61
HINTS:    Soldering Iron Antioxidant, WA4WZP - Keeps tip in solder       63-63
HINTS:    Custom Panels For Your Rig, K1NA * Helping Hand, W7CH          64-64
HINTS:    Dental Floss Strain Releif, small power plugs. Dave, W5DBK     64-64
HINTS:    Cutting Board Insulators, poly boards + black paint Terry AF7W 64-64
HINTS:    Tie Your Powerpoles, wd plastic tie-wrap! Dave Steinhoff, W7UP 64-64
MOBILE:   A Low-Impact Mobile Installation, Thomas E. Nolan, W3EX        45-47
POWER:    Providing power for Your Pet Project, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR     43-44
PROJECT:  A Transistor Tester in a Tin, Alan Bloom, N1AL                 30-31
PROJECT:  Revisiting the Four Stage 75 Meter SSB Superhet, David W6IBC   32-36
PROJECT:  Moving Yet Another Band Lower with that HF Loop, Dave KE5QWP   40-42
PROJECT:  Vintage Low Power Radios, Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT             67-69
PROJECT:  Building a Dream Novice Station, Kim Johnson, KC0JQH           73-74
QSL:      QSLing in the New World of LoTW,                               87-87
REVIEW:   WiNRADIO WR-G31DDC Excalibur Software Defined Receiver, WB8IMY 48-51
REVIEW:   AvMap G6 APRS Navigation System, Howard Robins, W1HSR          51-53
REVIEW:   TE Systems 1410G 2 Meter Linear Amplifier, Joel Hallas, W1ZR   54-55
SHORT:    Andy-Crimp ProTM Crimping Tool, Bob Allison, WB1GCM            62-62
TEACHING: The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio, Allen Pitts, W1AGP *** ARRL    75-75
VINTAGE:  AWA's Founding Members, John Dilks, K2TQN                      94-95
January 2012

ANTENNA:  Inverted V Wire Yagi with Switchable Pattern rotation for 14MH 34-37
ANTENNA:  Dual band VHF/UHF Slim Jim Anyenna, Al Peter, AC8GY            41-443
ANTENNA:  How About an HF Beam Under Your Holiday Tree? W1ZR             61-62
CONTEST:  Sunday Drivers, Contesting in the slow lane adds spice, WW3DE  63
ECLECTIC: Reverse Beacons - listening stations, Steve Ford, WB8IMY Links 70-70
ECOMM:    NWS/ARRL Skywarn Recognition Day, & NTS Web Page ... Links.htm 68-69
HANDS-ON: Experiment 107 PCBLayout - Part 1, N0AX                        53-54
HINTS:    A Simple Guide, John Franke, WA4WDL - for screw tapping        56-56
HINTS:    Roughing up Microphone Connectors, Jim Kocsis, WA9PYH          56-56
HINTS:    Restoration Hints (sheet metal water heater drip pan) KF7NE    56-57
HINTS:    More on the Piggyback RF Ammeter, Steve Sant Andrea, AG1YK     57-57
HINTS:    Plumbing Bracket Ground, Ray Parsons, KG2B                     57-57
HISTORY:  Ham History SOS - At ARRL HQ work to preserve treasures, WN1M  58-60
HISTORY:  Vintage Radio: Washington Island's Ham Radio Treasure, K2TQN   98-99
PROJECT:  A Laptop QRP Station, Stan Levandowski, WB2LQF                 30-33
PROJECT:  A 2 W Logic Chip Transmitter, Lew Smith, N7KSB                 38-40
REVIEW:   Tech Corr: BAOFENG UV-3R 2 M/70 cm Handheld Transceiver WB1GCM 44
REVIEW:   FlexRadio Systems FLEX-1500 Software Defined HF+6 QRP TRX N0AX 45-50
SHORT:    Argent Data Systems SSTVCAM, ~$80                              55-55

November 2011
ANTENNA:  An Antenna Idea for Antenna Restricted Communities, WV6N       35-37
ANTENNA:  A 160 or 80 Meter Downspout Vertical, Dave Holdeman, N9XU      45-48
ANTENNA:  How High Should Your HF Vertical Be? Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR      51-51
APPS:     Android Apps for the Amateur: VoIP apps, Location Apps, KJ4ORX 69-70
ECOMM:    So You're the New EC - Now What? Mark Conklin, N7XYO           85-87
HANDS-ON: Experiment #106, Effects of Gain-Bandwidth Product, N0AX       64-65
HINTS:    Super Simple Ground Plane, antenna, Pedro Motilla, EA5BFT      66-67
HINTS:    Balanced Lines Grounding, Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, WB2MIC       67-67
HINTS:    Rig Warmer, WB8YYS * Audio Oscillator Power Testing, W8KZW     67-67
MOBILE:   The Never Ending Field Day, Yigal Rechtman, K2EFG              78-78
NEW:      Remoteshack Remote Base Controller * NN4ZZ QUADLOCK            80-80
NEW:      ATOM Audible Transmitter Output Monitor, blind-ham-products    80-80
NEW:      Stealth DDF2020T Radio Direction Finder/Navi2020 software KN2C 80-80
OP-ED:    No Nonsense Radio, Frank Columbus, WA2KWR - "Emergency ready"  101
PROJECT:  Build Your Own DSP Speaker, Allen Baker, KG4JJH                31-34
PROJECT:  A Four Tone SSB Test Generator, Dave Lyndon, AK4AA             38-41
PROJECT:  Internal Full break-in Keying Interface for the ALS-600 Amp L1 42-44
PROJECT:  1950 on 40, BC-221 gets new life, Mark Zelesky, KA9OOI         76-76
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-450D HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, Mike Corey, W5MPC    55-58
REVIEW:   Elecraft XG3 RF Signal Source, Bob Allison, WB1GCM             58-60
REVIEW:   West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Advantage, Steve Ford, WB8IMY   63-63
TECH:     A Skype Phone Patch - No Extra Hardware Required, Peter, W6DEI 49-50
TECH:     A Compact 40 Meter receiver (FEB 2011) Craig D. Smith, AC0DS   52-53
TECH:     Dangerous Circuit in HamSpeak (May 2011), Ewell "Bub", W5BUB   53-53
TECH:     The Truth about Error Detection (JUL 2011 TC) Ron Vincent KF4D 53-53
TECH:     Bonding of Grounding Conductors (JAN 2011 TC) ROBERTSCHROEDER  53-53
TECH:     Spliting Up Isn't Hard To Do (Operate split), Steve AG1YK      75-75
November 2011

October 2011
ANTENNA:  Moxon Mighty Mite, DTV & 70cm band, J. Barry Shackleford, W6YE 30-33
ANTENNA:  The DK7PE Jumper Beam, Rudolf Klos, DK7PE                      42-43
ANTENNA:  A Remote Impedance Matching Network, Joe Ostrowski, KI5FJ      44-47
ANTENNA:  The Folded Skeleton Sleeve on Other Ham Bands, Joel W1ZR       48-48
CW:       CW -- the Old Twitter, Rick Lindquist, WW3DE                   71-71
DOCTOR:   Balun Loss?, Dipole dimentions, Antenna Material, W1ZR         56-57
ECLECTIC: You've Come a Long Way. Ubuntu, Steve Ford WB8IMY              86-86
HANDS-ON: Experiment #105, Gain-Bandwidth Product, H. Ward Silver, N0AX  59-60
HINTS:    Solder Faults, W9NJD * Piggyback RF Ammeter, K1RMC             61-62
HINTS:    Faux Phillips Tooling, Chuck Percy, N7FZ                       62-62
HINTS:    Trapped Radio Multiband Antenna, Paul Voorhees, W7PV           62-63
HINTS:    In-Tower Mounting of Hy-Gain/CDE Rotators, Robert Wheaton W5XW 63-63
HINTS:    Color Coding Powerpoles, Alan K0BG * East PPT, A Robert W2ARP  63-63
PROJECT:  A Receive-Only Antenna Adapter (switch) Gerald Fasse, W8GF     37-39
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-7410 HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, Rick Lindquist, WW3DE 49-54
REVIEW:   Coaxial Dynamics Model 81041 USB Wattmeter, Joel Hallas, W1ZR  54-55
TEACHING: LoTW: Like Taking Your QSLs to the Bank, Sean P Doran, W8OKN   76-77
TECH:     The Care and Feeding of a 3-500ZG Amplifier, Charles, WA2HMM   40-41
VHF/UHF:  Microwavelengths: Circular Polarization, Paul Wade, W1GHZ      98-99
VINTAGE:  The National NC-400 Receiver, John Dilks, K2TQN                96-97
October 2011

September 2011
ANTENNA:  Add 6 Meters to Your Triband Trap Yagi, Joel R Hallas, W1ZR    40-42
ANTENNA:  Eclectic Tech: The Mad Scientist in the Attic, AC0C  (WB8IMY)  98-98
ECOMM:    Optimizing Amateur Radio Resources for Major Desasters, WA3LTJ 30-34
ECOMM:    An Emergency Radio Package - or The Radio in a Box II, N1GY    35-38
ECOMM:    EMCOMM-1 -- Customized Communications, Rick Palm, K1CE         65-67
ECOMM:    Extra Crisp, Efficiency is key when communicating..., AG1YK    68-68
ECOMM:    The Haiti Project- Post-Catastrophe Personal Radio Sys, KE5ZDZ 78-80
HANDS-ON: Experiment #104 Words to Watch For (good books), N0AX          59-60
HINTS:    Convert Toddler Transport to Tower Tote, James French, W8ISS   61-61
HINTS:    Slingshot Tips, KD5LBE * Portable Without the Pizza, K3YEE     61-62
HINTS:    Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station & FX-8801 Soldering Iron, WB1GCM   58
HINTS:    Bayonet Bulb Gripper, K9ARZ * Adding 6 m to the R7000, W0YSE   62-62
HINTS:    Troubleshooting with a Paintbrush, Bob Sumption, W9RAS         62-62
HISTORY:  Mary Day Lee, an Unusual Elmer, James O Neal, AG4DH (K2TQN)    96-97
MOBILE:   New Car RFI? Buyer Beware, John Perone, W8RXX                  39-39
PROJECT:  Yet Another Crystal Calibrator - The YACC-1-2-3, Robert KE6F   43-46
REVIEW:   Yaesu VX-8GR Dual band Handheld Transceiver, Howard W1HSR K1RO 47-50
REVIEW:   Ameritron ALS-1300 HF Power Amplifier, Phil Salas, AD5X        51-52
TEACHING: Teaching Teens Amateur Radio Using Cowboy Ethics, KF6KEE       69-70
TECH:     An Emergency Backup Solar Power System (May 2011), Jim, N3JT   53-55
TECH:     A Grid-Tie Alternative, Bob Bruninga, WB4APR                   55-55
September 2011

August 2011
ANTENNA:  A Suspended Quarter Wave 40 Meter Wire Vertical Monopole, W1IS 34-36
ECLECTIC: PACTOR 4 Has Arrived, & DStarChatUSB software                  92-92
HANDS-ON: Experiment #103, detecting RF -- Part 2, H. Ward Silver, N0AX  54-55
HINTS:    FT-875 Air Vent Mount, David Lopez, N6RI                       56-56
HINTS:    Whip Antenna Weather Guard, soad bottle top, Steven K4YZ       56-57
HINTS:    PA Module Repair, W8RVT, . Wall Wart Elevators, WB9VXY         57-57
HISTORY:  Vintage Radio: radio Amateur Days in Brooklyn, K2TQN           90-91
NEW:      XTAL Set Society QRP Step Attenuator & Dummy Load Kit          49-49
NEW:      Comet CAA-500 Antenna Analyzer, 1.8 - 500 MHz                  49-49
OPERATE:  To Log -- or Not, Rick Lindquist, WW3DE                        61-61
PROJECT:  A Modified MouseFET Low Power Transmitter, William, W0MS       30-33
PROJECT:  VOSK - A Voice Operated Straight Key 4 Hands Free CW Op, W2NN  37-39
PROJECT:  The FSKit-A Simple Sound Card Interface for Gen Radioteletype  40-42
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec Model 599AT Eagle HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, W1ZR     43-48
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec 777 DX Pro Headset, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR               48-49
TEACHING: What do Automatic Antenna Tuners Do For Us & How do that do it?52-53
VHF/UHF:  World Above 50 MHz, Welcome to the Next Chapter of WA5O, N0JK  86-88
August 2011

July 2011
ANTENNA:  Gain Twist 75 Meter Mobile Monobander, Jerry Clement, VE6AB    39-42
ANTENNA:  Custom Open-wire Line -- It's a Snap, J. Shackleford, W6YE     33-36
ATV:      FM Amateur TV on the Cheap, Steve Ford, WB8IMY                 92-92
HANDS-ON: Experiment #102  Detecting RF -- Part 1                        58-59
HINTS:    An Easy Replacement For Bayonet Bulbs, Bill Ockert, ND0B       60-60
HINTS:    Dual-Channel CW Filter, Norman Sullivan, NZ5L                  60-60
HISTORY:  Amateur telegraph Stations, John Dilks, K2TQN                  93-94
PROJECT:  Electronic Kits Still in the Picture, Mark A. Lacy, W5TXR      43-45
PROPIGATE Solar Indices -- What do they Mean? Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR       37-38
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec 1054 Shortwave receiver Kit, Bill Allison, WB1GCM      57-57
REVIEW:   Tennadyne T-28 VHF/UHF Log Periodic Antenna, N0AX              51-52
REVIEW:   Down East Microwave L222-28 1 1/4 Meter transverter, N0AX      50-51
REVIEW:   Kenwood TH-D72A Dual Band Handheld Transceiver, W1HSR          46-49
July 2011

June 2011
ANTENNA:  A One Person, Safe, Portable & Easy to Erect Antenna Mast 8ERD 30-32
ANTENNA:  Is There an Optimum Height for an HF Antenna? - KE4PT          33-35
ANTENNA:  A Single Element Vertical "Beam" David Robbins, K7BKI          42-44
ANTENNA:  Two Small Helical Antennas for 2 Meters - John Portne W6NBC    45-49
HANDS-ON: Experiment #101 Rotary Encoders, H. Ward Silver, N0AX          60-61
HINTS:    Audio Interfacing and Ground loop Solutions, Martin, K0BXB     62-62
HINTS:    Nine Dollar Microphone Boom, Steve Little, AB9YN               62-63
HINTS:    No Holes SUV Mount (Antenna) Anthony McAlister, KE9PH          63-63
HINTS:    Cleaning Corroded Antenna Wire, Mark Albert, KB9VKE            63-64
HINTS:    Forming Antenna Insulators from PVC Conduit, Mark KB5ANN       64-64
HINTS:    IC-229H Repair, microphone leaky caps & plated holes, KD8MQ    64-64
HINTS:    IAMBIC Paddle Conversion, Dave Billheimer, W1GQL               64-64
NEW:      MFJ HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer, MFJ-266 ~$350                     44-44
NEW:      DB6NT 1.3 GHz High Power Amplifier                             44-44
NEW:      DC Power System Monitoring Tool from West Mountain Radio       57-57
POWER:    Direct Digital Synthesis for Those Classic Rigs, Joe N4YG      37-41
REVIEW:   Alinco DX-SR8T HF Transceiver  Mike Corey, W5MPC, Mark K1RO    51-55
REVIEW:   TYT TH-UVF1 Dual band handheld Transceiver  Dewey KI4RGD       55-57
SHORT:    Goal 0 Sherpa 50 Solar Battery and Portable Panel, WB8IMY      50-50
TEACHING: SWR, Reflected power - What Do They Mean? Joel Hallas, W1ZR    36-36
June 2011

May 2011
ANTENNA:  Supporting Portable Antennas Without Guy Wires, Dave KG0D/7    30-32
ANTENNA:  Selecting the "Right" Antennas for Your Station, Joel, W1ZR    44-44
ANTENNA:  A Folded Skeleton Sleeve Dipole for 40 and 20 Meters, W1ZR     58-60
ECLECTIC: Open Source QRP, Steve Ford, WB8IMY                            94-94
ECOMM:    An Emergency Backup Solar Power System, Jim Talens, N3JT       37-40
FOX:      A Transmitter for Fox Hunting, Mark Spencer, WA8SME            33-36
HANDS-ON: Experiment #100, A Hands-On Hunderd, H. Ward Silver, N0AX      61-62
HINTS:    LED Mount Insertion Tool, WB2SGT * Velcro Cable Holder, KI6AJJ 64-65
HINTS:    SO-239 Center Pin Problems, Don Dorward, VA3DDN                65-65
HISTORY:  Mary Texanna Loomis, 3YA by John Dilks, K2TQN                  95-96
INFO:     Readability, Strength -- and Quality? Steve Sant Andrea, AG1YK 70-70
PROJECT:  A Junk Box Power Line Frequency Monitor, Arthur Glazar, W2NN   41-43
REVIEW:   Kenwood TS-590S HF and 6 Meter Transceiver, N0AX               45-50
REVIEW:   Heil Pro Set Elite headset, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR               50-51
SHORT:    Azio KB333BM Wireless keyboard, Steve Ford, WB8IMY             57-57
SHORT:    Multimode for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Steve, WB8IMY   63-63
TECH:     A No-Special-Tools SMD Desoldering Technique, Stephen, WU0F    52-52
TECH:     A High-Power RF Sampler, Tom Thompson, W0IVJ                   54-54
TECH:     Soldering Surface Mount Components, Roger Monroe, K7NTW        54-54
TECH:     More on resistors in Parallel, Ralph Dieter, K1RD              54-54
TECH:     Wireless Router Interference, Steve Johnston, WD8DAS           54-54
May 2011

April 2011
ANTENNA:  Nested Full Wave Delta Loops for 20 and 10 Meters, Don, K7DM   30-32
ANTENNA:  Does Your Ground Radil Kit Measure Up? Ron Harger, WD8BCS      38-40
DIGITAL:  JT-65 - The "Musical" Mode, Steve Ford, WB8IMY                 45-46
DOCTOR:   Extended Double Zepp (EDZ- Claifications                       54-54
DOCTOR:   Satellite Antenna System, Left/Right hand Circular Polarization  -55
ECLECTIC: Hot Ticket of the Month: The FunCube Dongle Pro, RXer WB8IMY   96-96
HANDS-ON: Experiment #99 Cascode Amplifier, H. Ward Silver, N0AX         57-58
HINTS:    Big Sling Antenna Raiser, WV1J  *  Hot Glue Fix-It, KB3LIC     59-60
HINTS:    Microphone Clamp, KE4VYN  *  Cracking Wall Warts, WB2HPR       60-60
HINTS:    Ask Your Dentist, KF6HYD  *  Green Energy In The Shack :) AG1YK  -60
HISTORY:  Behind the Scenes in the LAFAYETTE FACTORY, K2TQN              94-95
PROJECT:  The W7JI Low or Lower Power 40 Meter Transceiver, Lou W7JI     33-37
PROJECT:  A Line Voltage Monitor for Your Shack, Paul Danzer, N1II       43-44
REVIEW:   Elecraft P3 Panadapter, Joel Hallas W1ZR                       47-50
REVIEW:   Uniden HomePatril-1 Scanning Receiver, Curt Phillips, W4CP     50-53
SHORT:    MP Antenna Super-M Classic Base (Spider Antenna) WB8IMY        56-56
TEACHING: Can You Read Me Now? Steve Sant Andrea, AG1YK                  68-68
TECH:     Sounding Good on the Air - Setting Your Audio Controls, W1ZR   41-42
VHF/UHF:  Microwave Construction Techniques, Paul Wade, W1GHZ            97-98
April 2011

March 2011
ANTENNA:  A Four Wire Steerable V Beam for 10 through 40 Meters, NX5Z    30-33
ANTENNA:  One Ham's Fix for Limited Space Antennas, Steven Robeson K4YZ  37-39
ANTENNA:  A Roof Mount for a Rotatable 160 Meter receiving Loop, WB6RSE  40-42
ANTENNA:  A Factory Style Mobile Antenna Installation, AI4WT & AF4ZE     43-45
ANTENNA:  A Near End-Fed Antenna for Low Power 20 Meter Operation, W2FRH 46-47
ANTENNA:  Choosing Your First Commercial HF Antenna, Joeal Hallas, W1ZR  50-51
ECOMM:    Handheld Transceiver Go-Kit, Scott R. Gothard, W6SRG           81-83
HANDS-ON: Experiment #98  Linear Supply Design                           67-68
PROJECT:  Digital VOX Sound Card Interface, Skip, KH6TY                  34-36
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-V80 handheld VHF transceiver, Rick Palm, K1CE or k1ro  53-55
REVIEW:   ICOM IC-T70A Handheld Dual Band transceiver, Rick Palm, K1CE   55-56
REVIEW:   Array Solutions VNA 2180 Vector Network Analyzer, Phil AD5X    57-59
SAFETY:   Articles on Grounding & Lightning Protection, Times Microewave 33-33
SHORT:    Shakespeare PL-259-CP-G Coax Connector, Bob Allison, WB1GCM    64-64
LINKS:    Band Plan, AC6V Frequencies, AC6V Ham Only, Coordinators       76-76
LINKS:    Loogbook Of The World                                          78-78
March 2011

February 2011
ANTENNA:  A Portable 2 Meter Yagi, Richard, W9PE                         34-36
ANTENNA:  Making Better Homebrew Traps from Coax, John, W6NBC            45-48
ANTENNA:  Selecting the Best Coax for Your Next Antenna, W1ZR            49
DOCTOR:   2 meter SSB mobile antenna options? m2inc.com or ku4ab.com     61
HANDS-ON: Experiment # 97, Programmable Frequency Reference, N0AX        64-65
HINTS:    Mobile Logbook, K4PI, Keeping the Critters Out, WA0AJF         67-68
HINTS:    Yaesu FT-530 Alkaline Battery Pack repair, KE3FL               67
HINTS:    Solving an EMI Problem, W8DCQ                                  68
HINTS:    Tune-up for the Ten-Tec 238B Tuner, WB2HPR                     68-69
HINTS:    Gel Cell Maintenance, W0AEJ                                    69
HINTS:    Tri-Band Lamp Antenna, WB0SVS, Silver Sharpies, WY3X           69
NEW:      Audio Peaking Filter for the Elecraft K3                       36
PROJECT:  A Compact 40 Meter Receiver, Lou Burke, W7JI                   37-40
PROJECT:  Building a Modern Signal Tracer, Curt W6XJ                     41-44
PROJECT:  A Flexable Audio Limiter Using a Shunt Diode String, VE3HIE    50-51
PROJECT:  A Framer-Rancher's 2kW HF Dummy Load, Robert, W7SX             52-53
PROJECT:  The Sun Shines on the Granite Bay Montessori Shack, WB6RQN     76-77
REVIEW:   Ten-Tec R4020 Two Band CW QRP Transeiver, K0BOG  ~$250         54-56
REVIEW:   Mini-Circuits PWR-6GHS+ USB Power Sensor, AD5X                 56-59
REVIEW:   Array Solutions AS-43A Digital Upgrade Kit,Bird 43 meter, W1ZR 59-60
SHORT:    microHAM DigiKeyer II, WB8IMY                                  63
SHORT:    Vellman SOL8 Solar Panel and SOL4UCN2 Charge Controller, w1zr  66
February 2011

January 2011
HANDS-ON: Experiment #96 Open Wire Transmission Lines, N0AX              59-60
HINTS:    Flexible Mobile Mount, N0VX,    Aligning Drill Holes, KA5FLM   63-64
HINTS:    Molex Pin Removal, WA0NJR,   PowerPole Tool, N7CFO             64
HISTORY:  The National HRO Receiver -- A Historical Perspective, N4TRB   72-73
INFO:     The Last CQ -- A Survivor's Guide, William Conklin, AF6OH      70-71
MORE:     The Rest of the Story... ARRL in depth KD3UY, W7IEQ, WA1PIO    30-43
OnTheAir: Feeding a Balanced Antenna with Coax Cable, W1ZR               61-62
PROJECT:  Tools for Doing it yourself, W1ZR                              65
PROJECT:  A Coax Entrance Facility, David Waits, K4VMV                   44-45
PROJECT:  A Modern Directionsal Power/SWR Meter, Bill Kaune, W7IEQ       39-43
PROJECT:  Moonbounce on a Budget, Bob Baker, KD3UY                       36-38
PROJECT:  Reflow Soldering for the Radio Amateur, Jim Koehler, VE5FP     32-35
PROJECT:  Mystery Inductor Box, Robert J. Rogers, WA1PIO                 30-31
REVIEW:   Begali CW Machine, Bruce Prior, N7RR                           51-52
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTM-350R Dual Band FM Transceiver, W1HSR, K1RO           46-50
SHORT:    MFJ-1703 Transmitter Antenna Crossover, W1ZR, WB8IMY           58
January 2011

                                 QST 2010 ARTICLES

December 2010
ANTENNA:  Constructing a Flagpole Antenna, Geoff Haines, N1GY            30-32
ECOMM:    Twenty Five Words or Less, Learn about traffic handling, AG1YK 57
HANDS-ON: Experiment #95 - Watt's in a Waveform?                         51-52
HINTS:    Floating Lead RFI, W7XA * Tack in the Shack, KB1NXE            53
HINTS:    Pro Front Panels, KB0NLY * Split Bilt, WN3R                    53-54
HINTS:    Split Bolt, WN3R * Screw Starting Tips, W8SEB                  54
HINTS:    Online Ringtone Generator, K2DSL * Kitchen Helper, W4GSF       54
HINTS:    Threading PL-259S ont Cable, KU4BP                             54
INFO:     Selecting Your First VHF Handheld Transceiver, Joel, W1ZR      40-41
PROJECT:  Antenna Measurement for the Ham on a Budget, Martin K0BXB      38-39
PROPAGATE:Gimme an X, Gimme an O, What's that Spell? Eric Nichols, KL7AJ 33-37
REVIEW:   Yaesu FTDX5000D HF and 6 Meter Transceiver Rick, WW3DE or K1RO 42-47
REVIEW:   SHORT TAKES: National RF Type 2-MQ PortaQuad, Steve, WB8IMY    50
TECH:     Gimme an X, Gimme an O, What's that Spell? Eric Nichols, KL7AJ 33-37
December 2010

November 2010
ANTENNA: The Tape Measure Vertical, David Poole, AD9DP                    33-35
ANTENNA: An Improved Center Insulator for Wire Antennas Fed with Window Line 41
ANTENNA: Revisiting a 10 and 6 Meter Mobil Antenna, Charles Rankin WA2HMM 45-46
DIGITAL: WSPRing Around the World, Joe Taylor, K1JT & Bruce Walker, W1BW  30-32
DX:      Use Beacons to Spotlight Band Openings  Steve Sant Andrea AG1YK  75-75
HINTS:   & KINKS: Peak reading Circuit for Passive Wattmeters Tony, K1KP  65-65
HINTS:   & KINKS: Troubleshooting with the MFJ-259B Ant Analyzer  WU8P    65-65
HINTS:   & KINKS: Measuring "Four Squar" Dummy Load Power  Ira WA2OAX     65-66
HINTS:   & KINKS: Mouse Trap Grabber  Bill Kirk, NJ1X                     66-66
HINTS:   & KINKS: Inline Fuse Power Problem  Martin Campbell, KB0HAE      66-66
HINTS:   & KINKS: Panel Labeling  Art Bartlett, KA1RX                     66-66
HINTS:   & KINKS: Loose ICOM Power Connector  Matt Harker, KC5DBH         66-66
LEARNIN: Hands-On-Radio: Experiment #94--SWR and Transmission Line Loss   63-64
PROJECT: Infrared Radio Control for Yuor HF Transceiver, Gary, KE8WO      36-39
PROJECT: An Expanded Scale Voltmeter for 120 or 240 V ac -- With a Bonus  43-44
REVIEW:  ICOM IC-R6 Portable Wideband Receiver, Steve, WB8IMY, Mark K1RO  48-49
REVIEW:  Hamtronics R303-137 Weather Satellite receiver Board, WA8SME     50-52
REVIEW:  Wouxun KG-UV2D and KG-UVD1P Dual Band Handheld Transcvrs WB1GCM  52-54
REVIEW:  SHORT TAKES: S9v Multiband Vertical Antenna  WB8IMY              60
TECH:    Antenna Gain Specs -- What Do They Really Mean?  W1ZR            40
TECH:    GETTING ON THE AIR  Receiver Noise Figure--What's it All About?  61-62
TECH:    ECLECTIC TECH  The Burgeoning SDR Cottage Industry  WB8IMY       84-84
VINTAGE: Radio  The CQD and Rescue  Part #3 (final part) John K2TQN       93-94
November 2010

October 2010
ANTENNA:  An orthogonally Steered Antenna that Reduces Interference G3LN 30-33
ANTENNA:  A Long Range J-Pole Ant For your 70cm Handheld Transceiver W6L 42-42
ANTENNA:  Is Your Tower Still Safe? Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP              43-47
DIGITAL:  WINMOR at Last: No Hardware Needed, Steve Ford, WB8IMY         93-93
HANDS-ON: Experiment #93 -- An LED AM Modulator, N0AX                    59-60
HINTS:    Isolated in-line RF Tap, Tom Hammond, N0SS                     61-62
HINTS:    Static and Lightning dangers, Bill Leahy, K0ZL (SK)            62-62
HINTS:    In-Line Fuse Fix, W4FMD Alarm System RFI Solved, K5SEE         63-63
HINTS:    Coax Cable Standoff, KB0LSX  More on the Electret Mic          63-63
HINTS:    More on the Quick and Dirty Antenna Support, Randy, N2CUG      63-63
HISTORY:  Jack Irwin and the Airship America part 2, John Dilks, K2TQN   94-95
MORE:     The Rest of the Story... ARRL in depth for Members Only!       XX
PROJECT:  A Signal generator for the VHF Operator, John/N2DCH            34-36
PROJECT:  Homebrew Challenge II Co-Winner -- The Lowest Cost Entry, NM0S 37-41
REVIEW:   RF Concepts Alpha 9500 Linear Amplifier, Norm W3IZ             48
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-7900 Dual band Mobile Transceiver, Gary KN4AQ         50-53
REVIEW:   Small Wonder Labs Retro-75 AM Transceiver Kit, Bruce, N7RR     53-54
REVIEW:   MFJ-929 Automatic Antenna Tuner, Steve Ford, WB8IMY            58-58
VHF/UHF:  Combining Microwave Amplifiers, Paul Wade, W1GHZ               96-97
October 2010

September 2010
ANTENNA:  Attic Antenna Experiments, Max E. Norman, W2IQE                38-38
ANTENNA:  A Closer Look at the terminated Folded Dipole Antenna, W1ZR    51-52
ANTENNA:  Experiment # 92 -- The 468 factor, H. Ward Silver, N0AX        53-54
DIGITAL:  Discovering D-Star, Larry Moxon, K1KRC                         72-72
ECOMM:    A Solar Powered Repeater for EmComm, WV6JPL or KT4BW           30-33
MORE:     The Rest of the Story... ARRL in depth WV6JPL, KT4BW           30-33
ECOMM:    One Ham's DC Power Connector Preference, NC4L                  36-37
ECOMM:    Emergency Communication, Stan Zawrotny, K4SBZ (NTS links)      66-68
ECOMM:    ARES: 75 and Counting, Mike, W5MPC & Allen, W1AGP              69-71
ECOMM:    2010 Simulated Emergency Test, Steve Ewald, WV1X               73-73
HANDS-ON: Experiment # 92 -- The 468 factor, H. Ward Silver, N0AX        53-54
HINTS:    Help for the Mobility Impaired Amateur, AG1YK                  55-55
HINTS:    Squirrel Control, (antenna rope protection),                   55-56
HINTS:    Tarheel Antenna Protector, B utton Battery Tabs,               56-56
HINTS:    Perf Board Drill Guide, Moleskin Paint Finish Protector        56-56
HINTS:    Coax Cable End Sealing, Easy Ladder-Line Standoff              56-56
HISTORY:  The First Air-going Wireless Man, John Dilks, K2TQN            92-93
MOBILE:   A Portable Antenna Mast and Support for your RV, W7PV          34-35
OPERATE:  How's DX? Tips for Beginners (and Experts), Bernie, W3UR       83-84
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-2900R 2 Meter FM Transceiver, Howard Robins, W1HSR    39-41
REVIEW:   SRL QS1R Software Defined Receiver, Martin S. Ewing, AA6E      41-44
REVIEW:   CC User DX Cluster Client, WB8IMY, QST Editor Steve Ford       50-50
September 2010

August 2010
ANTENNA:  Earning 160 Meter WAS in 117 Days, Greg Crossman, WE0D         44-45
HANDS-ON: Experiment #91 -- Common Mode Choke                            57-58
HINTS:    A Better Electret Element for Homebrew Microphones, Digikey    60
HINTS:    Hose reel Rope Carrier, Charles, |BuildIt|WB4PVT|ar|rl|1|               61
HINTS:    Accessory Octopus, Carl Solomon, |BuildIt|W5SU|ar|rl|1|                 61
OPERATE:  The World Above 50 MHz, Meteor Communication - W3ZZ            83-85
OPERATE:  Microwavelengths, Micorwave System Test, W1GHZ, Paul Wade      96-97
PROJECT:  The StatioinPro Master Station Controller, James Garland W8ZR  30-34
PROJECT:  A Multiband 50 W Linear Amplifier, Jim Veatch, WA2EUJ          35-38
PROJECT:  Simplify Transceiver to Amp I/O with an In-Line Anttenuator    39-40
PROJECT:  Build a Two Finger key, Burt VanderClute, N4ERM                41-43
REVIEW:   Elecraft Accessories for the K3 HF/VHF Modular Transceiver     47-51
REVIEW:   A Pair of Mirage 2 Meter Amplifiers, B-310-G/100W, B2518G/160W 52-53
TECH:     Who are You Calling a Dummy? Steve Ford, WB8IMY                46
August 2010

July 2010
ANTENNA:  A Simple and Effective Approach to Station Grounding, N3JT      40-41
HANDS-ON: Experiment #90 -- Construction Techniques, N0AX                 57-58
HINTS:    Easier Prefboard Layouts,  Add 70cm With a Coat Hanger          59-60
HINTS:    Easier Prefboard Layouts, KC0ZNG,                               59-60
LEARNING  Capacitors -- Which One to Use? Joel R Hallas, W1ZR             42
LEARNING  Antenna Polarization - What Does is Mean & When is it Important 55-56
OPERATING: When Should I Operate? Propagation, AG1YK                      68
PROJECT:  The Portable Omni Box, all-in-one text box, WB8VGE              33-36
PROJECT:  The Classic Universal Sound Card Interface, KH6TY               37-39
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT DX9000MP HF and 6 Meter Transceiver                    43-47
REVIEW:   Elecraft W2 HF/VHF/UHF Wattmeter                                47-49
SHORT:    Jetstream VHF/UHF Wattmeter                                     54
TECH:     Keeping Current with Antenna Performance (Feb 2009), K9DCI      50-51
July 2010

June 2010
ANTENNA:  A Fan Dipole for 80 through 6 Meters, Richard |BuildIt|W0IS|ar|rl|1|     41-42
ANTENNA:  A Verticle Mounted Mast for Field Operation, N1GY               44-45
ANTENNA:  SHORT TAKES: Miricle Mixed-Mode Dipole ($105 - $180)            54
DIGITAL:  A Quick Guide to ALE400 ARQ FAE, Anthony |BuildIt|dxdx|opt|online|1|     34-36
HANDS-ON: Experiment #89 - Overvoltage Protection                         55-56
HINTS:    Spectrum Scope for your K3, Quick & Dirty Antenna Support#408-R 57-58
HINTS:    Portable Ham Shack, Battery protection - |BuildIt|n3wdz|ar|rl|1|, etc.   58-59
HISTORY:  General Patton and His Use of ULTRA, Geoffrey Pidgeon           60-62
PROJECT:  Homebrew Challenge II - Winner #1 - The Lowest Cost Entry       30-33
PROJECT:  HF yagi Triplexer Especially for ARRL Field Day, K6KV           37-40
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-250R and FT-270R Handheld 2 Meter FM Transceivers K1CE 46-48
REVIEW:   Popular Dual-Lever Keyer Paddles - Part 2, N7RR                49-52
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 2, Vibroplex Iambic Standard                     49
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 2, Elecraft Special Edition Hexkey               49-50
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 2, K8RA P-2, W5JH Black Widdow Paddle Kit        50-51
SAT/ISS:  Ground Control to Major Tom... listen/contact the ISS FM RX/TX  64-65
TECH:     Receiver Sensitivity - Can You Have Too Much?  W1ZR             43
June 2010

May 2010
ANTENNA:  Circularly Polarized Yagi Antennas for Satellite Comms, WA9PYH 32-35
ANTENNA:  Homebrew a Window Feed Through, Ron Davis, WB5TGF              36-37
ANTENNA:  A Six Band, 20 Through 6 Meter Log Periodic Dipole Array, N0KC 40-43
ECOMM:    Why I Got into Ham Radio - Hurricane Ike, KE5ZDZ               75-76
HANDS-ON: Experiment #88 - ELSIE Filter Design - Part 2, N0AX            62-63
HINTS:    Use a Cotton Swap as an Anderson Power Pole locking pin        65
NEW:      BHI DSP noise Canceling Speaker, W4RT Electronics, $230        56
OPERATE:  I Can Hear Him - Why Canít He Hear Me? W1ZR Hints to be heard. 46
OPERATE:  Have Fun with Your Tech License, W1ZR                          60-61
PROJECT:  Homebrew Challenge II - And the Winners Are, W1ZR, 50W HF Amps 30-31
PROJECT:  Build an Ampere-Hour Meter for Portable Operations, W0UFO      44-45
REVIEW:   Yaesu FT-1900R 2-Meter FM Transceiver, WB8IMY                  4749
REVIEW:   Popular Dual-Lever Keyer Paddles - Part 1, N7RR                49-52
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 1, Bencher BY-1                                 49-50
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 1, MFJ-564B Delux Iambic Paddle                 50
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 1, Vibroplex Code Warrior Junior                50
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 1, Kent Twin Paddle Morse Key, Begali Simplex   50-51
REVIEW:   Paddles - Part 1, Scheunemann Der Morse Dirigent               51-52
REVIEW:   A Look at Noise Canceling Headphones, Bose Quietcomfort 15     52-53
REVIEW:   Noise Canceling Headphns, Heil Quiet Phone Pro & MB-1 Boom Mic 53
SHORT:    Radio Remote Control 1258MkII, (Look Ma' No Computer!)  $449   59
TEACHING: Is It a Duplexer or Diplexer? [And Why Should You Care?]WB8IMY 38-39
May 2010

April 2010
ANTENNA:  Easy to Make 4:1 Coreless Baluns George Badger, W6TC (SK)      33-36
ANTENNA:  A Shortened Capacitive Loaded 160 Meter Vertical Antenna PY3PR 41-43
ANTENNA:  A Battery Operated Antenna Rotator, Scott McCann, W3MEO        44-46
ANTENNA:  The Real World Meets Your Real Antenna, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR   47-48
DOCTOR:   Measure Cable Length with an Antenna Analyser, W1ZR            60
DOCTOR:   Making "True" Ladder Line, (impedence equations), W1ZR         60-61
ECOMM:    When NOT to Operate (during an emergency/emergency net) AG1YK  74
ECOMM:    A Compact Versatile Multimode Grab & Go Kit for E Comms VA7XB  80-82
FOOL:     Up Front in QST: The Developement of Digital Antennas (fool!)  20
HANDS-ON: Eperiment #87 - ELSIE Filter Design - Part 1, N0AX             63-64
HINTS:    Adapting Aviation headsets to Ham Radios, John Raydo, K0IZ     65-66
HINTS:    An Improved Mobile Console, UniStrut Antenna Support  KB3DZD   66-67
HINTS:    Troubleshooting SteppIR Antennas, Rodent Radial Rush   AG1YK   67
NEW:      Battery Disconnect from TG Electronics                         43
NEW:      MFJ Dry Dummy Loads, dc-1GHz, $60, dc-3GHz, $70                43
POWER:    Compact Voltage Protector & Fuse Assembly for 100W Transceivers30-32
POWER:    Power Your Handheld Transeiver from a Switching Regulator?     49-51
PRODUCTS: Battery Disconnect from TG Electronics?                        43
PRODUCTS: MFJ Dry Dummy Loads (to 3GH) - MFJ                             43
PROJECT:  Building a 1929 Vacuum Tube Transmitter, Brian Mattson, K8BHZ  37-40
REVIEW:   Alinco DJ-G7T Triband handheld Transceiver, Bob Allison/WB1GCM 53-55
REVIEW:   Green Heron Engineering GH Everywhere Wireless Cable, N4ZR     56-58
REVIEW:   International Radio Roofing Filter for the IC-756PROIII WB1GCM 58-59
REVIEW:   Short Takes: LDG Z-11 Pro Automatic Antenna Tuner, WB8IMY      62
SOFTWARE: EMCOMM Ops Software for MFJ TNCs - CSS Inc                     43
April 2010

March 2010
ANTENNA:  An Experimental Look at Ground Systems for HF Verticals, N6LF  30-33
ANTENNA:  Compact Stealth Five Band Inverted L Antenna, Lorraine, W1AR   34-36
ANTENNA:  The Mini Horse Antenna, Martin Hedman, SM0DTK - Web site       37-38
ANTENNA:  The Antenna Elevation Pattern-What's the Big Deal? W1ZR        39-40
ANTENNA:  Antennas Away From Home, W1ZR                                  44-46
ANTENNA:  Remote Antenna Tuners, WB8IMY                                  64
ARRL:     The ARRL Lab, Harold Kramer, WJ1B                              70
HANDS-ON: Experiment #86 - Viewing Waveforms in LTspice, N0AX            59-60
HINTS:    SteppIR Mounting-A Better Way                                  61
HINTS:    Stopping Wind Damage to ladder Line                            61-62
HINTS:    Using a Broadcast Loop on 160 Meters                           62
NEW:      MFJ Compact Variable Voltage Power Supply (0-24V, 18 - 9A)     46
PROJECT:  A Peak Reading RF Power Meter, Ed Toal, N9MW                   41-43
REVIEW:   Remote Automatic Antenna Tuners & the 43 Foot Vertical, AD5X   47-51
REVIEW:   Tuners: MFJ-927 Remote Automatic Antenna Tuner                 48-49
REVIEW:   Tuners: CG Antenna CG-3000 Remote Automatic Antenna Tuner      49-50
REVIEW:   Tuners: SGC SG-230 Remote Automatic Antenna Tuner              50-51
REVIEW:   DX Engineering RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interface for Transceiver 52-53
SHORT:    Arrow Antennas VHF/UHF J-Pole, WB8IMY                          58
TECH:     Double Cross-A NOAA Satellite Antenna L.B. Cebik site          54-55
TECH:     Local Radio Noise (switching supplies etc) Steve WD8DAS        55
March 2010

February 2010
ANTENNA:  The Curtain Zepp-A Bidirectional Ant for 160, 80, & 40m W7SX   36-39
ANTENNA:  A Parasitic Lindenblad Antenna for 70 cm, Anthony AA2TX        46-48
CW:       Using Mechanical CW Keys, Robert Shrader, W6BNB                33-35
HANDS-ON: Experiment #85 - Circuit Simulation, Complex Parts, N0AX       59-60
HINTS:    QSL Maker & QSL Wizard QSL programs, David, W9PH -- AG1YK      61
HINTS:    Determining Bearing from Logitude/Latitude, Timothy, K5RA      62
INFO:     Twitter and Ham Radio, Guy Hamblen, N7UN                       72-73
MODES:    Why Not Give AM a Try, Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR                    43
NEW:      Crystal Radio Shortwave Receiver Kit, The Xtal Set Society     71
PIC:      Pickle with USB I/O, Update the PIC-EL to use USB, AA0ZZ       40-42
PROJECT:  An SWR Null Meter, Paul Christensen, W9AC                      30-32
PROJECT:  A Fan Controller for the MFJ-4125 Power Supply, N1AL           44-45
PROJECT:  Ham Radio on the Flight Line, Radio controll Peter Carr, WW3O  69-71
PROJECT:  Software Defined Radio on the Cheap, Steve Ford, WB8IMY        88
REVIEW:   RFSpace SDR-IQ Software Defined Receiver, Steve Ford, WB8IMY   49-51
REVIEW:   HamGadgets MasterKeyer MK-1, Pete Smith, N4ZR                  52-54
REVIEW:   Spiderpole Telescoping Antenna Mast, Joal R. Hallas, W1ZR      54-55
REVIEW:   Tweezers Tool for Testing SMDS, S. Premena, AJ0J               62
REVIEW:   No Holes Mount, John D. Merritt, K4KQZ                         62
REVIEW:   Rig Static Protection, for K1 Richard Arnold, AF8X             63
SHORT:    Glen Tek Radio-to-Ethernet Controllers, Steve Ford/WB8IMY $170 58
February 2010

January 2010
ANTENNA:  160 and 80 Meter Matching Network for Your 43 Foot Vertical #2 34-35
ANTENNA:  Taking Advantage of Mother Nature's Antenna Supports, W1ZR     39
ANTENNA:  160 Meter Inverted Delta Loop, Charles T. Kluttz, W4TMR        40-41
ANTENNA:  The Fiberpole - Evolution of an Antenna Mast, Dave KE7QF       42-43
ANTENNA:  An Updated 2 Meter Log periodic Dipole Array, Andy K0ABP       44-45
DIGITAL:  PSK31 This Weekend, Steve Ford, WB8IMY                         30-31
HANDS-ON: Experiment #83 - Circuit Simulation, Build and Test, N0AX      61-62
HINTS:    Homebrewing RF Enclosures ANother Approach, Steve WB2HPR       64-65
MOBILE:   A Magnetic Mount for All Seasons, Skip Colton, W1FTE           46-47
OnTheAir: No Sunspots? Work Lonf Haul on Top Band, W1ZR                  59-60
PROJECT:  Homebrew Air Core Inductors, J. Barry Shackleford, W6YE        36-38
REVIEW:   Jetstream JT220M 222 MHz FM Transceiver, Mark J. Wilson, K1RO  48-50
REVIEW:   ICOM ID-880H Dual Band Transceiver with D-Star, Gary KN4AQ     50-53
REVIEW:   Neater Project Weatherproofing, RTV + Turpentine/Lighter fluid 65
SHORT:    Gulf Alpha Dual-Band Satellite Antenna, Mike Seguinm, N1JEZ    63
TEACHING: Soldering Surface Mount Components (SMT), WR1B                 32-33
January 2010


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Khrystyne Keane, K1SFA, |BuildIt|K1SFA|ar|rl|2| ARRL New, Happenings, Editor * Norm Fusaro, W3IZ W3IZ, |BuildIt|W3IZ|ar|rl|2| * Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, |BuildIt|NJ1Q|ar|rl|2| * Rick Lindquist, WW1ME, |BuildIt|WW1ME|ar|rl|2| Managing Editor of NCJ * W3IZ, |BuildIt|W3IZ|ar|rl|2| * Mike Gruber, W1MG, |BuildIt|W1MG|ar|rl|2| * Al Brogdon, W1AB, |BuildIt|W1AB|ao|l|0| Al puts together the bit on QST magazine of yeaster year called: 75, 50, and 25 Years Ago * Field Day Questions, |BuildIt|fdinfo|ar|rl|2| * Anthony Monteiro, AA2TX - |BuildIt|AA2TX|am|sat|2| * Bruce Walker, W1BW - |BuildIt|bruce|w1|bw|2| * Kazimierz "Kai" Siwiak, KE4PT - |BuildIt|k.siwiak|ie|ee|2| or try: |BuildIt|KE4PT|ar|rl|1| * Robert Schroeder, |BuildIt|rschroeder|ie|ee|2| * David Palmer, KB5WIA, |BuildIt|KB5WIA|am|sat|2| * Tom Parkinson, KB8UUZ, |BuildIt|KB8UUZ|port|cars|2| * School Club Roundup email: SCR, |BuildIt|SCR|lim|arc|2| * Bill Gerrey, WA6NPC, |BuildIt|bilge|sk|i|2| * Oscur Fuller, KO1F, |BuildIt|oscur|void|star|2| * David Anderson, KR0CK, |BuildIt|jumpstart|world|genesis|2| * KX9X, Sean Kutzko, |BuildIt|KX9X|ar|rl|2| * < A name="TIS"> Technical Information Service, TIS - |BuildIt|tis|ar|rl|2| * Paul Danzer, N1II - |BuildIt|N1II|ar|rl|1| * Jeff Klein, WA2TEO, |BuildIt|WA2TEO|a|ol|0| QST Contributing Editor * Steve VanSickle, WB2HPR - |BuildIt|WB2HPR|ar|rl|1| * QST Contributing Author: Gary Pearce, KN4AQ - |BuildIt|kn4aq|arvideo|news|0| or try: |BuildIt|KN4AQ|ar|rl|1| * Jetstream January Pg48-50: JT220M 222 MHz FM Transceiver July Pg 54, VHF/UHF Wattmeter * Skip Colton, W1FTE - |BuildIt|W1FTE|ar|rl|1| * Andrzej (Andy) Przedpelski, K0ABP - |BuildIt|K0ABP|ar|rl|1| * Dave Reynolds, KE7QF - |BuildIt|daveke7qf|m|sn|0| * Charles T. Kluttz, W4TMR - |BuildIt|W4TMR|a|ol|0| * W6YE - |BuildIt|W6YE|ar|rl|1| * QST Contributing Editor: Phil Salas, AD5X - |BuildIt|AD5X|ar|rl|1| or try: - |BuildIt|dpsalas|tx.|rr|0| * Guy Hamblen, N7UN - |BuildIt|N7UN|ar|rl|1| * Peter Carr, WW3O - |BuildIt|WW3O|ya|hoo|0| or try: |BuildIt|WW3O|ar|rl|1| * Richard Arnold, AF8X - |BuildIt|AF8X|com|cast|1| * John D. Merritt, K4KQZ - |BuildIt|K4KQZ|ar|rl|1| * S. Premena, AJ0J - |BuildIt|premzee|ju|no|0| * Timothy L. Bratton, K5RA - |BuildIt|K5RA|ver|izon|1| * David Rabin, W9PH - |BuildIt|W9PH|ar|rl|1| * Email - |BuildIt|info|spider|beam|7| * Pete Smith, N4ZR - |BuildIt|N4ZR|ar|rl|1| * Alan Bloom, N1AL - |BuildIt|N1AL|ar|rl|1| * Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ - |BuildIt|AA0ZZ|ar|rl|1| * Robert J. Zavel Jr, W7SX - |BuildIt|W7SX|li|ve|0| * W6BNB - |BuildIt|W6BNB|ao|l|0| * Paul Christensen, W9AC - |BuildIt|W9AC|ar|rl|1| * Steve Johnston, WD8DAS - |BuildIt|sbjohnston|a|ol|0| W: the wd8das.net web site * Ed Toal, N9MW - |BuildIt|N9MW|td|s|1| * Martin Hedman, SM0DTK - |BuildIt|SM0DTK|ar|rl|1| * Lorraine Wilson, W1AR - |BuildIt|W1AR|ar|rl|1| * Rudy Severns, N6LF - |BuildIt|N6LF|ar|rl|1| * Peyton Barnes, KE5ZDZ - |BuildIt|skaevola|hot|mail|0| * ARRL Technical Advisor: Bruce Prior, N7RR - |BuildIt|N7RR|ar|rl|1| or |BuildIt|N7RR|hot|mail|0| * Mert Nellis, W0UFO - |BuildIt|mertnellis|m|sn|0| * Ralph J. Crumrine, N0KC - |BuildIt|Ralph.Crumrine|sbe|global|1| * Ron Davis, WB5TGF - |BuildIt|WB5TGF|g|mail|0| * Jim Kocsis, WA9PYH - |BuildIt|sadiekitty|sbc|global|1| * John Brodie, VA7XB - |BuildIt|VA7XB|r|ac|6| * Louis Kobet, KB3DZD - |BuildIt|kobetls|com|cast|1| * John Raydo, K0IZ - |BuildIt|K0IZ|ar|rl|1| * Scott McCann, W3MEO - |BuildIt|achess|ju|no|0| * Paulo Renato F. Ferreira, PY3PR - |BuildIt|PY3PR|ar|rl|1| * Brian Mattson, K8BHZ - |BuildIt|K8BHZ|hug|hes|1| * * Don, W6JL 643 Tumble Creek Ter. Laabrook CA 92028 Email - |BuildIt|w6jl|sbc|global|1| * Gary Gordon, K6KV - |BuildIt|gary1|gary-|gordon|0| * Geoff Haines, N1GY - |BuildIt|N1GY|ar|rl|1| * Geoffrey Pidgeon - "General Patton and His Use of ULTRA" Email - |BuildIt|Geoffrey.Pidgeon|vir|gin|1| * Mike Bryce, WB8VGE Email - |BuildIt|prosolar|sss|net|0| * Howard "Skip" Tellet, KH6TY Email - |BuildIt|KH6TY|com|cast|1| * Jim Talens, N3JT Email - |BuildIt|N3JT|ar|rl|1| * Steve Noskowicz, K9DCI Email - |BuildIt|K9DCI|ar|rl|1| * Bryant Julstrom, KC0ZNG Easier Prefboard Layouts Email - |BuildIt|kc0zng|ar|rl|1| * Peter Murricane, WB2SGT Add 70cm With a Coat Hanger Email - |BuildIt|wb2sgt|ar|rl|1| * Charles Stokes, WB4PVT - |BuildIt|WB4PVT|ar|rl|1| I: Hose reel Rope Carrier - August 2010 p61 * Digikey I: Electret micropohone element: #423-1097-ND, Replacement: CMP-5247TF-K, part#: 102-1729-ND * Greg Crossman, WE0D - |BuildIt|gmxman|a|ol|0| * Burt VanderClute, N4ERM - |BuildIt|N4ERM|ar|rl|1| * Jim Veatch, WA2EUJ - |BuildIt|WA2EUJ|ar|rl|1| * James C. Garland, W8ZR @: |BuildIt|w8zr|ar|rl|1| w: http://www.w8zr.net * Larry Moxon, K1KRC - |BuildIt|K1KRC|ar|rl|1| * K4SBZ - |BuildIt|K4SBZ|ar|rl|1|
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Product Review Editor * Howard Robins, W1HSR - Look him up or Contact the product review editor:
Product Review Editor * Max E. Norman, W2IQE - |BuildIt|W2IQE|a|ol|0| * Mal Eiselman, NC4L - |BuildIt|NC4LMal|a|ol|0| Mal's Yaesu FT 102 Home Page * Paul Voorhees, W7PV - |BuildIt|ropavo|wave|cable|0| * Dave Leavenworth, WV6JPL - |BuildIt|Leavenworth|front|iernet|1| * Pete Tiffany KT4BW - |BuildIt|KT4BW|ar|rl|1| * Ernest Kampe, KB0LSX - |BuildIt|memakampe|earth|link|1| * John Holliman, K5SEE - |BuildIt|k5seeham|a|ol|0| * In-Line Fuse Fix, solder crimped connections & try again.
Steve Glickstein, W4FMD - |BuildIt|W4FMD|ar|rl|1| * Tom Hammond, N0SS - |BuildIt|N0SS|ar|rl|1| * Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP - |BuildIt|barockteer|ao|l|0| * Don Thomas, W6LRG - |BuildIt|W6LRG|sbc|global|1| * David W. 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Nichols, KL7AJ - |BuildIt|eric.nichols|eiel|son|9| or try: |BuildIt|KL7AJ|acs|alaska|1| or try: |BuildIt|KL7AJ|ar|rl|1| * Brian R. Page, N4TRB - |BuildIt|N4TRB|ar|rl|1| * William Conklin, AF6OH - |BuildIt|AF6OH|ar|rl|1| * Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO - |BuildIt|N7CFO|n7c|fo|0| * Art Carlson, WA0NJR - |BuildIt|WA0NJR|ar|rl|1| * Randy Miller, KA5FLM - |BuildIt|KA5FLM|a|ol|0| * Michael K. Johnson, N0VX - |BuildIt|N0VX|ar|rl|1| * Howard Robins, W1HSR - |BuildIt|W1HSR|ar|rl|1| * David Waits, K4VMV - |BuildIt|K4VMV|ar|rl|1| * Bill Kaune, W7IEQ - |BuildIt|W7IEQ|ar|rl|1| * Bob Baker, KD3UY - |BuildIt|KD3UY|com|cast|1| * Jim Koehler, VE5FP - |BuildIt|jack|sh|aw|6| * Robert J. Rogers, WA1PIO - |BuildIt|WA1PIO|ar|rl|1| * Brian Lloyd WB6RQN - |BuildIt|Brian|llo|yd|0| The other two authors of this article were: Slivia Fournier, WKI6WZB Frankie Moiraro, KI6QYS * Tom Daily, W0AEJ - |BuildIt|dailyservices|q|west|1| * Webster Williams, WY3X - |BuildIt|WY3X|ar|rl|1| * Bob Evens, WB0SVS - |BuildIt|beach-bob|ms|n|0| * WB2HPR - |BuildIt|WB2HPR|ar|rl|1| * Joe Vlk, W8DCQ - |BuildIt|W8DCQ|ar|rl|1| * Phil Karras, KE3FL - |BuildIt|KE3FL|ar|rl|1| W: KE3FL Web Site * WA0AJF - |BuildIt|WA0AJF|a|0l|0| * K4PI - |BuildIt|K4PI|ar|rl|1| * Charles B. Skolaut, K0BOG - |BuildIt|cbmis|yah|oo|0| * Robert J. Zavrel, W7SX - |BuildIt|W7SX|li|ve|0| * Tom "HN" Hamblin, MVE3HIE - |BuildIt|VE3HIE|ar|rl|1| * Curt Terwillinger, W6XJ - |BuildIt|qstdew6xj|gm|ail|0| * Lou Burke, W7JI - |BuildIt|W7JI|wild|blue|1| * Richard F. Gillette, W9PE - |BuildIt|rf.gillette|ie|ee|2 Web: Morse Code Course| * Scott R. Gothard, W6SRG - |BuildIt|srgothard|ya|hoo|0| * Herman J. Birkner, W2FRH - |BuildIt|hbirkner|gm|ail|0| * John Swartz, AF4ZE - |BuildIt|AF4ZE|ar|rl|1| * Dev Palmer, AI4WT - |BuildIt|AI4WT|ar|rl|1| & * Steve Lawrence, WB6RSE - |BuildIt|wb6rse1|ma|c|0| * Steven J. Robeson , K4YZ - |BuildIt|stevenrobeson|ya|hoo|0| * Howard "Skip" Teller, KH6TY - |BuildIt|skipteller@|gm|ail|0| * Sam Moore, NX5Z - |BuildIt|drsammoore|a|ol|0| * Jim Derra, KF6HYD - |BuildIt|KF6HYD|ar|rl|1| * Steve VanSickle, WB2HPR - |BuildIt|WB2HPR|ar|rl|1| * Lee George, KE4VYN - |BuildIt|KE4VYN|m|sn|0| * Paul Schlueter, KB3LIC - |BuildIt|twelvevdc|a|ol|0| * Duncan Morrill, WV1J - |BuildIt|WV1J|q|sl|1| * Curt Phillips, W4CP - |BuildIt|W4CP|ar|rl|1| * Ron Harger, WD8BCS - |BuildIt|WD8BCS|ar|rl|1| * Lou Burke, W7JI - |BuildIt|W7JI|fu|se|1| * Don McMinds, K7DM - |BuildIt|K7DM|coast|access|0| * Don Dorward, VA3DDN, |BuildIt|ddorward|sym|patico|6| * jeanette Dunn, KI6AJJ - |BuildIt|cell-safe|ya|hoo|0| * Peter Murricane, WB2SGT - |BuildIt|WB2SGT|ar|rl|1| * Ralph Dieter, K1RD - |BuildIt|k1rd|k1|rd|1| * Roger Monroe, K7NTW - |BuildIt|K7NTW|ar|rl|1| * Tom Thompson, W0IVJ - |BuildIt|tlthompson|q|west|1| * Stephen Wimmer, WU0F - |BuildIt|WU0F|wind|stream|1| * Arthur J. Glazar, W2NN - |BuildIt|W2NN|ar|rl|1| * Jim Talens, N3JT - |BuildIt|N3JT|ar|rl|1| Web site * Dave Fisher, KG0D - |BuildIt|KG0D|ar|rl|1| * Larry Coyle, K1QW @: |BuildIt|lmcoyle1|ver|izon|1| * Jim Kocsis @: |BuildIt|wa9pyh|ar|rl|1| * Dave Billheimer, W1GQL - |BuildIt|W1GQL|ar|rl|1| * John Myers, KD8MQ - |BuildIt|KD8MQ|ar|rl|1| * Mark Landress, KB5ANN - |BuildIt|KB5ANN|ar|rl|1| * Mark Albert, KB9VKE - |BuildIt|KB9VKE|ar|rl|1| * Anthony McAlister, KE9PH - |BuildIt|KE9PH|ar|rl|1| * Steve Little, AB9YN - |BuildIt|AB9YN|ar|rl|1| * Martin Huyett, K0BXB - |BuildIt|huyettmeh|t|ds|1| * A 2 Meter and 70 cm Portable Tape Measure Beam - January 2012 Two Small Helical Antennas for 2 Meters - June 2011 Making Better Homebrew Traps from Coax- February 2011 Neater Project Weatherproofing: Use a 50 - 50 mixture of RTV & turpentine or light fluid - January 2010 John E. Portune, W6NBC - |BuildIt|W6NBC|ar|rl|1| or try: |BuildIt|jportune|a|ol|0| John's W6NBC Web Site * David Robbins, K7BKI - |BuildIt|daveanjackie|net|zero|1| * Joe Lunsford, N4YG - |BuildIt|N4YG|com|cast|1| * Bob Dixon, W8ERD - |BuildIt|W8ERD|hu|ghes|1| * Norman Sullivan, NZ5L - |BuildIt|NZ5L|ar|rl|1| * Bill Ockert, ND0B - |BuildIt|ND0B|ar|rl|1| * Mark A. Lacy, W5TXR - |BuildIt|mark|w5|txr|1| * Jerry Clement, VE6AB - |BuildIt|stormchaser|sh|aw|6| * J. Barry Shackleford, W6YE - |BuildIt|W6YE|ar|rl|1| * Sean Patrick Doran, W8OKN - |BuildIt|W8OKN|ar|rl|1| * A Robert Pantazes, W2ARP - |BuildIt|W2ARP|ar|rl|1| * Alan Applegate, K0BG - |BuildIt|K0BG|ar|rl|1| * Robert Wheaton, W5XW - |BuildIt|W5XW|ar|rl|1| * Paul Voorhees, W7PV - |BuildIt|W7PV|ar|rl|1| * Chuck Percy, N7FZ - |BuildIt|N7FZ|ar|rl|1| * K1RMC - |BuildIt|K1RMC|ar|rl|1| * Doyle Strandlund, W9NJD - |BuildIt|W9NJD|ar|rl|1| 2849 N 035 W Huntington, IN 46750 Bug Screen: Get old window screen hang it below outdoor light above operating table to catch the bugs when they die from the light-heat. - January 2013: Coil Core Removal * Joe Ostrowski, KI5FJ - |BuildIt|KI5FJ|ar|rl|1| * DK7PE - |BuildIt|dk7pe|rooo|dy|5| web: Rudi's homepage * CharlesRankin, WA2HMM - |BuildIt|crankin|dialup|4less|0| * Gerald Fasse, W8GF - |BuildIt|W8GF|ar|rl|1| * Frank Columbus, WA2KWR, |BuildIt|fcolumbu|co|x|1| * Mark Conklin, N7XYO, |BuildIt|N7XYO|ar|rl|1| * Yigal Rechtman, K2EFG, |BuildIt|K2EFG|ar|rl|1| * Mark Zelesky, KA9OOI, |BuildIt|KA9OOI|ar|rl|1| * William F. Vartorella, KJ4ORX, |BuildIt|KJ4ORX|ar|rl|1| * Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, WB2MIC, |BuildIt|WB2MIC|ar|rl|1| * Jeff Bauman, W8KZW, |BuildIt|W8KZW|ar|rl|1| * Gregg Gary, WB8YYS, |BuildIt|WB8YYS|ar|rl|1| * EA5BFT, |BuildIt|pedrolo2|pedro|lo|0| * KF4D, |BuildIt|KF4D|com|cast|1| * Ewell "Bub" Pendergrass, W5BUB, |BuildIt|W5BUB|c|s|0| * AC0DS, |BuildIt|Craig|Power|Smith|1| * Peter Hoffman, W6DEI, |BuildIt|W6DEI|ar|rl|1| * Dave Holdeman, N9XU, |BuildIt|holdex|a|tt|1| * Dave Lyndon, AK4AA, |BuildIt|AK4AA63|g|mail|0| * Cristian Paun, WV6N, |BuildIt|WV6N|ar|rl|1| * KG4JJH, |BuildIt|KG4JJH|ar|rl|1| * Michael Marinaro, WN1M, |BuildIt|WN1M|ar|rl|1| * Ray Parsons, KG2B, |BuildIt|KG2B|ar|rl|1| * Jim Santee, KF7NE, |BuildIt|KF7NE|ar|rl|1| * Jim Kocsis, WA9PYH, |BuildIt|WA9PYH|ar|rl|1| * John Franke, WA4WDL, |BuildIt|jimfranke|c|ox|1| * Al Peter, AC8GY, |BuildIt|afp.ac8gy|g|mail|0| Web site of AC8GY * Lew Smith, N7KSB, |BuildIt|evieandlewsmith|g|mail|0| * Ashraf Abuelhaija and Klaus Solbach, DK3BA |BuildIt|klaus.solbach|uni-|due|5| * Stan Levandowski, WB2LQF, |BuildIt|WB2LQF|ar|rl|1| Hole in one Antenna: Use a golfball & a screw-in eye-hook with 6-8" of 8-lb monofiliment line & a fishing snap swivel. * UHF Cloth Antennas for Cospas-Sarsat search-and-rescue, |BuildIt|info@b-flaadeservice.dk|b-|flaadeservice|10| Viking Life Saving Equipment or: |BuildIt|VIKING|VIKING-|life|0| Being sold but only in life vests. * Kim Johnson, KC0JQH, |BuildIt|KC0JQH|ar|rl|1| * Dave Steinhoff, W7UP, |BuildIt|W7UP|ar|rl|1| * Terry Halladey, AF7W, |BuildIt|AF7W|ar|rl|1| * Dave Keene, W5DBK, |BuildIt|W5DBK|ar|rl|1| * Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT, |BuildIt|WB8DQT|ar|rl|1| or try: Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT, |BuildIt|taggart|m|su|4| * Robert S. Logan, NZ5A, |BuildIt|bob.logan47|ya|hoo|0| * Roger Odorizzi, W7CH, |BuildIt|W7CH|ar|rl|1| Use the plastic top of a spray can, cut two slits 180 degrees apart to hold wires. When done you might need to throw the top away. Use a screw to hold the top to a base so it doesn't move while soldering. * Bill Principe, K1NA, |BuildIt|K1NA|ar|rl|1| Use a Laser Printer and Avery White Weatherproof labels Bill also uses programs: PageMaker, Illustrator, and PhotoShop for precision placement of text and symbols. * Wayne Smith, WA4WZP, |BuildIt|WA4WZP|ar|rl|1| or: |BuildIt|myrepwaynesmith|g|mail|0| * Thomas E. Nolan, W3EX, |BuildIt|W3EX|ar|rl|1| * Dave Robertson, KE5QWP, |BuildIt|KE5QWP|ar|rl|1| * David Harrison, W6IBC, |BuildIt|harrisod|so|ic|1| * Clair Cessna, K6LG, |BuildIt|K6LG|ar|rl|1| * Dr. Doug Cook, KD5PDN, |BuildIt|twoeyedox|gm|ail|0| * Henry Brown, K1WCC, |BuildIt|K1WCC|ar|rl|1| * Joseph Butvin, KB3QQT, |BuildIt|KB3QQT|gm|ail|0| * Allen Wolff, KC7O, |BuildIt|KC7O|ar|rl|1| * Al Woodhull, N1AW, |BuildIt|N1AW|ar|rl|1| * Steven Pituch, W2MY, also: AAR6CX |BuildIt|W2MY|ar|rl|1| web: Pituch net * R. "Andy" Wiedeman, WA0AW, |BuildIt|WA0AW|ar|rl|1| * Dave Gauger, W9CJS, |BuildIt|W9CJS|ar|rl|1| * Mert Nellis, W0UFO, |BuildIt|mertnellis|ms|n|0| * Devere "Dee" Logan, W1HEO, |BuildIt|deverelogan|g|mail|0| * Horace Lesley, W3NSP |BuildIt|K4JIH|ao|l|0| * Amateur Related Software Reverse Beacon software "Skimmer" CwSkimmer - Reverse Beacon software HT65-HF digipan - Free digipan PSKimmer Homebrew Your Own Supercomputer Schmart Board Instructional Video GreenArray 144 core CPU surface mount only. Quant 10 = $200 Note: This is a pdf & may take awhile to load, if it fails try again. GreenArray Other documents. * Stephen J. Gradijan, WB5KIA, |BuildIt|WB5KIA|ar|rl|1| DX Packets Spots: DX Summit: Last 25 DX-spots - reloaded every minute DX Monitor - Software Download to monitor DX Summit. DX Web is DX spotting software that is an integral part of the ARCS II software for the Kenwood TS-2000 and ARCS III logging software for multiple radios and radios that cannot be controlled by CAT. iDXSpot Mac Shareware uses iDXSpider & AR-Cluster CC User a full-featured Windows Telnet & TNC program for download. DXLab Sport collector, a Windows program to collect spots from up to six sources, for download. DX Cluster A list of currect DX Cluster servers. * Jerry Semones, K4FJK, |BuildIt|grandham|insight|bb|0| * Clinton Wills, WB4WMY, |BuildIt|wb4wmy|bell|south|1| * Jim WheelerKJ6VX, |BuildIt|wheeler513|co|x|1| * Ted Bergstrom, W1IQW, |BuildIt|W1IQW|ar|rl|1| * Willard Monahan, K6KH, |BuildIt|K6KH|a|ol|0| * Greg May, W2ORO, |BuildIt|tykeastro|ya|hoo|0| Experiment #101 - June, 2011 issue of QST. * John E. Portune, W6NBC, |BuildIt|jportune|ao|l|0| Your 2 Meter Mobile Antenna - What's the Best Mounting Location? March 2012 * Shef Robotham, WA1RHT, |BuildIt|shefrobotham|com|cast|1| * Scott M. Harwood, K4VWK, |BuildIt|scotthsr|earth|link|1| * Alexia Steffen, KE7UWU, |BuildIt|asteffen|com|cast|1| * Bob Steinberg, WA2KHR, |BuildIt|waveguide33|g|mail|0| * Ron Wagner, WD8SBB, |BuildIt|WD8SBB|ar|rl|1| * Dick dabney, K6BZZ, |BuildIt|K6BZZ|ar|rl|1| * Tom Hart, AD1B, |BuildIt|tom.hart|ver|izon|1| * Lee Cheever, W5IG, |BuildIt|W5IG|sw|bell|1| * Gregg Howe, KI6IUJ, |BuildIt|s9radio|a|ol|0| * Rich Arland, K7SZ, |BuildIt|K7SZ|li|ve|0| Xtal Set Society SADL RF Attenuator Kit * John Mathis, WA5FAC, |BuildIt|jmathis|r|ev|1| max Landey, KM4UK, |BuildIt|max33v|ver|izon|1| * John Mathis, WA5FAC, |BuildIt|jmathis|r|ev|1| * max Landey, KM4UK, |BuildIt|max33v|ver|izon|1| * Eric Keerbs, AD7HM |BuildIt|ekeerbs|pc|ez|0| Level Converter to Allow Full Control of Peripherals by Computer or Radio * Chris Blake, NX4N, |BuildIt|cqdenx4n|gm|ail|0| * Commander Richard Paton, |BuildIt|atlanticshipping08|sbc|global|1| * Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ, |BuildIt|KL7AJ|ar|rl|1| or |BuildIt|KL7AJ|acs|alaska|1| * T.J. "Skip" Arey, N2EI, |BuildIt|N2EI|ar|rl|1| Free on-line book: Radio Monitoring A How To Guide, by Skip Arey * Roger Snowdall, W0KWJ, |BuildIt|W0KWJ|ar|rl|1| * Jim Bull, KE7OW, |BuildIt|KE7OW|com|cast|1| * Hal Kennedy, N4GG, |BuildIt|N4GG|ar|rl|1| * Jeff Blaine/AC0C, |BuildIt|AC0C|ar|rl|1| Network Scineces/AC0C Roofing Filter for the Yaesu FT-2000 AC0C's web site * Ken Heitner, WB4AKK, |BuildIt|WB4AKK|hot|mail|0| May 2012: RMS Express-Software for Automatic Digital Messaging on HF also see: KN6KB * Rick Muething, KN6KB, |BuildIt|KN6KB|cfl.|rr|0| * Roy Crosier, KV8KV, |BuildIt|KV8KV|ar|rl|1| Printing Certificates: Try Photo paper, it works better! * Kevin Ballard, KB4RTR, |BuildIt|KB4RTR|ar|rl|1| 12 guage casings fit PL-259s & 16 guage shell casings fit over SO-239s * Karl Schwab, KO8S, |BuildIt|KO8S|ar|rl|1| LED Moving Message badges * Randy Bardwell, WR7R, |BuildIt|rdb@randybardwell.com|ar|rl|1| * Julian F. Blair, WA2WMJ, |BuildIt|WA2WMJ|ar|rl|1| Antenna Helper: A hole, a slot (for the tape measure tip), & A board with a large clip to hold the end of a measuring tape * Phillip Grant, N1YPS, |BuildIt|N1YPS|ar|rl|1| or |BuildIt|phill112643|veri|zon|1| The Rigpod: A piece of wood board 5 X 7 X 0.5" ans 1/4 X 20 Threaded fastener & last a Tabletop camera tripod. * Vernon Harris, W7GGM, |BuildIt|W7GGM|ar|rl|1| Space Blanket Antenna: Use it as the ground plane! * Dennis Johnson, KF0QR, |BuildIt|KF0QR|Frontier|net|1| * Jerry Radcliffe, N8KLX, |BuildIt|jerryradcliffe|g|mail|0| * Richard L. Huttinger, AA4RH, |BuildIt|AA4RH|ar|rl|1| * Niko Gershon/AA2NI, |BuildIt|AA2NI|ar|rl|1| * Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, |BuildIt|bruninga|us|na|4| * Charlie Liberto, W4MEC, |BuildIt|W4MEC|ar|rl|1| * James O'Neal, K4XAR, |BuildIt|crm114j|ver|izon|1| * Mike Fesko, KB1LKH, |BuildIt|KB1LKH|ar|rl|1| * Larry Jennings, WB5IZL, |BuildIt|jenninie|nb|quik|0| * John Raydo, K0IZ, |BuildIt|K0IZ|kc.|rr|0| * David Spearing, KB9CSW, |BuildIt|KB9CSW|ar|rl|1| * George Averill, K4EOR, |BuildIt|K4EOR|ar|rl|1| * Mike Burg, N8QQN, |BuildIt|mburn|neo.|rr|0| * Bob Hejl, W2IK, |BuildIt|W2IK|ar|rl|1| * Thomas Schaefer, NY4I, |BuildIt|NY4I|ar|rl|1| * Lew Wallach, N9WL, |BuildIt|N9WL|ar|rl|1| * Sajid Rahim, VA3QY, |BuildIt|sajsanr|g|mail|0| * Larry Sack, N8QNM, |BuildIt|N8QNM|ar|rl|1| Other Authors: Ron Doyle, N8VAR Jim Storms, AB8YK Mike Weyant, KC8VKG Any Sack, KD8OKQ * Murray Green, K3BEQ, |BuildIt|K3BEQ|ar|rl|1| * KB7GF, |BuildIt|KB7GF|ar|rl|1| * Arch Doty, W7ACD, |BuildIt|archd|a|ol|0| * Jame Klitzing, W6PQL, |BuildIt|jim|w6|pql|0| W6PQL web site * John Swartz, WA9AQN, |BuildIt|wa9aqn|ar|rl|1| * Kaci heins, KF7RCV, |BuildIt|runsemo|hot|mail|0| * Dave Metzger, K8GVK, |BuildIt|K8GVK|ar|rl|1| * David Stein, KC9NVP, |BuildIt|KC9NVP|ar|rl|1| * Roy lehner, WA2SON, |BuildIt|WA2SON|to|ast|1| * Randy Miller, AA5OZ, |BuildIt|randy500a|gm|ail|0| * Richard Kriss, AA5VU, |BuildIt|AA5VU|ar|rl|1| * Wilton Helm, WT6C, |BuildIt|WT6C|ar|rl|1| * Hal Kennedy, N4GG, |BuildIt|halken|com|cast|1| * Chuck Wehner, W1FJW, |BuildIt|W1FJW|ar|rl|1| * Frank Gue, |BuildIt|frank.gue|cog|eco|6| * Jim Cook, W8WKE, |BuildIt|W8WKE|ar|rl|1| * Thomas W. Brooks, KE1R, |BuildIt|KE1R|ar|rl|1| * Robert Johnson, W7LRD, |BuildIt|W7LRD|ar|rl|1| * Robert Bastone, WC3O, |BuildIt|radiofreebob|gm|ail|0| * Gary Geissinger, WA0SPM, |BuildIt|geissingergary|ya|hoo|0| * Bruce L. Meyer, W0HZR, |BuildIt|meyerbl|cpin|ternet|0| * Bob Wilkinson, W7VN, |BuildIt|W7VN|ar|rl|1| * Rob Berkowitz, K3NFU, |BuildIt|royeberk|c|s|0| * Clint Millett, VE6CMM, |BuildIt|VE6CMM|ar|rl|1| * Sherry Goeller, VE3DCU, |BuildIt|sgoeller|cog|eco|6| * Lawrence W. Stark, K9ARZ, |BuildIt|k9arz|ar|rl|1| * ISBN-978-1477532867 Tubes and Circuits transcendentsound createspace * Dave Holdeman, N9XU, |BuildIt|holdex|a|tt|1| * Jack Morgan, KF6T, |BuildIt|jackmorgan.usa|gm|ail|0| * James K. Boomer, W9UJ, |BuildIt|jkboomer|fron|tier|0| * Rob Brownstein, K6RB, |BuildIt|K6RG|ar|rl|1| & Jay Temple, W5JQ, |BuildIt|jtemple|pci|sys|1| * Grant Bagley, W3GB, |BuildIt|W3GB|m|e|0| * Rick Brown, NN4RB, |BuildIt|NN4RB|ar|rl|1| * William M. Bickley, W2ET, |BuildIt|W2ET|ar|rl|1| * Thomas Calenti, K3AJ, |BuildIt|tomv307|hot|mail|0| * Larry Parker, VE3EDY, |BuildIt|VE3EDY|cog|eco|6| * William Abbott, KB1KOY, |BuildIt|wabbitt|com|cast|1| * Larry Coyle, K1QW, |BuildIt|K1QW|ar|rl|1| * Bob Dildine, W6SRFH, |BuildIt|W6SRFH|ar|rl|1| * K2STV, |BuildIt|K2STV|ar|rl|1| * Robert Nickels, W9RAN, |BuildIt|W9RAN|ar|rl|1| * N8MS, |BuildIt|N8MS|ar|rl|1| * Bob Myers, K2TV, |BuildIt|bob.k2tv|g|mail|0| * Wiley Online Library, Radio Science American Geophysical Union, Radio Science ? IK1QFK, Renato Romero's Home Page - Exploring the ULF-ELF and VLF radio bands First International Workshop on Radio Detection of High-Energy Particles: ucla * Jim Andrews, KH6HTV, |BuildIt|KH6HTV|ar|rl|1| * John White, VA7JW, |BuildIt|VA7JW|sh|aw|6| * Al Ward, W5LUA, |BuildIt|W5LUA|ar|rl|1| * Lou Caldwell, w7hx, |BuildIt|w7hx|c|ox|1| * Tony Fonseca, VA7TF, |BuildIt|va7tf|ar|rl|1| * al Forbes, KJ4YEV, |BuildIt|alphsal|bell|south|1| * Tom Webb, w4yok, |BuildIt|sam9lives1|ver|izon|1| * Van Johnson, kh6ux, |BuildIt|copperking12|com|cas|1| * Jim Wallace, KB5MT, |BuildIt|kb5mt|ar|rl|1| * Don Pomplun, K2BIO, |BuildIt|k2bio|ar|rl|1| * gary Schmitz, KT7AZ, |BuildIt|kt7az|ar|rl|1| * ABRInd, |BuildIt|ABRInd|ar|rl|1| * Larry King, N5AFY, |BuildIt|N5AFY|at|t|1| * Bruce Belling, N1BCB, |BuildIt|jabrwest|cha|rter|1| * Gregory L. Charvat, N8ZRY, |BuildIt|charvatg|gm|ail|0| * Ted Armstrong, WA6RNC, |BuildIt|theo_a|at|t|1| * Thomas Mills, NU9R, |BuildIt|NU9R|rocket|mail|0| * John Amodeo, NN6JA, |BuildIt|JAmode.tv|g|mail|0| * Evan Rolek, K9SQG, |BuildIt|K9SQG|ar|rl|1| * Fred Franke, WB2NFO, |BuildIt|ffranke|suffolk|lib.ny|7| * Pat Hamel, W5THT, |BuildIt|W5THT|ar|rl|1| * Tom Dailey, W0EAJ, |BuildIt|daileyservices|q|west|1| * Jerry paquette, WB8IOW, |BuildIt|WB8IOW|ar|rl|1| * Norman D. Wilford, W1TLZ, |BuildIt|flyanque|g|mail|0| * George Wallner, AA7JV, |BuildIt|AA7JV|ar|rl|1| * Jon Crisman, W0JEC, |BuildIt|jcrisman|paul|bunyan|1| * Dennis Lazar, W4DNN, |BuildIt|laserstral|ai|m|0| * Mat Breton, AB8VJ, |BuildIt|AB8VJ|ar|rl|1| * Robert Richardson, K4AMN, |BuildIt|inoue|at|t|1| * Jerry Campbell, K4ZHM, |BuildIt|K4ZHM|ar|rl|1| * WB3LHD, |BuildIt|WB3LHD|ver|izon|1| * Roger Shipley, KA9NAH, |BuildIt|roger.shipley|com|cast|1| * Pete Ewing, GM0WEZ, |BuildIt|pete.ewing|btin|ternet|0| * George Maier, W1LSB, |BuildIt|george|maier|group|0| * Don Daso, K4ZA, |BuildIt|K4ZA|ju|no|0| * Bil Paul, KD6JUI, |BuildIt|naturalbornwriter|hot|mail|0| * Sebastian Acosta, W4AS, |BuildIt|W4AS|ar|rl|1| * Sumner Weisman W1VIV, |BuildIt|W1VIV|r|cn|0| * Dave Palmgren, N8DP, |BuildIt|N8DP|ar|rl|1| * Richard Calhoun, W6DZT, |BuildIt|richardcalhoun|hot|mail|0| * John Marshall, WA7BSR, |BuildIt|wa7bsr|ar|rl|1| or try: |BuildIt|wa7bsr|gm|ail|0| * Kok Chen, W7AY, |BuildIt|W7AY|ar|rl|1| * Dave Wright, KB9MNM, |BuildIt|KB9MNM|gm|ail|0| * Stefan Johannes Kaiser, DM5CQ, |BuildIt|dm5cq|da|rc|5| * Robert Wilson, NT0A, |BuildIt|NT0A|kc.|rr|0| * Bill Wortman, N6MW, |BuildIt|N6MW|ar|rl|1| * Mike Herr, WA6ARA, |BuildIt|WA6ARA|ar|rl|1| * 2013 Boston Marathon * Ecomm during the bombing article Steve Schwarm, W3EVE, |BuildIt|w3eve|ar|rl|1| Paul Topolski, W3SEX, no email found. Rob Macedo, KD1CY, |BuildIt|kd1ct|t|ds|1| * Don Kasten, N4DK, |BuildIt|N4DK|ar|rl|1| * Bill Parker, KA3IXF, |BuildIt|wwjp123|com|cast|1| * Anthony (Tony) Bogusz, W9MT, |BuildIt|W9MT|ar|rl|1| * Walter Schoenbach, WB8FEC, |BuildIt|WB8FEC|ar|rl|1| * Ronald Weinberg, WD4MKL, |BuildIt|articlexyz4375-electro|ya|hoo|0| * Mike Pulley, WB4ZKA, |BuildIt|Mike.J.Pulley|co|x|1| * Richard Steck, W9RS, |BuildIt|W9RS|ar|rl|1| * Alex Burr, K5XY, |BuildIt|K5XY|ar|rl|1| * Kirk Ellis, KI4RK, |BuildIt|KI4RK|ar|rl|1| * Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ, |BuildIt|KL7AJ|ar|rl|1| * Tom Lindgren, W0WP, |BuildIt|WA0WCR|g|mail|0| * Rich Haendel, W3ACO, |BuildIt|rhaendel||q|0| * Johnny L. Knight, WB4U, |BuildIt|WB4U|work|nradio|0| Web page * Allen Baker, KG4JJH, |BuildIt|KG4JJH|ar|rl|1| * APRS: NBEMS: Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System * Harry Bloomberg, W3YJ, |BuildIt|W3YJ|ar|rl|1| NBEMS: Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System * Max McCoy, KC0MAX, |BuildIt|max|maxmc|coy|0| * Lew Smith, N7KSB, |BuildIt|evieandlewsmith|gm|ail|1| * Walter Martin, KB5HOV, |BuildIt|KB5HOV|alumni.|southwestern|4| * Jon Rudy, K3QF, |BuildIt|jonK3QF|gm|ail|0| * Bob DeVarney, W1ICW, |BuildIt|W1ICW|ar|rl|1| * William H. Ellis, KF7PB, You'll have to look him up on: QRZ.com * Garth Swanson, G3NPC, |BuildIt|garth|swansons|.org|9| * John F. Sehring, WB0EQ, |BuildIt|WB0EQ|ya|hoo|0| * Edward Barbacow, K3ZEY, |BuildIt|K3ZEY|ar|rl|1| * Frank Ney, N4ZHG, |BuildIt|N4ZHG|ar|rl|1| * Ted Pirolli, KD8HYT, |BuildIt|KD8HYT|ar|rl|1| * James Philopena, KB1NXE, |BuildIt|KB1NXE|ar|rl|1| * Michael Buck, K6BUK, |BuildIt|mrbuck|pac|bell|1| * Michael Foerster, W0IH, |BuildIt|W0IH|ar|rl|1| * John Grout, KT4AD, |BuildIt|KT4AD|a|ol|0| * Ed Toal, N9MW, |BuildIt|ed|n9|mw|0| * John Portune, W6NBC, |BuildIt|jportune|a|ol|0| or W6NBC, |BuildIt|W6NBC|ar|rl|1| * Robert Ramsaur, WA6MQF, |BuildIt|rramsaur|j|ps|1| * Frank Fahrlander, N7FF, |BuildIt|N7FF|ar|rl|1| * Eddie Castillanes, KJ6JAY, |BuildIt|castillanes|sbc|global|1| * Dean Lewis, W9WGV, |BuildIt|W9WGV|ar|rl|1| * Thomas Hart, AD1B, |BuildIt|tm.hart|ver|izon|1| * James Waters, W3BIF, |BuildIt|captainjimwaters|com|cast|1| * Dennis Klipa, N8ERF, |BuildIt|N8ERF|ar|rl|1| * Dick Barnett, N9NP, |BuildIt|N9NP|ar|rl|1| * Bruce Pontius, N0ADL, |BuildIt|bepontius|a|ol|0| * Bob Mayo, W2TAC, |BuildIt|bobmayo|out|look|0| * Dwight Holtzen, N3ARU, |BuildIt|N3ARU|c|ox|1| * Stephen Burns, N5VTU, |BuildIt|N5VTU|ar|rl|1| * Alan Amos, KN1O, |BuildIt|radiokn1o|g|mail|0| * Frank Ingle, KG4CQK, |BuildIt|KG4CQK|com|cast|1| * Ron Davis, WB5TGF, |BuildIt|WB5TGF|gm|ail|1| * Eric Manning, VA7DZ, |BuildIt|VA7DZ|ar|rl|1| * Martin Huyett, K0BXB, |BuildIt|K0BXB|ar|rl|1| * Allen Wootton, VW7BQO, |BuildIt|awootton|uni|serve|0| * Harold F. "Hal" Potter, K7RQ, |BuildIt|potters|can|by|0| * Gary Miller, K7GGG, |BuildIt|K7GGG|ar|rl|1| * K1JAO, |BuildIt|lrc40|com|cast|1| * KC9SYN, Alin Steglinsk, |BuildIt|KC9SYN|ar|rl|1| * K6YR, Robert Griffin, |BuildIt|K6YR|ar|rl|1| * AA8V, Greg Latta, |BuildIt|glatta|frost|burg|4| * W0XEU, Matt Kastigar, |BuildIt|W0XEU|ar|rl|1| K4ERO, John Stanley, |BuildIt|jnrstanley|alum|.mit|4| N0AX, Ward Silver, |BuildIt|hwardsil|gm|ail|0| W0XEU, Matt Kastigar, |BuildIt|W0XEU|ar|rl|1| K4ERO, John Stanley, |BuildIt|jnrstanley|alum|.mit|4| N0AX, Ward Silver, |BuildIt|hwardsil|gm|ail|0| * Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, |BuildIt|bpmiles|gma|il|0| * Erik Martin, N5WR, |BuildIt|erikmartin44|gm|ail|0| * Christopher Codella, W2PA, |BuildIt|W2PA|ar|rl|1| Also see his Ham History w2pa.net web site * Mark Starr, KK4RVL, |BuildIt|KK4RVL|ar|rl|1| * George Martin, N2HO, |BuildIt|N2HO|yah|oo|0| * Bob Chadwick, W1MTX, |BuildIt|chadwick|at|t|1| * Donald Beahm, WA9UKW, |BuildIt|WA9UKW|ar|rl|1| * Dale Harris, N5QO, |BuildIt|N5QO|ya|hoo|0| * Tom Hart, AD1B, |BuildIt|tom.hart|ver|izon|1| * Lionel Booth, N5LB, |BuildIt|N5LB|ar|rl|1| * Lee Yackey, AI6G, |BuildIt|yackeyfamily|c|s|0| * Jeffrey Fritz, WB1AAL, |BuildIt|jnfritz07|yah|oo|0| * David A. Cornell, W9LD, |davidcornell123|W9LD|comc|ast|1| * Joseph Park, WB6AGR, |BuildIt|WB6AGR|ar|rl|1| * John Elengo, W1DQ, |BuildIt|W1DQ|ar|rl|1| * Darrel Emerson, AA7FV, |BuildIt|AA7FV|ar|rl|1| * Charles Frank Ridolfo, WB1EEU, |BuildIt|cfridolfo|a|ol|0| * G Scott Davis, N3FJP, |BuildIt|snkdavis|a|ol|0| * David Kruh, WB2HTO, |BuildIt|WB2HTO|com|cast|1| * Peter R. Jensen VK2AQJ/G4GZT Lookup on QRZ. * Jerry Campbell, K4ZHM, |BuildIt|K4ZHM|ar|rl|1| * Christoph Kunze, DK6ED, |BuildIt|DK6ED|da|rc|5| * Tim Ellam, VE6SH/G4HUA, |BuildIt|VE6SH|ar|rl|1| President, International Amateur Radio Union, 2014 * Chip Stratton, AE5KA, |BuildIt|lightdazzled|g|mail|0| * Hwang Nam Chang, KE2HF, |BuildIt|hchang2|rochester.|rr|1| * Larry Block, N2OH, |BuildIt|N2OH|ar|rl|1| * Jay Slough, K4ZLE, |BuildIt|gungho|embarq|mail|0| * David L. Chute, KG4BZW, |BuildIt|dshute|tampa|bay.rr|0| * Martin Ewing, AA6E, |BuildIt|AA6E|ar|rl|1| * L. Abraham Smith, N3BAH, |BuildIt|N3BAH|machine|geek|0| * John Powell, KF6EOJ, |BuildIt|johnpowell|csu|lb|4| * Randy Kaeding, K8TMK, |BuildIt|randyk44|sbc|global|1| * Hiunts & Kinks, hk, |BuildIt|hk|ar|rl|1| * Robert Dixson, W8HGH, |BuildIt|W8HGH|ar|rl|1| * Bob Dickerman, WA1QKT, |BuildIt|rld|dickerman|electronics|0| * Roy Hook, W8REH, |BuildIt|W8REH|ar|rl|1| * Tom Fowle, WA6IVG, |BuildIt|WA6IVGtf|fast|mail|12| * Allan F. Falcoff, K3YZ, |BuildIt|K3YZ|ar|rl|1| * Palstar, e-mail: |BuildIt|info|Pal|star|0| P: 800-773-7931 F: 937-773-8003 * Al Yerger, K2ATY, |BuildIt|ayerger|hvc.|rr|0| * Al DesHotel, WB5VNX, |BuildIt|aldeshotel|sbc|global|1| * Barry L. Strickland, AB4QL, |BuildIt|AB4QL1|q|mail|0| * Dale H. Chidester, NJ7C, |BuildIt|aar9wl|c|ox|1| * Jerry Clement, VE6AB, |BuildIt|stormchaser|sh|aw|6| * // Junw 2014 ---------------------------------------------- * Tom Taormina, K5RC, |BuildIt|tom|K5|RC|0| * John Leham, WA8MHO, |BuildIt|WA8MHO|ar|rl|1| * Luca Norio, IV3TEK, |BuildIt|IV3TEK|ar|rl|1| * Tony Palavich, N9YPN, |BuildIt|N9YPN|rev|ealed|1| * Randy Kaeding, K8TMP, |BuildIt|randyk44|sbc|global|1| * Larry Serra, N6NC, |BuildIt|hiserra|gm|ail|0| * Lee Jennings, ZL2AL, |BuildIt|leezl2al|gma|il|0| Also: Lee's Web Site * Pete Rimmel, N8PR, |BuildIt|N8PR|bell|south|1| * // July 2014 ---------------------------------------------- * Bart Lee, K6VK, |BuildIt|KV6LEE|gm|ail|0| * Joe Morse, AD4W, |BuildIt|AD4W|cs.|rr|0| * Angel Pelaez, EA4DUT, |BuildIt|EA4DUT|gm|ail|0| * Art Mueller, N3DQ, |BuildIt|N3DQ|hk|y|0| * Al Lorona, W6LX, |BuildIt|W6LX|ar|rl|1| * Don Jackson, W5QN, |BuildIt|W5QN|ver|izon|1| * Ralph Phillips, KE5HDF, |BuildIt|KE5HDF|sbc|global|1| * Richard Factor, WA2IKL, |BuildIt|rcf|even|tide|0| * David Kaplan, WA1OUI, |BuildIt|WA1OUI|ar|rl|1| * Glen Popiel, KW5GP, |BuildIt|KW5GP|ar|rl|1| * Glen Thibodeaux, KF5FNP, |BuildIt|KF5FNP|ar|rl|1| * Bryant Julstrom, KC0ZNG, |BuildIt|KC0ZNG|ar|rl|1| * Ron Pollack, K2RB - |BuildIt|K2RB|ar|rl|1| * Billy Dollarhide, W5ET - |BuildIt|W5ET|cable|one|1| * Dave Cook, WA0TTN - |BuildIt|davepc2|net|dave|0| * Bill Kibler, WA6SAZ - |BuildIt|kibler|psy|ber|0| * Don Daso, K4ZA - |BuildIt|K4ZA|ju|no|0| * Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF - |BuildIt|wa6itf|ar|al|1| * Dennis Klipa, N8ERF - |BuildIt|n8erf|ar|al|1| * Andy Corbin, W4KDN - |BuildIt|nitespark|co|xl|1| * Ernie Sloan, W6ND - |BuildIt|w6nd|ar|al|1| * Mike Lichtman, KF6KFG - |BuildIt|kf6kfg|ar|al|1| * Ellis Crescent, VE6BGL - |BuildIt|gardnercomputer|sh|aw|6| * Art Towslee, WA8RMC - |BuildIt|towslee1|e|e|1| * Georges Ringotte, F6DFZ - |BuildIt|f6dfz|sf|r|12| * Tom Loughney, AJ4XM - |BuildIt|aj4xm|ar|al|1| * < A name="WA6CDO"> Jerry Boucher, WA6CDO - |BuildIt|wa6cdo|jd|boucher|0| * < A name="KQ7T"> Tom Norman, KQ7T - |BuildIt|tom1norman|li|ve|0| * < A name="W7DWS"> Dean Sheeley, W7DWS - |BuildIt|deansheeley|g|mail|0| * < A name="W7SZS"> David Warner, W7SZS - |BuildIt|w7szs|ar|rl|1| * < A name="K5DCM"> David Martin, K5DCM - |BuildIt|davemrtn|century|tel|1| * < A name="K9OCO"> Joe Jeras, K9OCO - |BuildIt|k9oco|ar|rl|1| * < A name="KB3VZL"> Richard Russo, KB3VZL - |BuildIt|kb3vzl|ar|rl|1| * < A name="KD7CLO"> Leonard Gordon, KD7CLO - |BuildIt|kd7clo|ar|rl|1| * < A name="AF8L"> Gary Steinbaugh, AF8L - |BuildIt|af8l|ar|rl|1| - ISBN: 987-1-57075-089-3 4EA Analysis LLC * ***************** NOTE: If no email address is given try the author's call on QRZ.com * = END OF THIS FILE ============================= * ***end***end*** *