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From: Jeff Demers, N1SNB
My company, Amateur Radio Supplies LLC, of Haverhill, Massachusetts seeks to help a few lucky young hams
get on the HF bands and make some contacts! Do you know any deserving young hams? We will be giving away
3 complete HF stations per year in order to support activity on the ham bands,
Details at: amateurradiosupplies.com

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Feature Article(s):     The Traveler's Nightlight * NEW * 10/07/2020
Micorwave Annoying Beep Modification * NEW * 10/05/2020
fldigi On The Cheap
Center-Tapped Joule Thief Plus
Adjustable Add-On Power Supply
uBITx Homebrew Microphone
Sonic Switch Repair
Beyond the Simple Joule Thief
Lithium Batteries are NOT all Created Equal!
How to Figure the Useful USB Power Bank Ah Rating

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  Published Articles, by KE3FL   (Last published article: August 2020)
  LiftMaster 373LM Three-Button Garage Door Opener Repair - Updated 03/10/2019

  Do LED Light Bulbs Save Money Compared to CFL Bulbs?
  Build a Recharge Center or Get Control Of Your Power Vampires!

  [Know Your Band Privileges, New for Techs!] - This is NOT one of mine, but it IS important!

  The Porcupine TV Antenna (Also known as the Four-element, trunstile, bow tie antenna), The How-to build photos.                                     
  Soldering Islands - Made from a paper-cutter edge

  Helpful Wires - Anderson Power Pole splitters, current and/or Voltage measurement

  Joule Thief Experiments - Last update: 01/25/2020

  Build a Joule Thief LED Tester                                     
  Other LED Projects                                     
  Build an AC Powered LED Piano Light Lamp                                     
  My Five-LED AC Nightlight
  Center-Tapped Joule Thief Plus - * NEW * 01/16/2020
  Adjustable Add-On Power Supply - * NEW * 01/17/2020

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Opinion: The Other Side Of The Coin... Why can't we have the basics of every radio up front?

Review: Deal Exterme Be careful of this company!

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